The Heirs - Episode 16 (Heirly You Jest!)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I am hoping you're still full of tryptophan-laced poultry products in order to make it through this episode in a dream-like state.  Strap yourselves in, because here we go!
JoAnne:  I'm so ready!
Episode 16

cherkell:  Thanks to JoAnne, PapaEvil will now be known as PEEVIL, and in the first scene proves his name worthy as he gives Beany two weeks' worth of unbridled freedom with Good Heir… naturally, with strings attached.  Two envelopes are placed in front of her, each containing tickets to someplace where English is not a spoken language.  Will Beany choose what's behind Envelope No. 1, or go for Envelope No. 2?
JoAnne:  Forget the envelopes. Which one ends up with Young Do for consoling hugs and kisses?  Hmm?  Kim Tan or Bean?  I'm good either way.
cherkell: Bean Mom receives text after text saying the personal loans from her friends were all paid off in full earlier than expected. She asks KiMistress if that was her doing by depositing her severance pay, but KiMistress has no idea what Bean Mom is talking about. In fact, she starts grilling Bean Mom about 'cheating on her' already with another family!
JoAnne: Best OTP of the bunch, I think.  I so hope endgame is Peevil dies of peevish old age and these two live in bickery harmony forever, complete with visits from TanBeanie grandkids.

cherkell:  Bean Mom asks if this recent money development had anything to do with Beany's command performance in front of Peevil.  Beany denies it at first until Mom shows her the texts she got through KakaoTalk about the loans being paid back.  Beany finally capitulates and starts to tell her mom what's what…
JoAnne:  But they still don't tell us anything and like a fool I really thought she would pull one over on the Peev.
cherkell:  As we see Beany getting the all-clear to walk up the stairs to see Goody, he watches the news reports about Goody receiving a lion's share of Jeguk stock, which drove up the strike price and poises the ConHugeCo to be embroiled in a Battle Royale for control of the company.  All the while, Goody sits on his bed in a stupor, awaiting the baby-blue angora turtleneck he wears to swallow him whole.
JoAnne:  Don't they have central heating? Why is he not beet red from that thing?

cherkell:  Beany knocks at the door, and as Goody pulls her inside, she lies that the bodyguards stepped away for a second and that gave her the chance to run upstairs without being noticed.  Goody tells Beany that he thought she was a CGI creation, since they couldn't see each other or touch each other.  Guess that's out of the question now, since he's got her locked in a crushing death hug.
JoAnne: She is so freaking cute when she's cute.  And I remain in eternal awe of her perfect Breck Girl hair. How do you not know this is a lie, Kim Tan?  Oh yeah, Mr. 100.
cherkell: Goody finally comes to his senses, and tells Beany that the guano is going to hit the circular rotating device soon. And in order for them to continue to see each other, he's going to have to NOT see her for awhile.  That earns Goody another hug back for a good minute or so until we go into a commercial.
JoAnne:  I'm very pleased with his character evolution, really. I think he's more naive than he realizes, of course, but I admire his bravery and that he's not doing this just for himself, or even for the Bean. Part of this is for his mother and so of course ~melt~
cherkell:  Baby Daddy and GumihotHeir are out having teppanyaki and drinks while deconstructing what the hell just happened to them earlier.  Baby Daddy is amazed that Won had no clue Tan would acquire so many share so fast, as Won reminds him he's paying for dinner, dammit!  Wonnie remembers what happened after his grandfather died and the free-for-all that occurred with family members scratching and clawing for their piece of the Jeguk Pie.  Won sure didn't want that to happen with Tan as well.
JoAnne:  Then you must have been #101, WonnieBabe, because you sure as HELL didn't handle your brother in a way that would inspire jolly family holidays. 
cherkell:  Baby Daddy reminds Won that he only follow Peevil's instructions to evenly distribute the shares, but Won is convinced that is exactly why a fight will take place. Won calls NO FAIR to the even split since he's way more experienced in company matters than Tan will ever be… and by the way, which side will Baby Daddy eventually plant his cute butt upon?
JoAnne: A question we're all asking, thank you.

cherkell:  Stalker Good Heir monitors the front gate CCTV waiting for Beany to leave for school. Figuring he'd be doing that very thing, Beany runs up to the camera and flashes a sign telling Tan she saw him in her dreams last night and waves before skipping off down the hill.
JoAnne: I remember the sad boy ghost and the delivery girl in Master's Sun and briefly feel watery but then I recognize the strains of The Police in the background of my mind and start to giggle. Although it does feel kind of sad with The Real Princess locked up in the tower.
cherkell:  Beany arrives at school suffering the slings and arrows from her fellow classmates over her confession at the party.  Some reporters sidle up and ask if she knows Kim Tan, when Bad Heir and Thick Heir arrive and push her away from them.  Baddy says he is the Third Son of Jeguk Group and Thicky insists he's the only daughter of Jeguk as well.  With Thicky calling Baddy 'oppa,' they push away from the reporters and head on in.
JoAnne:  I know some are unhappy at the relative de-fanging of Bad but I am glad about it.  He was really too mean to be liked, early on.  I like my bad boys to be cocky assholes but no bullies tormenting actual underdogs, please.
cherkell:  And right on cue, we see that Beany's locker has been with graffiti and death threats, and soy milk dumped all over her gym clothes.  Baddy comes over and asks if she expected anything different, while stating that mess was nothing of his own doing.  Baddy pulls out his phone, and…
cherkell:  … orders up several cases of soy milk cartons and gets ready to haul off and launch a few at the other lockers to avenge Beany's vandalism.  She stops him in mid-throw by saying it's not right to target all the kids, so thanks but no thanks to his generous offer.  Besides, don't mess around with throwing food.  Baddy agrees with her, and leaves the seven cases of soy milk at her feet as a gift instead.
JoAnne:  Like the rest of the internet, I wonder what they did while they waited for the milk to be delivered, and I also wonder why she couldn't have said that, oh, I don't know... as he was placing the order, so he could just cancel it?
Maybe they were in a Time Warp?
cherkell:  Baby Heir and Stringy Heir are giggling in the library as Beany offers them some soy milk.  BoNa wants to make sure it's not poisoned before accepting, since Baddy never does anything so cute unless there's an ulterior motive present.
JoAnne:  Jeez, BONA, get with the times.  He's the goodbadboy now.

cherkell:  And as earlier promised, Beany produces the picture of Baby to BoNa's OMG squeals that he's so cuuuuuuuuuuuute!  (And he is!)  Baby Heir doth protesteth that he shouldn't be treated like chattel in a transaction, as BoNa now wants a goofy picture of Baby to be used as blackmail in case they ever break up.  Beany insists that those two never ever ever break up, okay?
JoAnne: And the internetz rise up and say DITTO.
cherkell:  Throwing caution and possible hair-pulling to the wind, Beany grabs Baby in a big hug, and gives the same to Stringy as well.  They both ask what the what is going on, but Beany says she just felt like it.  Neeners.
JoAnne:  I'm still surprised that I like BoNa as much as I do but Baby Heir was right. She's too cute for words, at this point.  But don't think for one second that distracted me the belated realization this scene gave me, you effing Show: she took the tickets and she's NOT pulling a fast one. F***ers. Beanie is gonna blow this popsicle stand.

cherkell:  Baby Daddy arrives at Goody's bedroom for their daily tutoring session, and asks why Tan looks like death warmed over.  Goody says it's because he's thinking murderous thoughts about the state of his world right now… as Baby Daddy finally tells him he knows how the events of the past few days came about.  And BTW, did Tan hear anything about Goody going to study abroad?  By the look on Tan's face, obviously not.
JoAnne: YES for Baby Daddy picking a side. It's obviously the brothers.
cherkell:  With Baby Daddy's disclaimer that his father is the most ruthless asshole he's ever known, Goody makes his way into Peevil's office and takes back his phone to call KiMadam to ensure he returns to school tout suite.  Peevil says Tan's wasting his time going to school just to see Beany.  Peevil is thinking how he wasted all those shares on Tan, as Tan lays down the law and threatens Peevil to leave Beany alone OR ELSE.  Now that Tan owns a chunk of Jeguk stock, he'll use that against anyone and everyone who attempts to break them up.
JoAnne:  Clearly this won't end well.
cherkell:  Of course, KiMadam is gonna crab at Goody for calling her out like that -- when Tan least expects it, she will want the favor paid back to her three-fold.  But Goody retorts that maybe KiMadam felt a teeeeeeny bit guilty for what she did to him and KiMistress, no?  She chuckles, but changes the subject to remind Tan that reporters will be waiting at the school, so he'd better put on his best face for them.
JoAnne: This woman belongs with Peevil. They are a dastardly match made in heaven. I hate them both in everything I ever see them in, too.
cherkell:  And that he does, as KiMadam doesn't let the opportunity go to waste to show that they're one big happy family by adjusting Tan's coat in front of all the cameras.  The kids watch from the balcony calling bullshit on putting on such a yucky show in front of the reporters.  Thicky says that Tan may be a bastard child, but DO NOT ANGER THE TAN-GOD!!!
JoAnne:  I love that they just know what's up right away in a way that grown ups around them don't seem to get.
cherkell:  Goody strides into the classroom and starts throwing Beany's books and things into her bag, then drags her over to Thick's studio and dumps out the contents.  He pushes her away as he finds an airplane ticket to Buenos Aires tucked inside one of her textbooks.  Asking if she trusts him or even likes him for that matter. that airplane ticket meets an early demise regardless.
JoAnne: So where IS this studio? Is it at the school or somewhere else?
cherkell:  It's right outside the school grounds, either down the block or around the corner.  I think that was mentioned in Episode 2?  (Oh shit, am I really paying attention to this drivel?)
SHUKNOTE: Can someone please explain why one is love and one is intimidation?

cherkell: Tan gives Beany a verbal lashing for hiding and lying and whatever else comes to his mind while angry. Beany is the only one left in his life, and she's just going to disappear and never come back to Korea ever?  No way, dude!  Beany's only response is to start crying enough to make Tan apologize for making her cry.
JoAnne:  I thought this scene was good even if it needed work, somehow. I was grateful that he doesn't seriously consider that she was using him for what she could get when it's been obvous all along that that's not the case - always pisses me off when the hero doubts the heroine's love for such a reason.  And while I get that it's understandable he'd be angry that she isn't confident in his plan...DUDE.  You are not even 18 yet, and you've been out maneuvered at every turn so far.  How could she possibly trust you? She has to think about her life, her mom's life.  So I was glad that he didn't stay mad long.
cherkell:  Bad Heir arrives and Tan insists that Baddy keep watch over His Woman while he straightens out things.  Baddy doesn't believe what he's hearing and he can't make any promises to return with Beany when Goody wants him to.  After Tan leaves, Baddy starts in on Beany's forgetting his 'pay-back' for bagging on their noodle date.  Beany says she'll pay him back… so how about after school today, huh?  Baddy looks like you could knock him over with a feather.
JoAnne:  I like the three of them together, I can't help it.

cherkell:  Peevil and KiMadam arrive for their alleged family function, with Tan and Won right behind them and reporters swirling about.  As they enter the restaurant, both boys look like they'd rather eat glass than breathe the same air.  But Peevil has an ulterior motive for said family dinner: to discuss Won's upcoming marriage meeting. Won tells his parents to butt the hell out and he'll get married when HE wants to, dammit!!
JoAnne:  Since I've long since given up any hope that he even comes with actual man parts, talk of marriage just amuses me.  I weep for my Gumihot, I do.
cherkell:  Peevil insists that Won will manage the company better once he settles down and has kids and stuff.  And he's going to call a special shareholders meeting which both boys should be prepared to attend, since Peevil will put on the agenda the dismissal of Kim Won as Jeguk's CEO.  WHAT THE BLEEP?
JoAnne:  Let's consider that conversation, shall we?  'You'll do a better job once you're married, but I'm going to see if I can get you dismissed.'  Can't they just have him declared non compos mentis and be DONE with Daddy's trifling bullshit?

cherkell:  Won is stunned to find out that even though he personally dismissed all of Peevil's suck-up board of directors in favor of a new group, they were manhandled by Peevil for voting in favor of Won's ouster anyway.  Bad enough Won's a puppet CEO; now he's stabbed in the back with Peevil's announcement that he will nominate Baby Daddy as the next Jeguk CEO.  Peevil obviously ain't playing any favorites between his sons for sure!
JoAnne:  Ah yes, the old 'You won't pick my side so I'll fire you, but I'll tell my sons I'm going to make you their boss' trick.
cherkell:  As Won asks if these latest machinations have anything to do with Tan receiving a major stake in Jeguk, Peevil feigns that he's lost his appetite and he's outta there with KiMadam, leaving the boys to sit and stew over what just happened.  Tan gets up to leave, as Won orders him to sit.  Tan thinks otherwise, as Won needs to get his ass in gear to override the Board's directive.  Keep Tannie at the bottom of his Wish List… as Won has always done throughout Tan's life.
JoAnne: Seriously, he has no man parts AND no  brain.  How does he not realize that his behavior toward Tan is DESIGNED to start a war? If, you know, Tan wasn't essentially a peace-loving dongsaeng?
cherkell:  Won gives a verbal beat-down to Baby Daddy over stabbing him in the back to steal Won's CEO position away from him.  Baby Daddy says that was never the case, but since the carrot was dangled in front of him, why not go for it?  But Won need to keep his own eye on the prize -- go defeat Peevil first, and then Baby Daddy will join Won as his vice president.  Go Wonnie Go!!!
JoAnne:   To me, an exceptionally clear indication of the side that Baby Daddy has chosen, and it reminds me of what I THOUGHT Peevil was doing way back in the beginning:  you need to know that someone has the balls to do the job, and you can't find that out by babying them, so tough love is the order of the day.  Baby Daddy reeked of it just there, but Peevil has taken the tough love train to crazy town at this point.
cherkell: Goody returns to Thicky's studio to find no one is there. Calling Beany, Baddy picks up the phone and dismisses Tan outright. Looks like they're at the same snack shop where Young-do was to meet up with his mom for the last time but never made it.  Baddy insists that Beany write him a promissory note for a noodle meal since they're eating ddukbokki instead.  She agrees, and writes on the wall that she promises to eat noodles with Choi Young Do.
JoAnne:  I love him.  I love him I love him I love him.

cherkell:  Baddy smells a rat, and asks if she had a run-in with Peevil that made her cry.  Beany doesn't answer and orders Baddy to finish his ddukbokki, but Baddy orders her to memorize his phone number instead… and Goody's while she's at it.  He tells Beany she's going home in his car tonight because he wants Goody to yell at him again.  IT'S FUN!
JoAnne: Did I mention how much I love him?
cherkell:  But as we pull back looking at the wall with all the scribblings, Baddy is still there staring at Beany's note when Goody walks in and they start bickering all over again.  Baddy tells Tan that he's positive Peevil's done something evil to Beany, as Goody says he's more than aware of it… and he ain't happy.
JoAnne: I was all set for them to sit down and share ddukbokki and let the real healing begin but that whole 'don't stay here alone' thing was just as good, really.

cherkell:  KiMistress is already three sheets to the wind and Peevil is scolding her for getting so drunk when Tan arrives home.  KiMistress decided to party hardy at home by herself since she was not invited to the little family get-together earlier that   evening.  Peevil complains that this is why he cannot show her face to the world, as she is a flaw in Tan's life.  KiMistress reminds Peevil that it takes two to tango, asshole.
JoAnne: What a shit head.  HE's the reason Tan is illegitimate, not her.
cherkell:  Peevil attempts one last yell before Goody stops him in mid-sentence, reminding him that KiMistress's world doesn't extend beyond the boundaries of their home thanks to him not being able to keep his dick in his pants.  So Man Up and be a proper father and husband for a change… OR ELSE.
JoAnne:  Well we know which brother has man parts, don't we?

cherkell:  Peevil prods Goody as to what exactly will a little snot like him do, as Tan tells him he doesn't know yet what he will exactly do.  But whatever he decides to do, it's not going to be pretty.  Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer Daddy-O.  The next enemy he confronts may be his own son… all the while, Beany hears their conversation while hiding in the kitchen.  Rut-row!
JoAnne: I get why she doesn't want to be a tool in this war, but honey, that war is not about you at all, and I'm guessing it would have happened even if you didn't come along to wake that boy out of his self-imposed slumber - so rethink your decision and STAY.
cherkell:  Won bangs on Tutorina's gate ordering her to step out.  She barely gives him the time of day as Won orders her to move to the States for three years until he can come and collect her.  She refuses to even consider such an offer, as Won says she needs to go to not see what happens next to him.  And if she won't leave Korea, at least go illiterate and not read anything in the papers about what Won is about to do next with his life.
JoAnne:  On the one hand, I was touched by his desperation and his obvious love for the girl. On the other, I do not get Won at all.  How can he be so...OFF? And what is it he doesn't want her to see?  His downfall, or the ugly things he'll do to prevent a downfall?  Does he want her not to know him as a failure, or as a monster? How does he figure 3 years is going to fix EITHER?

cherkell:  Beany gets a KakaoTalk from Goody, who orders her to come out of her room with her passport NOW.  She does and he's standing right at the door to grab it out of her hands.  Pulling her into the butler's pantry, Tan reads Beany the Riot Act that he told her to wait for him to come for her.  She reluctantly agrees as usual… and then Tan decides that sucking face is a better idea.
JoAnne:  As I said on Twitter, Tan found his balls and unlocked the secret to kissing a girl. He's being all manly and bossy and taking charge and I guess it stands to reason it would be a sexual turn on, too - we are all animals in a sense, after all.  He's all about conquest now in every form.
cherkell:  The next day, both of them get ready to drive to school (with the CUTEST EVAH umbrella with corgis all over it!!!), but Beany hesitates just a wee bit. Meanwhile, in English Lit class, Tempermental Heir is reciting her take on "The Great Gatsby" and while looking at Beany, reminds the class that Gatsby ruined his life over the love of a woman he could never have.
JoAnne: I hated The Great Gatsby. And I don't think Kim Tan is Gatsby at all. But I understand Rachel's fear.
cherkell:  Tempie sees Messed-Up Heir at the other end of the hallway, and CALLS to order him to go another way so she doesn't have to see his face.  Of course Messy refuses until they're up close and personal, and it's only then that Messy breaks and agrees to go around her after all.  (WTF was that all about?)
JoAnne: The call was funny but allowed them to have a semi private convo in public.  She is feeling shy and awkward around him, and at first he doesn't get it. And then he does.  Again I say:  WRONG SHIP WRONG SHIP WRONG SHIP
cherkell:  Won starts his March Towards Destiny by meeting with the other major shareholders:  TempieMom has coffee with GumiHeir and reminds him that anyone who is against Peevil is aces in her book.  He does not have to worry about her loyalty going to anyone else but Won.  Bad Daddy says his vote comes with one condition, to which Won says that Bad Daddy's hotel will win the bidding war, and they have a deal.   KiMadam's vote is abstained until she finds out exactly what she will get in return.
JoAnne: Did any of us doubt that any of them would go exactly the way they went?
cherkell: Tan is the last to visit with Won, as Goody decides it would be good for both boys to gang up and take down Peevil. But as with the others, his shares come with a condition: Make sure Peevil lays off Beany, and get him an apartment.  Won is gobsmacked to hear that Goody is baring his soul for A GIRL… is it the maid's daughter, perchance?  Tan tells him that he will do everything in his power to protect her, and this is just the beginning of his Reign of Doom.
JoAnne:  Why did you not think of this MONTHS ago, Kim Won?  And why be such an ASS about it?

cherkell:  Thicky primps and preens in front of a mirror as Baddy fondles the bandage Beany gave him after his fight with Goody.  But since Thicky's heading out to dinner with his parents, Baddy should come along… no matter whether or not they think Baddy is a thug!  Begging off because he's got plans, Thicky yells after him asking why he insists on camping out at Beany's house.  He'll regret it!!!
JoAnne: He's a good egg, that Thick.
cherkell: And as expected, Baddy paces in front of Beany's house when he realizes she's not home yet.  He orders his chauffeur to stop at the conbini on the way home, and also as expected, sees Beany sitting right out in front.  Throwing his coat over her since it starting to snow, that finally wakes Beany from her stupor.
JoAnne: Enormous feet.  Such thin legs.  That FACE. I love this boy beyond reason and today, it's not in a I wanna jump your bones way. See you here next week for a return to my normally scheduled grabby hands.
cherkell: Baddy reminds Beany of all the times she's been at the conbini -- doesn't she remember the time he got into a fight with those two kids right in front of her?  Beany apparently does not, but apologizes by saying there's a good guy inside that bad guy exterior.  But next time, be nice to a girl Baddy might like… yannow, don't trip her or threaten her and stuff.
JoAnne:  He still thinks he can win her. It KILLS ME.

cherkell:  Getting up to go allegedly see Goody before the big Jeguk Board Meeting, Baddy calls bullshit on her excuse because he knows a few things about goodbyes and running away from the world.  Beany says she's busted since she needs to look for a room since they're moving out soon, so that's what she needs to do.  BYE.
 JoAnne:  The face I just I can't. So worry. Much sad.
cherkell:  Tan arrives to pick up his new apartment and car keys.  Won reminds him of his duty to attend the Shareholders' Meeting and vote for 'reject' instead of 'approve.' *snerk*  Goody believes that Won still doesn't trust him after giving his word, as Won states that no matter what, Peevil will find them and cut them both down like the tallgrass.
JoAnne: Then just go die in a corner if there's no hope I mean really. You are such a Debbie DOWNER, Won.

cherkell:  Goody realizes that, as he tells Won that he's loved his brother and his father for the past 18 years, but that be done now.  Beany is the only one left for him, so no matter how much he's lacking, he'll do whatever it takes to protect her.  Try and fuck with him, and all hell's gonna break loose afters.
JoAnne:  That whole thing about eggs and baskets is giving me a bad feeling here.
cherkell:  Beany wanders home by passing a shoe store where the same brand in the window is the same pair Goody bought her back in LA. She flashes back to Peevil spouting that poor folks ain't got no shame in them, and that 18-year-olds are not allowed to be so reckless since Tan is now being ridiculed by the world.
JoAnne:  Really Dad? You don't think that shame is directed more toward you?  Tan didn't do anything wrong.

cherkell:  The whole time Beany stares at the shop window, Baddy is watching her from the comfort of his chauffeured car.  All of a sudden Goody does show up and envelopes Beany in a hug.  You can hear Baddy's heart breaking into little tiny pieces as he orders his driver to leave.
JoAnne:  *incoherent sobs*
cherkell:  Ha, so she buys them both matching Couple Asics as Goody complains that she spends her money so unwisely. But what the heck… they should go for a walk in their new shoes and he knows exactly the place they should go to!  (Cue the 'dun dun dunnnnn' music… )
JoAnne: He is way too proud of those hot pink sneakers.
cherkell:  In an empty apartment (except for the Magic Dream Catcher already hanging in the window) overlooking the north end of the Han River, Tan explains that this place is Beany's now.  She and Bean Mom need to move out because he's worried that Peevil will do something extra-mean to her once he finds out.  But not to worry -- Mighty Tan will protect her!!!
JoAnne: That's a nice place.  What will they put there? They only own some plastic boxes and a couple of blankets.  What's the rent situation?  Is he going to move in too?

cherkell:  Beany looks worried that the only way she'll get through life is by riding on Kim Tan's coatstrings.  Goody apologizes for being such an immature brat up until then, but he promises to do better.  And the Magic Dream Catcher will bear witness to that promise!!!
JoAnne:  Dun dun DUNNNNNNN
cherkell:  Reminding Goody that he needs to hustle butt and get to his Board Meeting, she'll just stick around a bit and take pictures for her mom before heading back home to pack.  She waves him off as he says he feels like they're married now.  It's all Beany can do to not break down until she closes the door behind him.
JoAnne: Their whole interaction was just chock full of the cuteness of doom.
cherkell:  And the Board Meeting begins with the resolution that Kim Won be removed as Jeguk's CEO.  Each member goes up to vote, with Peevil keeping a shit-eating grin on his face the whole time.  But the majority did not vote for rejecting Won at the CEO; in fact, it was a resounding 95% in favor of keeping him in the Hot Seat.
JoAnne: Sucker got played.

cherkell: TempieMom wants to know what the hell just happened in the meeting, as Bad Daddy says it's all Peevil's plan to take down his son.  But like he cares… Bad Daddy still got the deal he wanted with Jeguk all the same, so too bad, so sad for Wonnie-poo. Goody asks KiMadam if that whole shootin' match was just for show, and she responds that Kim Tan must have a brain after all.
JoAnne: So what is her deal in this?
cherkell:  When Peevil asks Goody how it felt to participate in his first shareholders' meeting, Tan demands to know why Peevil did that to his eldest son.  Peevil decided Won needed some humiliation, with a side of more humiliation going Tan's way as well.
JoAnne: Because nothing inspires confidence in shareholders like humiliation.
cherkell:  When Goody asks Peevil to stop talking in riddles, Peevil lets slip that Tan was so immersed in trying to hide Beany that he didn't notice she left Korea while the meeting was taking place.  That fact is confirmed by Beany's phone being disconnected as Tan tries to contact her.
JoAnne:  Peevil, come over here.  I have a view to show you.  Step closer.  No, there's glass there, it's anti-glare.  No really, come closer. Much closer. 
cherkell:  KiMistress is distraught while reading Bean Mom's goodbye note thanking her for all the good times she had while in their employ.  (NOT.)  Tan runs in looking for her, and finds that the maid's room has been completely cleaned out.  He then runs to the MangoSix to find out she quit there too.
JoAnne:   How close are all these places to each other?
cherkell:  Sinsa-dong to Daechi-dong?  About 5 subway stops.  So... not that close.  

cherkell:  Tan runs to school to find Beany's locker completely cleaned out as well.  Running all over Hongdae, she's nowhere to be found there either.  As Tan looks out from the empty apartment, Peevil's statement that Tan's attempt to go against him was for naught, as he still ended up losing Beany.
JoAnne: Well that's one way of looking at it, but I beg to differ, Peevil.
cherkell:  That's finally the last straw for Tannie, as he breaks down in the empty apartment.  And we end Episode 16!
JoAnne: You don't have to sound so goddamn HAPPY about it, Cher.
cherkell:  Give me my moment of pleasure, dear.  They're few and far between.


cherkell:  So here we are at the final one-third of this Show, and still NOT MUCH IS HAPPENING.  Sad people are still sad, evil people are still evil, and everyone with emotions in between are spinning their wheels. 
JoAnne:  I'm torn because I can see where tighter editing/writing would improve the show, but then there have been so many tiny things that I really loved that I would lose, too...all I know is I am not on board the Rachel/HyoShin ship.  Short of my Woob dying, that will be the thing that most pisses me off.
cherkell:  Totally agree.  But if Rachel was going to make a Major Impact upon Tan to get him jealous and/or seek some sort of revenge, why did she have to go after Messy?  If she really wanted people to sit up and take notice, Tempie should have locked lips with Baby Heir instead.  That would do it... and start World War III with Stringy as well.  One Stop Shopping!
JoAnne: Oh you are EVIL.

cherkell:  So the proverbial gauntlet has been thrown, Evil Is As Evil Does, blah blah blah... how are you gonna fix this, Tannie Boy?  It's not like you can call up some sort of spell, like a Korean Harry Potter or something, and have Beany returned to you post-haste.  He's going to have to put his thinking cap on, and I highly doubt 'Mister 100 out of 100' even has the bandwidth to pull that off.
JoAnne: I will admit to being very curious about how these next four episodes are going to go, myself.  I really didn't expect her to ship off to another country. Maybe I'm #102.

cherkell:   Now if somehow Tan really wanted to take down the whole Kim Family via his own Scorched Earth Policy, he needs to round up all the Scooby Gang (minus Rachel, of course) to put their heads together and come up with a solution.  Win-win for everyone!  But I ain't holding my breath.  Prove me wrong in Episode 17, Heirs!!!
JoAnne: So funny you should say this because up there, previous paragraph, I was thinking 'It's going to take the WHOLE Scooby Gang to fix this one!"  Unless it doesn't get fixed at all, and there's a time jump coming? No! I know! A la Bobby in Dallas, (or hell, Rosanne...or even The Wizard of Oz) this has all been a dream.