Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 5 (KimJiCap)

So ... I'm most likely going to see Kim Ji-hoon in about ten days. In the flesh. Though not much OF his flesh, since it's going to be up on a mountain and in the snow. But since I can't believe it until it happens, I will keep his company by doing another KimJiCap.

Episode 5

Truth-time on the rooftop (which isn't a rooftop at all). So, Boksu says she would suffer if she married him and would regret it. And, knowing her, he just know she would just run away because of it, turning him into the fool that has to go after his runaway wife - or burn it all to the ground. She absolutely doesn't see WHY she would do that while he is absolutely adamant that she just WILL. Sorry, but I'm on his side. I really don't like his family either ... even though I would prefer that one over his GoM family anytime.
Afterwards, temperamental Dooly fumes in the bathroom. Lady Choi has relationship advise for her - men are like this when it comes to marriage. They might date for a while, but the main type of woman men want to marry are school teachers. They have stable jobs, work steady hours, have long vacations, are nice, conservative and family-oriented. Lol, Korean men seem to have particular tastes. So, will Kim Ji-hoon like me more when I tell him I teach at a university?
The next heart-to-heart takes place at the Han river. Boksu says he just doesn't like the concept of marriage: Because you marry into a family and have to become their slave (well, he isn't saying it like that, but that's what he means). Marriage is utterly negative, a trap with no way out to him - that is what he sees everyday when he looks at his parents. He doesn't want this for anybody. So he'd rather stay single. Noble idiocy, so early in a drama!
So why did he date her? she demands to know. She likes marriage, wants to get married. So what will happen to them? He thinks they'll just continue as is - without the marriage. Getting more and more desperate, she blurts out that she will pay him if he gets married to her. Probably not the best idea to say this? Anyway, there's a back and forth of "I want to get married" and "I will never get married" until she starts to cry.
She is really and truly upset now. She says that he should have told her earlier, so that she had had fair warning and wouldn't have dated someone irresponsible like him. What she is really saying is that she loves him very much and that she would never have wanted to get involved so deeply had she known he wouldn't want to marry. D'awwwz, I feel for her. She tells him that it's over and road-rages off.
She storms into her room, and when her concerned parents come to ask what is going on, she starts howling like a wounded animal. I liked her quiet crying much better!
When Boksu gets home, Boknam is chased around by their father (for just disappearing and now returning) and halmoni gets back from her little outing. She has found a wife for Boksu. O M G. She presents them with a picture of a very plain, rather large middle-school teacher.
And this absolutely hilarious scene follows in which the whole family kneels there and exchanges looks, while halmoni praises the woman's good looks and other assets. The father tries to say something ... and then hits Boksu over the head. Most likely for getting them all into this situation.

Mijin howls on. She has every right to.
Halmoni says how much she values big hands, big feet and good health: what is there not to like? She goes on and on, until, finally, the family speaks up and says stuff like: we're not looking for a restaurant employee but for Boksu's wife - and how could he date a hippo. Grandmother is not listing, though: the woman she found is just her style! And she skips into a rant against Boksu's mother while praising the other woman's heavy body and big feet that don't make any sound, etc. In fact, all the features she lists for her favorite wife (also that she is poor and has a lot of sibilngs) for Boksu are the exact opposite of what Mijin ever was and will be.
Boknam wants to know whether she is buying a cow? Oh yes, says grandmother: A cow and a daughter-in-law - both are foundations for the house! And then the show goes meta, as Boknam says if this were a drama, and she would say stuff like that, they would be cancelled immediately.
Mijin howls on while clutching a Dooly figure. I am sorry: she is beating the doll up. Her mother cracks me up, because she is imitating the howling outside. She says she is quite glad she didn't like Boksu at all and calls the sleaze-guy over for dinner. For a broken heart, another man is the best medicine.
Boksu is on his bed, devastated. What a fucked up situation you got yourself into! Do something already!

The Rest (There's a Lot)

Sad Second Wife is bitch-attacked by the menopausal MIL (who gets bitch-attacked by her mother, our Halmoni) one the phone and her husband falls asleep in the car, while she is talking to him full of wit and warmth. She is a gorgeous woman. But her life does really suck. A bit later she overhears the nurses talking about her husband's first wife. She hears how they blame the MIL for everything - and that her husband is not at all over the nurse. He, in turn, hears the nurses talk about the fact that said first wife isn't at all in America, as everybody has assumed, but in Korea. And ... she is not at all doing well.

Quite the opposite, in fact ... The sad photographer has a sad family - and part of that sad family is his sister, who is in a hospital. Why? For marrying a bastard. Oups ... that bastard is our doctor. Sad photographer's sister is the sad doctor's first wife.


I marvel at how short these recaps are. Oh well, I guess it's because this show has a lot of witty dialogue that I don't even mention? The Lee family is a hoot - they all seem to think that Halmoni is terrible. And they all bond over the horror they feel when confronted with the chose wife for Boksu. Boknam is quickly beoming a favorite of mine (if only she would stop pulling those stupid faces!) because she speaks her mind all the time, causing some nice little friction everywhere. And Minjin's mother is also quite the character - a bit vain, a bit bitchy, but also wonderfully confident and at the same time, oddly supporting.