The Heirs - Episode 9 (Get Out of My Heir Already!)

kakashi: Believe it or not, this is the episode in which I get it! Hooray, kakashi now understands these characters’ motivations! Kind of! Ah, this makes my life just so.much.easier ... Well, I still don’t fully understand the writer’s motivation for writing these characters, but I am not kidding you, this episode was an eye opener. I still think that 50% of the whole cast is redundant and I do hope the producers get a severe reprimand for flooding us with PPL in each and every scene, but the central characters’ aches and strives worked for me.
JoAnne: I could cry, right now.
kakashi: Ready? I know I am ... This I bought to steel myself against JoAnne's certain "I told you so"-smugness . One shot!
JoAnne: Getting me drunk is definitely a way to avoid me being smug. Or being able to formulate the words 'I told you so' without giggling or hiccuping.
Episode 9

kakashi: Rooftop scene! (with a pang, I remember Cruel City – and cry a little cause I miss it so much...) (matching sobs over here) As we already know from last week, Kim Tan wants to look at Bean Princess’ hurts, but she only worries about his expensive clothes. Always the proper pauper, are you, Beans? She is a bundle of nerves already and then, making it much worse, Bad Heir calls. She is visibly terrified. Why? Cause the Big Bad Bully Wolf ... she thinks he knows. He knows her dark secret, which is: she isn’t rich. Not new rich, not old rich ... no, she is a despicably poor person. It’s the secret that can break her neck and that is why she feels like the fly in the spider’s net.
JoAnne: I thought HE said she would ruin her clothes.Your way makes SO much more sense. I completely buy the whole Bean Princess/Young Do thing.  She is absolutely terrified and he is absolutely terrifying. Seriously. Worst school bully I have ever come across - which means he's the BEST school bully I've ever come across.  Sadly, I think it's because Woobie is playing him as a very believable psychopath, and that could be a problem. Bullies can be redeemed, but psychopaths?
kakashi: Therefore, she thinks she HAS to answer the phone, because dodging him? Clearly doesn’t work. But Kim Tan has something else in mind. As soon as she swipes her phone to answer, he forces a kiss on her. Let’s not start a discussion on forced kisses in KDrama, shall we? As every proper and pure KDrama heroine should, she presses her lips and her eyes shut (I guess it feels like kissing a slightly warm stone for him?). Their lips stay glued to each other, unmoving. I see his Adam’s apple move. For a brief moment, I ask myself why he kissed her? But I guess I should stop asking this show difficult questions. Love is the moment.
JoAnne: That was....we're just going to not talk about it, ok? Good thing I'm  not here for these two. I like 'em, it's fine if they work out, but they are not the couple I'm shipping.
kakashi: Anyway, for the record, this kiss is one of the worst in recent KDrama history. And then … she goddamn drops her Samsung Galaxy Note 3! I mean … OMG! That thing is so expensive!!! As a proper pauper, she should have a rubber band tied around it so that it bounces back into her hand every time it feels gravity’s calling.
JoAnne: So we are going to talk about it, then, I guess.  For me, dropped phone equals getting into the kiss. Except there was no getting into the kiss. Listen, Bean Princess: Avail yourself of that Game Over technique before the end of the drama. You will not regret it, trust me on this.
kakashi: In the meantime, Bad Heir, inside and on the phone, is wondering what is going on. After frowning at his silent phone, he calls again. Ah, thank goodness. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has not fallen OFF the roof, but has walked (hopped?) onto a patch of grass on the roof, a few feet away from the kissers. It is safe! I am so relieved.
JoAnne: And I am relieved that they didn't insult us by having him listening to kissing noises on the phone because I would have insisted that meant he dialed a wrong number and COINCIDENTALLY caught another couple kissing.
kakashi: Finally, lips are removed from lips. “Answer this again and see me go mad”, Kim Tan says – “that guy … he’s dead”. What a bully. Bully will always be bully, I guess – and Tan is only a bit better than Bad Heir. She breaks free and flees. Good Heir (who isn’t even that good, why do we call him Good Heir again, JoAnne?) is shaken by the terrible kiss – he sighs and stares and picks up her phone from the ground. And answers it. Seriously, man! You need to learn how to not intrude! It is called "personal space" and people want to have it.
JoAnne: Well he's not BAD, at least. I don't think it makes him a bully to threaten Young Do with violence, and I don't think he's bullying Beanie, either. Do you?
kakashi: Yes, in a way he is. 
kakashi: Naturally, Bad Heir is a bit surprised that Good Heir is answering, but at this very moment, Bean Princess comes walking down the stairs and Bad Heir deducts that they were on the rooftop together. When she walks past him, he tries to grab her wrist, but! She shakes his hand off in a fit of anger. Slomo stares follow. Bad Heir seems surprised by her anger … and a bit sad? Huh, I feel a pang of pity for him. Yes, we are allowed to pity bad people.
 JoAnne: I think that is the moment, the very exact moment, that he realized he liked her.  
kakashi: Bad Heir stares after her, when Thick comes (he always appears when characters need to do some explaining, it’s really convenient) and asks Bad why the heck he tripped the girl … cause that’s not his style. Bad Heir says he tripped her because he was curious ... curious about how he would feel afterwards. Man, I’ve said it before, go have therapy! You really are on the path to becoming a dangerous psychopath!! Thick says (and I agree) that he should just confess to her if he likes her next time.Yup, it's as easy as that.
JoAnne: It really is! Watch:  Kakashi, I like you. I don't want to trip you, I want to eat my lunch with you. We don't have to hold hands though because I don't LIKE you like you I just like you. Okay?
kakashi: Bean washes her uniform in the ladies room, when Krystal comes in. Awwwwwwz, so sweeeeeeeet … Glad I resisted the urge to fastforward. She is bringing Bean a change of clothes; a track suit, into which Beanie changes. Disturbing this wonderful moment of sisterly romance is Bitch Heir, our Rachel, who stalks in and grabs Bean’s beautiful hair. Yes, hair, not Heir. Bean isn’t impressed or cowed (she’s never been much impressed by poor Rachel) while Rachel is, as always, furious at her. She rightfully blames her for everything that is going on at school these days (I don't know why, but I have this great pleasure in making ugly screencaps of Rachel).
JoAnne: I have been watching Stringy watch  stuff and I knew she was gonna come around... I wonder if we'll get that awesome kind of frenemy bestie that we got in Protect the Boss?  As for Tempie: Please. Listen to what you are saying out of your own mouth, and realize what a terrible situation you are in, and gather your pride and walk away.
kakashi: Because outside, Kim Tan and Bad Heir are beating the shit out of each other. They get bloody in no time before their friends have a chance to separate them. The toilet-girls run through the corridor, their long hair whipping in the wind. All they can do when they get to the fight scene is stare in shock. I suddenly realize that this drama isn’t really about the romance, but about this bromance-gone-sour. I think. Bean Princess is just a pretense for these two to finally get physical. Yes, I think I am unlocking Heirs' secrets and I feel so proud.
JoAnne: Drinking furiously so as not to utter the words. Also, I giggled about Charlie's Angels when the three girls were running down the hall. Also maybe Baywatch a little, since it was so slowwwwwww.
kakashi: At that moment, Good Heir’s false mother appears. She is snarky-barky and they have to follow her to her office, where they of course receive a severe dressing-down. She will not have this kind of behavior at her precious school and will investigate this with the help of CCTV. Outside again, Bad Heir immediately starts to stir shit again and tries to frighten Tan with the “secret”: Tan’s bastard-pedigree. But Kim Tan is pretty cool about it: he says Bad cannot use that card; it is the only thing he has up his sleeve. Once played, he loses his whole influence. Did Tanny take some psychology classes when he was in the States? Yikes, but Bad Heir isn’t dumb either. He says he may just be willing to play it to find out, and Tanny says: play it then. I am ready. (Are you sure, my dear Tan?)
JoAnne: Also, I kinda think the ace up Woobie's sleeve is that everyone is TERRIFIED of him. If he brings down the chaebol prince you think that's going to make people LESS afraid of how much he can screw up their lives?
kakashi: While the exchange between the TanYoung couple was intriguing, the next really isn’t at all. There is some discussion in the double-fridged Prep room about the animosity between the former BFF and the characters establish that maybe, Kim Tan likes the Bean Princess. Not everybody agrees. This scene’s main purpose, I guess, is to show off nice sports clothes. And another terrible sweater, this time on our Thick Dummy. The terrible fashion virus seems to be spreading!
JoAnne: He wore the Shirt of Dead Fairies with navy blue polka-dotted pants. I had to rest my eyes after seeing it. Also - I was surprised to realize that no one actually knew the two young bucks fell out so seriously.
kakashi: Another quasi-filler scene follows with Baby and Bean. She thinks Bad made her sit with him at lunch because he knows she is on a Welfare Scholarship. Baby, while drinking the green energy drink, isn’t too convinced though. He tells her not to worry about anything and to just concentrate on school. He has her back – and her front. And her side. And her top and her bottom. He also surmises that Kim Tan likes her – and that is something he is MUCH more worried about than Bad knowing about her real status. We learn that Kim Tan is a target: people hate him (or rather, what he stands for) and they want to see him fail and fall. If they find out he likes her, she will also become a target. I.e. they will try to hit him by hitting her. Nice. Goodbye OTP. You are so doooooomed. 
JoAnne: Wait a minute though. If you follow that logic, then in BoF everyone wanted to bring down Gu Jun Pyo. Except no one did want that, and if he liked someone, then EVERYONE liked that person, so that should be the case here, too.  Is this why the writer said this was nothing like BoF?
kakashi: Kim Tan is waiting for her at the gate to his house in the evening. Wow, he looks quite good when he is all beaten up! This make-up is much more suitable than the other. He gives her back her phone, rebuking her for losing it in the first place. He is then trying the funny-bunny-pity-card (I am hurt! I was scolded!), but she isn’t in the mood for it. She just wants to go in and live the rest of her life in peace, but he grabs her wrist. She tells him not to - and not to wait for her. Or bother her. Or talk to her. But he doesn’t listen and grabs at her again (seriously! Do you not know what NO means?!). But she brings him back to earth with this side-way glance at the CCTV. He seems to get it. For now.
JoAnne: I can't stop staring at her hair. It's really gorgeous. Besides, it helps distract me from the Baby Shower Green  sweatshirt Kim Tan thought would be a good foil for his bruises.
kakashi: Just then, a car approaches. It is Sex Heir! Mesmerized, like deer, they just stare into the headlight and he catches them in the act of grabby-wrist-action. Bean Princess flees. But Dick Heir doesn’t care about her, he just waves his hand at Tan to move over. Tan goes into panting puppy mode and eagerly asks whether his dear Hyung is returning home? Why, does he have a desire to stay at the hotel instead of him? Dick asks. Haha, seriously. Kim Tan swears he wants nothing from his brother, but brother says: It is Empire Groups that makes the decisions for them. And whatever the decision is, they will have to comply. And that is why Tan’s mere existence is an issue for Dick.
JoAnne: He is trying my patience, this one. GET OVER IT. Do you have balls AT ALL?  Your pissy whiny face is pissing me off and it's pissing me off that you're ruining that beautiful face for me!!!!
kakashi: While I ponder their issues with a certain amount of interest, I am a bit distracted by a really weird thing on the wall there behind them, what is it?! Looks like a creepy clown!
JoAnne: I did not even see that. I have to go back and watch again. Maybe it's Woobin in a costume, come to slash everyone to death with his cheekbones.
kakashi: Here! Up there! That red-blue-orange thing!!!

kakashi: Poor Tan. He is heart-broken as always when his brother pours hate all over him and he warns Bean with a text not to go to the wine cellar because she might bump into his brother. Too late! She is there and so is Dick. But quite unexpectedly, Dick Heir is very civil to her. He just tells her that she cannot take the wine she is holding in her hands – oh … is it Won-mommy-wine? - and gives her another instead. He says it’s nice to meet her and lets her flee. Not exactly sure how to interpret this scene … but maybe we are to see some nice facets of him so that we do not overly hate him? Cause yes, show, we do hate him. Maybe not JoAnne, but we others.
JoAnne: Oh no, I hate him. And then on top of that I have rage because Choi Jin Hyuk is being ruined for me. Ruined, I tell you! Absolutely spoiled.  Moving on, though: Wine is from 1983, which is about right for his birth year, so I'm guessing it's MomWine.
kakashi: More Dick scenes follow. (I so hoped that would mean something else, in the context of Choi Jin Hyuk. But no. I am sorely disappointed.)Tutorina is waiting at the hotel and jumps up, delighted (I think?), when Dick Heir walks in. But he doesn’t see her – because Rachel is also there and calls out to him first. She is waiting for her “step-brother”, who seems to have stood her up. Dick invites her to have tea with him. Tutorina sees this all from the sidelines and looks … I don’t know, stricken? I do not care much about this love-triangle, or square, or what it is, and I do not get it, either. Does she like him as well? And she cannot be with him because he is rich? Sounds familiar. 
JoAnne: I found her reactions puzzling as well. She is wearing the 'I love you so here's my bone' necklace, though. This actress is SO MUCH BETTER than this role. It's pissing me off.
kakashi: Dick and Rachel have tea together and discuss the “turbulent adolescence” that both the Kim-brothers seem to go through. They also talk about Tan and his new make-up (Dick isn’t full of venom), and Rachel (she can be nice, too!) tells him that her fiancé wants to date another girl. Of course, Dick Heir puts two and two together ... it must be that girl. Is this the beginning of the WonTan couple’s rise to Bromance heaven? They have something in common now. Love for a peasant.
JoAnne: I don't have a lot of time for these two together, though. So fine, ok, if their lives aren't being mortally fucked with they're decent people. I'm sure that's true of MOST people who turn evil, Show.  Move on.
kakashi: Next: Tan is having a hard time, Bean is having a hard time, and Bad Heir is also having a hard time. Also a common ground, go kiss and hug.
JoAnne: First ever KDrama three-way. YES. Of course she's going to lie there like a lump and Kim Tan is going to fall asleep and we'll be left with Young Do doing all the 'heavy lifting' as it were...and suddenly I realize this is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all. No ma'am. Not. At. All.
kakashi: The next morning, Tan is waiting in front of the gate for Bean. The big car and a driver are ready. But she is not coming. His watch shows 6 am, then 7.15. At which time he realizes that she must have left already … way earlier than him. But at school, her desk remains empty. While the teacher discusses the Great Gatsby (hint, hint), Bean’s empty seat makes everybody feel apprehensive.
JoAnne: I don't get why her not being there makes TEMPIE upset, though. Unless her upset face is for the upset faces on her boys. Who aren't and never were her boys. But I guess she's not in on that particular secret.
kakashi: As soon as the bell sounds, Kim Tan jumps up and runs out. He is on overdrive: He is telling Baby on the phone to call Bean (which he already did). She isn’t picking up. But Baby suspects where she might be … she always goes there when she needs to think. It is a movie theater. Kim Tan ruuuuuuuuns to her (because … I do not know, it is a terrible thing if someone doesn’t come to school?!) and yes … she is there. He doesn’t disturb her, but just watches her from the back, even when the lights come back on.
JoAnne: I kind of like this. It doesn't feel stalker-y at all, and I've seen it done in a few dramas, and I like it, I do. Caring dude follows behind at a distance, worrying over his distraught lady love. It's nice. It's the hands-free version of a back hug. That you don't know about.
kakashi: When she leaves, he follows her at a safe distance, wearing a red tent or something. She goes to stare at the dream-catchers and gets all mopey about the time in California, when she sees his reflection in the shop window. Shocked face! They bicker a bit, until he grabs her hand and walks her off. D’awwwwz, they’re holding hands! She: You’re becoming ruined because of me. He: That’s not true. And anyway, I will not let go of your hand. More soppy stuff follows, until she pulls her hand away.
JoAnne: Like, pretty much immediately, which made me laugh. Way to hold on, Kim Tan.
kakashi: He has a minor breakdown: What does she want him to do? He likes her! Yes, she says … she likes him, too (hear, hear!). But so what? It’s all a mess. He is a bastard son and when people find out, he will be doomed. So: He cannot (and should not) protect her. He has to protect himself. Looove is the mooooment.
JoAnne: She admits it!
kakashi: At this, he turns around and walks away. For a short moment, it looks like she wants to run after him – but then, she just cries. That is what she does best, after all. I am not entirely sure why he let’s her go at this moment, but it is a good sign that this show is giving me things to ponder. 
JoAnne: WTF?  Love is the (apparently very short) moment. Seriously though who gives up that fast?
kakashi: We have a very short Kim Ha Neul interlude! Why did they even bother to cast him, seriously. His mother tells him his tutor is here. Unfortunately, it is a new tutor: Tutorina has quit. Some gadget PPL follows, where there is furious texting and picture-sending with Tutorina, who is at a café, where she is meeting Teddybear Ahjussi. They discuss her future job: She will work at Empire high! But KimDaddy doesn’t know about it yet (why? and why is that important?). She feels bad about being the girl that was “made” by Empire Money and will now receive a job at the Empire Empire. Ack, another one of those... She is just like the older version of Bean Princess, then, and just as annoying.
JoAnne: She is one of my very few girl crushes and between her and Kim WonBigBaby they are ruining my crushes!!!!
kakashi: A bit later, Teddybear Ajhussi is worrying about things (Empire High?) in the kitchen, while his adorable son cooks. Empire High is a terrible, terrible place. But it is also a place where fortunes are made - if you get the chance to go to Empire High, you better go. No price seems too high to pay for a degree there. But that doesn't mean you have to like that hellish place.
JoAnne: Listen, Baby Daddy. Go get a hair cut before I come and give you one. When you're done I'll give you a surprise.
kakashi: Bean is at the Mango Six Job. She is about to close the shop, but two high-schoolers are still there, hitting on her. Bad Heir to the rescue! Ah, he is cool ... and hahaha, he knows them from middle-school. They run as fast as they can and he is visibly proud of his bullying-abilities. Bean Princess on the other hand isn’t particularly happy to see him (surprise, surprise). She tells him that he is the reason she cannot go to school. Why is he bothering her? He isn’t, he says, in this sincere, and slightly surprised voice ... okay, maybe a little. Because he went to her old address (that is what he needed the immigration-slip for!) and hello! He now knows: she is a welfare scholar for sure. To her credit, she admits it right away. Yes, she is. So what is he going to do now? Chase her out?
JoAnne: He did this thing where he went from bully-protector to vulnerable boy to bully in like ...2 seconds. Listen. Woobie is the shit. He is just the shit, ok? He can act and he is stealing this show. It has nothing to do with whether his character is redeemable or not. Whatever he is, misunderstood puppy or evil psycho...he is the best thing about this series. He is KILLING it.
kakashi: No, he says … because he likes her. She doesn’t believe what she is hearing and he adds, hesitantly and once again with a tinge of sadness: But she doesn’t like him, right? I guess she might be feeling a tad overwhelmed at the moment - so many Heirs are after her!
JoAnne: Ok but I didn't expect this so soon and the way he said it made my heart hurt, evil genius or not. That look of sad realization in his eyes was perfect.
kakashi: Kim Tan is waiting for her at the window of his room. I notice the gigantic flat screen (WANTS!), when he switches it on to check the CCTV cameras. Stalker. And there she is! Sitting at the front door. He is ready to go to her, when her mother shows up. Mother and daughter have some bonding time and Kim Tan looks sad. We see the dream-catcher, at least ten times.
JoAnne: All I could think is mint green cheetah print turtleneck. And then all I could think was man that is one ugly chair.
kakashi: Alright, we have to do another Hair Fashion post. It is settled. 
kakashi: Bean is back at school the next day. But her and Kim Tan walk past each other as if they didn’t know each other. They are now in the difficult phase of their relationship.
JoAnne: This will make things awkward when they go hang out in the Wine Cellar.
kakashi: And then, the ALMONDS are back. Crazy Mom eats tons of them before Bean Queen comes in all agitated, with her ringing phone … It is the school! She signs Crazy Mom to pick up for her. When she received the call about Eun Sang’s absence from school the day before, she couldn’t communicate and now she is desperate. And so it comes that Crazy Mom pretends to be Bean Queen and agrees to come to parent-teacher night. This is going to be good.
JoAnne: This is more awesome then ten naked Choi Jin Hyuks who are all  both happy to see me AND able to be a man about disappointing family situations.Stop for a moment and think about that. Yes.
kakashi: And oh yes, it is. Crazy Mom is shining brightly as she gets there (to what isn’t a parent-teacher thing at all, but a mother-thing ... and I briefly wonder what her sister is doing there? Must have missed something, please explain, SqueeCap sisters). It seems a thing to show off their riches by sponsoring school events, so Crazy Mom immediately jumps in and offers to sponsor almost the entire next school event. Collective jaw-drop around the table. Oh yes, Crazy Mom is having the time of her life, until the Chairwoman is announced. They have one of their little catfights in the ladies room, which doesn’t reveal anything we don’t know yet though.
JoAnne: I was as surprised as you to see the sister. Which kid is hers? Which makes that kid Kim Tan's cousin... at that same school. I think they just needed a body. I laugh to see the butcher's wife from Suspicious Housekeeper all cleaned up (She's Thick's Mom in this universe) and then I realize that OF COURSE the Chairwoman is going to appear and this just gets so much better. I hope they keep it up.
kakashi: At the same time, the girls are giving Eun Sang a hard time. They are now really out to get her. So if she is New Money, what do her parents do? Why aren’t there any news articles about her? What is their company? They even go as far as to push her shoulder. At this point, a previously silent Tan rips his earphones out and wants to butt in, but Bad Heir is quicker this time. He says in this cold, deadly voice: Don’t touch her. At this very moment, Dorky Thick comes in with big news: his mother just called and told him about how awesome Eun Sang’s mom is. She is incredibly well-dressed, came in the nicest car … and pays for everything. Bean Princess cannot believe what she is hearing, and she is not alone … but the news is confirmed by Rachel's mother later. Eun Sang's mother is Big Money.
JoAnne: I wonder if they will let this continue for a while because... AWESOME. Although, in deference to a certain feline companion who hasn't been around lately, I will point out that this is an egregious tonal shift. As is pretty much every scene KiMistress is in.
kakashi: Later, Bad and Good are doing community service together. They should be cleaning. Hahaha, they are so childish, these two. One drops the broom, the other kicks the water bucket. Bad Heir is once again trying to hurt Tan where it doesn’t hurt him and suggests Tan is running home because he wants to see his real mother. Tan smirks and replies: So … did your mother come to the parent-teacher meeting? No? Oh, he forgot … his mother ran away. Too bad. (And I go: ouch. This is not going to end well.)
JoAnne: Poking a tiger, there, Tan Kitten.
kakashi: D’awwwz, next, Crazy Mom is getting a bit scolded by Tan for her crazy stunt. She is really sad afterwards, though, the poor creature. She was just curious about the school. And it was her only chance at parent-teacher interaction. Tan immediately drops his mad-act and sighs. He asks her to please drink less wine. It is making him worried. And kakashi's icy heart just melted. Sweet topped with so much sad.
JoAnne: I know...I do actually love her sincere desire to be his mom and her outright pride in her tall, handsome son - and you can tell it kills her to have to go along with the charade but she does it.. .sniff... for HIM... so he will not be tarnished by scandal.
kakashi: Just then, a friend of Tan’s is announced... Oh. The drama just got very interesting. In walks Bad, with a scarf as long as the Great Wall of China around his neck. (See? Told you this wouldn’t end well.) He says he wants to say his greetings to Tan’s mother. Crazy Mom immediately tries to sneak out, but Bad tells her to get him a glass of water, deliberately addressing her as a servant. But Tan, the good boy, will not have it. He grabs his mother’s hand and says: "Mother, say hello. This is my friend".
JoAnne: And this is why he is Good Heir. People matter to him more than money or status.
kakashi: Mother has a minor freak-out, because this? The Big Bad Secret!! It isn't allowed out!! Tan says in a calm voice that they will go outside to talk (i.e. "do not worry, mom"), which they do. Tan realizes that he might have underestimated Young-do a bit – he didn’t know what level of jerkism he was on. But Tan isn’t cowed: If Bad thought this would break him, he planned badly. At this very moment, Bad turns his head … Oh shit. In comes … Bean Princess. Texting in her usual oblivion. And Bad says with a mean smile: "Oh yes. It seems I did plan right. I just hit the jackpot".
JoAnne: Edge of my seat, not breathing. Yes. ohhh, yes.


kakashi: Hm. I do wonder why this episode was so much better than the eight before it. Was it the acting? The script? Both? Or is it that I suddenly see what the stakes are? Not for her: Bean Princess really is quite a redundant character, or, correction, just there to create conflict and shake things up. The worst that can happen to her? She is bullied and will have to go back to public school. But I suddenly see stakes for Kim Tan - and I suddenly think he is quite an interesting character after all. Whatever made him leave Korea three years ago made him go lethargic and dull (or maybe he was that way before too, who knows). (He wasn't. He couldn't have been.) He is incredibly lonely and just seemed to wait for his life to be over. (Depressed. Disappointed by the people around him. Hemmed in by social constraints he doesn't care about.) Bean Princess got to him (not sure why, but she did). As he is beginning to change and begins to care about life again, all the bad stuff is coming back with a vengeance. His brother hates him, just because he is a threat to his status at the company. His once-best-friend hates him (not exactly sure why at this stage, because it cannot really be a secret that Bad Heir's mother is AWOL, right?). (Hates him because he is illegitimate and he's being raised by a Neanderthal who would impress upon him that status is everything.) And his once-best-friend also knows something that might potentially cost Tan his status. He doesn't seem to care too much about it at this moment (and his reassurances to his brother that he has no interest in the company are certainly true), but he does realize that he is very vulnerable because of it. And this vulnerability makes it impossible for him to be with his true love. Let's see what he does about it. Because do something he must.
JoAnne: It is so good to have you here, where I have been since Day One. SO GOOD.
kakashi: When I said this drama is really about the Frenemies further up, I meant it. Young-do wants to destroy Tan. Tan wants Young-do out and away, but not for his own sake, but for Bean Princess. Young-do is falling in love with the Bean Princess. But the Bean Princess seems to be the key to Tan's destruction. Bean Princess knows that she is - and will try to keep away from Tan as much as possible because of it. Ergo, at this moment in time, Young-do is the game-maker. His actions will determine their common faith. Is he choosing the light (aka selfless love)? Or will the darkside win him over? There is lots of room for tons of stupid stuff, so let's see what we're going to get.
JoAnne: Some of both, I can say pretty certainly. What I don't know is if Young Do can be redeemed... but if a serial killer who chops off his own hand to make it seem like he was killed can be made a sympathetic figure in one drama... I'm guessing our Woobie can win hearts and minds in this one.