The Heirs - Episode 18 (Nheirly at the End!)

kakashi: It's the final countdown .... tüdütüdüüüü, tüdütütüdüüüüü, tütütüdütüüüü, tüdütütütütütüüütüdüüüü tüdütüdütütütüütüüüüüütüüüüüüüüü. Are we sure there are not going to be any sneak-attack extensions though?? Ah. So close. So close...
cherkell:  If this sucker does get extended, I will not be responsible for What Happens Next.  You have been warned. 
JoAnne: You don't see me. I'm not here.

Episode 18

kakashi: “You can have her”. WTF Tan??! My hero Young-do isn’t taking lightly to this stupidity either, but Tan is just such a poor weakling, there’s no use in beating him up further. He can’t take it any longer? He?? My goodness gracious. He is one of those people who make everything about THEMselves, even though they are the least affected. Because this makes me really, really angry, I’d rather admire Woobie’s feet (soooo BIG) than look at Tan, who collapses on the street. Fine. Go to sleep there, I don’t care.
cherkell:  You know what they say about big feet, right?  Big shoes! *snerk*  No?  REALLY?!?  My life has been all a lie to this point... *sob*
JoAnne: There, there *pats Cher* his legs are long and skinny so other things will look bigger in comparison.
kakashi: Ah, but no. He is up and about and busts into a tete-a-tete between Evil Dad and Evil Bro, zombies past them up to his room. Won, somewhat intrigued by the zombie-performance, follows him. There’s bloody tissue all over the floor. It’s very dramatic. I advise psychiatric care for Tan – immediately. His crazy act makes Hyung’s heart melt, though. Finally! HUG! NAKED!
cherkell:  YES. AGREED.  If wishes were horses, I'd have a freakin' stable by now.  SHEESH.

kakashi: And now that Hyung’s heart is finally beating again, he confronts Young-do at the hotel, who is betrayed as the perpetrator by his bloody face. Young-do says Tan deserved the beating and Won, who doesn't seem to disagree, just walks away. We shouldn’t expect too much too soon, I know. The brotherly feelings are a delicate little plant. And he really did deserve it.
cherkell:  Can I change up my mind and have THESE TWO in a spin-off or sequel?  Ratings would go off the charts! *squeeee*  
JoAnne: I loved this.  oung Do calls out Won for being a terrible brother and Won points out he ain't such great shakes in the friends department, either. I am all aboard the HMS Tall with Deep Voices, too.
kakashi: Pointless scene No 3453451 with Baby and Krystal, followed by mopey Eun-sang in the bookstore. And then, she cuts off the last connection between her and Tan: The Fakebook account. Delete. And this is important how?
cherkell:  Maybe Beany caught wind of how the NSA was tapping into social media accounts, and she was afraid of boring them to death with her non-events.
 JoAnne: She is taking the final step to erase Tannie from her LIFE, guyzzzz.
kakashi: While drinking the omnipresent Mango drink, MessedUp Heir tells Tan to go get Beanie, if it’s so hard on him without her. I am sure this is about the 58th time somebody tells him that. And seriously, what exactly IS his problem? I never understand why these KDrama characters can’t just hurry up a bit and resolve their non-issues more quickly.
cherkell:  Mmmmm, that's a tasty Orange Pledge Frappamochachismoothie! *spit take*

kakashi: But look who is there, checking on Eun-sang's house … uri Young-do! There is some awkwardness when BeanQueen catches him stalking, but the good woman invites him in and gives him food. He is so cuuuuuuuuute! And shyyyyyy! Eun-sang is in Seoul, though. He sits there, cute and shy, eating her mother’s food, almost crying. And when BeanQueen asks whether they are classmates, he admits to liking Eun-sang. It's a bit heart-breaking, but also totally pointless.
cherkell:  Woobie, if you're ever on this side of The Pond, you bet your sweet jeans imma going to cook for you.  Or take you to In N' Out... it's your choice, sweetheart! ♥♥♥
JoAnne:  Tell you what, baby boy: we'll save the gas and play our own game of In N' Out right here Chez Mama. K? I'll feed you some scrambled eggs after.

kakashi: Oh foook, Eun-sang is with Wheely Devil. Just die, you evil toad! She admits to still liking Tan, but also says she won’t meet him again. Evil Dad has a few rage-fits.
cherkell:  Die die die die die die die die die die die DIE!!!

kakashi: This scene is followed by a sad-looking-into-stupid-dream-catcher-shop-window scene. And OF COURSE, Tan is also coming there at the exact same time. Their lives are so dominated by the damn dream catchers, it is quite remarkable. They stare at each other, but because their love just CANNOT be, they pass each other without a word. Yeah. This makes a lot of sense (NOT). When he realizes that it doesn’t and runs back, it’s too late. No Eun-sang. Bye bye.
cherkell:  Oh god, I just had a chill run down my spine thinking that when these two finally get together, they're going to buy the Dreamcatcher Shop and run it themselves!
kakashi: Oh, but there is some sort of plot development! Tan jumps on the bus she’s on and rides to wherever she now lives with her, following her like a doggie-dog. She goes into her house and breaks down in tears … and then, suddenly, runs out, all ready to do huggy-huggy-kissy-kissy, but ……… no Tan. Bye bye.
cherkell: MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, FER CHRISSAKES!  I'm not getting any younger here waiting for you to shit or get off the pot!  *grrrrr*

kakashi: When she gets back to her house, there he is. She says a lot of don'ts (touch me, talk to me, be here, etc.), but he does an awkward backhug anyway, the little rebel that he is. More crying. Then she just walks away. Why??? Didn't she run after him??? This drama is just falling apart.
cherkell:  Sadly, there's crying here at Casa de Cherkell... but that's because I just stubbed my toe on the couch trying to run away from watching any longer!
kakashi: Evil Toad is awful to Tan’s mother. And because enough is enough and she’s kinda cool, she goes to her room, cries a bit, and then takes off all her jewelry. Yeah. Bye bye Toad.
cherkell:  FINALLY.  Someone finds a small piece of brain rattling, and maneuvers it into that hole in her head just like one of those games you find at a Church Carnival. KiMistress wins a kewpie doll!!
JoAnne: Do not leave the jewelry. Take it. Symbolism won't put food on your broke-ass table, lady.
Sorry, wrong Kewpie!

kakashi: There is a short Rachel - Young-do scene, but I advise you to go read some fanfiction about the two instead, and then, Young-do is sad at the noodle place. He stares at the messages on the wall, especially one from his mother (?), asking whether he is doing well. Have we known about this message?? I must admit to being a bit undercommitted to this drama, so I'm having a hard time paying attention.
cherkell:  Squicky on the whole 'meeting at the wedding parlor' scene. I need a shower now. 
JoAnne: Very not in character for Rachel. Did not like.
kakashi: And then …. HUH? There’s Dick Heir and Tutorina, in BED. They may be fully clothed, but … did I miss something??? They’re touching, and discussing Tan and marriage, but I must admit I’m a bit confused now. You can't just throw bed scenes at me like that, show.
cherkell:  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS Wonnie got laid!!!  Now he's not going to be such an asshole anymore, 'cause you know that what was holding him back from being an actual nice guy, right?  RIGHT?!?  (Just agree with me, and no one will get hurt, okay?)
JoAnne:  I wonder about the scratchy wool sweater though.

kakashi: Beanie is in the bookstore, moping, when Won walks in. He takes her to a café and basically says, come back, Eun-sang. We know it’s our evil father’s fault and you can now demand what you want. So logical, this show. Is this it? Very anticlimactic.
cherkell:  I can't tell if it's the Arctic-like conditions the cast has been filming in or if Beany is really actually shaking while speaking with Wonnie-kun. 
JoAnne:  It's because she's finally in a scene with the hot brother again. I'd be shaking too. I'd also be in his lap half naked by now, but whatevs.

kakashi: It’s Bromance time in the wine cellar! Tan is all “I’m going to America, when do you want me to leave”, but Won, utterly reformed Won, just orders him to do well in his finals. AKA not come last again. And hohoho, there is a message from Eun-sang all of a sudden, too. A loooooooove letter. Of sorts. Many flashbacks ensue.
cherkell:   ZZZZZzzzzzzz.... *snort*  Someone say something important?  No?  ZZZZZZzzzzzzz....
kakashi: Somewhere far away from Seoul, Eun-sang prepares to go to school. AT school, she sits down next to Tan, who is sitting on a bench. Lots of shocked staring. And just like that, she’s back. So we lost almost 2 full episodes to this Lost&Found game. Great.
cherkell:  See comment above.  Lather, rinse and repeat.
JoAnne: Ok on this I have to disagree.  Have you never tried to do something and then changed your mind?  Without her going away, they'd never know  how bad it was to be apart - thus giving them the strength for the struggles ahead.  Be thankful it was 2 episodes and not 5?
kakashi: Oh yes, OF COURSE, this is what happens in real life all the time. But please NOT in a drama. 
kakashi: It’s the finals! Don’t ask me what that scene means afterwards when Tan and Young-do pass each other in slo-mo in the corridor. Seriously. Why.
JoAnne: So I could say firmly and without a shadow of a doubt that Lee Min Ho has womanly hips and Choi Young Do is sex personified.

kakashi: Young-do wants Eun-sang to repay her debt to him now. Noodles! Hmmmm, I’m hungry ……. But why isn’t she eating??! Anyway, he says goodbye, this is it, he is breaking up with her. Friends? No. He doesn’t do it. He doesn’t want to see her anymore. He doesn't want to talk to her. And he walks out. Boy has emotional issues. She looks after him, but lets him go.
cherkell: Oh I SO know what I'm now having for din-dins tonight!  *off to ramen shop across the street*
kakashi: Sexy time for our OTP in the prep room! Yeah, okay, maybe not. But they’re holding hands. His mother calls … she tells him she might not be home when he gets there. Yeah. We know what that means: Omma is leaving! Yikes, she calls the evil Dragon “oppa”. Yeah, oppa … she is leaving. Dumbface? That will not keep her there, you old fart. But he is evil to the end, shipping her off to the States … not at all taking her seriously. But the good woman bolts when they are loading one of the black cars at the front entrance with her luggage … and jumps into a taxi. She escapes!!
cherkell:  Go Speed KiMistress... Go Speed KiMistress... Go Speed KimMistress GO!!!!!
kakashi: And, woah! There is Young-do. There is some Shuk manufactured fanfic about him and Tan’s mother, so … I do blush a little. She tells him she is desperately looking for Tan, he tells her to get into his car – and runs into school. And into Tan. They run out together. Tan gets into the car with his mother, not a second too late… his father’s gangsters arrive.
cherkell:  I must be old.  Nothing ever makes me blush anymore.  Except... unexpected hugs.  *blush*
JoAnne: I was ridiculously excited when this happened because of reasons. #SoFantasy #MuchImagination #VeryBadMama
kakashi:Young-do flashes back to his own, similar situation so many years ago. And of course, he goes to the noodle wall. He can never be fine, his voice over says, as reply to his mother's question, as he rides off on his bike. Forever? Into the sunset?
cherkell:  Only back to the bike shop for his winter leathers and some gas line additive.  I'm amazed his carburetors haven't seized up by now in that freezing weather!
kakashi: After sending his mother to Young-do's hotel (!!! fanfic !!!!), Tan goes to see his father. And he says he will take responsibility for his mother. By leaving this house. Forever. Goodbye, Evil Toad!
cherkell:  Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.  *hmpf*

kakashi: Bromance time, reformed Won has emptied an apartment for Tan’s mother. There’s some bonding. And then, Tan hears about the BIIIIG Birthday Party they are having for him. Today. Wow! They’re efficient! That was very quick organizing unless a lot of time passed and we were not told. They are kinda lucky that all the people that are invited did not already have other plans.
cherkell:  And him leaving the house for good had no effect on cancelling said big birthday shindig?  *head explode*
JoAnne:  Not at all, it becomes more important than ever in the newly renewed Peevil Dick-a-thon.  As for the invitees, one does not simply 'be busy' for a Jeguk invitation.  #AintNoPartyLikeAJegukParty
kakashi: (O M G. Tan. No. The HAIR!) Tan is waiting in something that looks like a bridal shop. But isn't. And in walks Eun-sang, all dolled up, in a sexy red dress. And they go to the party together. In front of at least 10,000 reporters. To make a statement.
cherkell:  And that statement is: "BEWARE.  YONDER LIES HEARTACHE."  Or Tannie is channeling his Inner Cliff Richard.  (Go look it up, you lazy asses.  I have a headache now.)
JoAnne: So fine. Next week the party will happen and Dad will either grow a heart or have a heart attack, but let's face it.  Twenty years from now, Tan has a pot belly and Eun Sang drinks in the afternoons.
Final Comments

kakashi: WFT? I am completely sober, but after watching this, my head is spinning. What.Is.This.Drama.Trying.To.Tell.Me?! Why did she even have to leave when she just comes back? (ah, maybe because the drama has 20 episodes and we needed some angst?) And just like that, Won is a good guy? Why? And just like that, Rachel and Hyo-shin are attracted to each other? Why? Ah, you know what ... I give up. Drama, you're just weird. I don't want to be your friend.
cherkell:  I 'unfriended' this drama from Day Minus One.  If I wanted to run around in circles for 20 straight hours, I would have signed up for the San Jose Marathon Training Camp.  Just a whole lot o' nothin' in this episode as well, other than Wonnie finally getting that Buick-sized chip off his shoulder.  Whoda thunk all that would take would be a roll in ze hay, hm?
JoAnne: I still love my babies but some days it's harder than others.
cherkell:  We've almost put a nail in this coffin, peeps!  And that reminds me... a couple of my Korean friends that knew I lived in California asked me to send them dreamcatchers for Christmas.  Dare I? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!