The Heirs - Episode 12 (Heirly A Breath Away)

cherkell: We return to the most vacant boulevard in all of Gangnam-gu, where Our Leads are still standing in the middle of the intersection in a tertiary Wrist Grab to End All Wrist Grabs. Bean Princess pulls her wrist away first, saying to Good and Bad Heir that she can’t do this anymore. Good Heir finally recognizes that he’s been the source of all her pain, but insists she come with him. Bad Heir insists that she doesn’t go with Good Heir. EOTTOKE?!?
JoAnne: Psssst - go with the eyebrows, Beanie.  Do it.!  Do it!  I know she won't.  There's not a chance in hell she will.  What can I say?  I ship Woo Bin with everyone and everything on Earth.

cherkell: Beany slowly takes Goody’s hand… but then wraps her other one around his (which is the universal symbol for “ain’t gonna happen, buddy”). She tells Goody that they’ve come this far, but she’ll take her leave now. And leaves him with his outstretched hand still lingering in the air.
JoAnne: I was very confused for about 2 seconds.  I missed that day in universal symbol class.
cherkell: Bad Heir tells Goody that he still has a way of making people leave his life, and he takes off after Beany leaving Tan standing in the middle of the intersection, staring at nothing as usual.
JoAnne:  (Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for Bad going after her because I LOVE when he is just NICE.) But I call unfair on that comment.  Bad initiated that falling out, NOT Good.
cherkell: Bad Heir catches up with a crying Beany, and tells her to stop lest people think he kidnapped her or something. Beany sobs on and on and Baddy asks if she wants to skip her first period P.E. class and celebrate. Celebrate what, we never hear as Beany reminds him THIS is why he is in 98th place in their class. As Beany staggers away, Bad Heir wonders why she doesn’t understand him.
JoAnne:  Totally read that as 'do you want to skip your first period?' and aside from a momentary marvel at how late that would be for a girl who is at least 18...I got stuck on how COOL it would be to have a boyfriend with the power to make periods go away.  Well, I mean.  Yes.  Ok. I realize NOW that they all have that power, theoretically.  YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT.
cherkell: Good Heir returns to the Rooftop of Defeat, flashing back to all the hand-holding he and Beany did in prior episodes. Thinking he has better things to do, Goody instead stares at Beany holding up the gymnasium wall in her P.E. class. Baby Heir and Stringy Hair arrive coo-cooing at each other, when Stringy runs over to chide Beany for leaving her house before breakfast.
JoAnne:  So happy about this little friendship blossoming.  Stringy has won me over with her annoying/cute ways and yes, I saw where drunk Kakashi admitted it had happened to her, too.
cherkell: Goody then chides Baby for not answering his phone when he went out looking for Beany. Baby retorts that he’s not Kim Tan’s personal secretary, but Goody claims it was an emergency. Baby wonders if Beany ended up staying at Bad Heir’s hotel, but Goody flashes back to an earlier conversation when Beany didn’t know Baddy’s family owned a hotel.
JoAnne: Yeah, because of course that's where she'd go. You dumb ass, Kim Tan. That is exactly what #100 would think.
cherkell: In the boys’ locker room, Goody asks Baddy if Beany cried after leaving him hanging in the middle of the street… and then tells him that if Bad Heir thinks he has a snowball’s chance in hell, to think again. Beany is his and to back off, jack!
JoAnne:  I still have such a hard time imagining Kim Tan doing the things that Young Do has done to torture students.  Do you think Young Do got worse after losing his mom and his bud?  And that when it was the two of them together they were more normal asshole but not dangerous type bullies?
cherkell: As Baddy searches online for Beany’s Fakebook information, Stringy is giving what-for to Thick Heir since all the pictures he took of her at the MT make her look fat. Thick claims that the camera never lies, and Stringy wants the “real” pictures of her. NOW. They aimlessly bicker back and forth, all the while Thicky keeps pinning snaps on his Wall of Shame.
JoAnne:  I love how these three mess with each other, and yet:  in movies in the US where you have a bully kid, even the kids who are 'friends' with the bully are actually pretty scared of him.  Young Do's friends aren't afraid in the least.  Does this mean he gets redeemed super fast?  Not sure how I feel about that.  Maybe he could just be redeemed to the point of cocky bastard.  I could be happy with cocky bastard.  REALLY happy.
cherkell: Suddenly, Stringy and Thicky notice a recurring theme throughout the MT: Bad Heir longingly staring at Beany (and being stupid enough to be caught on camera doing so). They both wheel around at the same time and ask if Bad Heir’s got a jones going for Beany, since Good Heir and Beany are the ones with the something going on.
JoAnne:  I forgot no one knew, since WE'VE all been obsessing about it for a couple of weeks.
cherkell: Thicky wants to know with all the gin joints and dive bars and playgrounds he could hang at, why Baddy has to look for his first love at their school? Stringy is amazed that Bad Heir has not had a “first love,” but Baddy is more amazed at the pictures and if that is what he really looks like in the real world… when he’s looking at Beany.
JoAnne:  Sigh.  'So that's what I look like, when I look at her.'  When a rock wall comes down, it comes down hard.
cherkell: Thicky reminds Baddy that his “first loves” have never worked out, and Stringy gets all nostalgic and tells them to look at Tan and her. Thicky reminds her that their relationship was all one-sided and stuff, since Stringy just followed him around like a puppy. More bickering about the state of the world continues…
JoAnne:  The running gag about her delusional belief that Tan is pining for her is actually one of my favorite things.  I don't know if this girl can act, but in this role, at least, she's hilarious in just the right way.
cherkell: Good Heir returns to his Palatial Mansion with KiMistress nipping at his heels, wanting to know if Beany went to school and if they saw each other, yada yada yada. Goody wishes she would shut the hell up, but KiMistress reminds him that if KimPapa finds out his hormonal failings, he’s gonna be shipped back to the States so fast it will make his almonds spin.
JoAnne:  Tiny, tiny almonds.  Swinging forlornly. Never to be picked, never to be enjoyed. 
cherkell: Goody wants to know if KiMistress is really happy living like that, with him not being able to call her eomma in front of everyone. She wistfully says it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. She’s moved into the master bedroom and hoped his father would finally make an honest woman out of her, but it didn’t turn out like that.
JoAnne:  Their love for each other gets me every time.  Kim Tan and KiMistress both are actually very simple, direct people who've been pushed around by everyone else in their lives who matters to them, and they didn't seem to think they had any choices in that.  Something tells me KT don't feel that way no more.

cherkell: He asks if KiMistress wants the same thing for him and Tempermental Heir if/when/maybe they get married. Goody may never ever be able to introduce her as his mother, but she pooh-poohs that and tells him that as long as it works out for Tan, she’ll stay miserable… but will bear that cross for her son. All Goody wants her to do is take off the piggy socks that Beany accidentally left at his SoCal house – they’re his!!!
JoAnne:  His mind is made up. This will be interesting.
cherkell: Beany goes around grabbing flyers and visiting real estate offices in hopes of scoring a room away from the KiMansion. Possibly finding a prospect, she pings her mom to bring her clothes and meet her at 5.

Goody decides to show that he can run a half-block without dropping dead, and meets up with Messed-Up Heir, who gives him what-for on calling out a senior right before his finals. Goody decides to come clean with hyung, saying the School President is not his mom – he has a real mom out there, but KiMadam ain’t her. Messy doesn’t believe him at first, but if it is true, why is Goody coming clean all of a sudden? Good Heir says he did it as an experiment to see how scary it would be to tell someone… and it was pretty scary!
JoAnne:  Somehow, I thought he would have confessed this to Most Under-Utilized Hottie previously.  You know, when he was hearing how Sunbae tried to kill himself or something.  Like they would have bonded over secrets.  Guess not.  It just seemed like they'd had some conversations.
cherkell: GumiHeir summons Baby Daddy to his office and wants to know what side Secretary Yoon stands on right now after hanging GumiHeir out to dry at the last Board Meeting. Handing Baby Daddy a cappuccino made from the latest model Keurig One-Shot, Baby Daddy asks if it may perchance be poisoned. GumiHeir tells him the thought crossed his mind. Several times. But have a seat anyway.
JoAnne:  One Shot!  I do want to know what Baby Daddy's end game is, now that I see there might actually be one.  Is it just to stay alive?  I always thought he was secretly on the side of brotherly love, but now that we know - oh wait, do we know it yet?  I don't think so.  Well, we kinda do.  PapaTan is an ass.  If he's an ass...Baby Daddy has to be careful.  I thought he was just being wise and inscrutable under the head of absolutely atrocious hair, but now I don't know.
cherkell: The gents have a heated conversation about what KimPapa promised Baby Daddy to help get Jeguk stocks transferred to Good Heir’s name, but Baby Daddy decides to pull out his trump card to diffuse Won’s anger. Showing him a Samsung Galaxy III tablet with Tutorina’s name all over a Jeguk press release stating she’s joining the conglomerate as their first cradle-to-grave sponsorship, GumiHeir goes ballistic and asks why he was never consulted prior to this appointment? Baby Daddy said the orders came straight from the top… from KimPapa.
JoAnne:  Won is much quicker than I am to understand the true implications.  Because frankly, don't you think it would be GREAT press for the heir to the empire to fall for the match girl the empire saved?  I mean, assuming you aren't the match girl with your business all out in the streets but then again, honestly, why is it embarrassing to be poor and helped by a foundation?  It's not the KID'S fault.  It might not be anyone's fault.  Some people are poor. It's not always a character failing.
cherkell: Won storms into the KiMansion and slowly opens the door to KimPapa’s study to see Tutorina already there with him. KimPapa called her to ostensibly “chat” about Tutorina’s fine upstanding qualities having been the first sponsorship evah by the Jeguk Group. Won still protests that he should have been told about KimPapa’s plans first, since now everyone in Korea will see the press release in a few hours.
JoAnne:  If we go with the assumption that Won doesn't know that KimPapa knows about Won and Tutorina, then why Won thinks he should have been consulted about the foundation business is beyond me. A foundation is run separately from a business.  Ostensibly.
cherkell: GumiHeir still tries to protect Tutorina by saying she will be labeled an orphan and will never survive at Jeguk High, no matter what “good intentions” KimPapa had in the first place. Never mind his actions making Won look like a downright pabo! KimPapa tells Won this is exactly why he did what he did in the first place – if someone’s gonna be the Bad Guy to break them up, it might as well be him. Won looks like someone stole his lollipop, and tells KimPapa that he never did get the chance to tell Tutorina himself how he felt.
JoAnne:  Wow.  Even bigger whiny baby than I realized.  Still, not being in the position of trying to maneuver through that political minefield, I guess I can't say what I would do.  Then again, he bought her a necklace and asked if he was ever going to get to sleep over, so what did he not confess, actually? 

cherkell: Tutorina tells KimPapa that she will abide by his orders, and excuses herself to leave. Won tells him that he’s never disobeyed him in his life and did everything in his power to get himself to where he is today. But KimPapa disagrees, since apparently he thinks he did all the heavy lifting to get Won in his current position – by having him as a son. So is he wrong in actually acting like his FATHER in the Tutorina Debate? Won needs to straighten up and get married soon. Won agrees… that he needs to straighten up at least.
JoAnne:  Not sure which surprised me more:  the fact that Won doesn't understand that he is in the position he's in at least in part because he's the owner's son, or the fact that dad doesn't acknowledge that Won has done his best to actually be good at and worthy of the job. Won NOT actually good at the job?  Making him the world's hottest and yet most un-sexy, whiny, ineffectual loser of a man in existence?  HOW COULD THEY TURN GUMIHOT INTO SUCH A WUSS? I won't forgive you, show.
cherkell: Tutorina comes out of the KiMansion sobbing and runs into Good Heir, who takes note of her plight and offers to hail her a cab. Tutorina thanks him but all she wants him to do is to make sure that Won doesn’t come after her. GumiHeir does finally come out of the house to Tan saying the person that just left wants to walk alone, but Won decides he’s too lazy to walk and gets into his car instead.
JoAnne:  He had no intention of going after her.  Is that it?  Dad says no and he just gives up?  Wow.  Dreamer Tan is more of a man than you are, Wonnie.  In what universe is this RIGHT?  Where in the FUCK does a show get off making Lee Min Ho more manly than Choi Jin Hyuk?  I PROTEST.  I DOTH.  I doth protest MIGHTILY, in fact.  Gumi, my should have just said no to this drama, for the same reason that Woo Bin was right to say yes.  A good secondary character can be all you need to win the lottery (remember, oh, I don't know...GU FAMILY BOOK?).  This wins you no prizes, my love.  I weep. 
cherkell: Good Heir tells his hyung that he’s not looking too good, as Won tells him to stop with the brotherly concern and to watch his own back. Their father is having Won trailed, and Tan is next (if he isn’t already). Telling Goody to not do anything to put a stain on their family, Won peels on outta there.
JoAnne:  Leaving a sh** stain on my heart.  I'm so disappointed right now.
cherkell: Goody wanders down to the bus stop to see Tutorina waiting. Asking if she is his brother’s girlfriend, Goody wants to know how she recognized him. Perhaps Won might have talked about him to her? Tutorina says Won actually did talk about him, saying that his dongsaeng got all tall and stuff and is honest and kind and they have the same eyes… and Tutorina deduces Won was right. That statement puts Tan back into Stare and Glare Land.
JoAnne:  Um, I'm there with him.  So Wonnie does love his baby brother, and yet can treat him so coldly as if he were a threat?  Is he ready to give up everyone he loves for the power of being the boss?  *Weeping for the man he could have been.*
cherkell: Bean Mom gets ready to meet up with Beany, but has already written out a note to KiMistress that she’ll work until the end of the month. KiMistress reacts sadly to that news, but gets annoyed thinking that Bean Mom is leaving now (when she’s only going to meet her daughter).
JoAnne:  KiMistress can't live without Bean Mom.  I'm giving them a couple name.  KimBean. Momstress. You pick.
Shuk:  [tiptoeing in] I vote KimBean!! [tiptoeing out]
cherkell: And that she does. As Bean Mom waits for Beany, Bad Heir plops down at a table across from her and calls Beany, who gives him no time of day since she’s got plans and hangs up on him. But as she walks up to where her mom is waiting, she sees Bad Heir as well and hides around the corner. Beany calls him and he asks her out for noodles, to which she agrees as a diversion to get him away from her mother. Bad Heir motorbikes to meet up with the deceptive Beany, and Beany breathes a sigh of relief.
JoAnne:  He's so HAPPY.
cherkell: Bean Mom tells Beany she gave her notice to the KiMistress and Beany tells her she’s found a few places to live: the cheapest being 10 million won (~ $9,450 USD) for key money and 350,000 won (~ $330.00 USD) for its monthly rent. Bean Mom asks where’s she staying, and Beany says she’s at a friend’s for the time being. But Beany is late for one of her 4,705 part-time jobs, so seeya!
JoAnne:  I'm always amazed at the 'poor' people who can get their hands on 10K, 30K, you name it, for sudden expenses.
cherkell: She meets Bad Heir at the intersection as agreed, where Baddy notices the shopping bag in her hand and equates 2+2=5 after remembering the ahjumma sitting across from him at the conbini. Ordering Beany to stay put for 10 or 15 minutes, Baddy leaves her at the corner fuming.
JoAnne:  Puts the lie to that whole #98 thing, if you ask me. 
cherkell: We see Bad Heir waiting outside the KiMansion as Bean Mom comes trudging along. Baddy asks if Beany is at home since he’s having trouble contacting her. Bean Mom doesn’t answer for a bit, but then types on her phone that Beany went to work. The wheels start turning under Baddy’s overgreased hairdo, as Good Heir comes walking up the driveway and runs into Bad Heir motoring in his direction.
JoAnne:  He was so genuinely polite to Bean Mom.  And so genuinely shocked and concerned after.  *singing*  I will go down with this ship, and I won't put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door...  Dammit.  I know a few minutes of nice doesn't make up for hours of evil.  And I know Kim Tan is gonna do some shit that makes me swoon.  It's really just about the those little micro emotions you see flit across Young Do's face.  They KILL me.  Because to me, there was a sweet boy in there once, and shit happens, and the sweet boy went to hide in the attic while the evil twin fought battles against everyone.  And it just KILLS me.
cherkell: Tan wants to know why Baddy was coming from his front gate, as Bad tells him he’d like to move to his neighborhood since there’s so many interesting people living there. Goody tells him to knock off the wisecracks, and Baddy tells him to stop being so cranky because Beany left him high and dry back at the crosswalk.
JoAnne:  Can you please just kiss and make up?  No?  Just kiss then?  Come ON. It doesn't have to be a commitment.  Just two consenting  You're no fun.
cherkell: Good Heir wants to clock him big time, as Baddy says he’d love to stick around and get the snot beaten out of him, but he’s got someone waiting for him and he takes off. Baddy rolls up on the sidewalk to see that Beany has already beat cheeks and left. We then see Beany walking through one of the underground malls that connects the subway stops and she looks inside the bag of clothes Bean Mom dropped off to see her “I ♥ California” t-shirt back from her visit to LA.
JoAnne:  Oh, Mom.
cherkell: While she waxes nostalgic about her trip, Bean Mom texts her that a chingu on a motorcycle dropped by the KiMansion and not to tell her friends that they live there, arraso? That puts the fear into Beany and she races off to find Bad Heir. And he’s still waiting on the corner when she runs up to him. Bad Heir rattles off that Beany is the daughter of the housekeeper who has a speech impediment.
JoAnne:  How long was he going to wait?  Hoping for her to return?  *sniff*  He didn't even say that to her, he muttered it to himself.  He is so gone.
cherkell: Beany calls him out for coming to the KiMansion unannounced, so tell her classmates or not tell her classmates… just don’t do anything until after they’ve moved out. Baddy takes the not-so-high road and starts teasing her until Beany yells at him to warn her before he does anything. FINALLY Baddy shows a teeny tiny actual feelings towards Beany by saying she’s got such a tragic life, but he’s not going to do anything about it. They should have just gone to eat noodles and that be the end of it. He motors off, leaving Beany wondering what the hell she just witnessed.
JoAnne:  That scene came across a bit differently to me.  She rolls up assuming he's going to screw her over and he says he won't but she just keeps pushing and finally he blurts out that he can barely deal with his own pain, how could he possibly add to hers, and he has no idea what to do or how to act now.  Much swoonier my way...I'm sorry, I can't even snark about this boy at this point. Hopefully next week.
cherkell: Meanwhile, at the golf course where Good Heir and GumiHeir are meeting up with Bad Daddy and Bad Heir, Baddy’s appa tells him the ground rules for today’s match: Bad Daddy will lose to Won and Bad Heir is to beat Good Heir senseless. Goody and Won discuss why they have to do a deal with Hotel Zeus is because they’re the only option at present. Won reminds Tan to be benign in their interactions with the other gents so as not to show their negotiating cards right off the bat.
JoAnne:  How could this possibly end well?
cherkell: Lots of golf shooting and golf clapping ensues. Baddy is still trying to get Goody’s goat by playing the illegitimate child card and Goody ain’t having any of that by telling Baddy to stop being such a dickweed – he’s got a golf club in his hand, remember? Baddy is trying to figure out the most shocking way to tell his story of the bastard son dating the housekeeper’s daughter.
JoAnne:  Except we know he's not, really.  He wants to hurt Tan, but he doesn't want to hurt Bean. Quite the dilemma.  I wonder if wanting to hurt Tan will win out in the end?  Keeping him true to his asshole self?
cherkell: Goody sighs and figures out that Baddy figured it out, and states that they make a cute couple, no? Bad Heir tells Goody that he doesn’t sound confident about that, which makes Goody grab Baddy by the collar and threatens him to not blackmail Beany over that information. Baddy asks why he, of all people, should be blackmailing Beany… when it’s Tan he will be blackmailing if Tan continues to keep protecting Beany. If Goody backs away from her, then Baddy will protect everyone. Get it?
JoAnne:  Tell me how #98 and #100 can keep all this shit straight because I was number #1 or #2 almost all the way through and...sometimes this is just a mess.
cherkell: With Goody’s hatred rising, he inches closer to Baddy and says he will go back to his old ass-kicking days just to see Baddy, his whole family, their families’ families and anyone associated with those families go down in flames. Baddy just laughs that off as drivel spouted from a bastard child’s mouth… but Tan reminds him that Bad Heir said the same exact thing a mere three years ago (and we see that exchange in a nanosecond flashback).
JoAnne:  For a brief moment, I see the steel that actually supports Tan's spine and I think ok, at least one KimBro has actual balls.
cherkell: Goody says yes, he is an illegitimate child. But he is still the second son of Jeguk Group, and with his father on his side, does Baddy even think he has a freakin’ chance to ruin him? Both boys then flash back to Baddy’s intent to beat the crap out of Goody, but decided against it and they both ran back to the ddukbokki restaurant where Baddy’s birth mother was waiting for him. Apparently they wuz too late and she had already disappeared.
JoAnne:  Even then, their personality differences were clear.  Tan was reaching out to his friend because he's essentially a warm-hearted person, and Young Do was stuck on his high horse because if he lets go for a minute all is lost...and then Tan finally reaches a point where he says fine, stay there.  And we all know what it cost Young do: a last moment with his mother.  I can see why Young Do hates him so much, and I can see why the guilt of that might have made Tan re-evaluate some of his behavior..but I also think that Young Do knows exactly how much of that is his own fault, and his lashing out at Tan is at least in part because he can't beat himself up enough.  And now, for this girl,Tan is willing to use that to illustrate what he can do...he's taking this fight seriously.  I had no idea that Young Do's mom left relatively recently before this, so that was a surprise.  I thought she'd been gone since he was little.
cherkell: So Goody reminds Baddy one last time to not touch Beany OR ELSE. And they should also act like they don’t know each other, since Goody has better things to concentrate on than messing up Baddy’s hairstyle for the rest of his life.
JoAnne: I wonder at the wisdom of informing your closest enemy that you have something big going on...

cherkell: Back at ConHugeSchool, Beany is stealing glances at Goody as he grabs books out of his locker, but Goody just strolls on by her once done. Beany sighs a sigh of relief and heads to the radio station studio, where Stringy Heir is looking at all the gifts the girls sent Messed-Up Heir for him winning the Asia Youth Short Film Contest. BUT OMG did she know that Bad Heir has the hots for Beany? And it’s a secret between her, Thick Heir and Beany! SHHH!
JoAnne:  More scenes with this girl, please.  Never thought I'd say it, but there it is.
cherkell: Messy then comes in saying his ears were burning because those two were talking about him. Right on cue, Good Heir arrives to semi-congratulate Messy on his award but asks what type of genre short he entered in the competition. Messy says it was a “murder by love” sort-of entry… just the same genre that Beany likes. Stringy asks her if that’s true, and Beany spits out that she’s an aficionado of the Horror Genre: Thrillers, occult, splatters… and it’s her dream to make a horror movie full of hopes and dreams.
JoAnne:  I've seen better subtext on Saturday morning cartoons.  Come on, show.  Do better.
cherkell: Messy is more interested in hearing why Tan and Beany are avoiding each other’s eye contact right now. Stringy tells those two they don’t have to do that on HER behalf. *snerk* As Tan gets ready to leave, Messy asks why did he stop by anyway? Goody says it was because he just wanted to see him, and leaves Beany with her mouth hanging open as usual.
JoAnne:  I will NEVER get tired of two things;  Kang Ha Neul's portrayal of MUP Heir, and Stringy's delusional world.  If they kill MUP...I keep thinking about that damned chalk outline. He wouldn't do that though.
cherkell: Good Heir goes over to see KiMadam in her office and asks her to invite Tempermental Heir to dinner. If he calls her for an invite, she won’t meet him. He doesn’t want to get KimPapa involved either, but KiMadam is annoyed that Tan only considers her his “mother” only when he wants something. Goody attempts an apology, but KiMadam offers her own as well but says she’s busy these days and will make an effort to get the women together to discuss. Flashback to her and KiMistress’s last meeting where she threatened to send KiMistress back to the nightclub where KimPapa first met her.
JoAnne:  I may have bounced in my chair at this point because I so totally know what's coming next and I support it yes I do.
cherkell: On the other side of the golf course is Tempie Mom who works for an outdoors-wear company and is previewing a few of their newer outfits in a sort-of runway show (greens-way show?) for the Snooty Ladies Who Lunch. Tempermental is there working the show since as she puts it, she’ll eventually be running the company and her mother won’t hand it to her on a silver platter.
JoAnne:  They complimented her on speaking nicely.  I thought she was snotty and rude.
cherkell: A strange ahjumma wanders through the Snooty Ladies crowd with a phone glued to her ear. Tempie Mom is livid on how she wrangled an invitation, as Tempie says that’s Se-yeol’s eomma (from school). And why shouldn’t she be invited, since her family made their money from drinking water. Tempie Mom corrects her and says yeah, it’s water alright… Se-yeol’s mom owns the largest hostess bar in Gangnam!
JoAnne:  And she's doing nothing with that information?
cherkell: Hostess Mom is apparently talking with KiMistress about her faux pas in pretending to be Beany’s mom and paying for all the MT expenses and stuff… and what she’s done will eventually hurt Tan in the end. KiMistress is more worried about Bean Mom leaving their employ, to which Hostess Mom rails on her to keep her around since she knows all the dirty laundry on her household having worked there for so long! KiMistress says she didn’t think that far in advance!!!
JoAnne: Let me guess.  She was #100 as well.
cherkell: Bean Mom arrives with a note that KiMadam is coming over with Tempie and Tempie Mom for dinner, which sends KiMistress into spasms when she confronts KiMadam in their foyer and accuses her of trying to screw her over. They get into a pissing contest over having the family portrait with KiMadam included hanging up in the living room.
JoAnne:  I loathe that woman in every role she ever appears in, and my heart breaks for the poor KiMistress even as I remind myself she had no business sleeping with another woman's husband in the first place.
cherkell: KiMistress plays her last card in saying that it would be grand if Tempie’s family found out that KiMistress is the… erm, mistress of their house now. But KiMadam has one more trick up her sleeve, and that is to tell KiMistress that TAN requested the dinner, not she. You could have knocked KiMistress over with a feather upon hearing that news flash.
JoAnne:  I am VIBRATING with excitement and anticipation.
cherkell: Beany wanders the streets on her way to the Mango Six for work when she sees Good Heir waiting for her at the entrance. They stare at each other for a lonnnnnng time when Tan finally walks up to her so they can stare at each other closer up. Goody asks if she feels better about leaving home, or more specifically, about not being able to see him anymore.
JoAnne:  <Insert teen angst>
cherkell: Goody says that he saw Beany in his dreams overnight, and as Beany protests that she’ll be late for work, Tan swoops in with the LAMEST WEAKSAUCE KISS EVAH to shut her up. She protests some more, and Beany gets another anemic peck in return. Goody is there mostly to warn Beany not to go back to the KiMansion tonight, even if the KiMistress calls her to apologize and ask for her return.
JoAnne:  Pecks.  He gives her pecks.  But since she goes into a catatonic state for anything more, maybe he's just trying to be playful.  He could peck me.  I wouldn't mind.  I'mma save the deep throat drown me with lust kisses for Woo Bin.
cherkell: Back at the KiMansion, the guests have arrived and KiMadam orders KiMistress to her room lest she be found out as Tan’s birth mother. Bean Mom joins her with a glass of water and writes her that they just sat down to eat. And that they do, only with no Goody there just yet.
JoAnne:  I do not find it at all possible to sympathize with the conventionally wronged woman in this scenario. All my sympathies go to the dimwit who couldn't keep her hands off someone else's man And yay! KimBean strikes again!
cherkell: They exchange their pleasantries as KiMadam passes around a bowl of California almonds to much snickering. Bad Daddy asks Tempie if she still plays Go for some unknown reason. Just then Tan arrives with apologies for missing dinner, but asks if he can show Tempie his room. She’s all over that like a cheap suit!
JoAnne: Seriously, I expected her chair to flip over backward. Poor delusional girl.
cherkell: So Goody takes her upstairs, as Tempie rails on him for bringing back the dreamcatcher from the States. Ordering her to take a seat, Tempie complains that she was never invited to his house when they were engaged, so now that they’re breaking up, she gets a ringside seat to see exactly what Bad Heir saw at his house and tattled to Tempie about.
JoAnne: You didn't think she began the dinner thinking she'd won, and figured out the truth when she saw the dream catcher?
cherkell: KiMadam is reminding KiMistress of her place at the KiMansion for the forty-eleventh time. KiMistress reminds KiMadam that she has guests downstairs and to get out, but that earns KiMistress a glass of water to her face instead. Tan enters to see the aftermath of that incident and helps KiMistress dry off. Grasping her hand, Goody tells her to not let go… and drags her out of her room, all the while with her scared to death where he’s taking her.
JoAnne: This scene was actually truly a heart grabber for me, was it for you guys?  That bitch, and that poor dumb mama trying to so hard to 'behave' in her little box, and the son who's cast himself in the role of remains to be seen what happens to their lives after all this, of course.
cherkell: Tan drags KiMistress into the living room where everyone is having coffee and finally introduces her as his birth mother with everyone’s mouths hitting the floor. And because he’s the second son/bastard child of the Chairman of Jeguk Group, this is why he wants to cancel his engagement to Tempie.
JoAnne: His poor mother is so terrified. Meanwhile I'm looking at the furious dad and thinking how dare you be angry?  THIS IS YOUR FAULT.  And I'm so proud of Kim Tan, who probably just did a very stupid thing...noble, morally correct...but stupid.  Wanna bet that fucking dad puts them both out on the street?
cherkell: Tempie Mom drags Tempie out of there, saying she’ll be in touch. Tan just stands there as his father slaps him twice and KiMistress attempts to take the blame for everything by ordering Goody to get down on his knees and beg for mercy. Tan says he won’t do that until he has something to regret; until then, he’ll live with the consequences of his confession.
JoAnne: Remember I said Kim Tan would do something swoony?  Dere it is.
cherkell: After KimPapa calls Tan a fool, an idiot and a moron, Tan says he can do whatever he wants to him, but don’t he DARE touch a hair on KiMistress’s head. It’s all KimPapa can do to stagger back to his study, as Tan escorts KiMistress to his room with a chorus of eottokes in their wake.
JoAnne: Choke on it, Papa.

cherkell: They return to his room and KiMistress asks why Tan had to do what he had to do. So what now is she to do being outed like that, and in front of his fiancee’s family no less?
JoAnne:  I hope they can manage the price of his bravery.
cherkell: In the meantime, Beany is getting yelled at by the Mango Six manager for screwing up the totals today and not taking the garbage out and not ordering the fruits for the next day. A chorus of apologies all around for her being such a space cadet!
JoAnne:  Seriously, if she's always a good employee and has an off night, does he have to YELL?

cherkell: So Beany sucks it up and takes out the trash as promised. There she runs into Goody in Extreme Stare Mode. She starts tearing up… and Episode 12 ends on that high note!
JoAnne:  I found that quite touching, her tears in response to his without a word even being spoken. I guess I have a HEART, though, unlike SOME squeecappers around here...


cherkell:  ARGH ARGH ARGH.  Maybe it's just because I've been run over by a truck lately, but there's a whole lot of nothin' going on outside of Woobie's magnificent stare and LMH's not-so-magnificent stare.  I realize that 20 episodes need to be filled before the final credits roll, but this going around and around with nada to show for it makes my head hurt.  And I agree with Jo that if we lose Messy Ha-neul to the Dark Forces, not only tables will be flipped at my house -- bookcases and sideboards are going over as well!!!  I do give Tan a teeeeeeny bit of credit for showing support for his birth mother and all that, but 'wrong place; wrong time' will earn you a slap regardless of your Noble Intentions.  (Should we consider his actions Reverse Noble Idiocy then?)  And Young-do sweetheart, your Bad Boy Deluxe is making me cringe more with every episode; he's already crossed over into Stalker Land, but there's ways to do that without feeling like I need to press a restraining order against his character.  But on the inverse, we have the joy of seeing Baby Heir and Stringy being all cute n' stuff, Baby Daddy and Tempie Mom looking at each other like they want to tear each other's clothes off, GumiHot still looking ExtraHot... and my brain eventually snaps back into focus.  Can I light a candle for those five possibly starring in a sequel?  Anywho, we're on the downward slide toward the Finale now.  Pick up the pace, dammit!!!
JoAnne:  I spend a lot of time these days thinking about how long it would take me to forgive Woobie for his bullshit and fall extra hard for his alien boy charm if I was 18.  Okay, 35.  Okay, 51.  And then I spend a lot of time thinking about how long I might regret that, eventually.  Or not.  Tan is sweet enough but does not inspire me with Oppa-ness.  He just seems a bit...noodle-y.  I guess I like my guys a bit harder.  (That's what she said.) Won.  I think I have made my feelings clear about the TRAVESTY that my Choi Jin Hyuk has allowed to have been committed upon his most glorious person.  Baby Heir is perfect, Thick will be fine if he gets with the right woman to direct him, and Messy.  Oh, Messy.  Girls, stay away from the suicidal boys.  Just do.  He may never do it, but that boy is headed for a life where he's never happy and ends up drinking alone in his study.  You don't want that.  Rachel, I just want you to find someone who loves you back and suprises you into yourself.  Stringy's fine.  Bean's gonna be fine too.  I worry about Rachel.  One more sleep and I get to see you all again!