Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 7 (KimJiCap)

We have now reached YouTube territory, dear readers, so join me in watching this! It is worth it! 

Episode 7

Boksu meets Dooly in the market place ... and tells her to buy a present (fruit basket) beforehand. Oh wow, he is really going to do it ... And oh wow, she is in a foul mood. And oh wow, he is shocked when he sees her new dressed-up self!! Abort! Abort!!! This is definitely not grandma material ...
He drags his Mijin away and leads her to a street stall, where he proceeds to buy her some lunch. Of course she is insulted: what? he dragged her out just to buy her lunch? But no, you dummy. He drops hint after hint ...
Grow your hair, tie it back. Eat this kind of food and be happy with him. She doesn't get it ... and orders a bottle of soju. She pretends to love the intestine soup and so clearly hates it I cannot help but love her. She is such a hysterical mess, this woman.
A short while later, dear Dooly is hammered. And she shows no signs of stopping. Meanwhile, Boksu's parents are super busy preparing for a laaaaaarge party that is going to visit their restaurant in the evening. His mother is having a bad feeling about it and so do I.
The heat is ON at the restaurant. Grandma lovingly unwraps two green jade rings, alone in her room. She looks at them, a little proud, and a little sad. Outside, Mijin is staggering after Boksu, who is trying to get rid of her as quickly as possible. But then, she screams from the top of her lungs: "I love you! Even if we don't get married, I love you!" In his embarrassment, he says a couple of mean things to her. And she says: fine ... but just one more drink. And she takes off .... in the direction of Boksu's family's restaurant. After a slight detour, she goes RIGHT IN.
Boksu tries to save the situation and lies about her just being a co-worker of his who has had a bad day. But of course, now Mijin starts to cry and talk loudly about their relationship and why he is dumping her. Hahaha, he sang to her on her birthday! While playing the guitar! And they went on a trip together! Just the two of them! And they stayed in a room together! Just the two of them!
Hahaha, and then she gets into one of her rages and starts shaking him by his ears! And slams her handbag over his head! She demands to see his parents immediately to let them know what wishy-washy kind of person they have raised, swings again, hits the annoying neighbor in the eye and passes out on the floor. Oh my goodness. What a first impression!!
They take her inside (she keeps hitting Boksu over the head in her delirium) and put her on the floor in Boknam's room. There, the poor fool sleeps, all night. In the morning, she is still out cold, while Boksu is grilled by his grandmother. Afterwards, they all go to watch the strange animal that has invaded their home ...
... Boksu goes to work, her parents are worried sick, and Boksu's mother cooks her a hangover soup, per grandma's orders. The Dooly finally wakes up and stumbles out, where Boksu's mother is just setting the table. Not surprisingly, Mijin doesn't compute. She is like ... where am I? She does get it though when Boksu's mother starts telling her off for hitting her son - Lee Boksu!
Mijin leaves as soon as his mother turns her back. Without her bag. She runs down the street, screaming in mortification.

The Others

Sad Wife meets Sad Photographer! In a place, which may be famous for its noodles but in which costumers also get insulted constantly. In her excitement over his broody stares, she forgets her portfolio with some design stuff in it there. She goes back to get it, but has to learn that Mr. Broody took it. Rawr. She finds him, either brooding or sleeping, on the side of the road, in his car. Soft music plays. Is it love? Or something .... more carnal? He wakes from a nightmare (oh dear .... I have seen more talented actors!), gives her the portfolio and drives off in a manly hurry, but not before making clear that he remembers very well who she is.
Sad Doctor gets visited by his Menopausal Mother. Who immediately starts insulting his wife, for being too smart and too talented. He gives her the evil eye. I would do that too, if somebody fake-smiled at me like this!
Later, he is sad in a bar, all alone, while his wife arrives too late at her in-law's dinner and calls him for help. Wow, but the woman has cojones! She goes in alone!! Of course, she gets massively scolded after the dinner and is very sad afterwards.


I am glad that Dooly got catapulted into Boksu's family's lives now, because oh my, this was funny!! and this is going to continue to be funny! Less funny is the sad couple, but I don't mind them much, because I really like the actress who plays the sad wife. I do NOT like the broody photographer though. He is about the unsexiest male below 40 I have ever seen in a KDrama.