Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 4 (KimJiCap)

How are these episodes so quickly over?! Oh ... they're only 50 minutes long. Okay, but still, I'm having fun with this one. Much more fun than I had for a while with KDrama. Good. Cause this sucker is 54 episodes long. What was I thinking??!!!
Episode 4

Dooly is in the car! She has road rage. Her mother is trying to get some friend of Inwoo to go look for him - oh wait ... is it the sleaze-guy? Jaehong? Oh yes, it is! Sleaze-guy would do anything to get close to Mijin, it seems. But Mijin isn't all that interested in that. She comes storming in, storms into her room, throws herself on the bed and has a rage-fit.
If she knew what was going on at Boksu's house, her head would likely explode. He is kneeling in front of the terrible grandmother, who has just said he should get married by the end of this month. So, does he like someone? Does he have somebody to bring home? And Boksu says: "Where would we be living if I married? Here with you?" Of course, grandmother says. She will have to learn to family recipe. "Then", he says, "I have no one". Buahahaha, nice.
Why? the matron wants to know? "There's no woman in this world who would want to live in this house", says the otherwise filial son. Women these days are certainly not interested in Pig's Feet. And once grandmother will have died, his wife would try to get him to sell the restaurant. And before that - no woman would let herself be mistreated by grandmother like mother. Ouch. But he glosses it over (a bit) by saying the wife would certainly not respect grandmother enough, etc.
Fine, says grandmother - if you do not have someone, I will bring someone. And he says: Yes, choose someone you like; because you will spend more time with her than I.

D'awwwwwwz. Both Boksu and Mijin cannot sleep afterwards. One because he is in deep trouble and deeply troubled about his troubles, the other because she is still very angry. Yes, I do think she has anger management issues!
He gets up and leaves ... but not before cleaning up a little in the restaurant and shouting at this mother for not doing things properly. And shouting at one of his other sisters, for calling so late and always bothering their mother. Alright ... anger management issues as well.
While he sleeps in his car, Dooly calls. She looks absolutely insane. They meet at the stairs at Namsan Park, or rather ... she runs up, he follows her - until she hits him with her handbag and he falls down the stairs. Jeezus, missus. Be careful of the goods.
But she isn't sorry at all, she is fuming: how dare he ask about the price of their restaurant! How dare he suggest he would have been friendlier if he had know about her wealth?! And off she goes to pull his ears! He tells her to stop being so violent - but he knew all along that she wouldn't be able to let this go. And BANG! She headbutts him .... O_____o I did laugh, though.
So he doesn't know why she took him home?! If you have dated a woman for so long, if said woman gives you hints all the time ... Aha. Now we are getting to the chase. So, does she really need to say it? Well, he says he really doesn't want to hear, but if she must say it ... and she does!
"Let's get married", she says. Her parents want her to, and she also wants to. She wants him. I get the impression that this was NOT what he was expecting.
She says: He is good, stubborn, stuffy. But also hardworking, talented, and honest. He doesn't have a temper like she does, he is slow, humble, and cautious. Occasionally, he may be not-fun and absent-minded, but that's good as well, because it means he will not cheat on her. And sometimes ... sometimes he's very sexy. Yes, he's attractive. She must live with him!
But! The handsome devil has a straight answer to that: He won't get married. "Why"? she goes, "why? why? why?". He shouts back that only a crazy person would want to propose after getting beaten up in the middle of the night (he has a point there). And he isn't happy about how she quasi manhandled him into meeting her parents the night before. But she also has a good point: shouldn't they get married when they love each other? But nope. He doesn't want to get married. Not because of her, but because he isn't in a situation to make a woman happy. And off he goes!
Of course, Dooly is shocked and quite saddened by it all. She leaves in her car, much less road-ragey than before. And he ... he hasn't left, but he steps out of the shadows and looks after her car, when she is leaving ... d'awwwwwwz...
At work the next day, things are awkward. Later, on the rooftop (or maybe just outside on the grass? Ah, I so love rooftop scenes), she tells him that she came up with all kinds of explanation for what he said to her: his sister suffered abuse. They have money issues and thugs are after them. Or does he have a kid since high-school? Because otherwise? This doesn't make sense. They were just fine - but as soon as she mentioned marriage, things went down the drain.
He still isn't very forthcoming about what's going on, but she really, really wants to know - because this situation is shameful for her. Alright, that gets to him and he says: "If you marry me, it'll be hard for you - you'll regret it." And knowing her personality, it would be certain she would run away."WTF???" she says. And cut. Drama, you need to learn how to do better endings.
The Rest

Minji's AWOL brother Inwoo and Boksu's sister Boknam continue their over-the-top courting-game, which is masked as he-trying-to-get-her-to-finish-writing-the-soap. There is some funny bits, some heavy drinking, some throwing up on each other, some farting - and he finally delivers her to the broadcasting station in the morning. When she wakes up, her writer's block is gone. Alright, these two? They're growing on me.
Sad Second Wife is pretty, but oh-so-sad. The GoM-writer really loves huge wedding pictures! Her husband, by the way, is also very sad. They could be sad together, but, alas ...The mopey photographer is also sad, but we only see him for about 10 seconds. Oh, and the awful MIL is going through menopause. Maybe that explains some of her bitchiness?


Haha, this was a funny one. Good dialogue, mostly well acted (still don't overly like the Inwoo-Boksu type of acting, but hey! That's a small complaint), and the drama manages to make us like almost all characters. Even the two sad ones. I wish they'd be less sad, but I also understand that it will take us quite a while to see them less sad. 50 or so episodes. That said, I have an issue liking Boksu's father (who is just being a dick all the time). Of course, grandma is terrible, but overall, she is terrible in an understandable kind of way, being head of the family and all. The menopausal MIL, well ... she is the closest to the MILDragon from GoM, so I'm not expecting much from her.