Witch's Romance - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

This episode gives us a loooooot of Ji-yeon/Dong-ha interactions. Thank you! It also ends with a confession ... a very sweet one. I guess we are getting to the point - slowly - where this woman can at least start to accept this man for a man. That's progress, I guess?
JoAnne: Huh what I.... that picture. It's not a gif but I'd swear they move in toward each other, that's HOW MUCH they want to kiss each other. And I want them to kiss each other. And ok I'd like him to kiss me more, yes, but I'll settle for him kissing her if it can't be me.
Shuk:  I'm pretty sure my lips were moving at this point in time.
Episode 6

Hyacinth crisis, repeat. He is incredibly angry that she touched his sacred plant, but she says it's because he makes her care. That's code for "I'm in love with you", but he doesn't want to hear it. He says he doesn't like her enough to forgive her for cutting off the dead-parts of his plant (well, he doesn't say it that way, but that's what he really means) and then, he throws the pot to the floor, where it breaks, of course. Well, that was stupid. And the carpet is terrible ugly.
JoAnne: Because we haven't had a lot of time to see him interact with Dead Girlfriend it's hard to really connect with THIS level of anger three years later. It's a mixed bag, I think. I didn't like her in the original but I had plenty of time to understand how deeply he was affected and how involved he was with her actual death and the rescue attempt so this scene wasn't that out of place. Here, I like the Dead Girlfriend a lot but haven't had much time to like them as a couple so this is just kind of out there, for me. Plus, the effing plant. How could he possibly - how could ANYONE possibly - think cutting off dead leaves would ruin it?
She would REALLY like to share the solution to the hyacinth riddle, but he refuses to hear it. And he says he never wants to see her again - so get out. Oh pleeeeease. Yes, I know, he is having a hard day. I admit that I am like that, sometimes, when I'm very hormonal. But ... seriously? 
JoAnne: I am shaking my head at the puppy. He's making a big deal of this, and he's usually pretty level-headed.
While he takes his rage with him on his scooter (Scooter Ride of Rage, yeah!), she carefully picks up the hyacinth ... and eats it. Hahahaha, no, she doesn't. Dong-ha has a sweet flashback about him and his dead GF. He is wearing an atrocious hat and it keeps me from enjoying this scene a little. It's their being-together-anniversary, and both get to share a wish/promises with the other. Her wish? For him to become a great doctor and fix her heart. His wish? For her to be at his side until he has become said great doctor. They exchange couple bracelets. Awwwwwww, sucks.
JoAnne: I think she's the girl from Nine (she's not). If not, what's she from? I didn't find her name anywhere, not that I looked very hard. And I think he looks adorable with his forehead exposed like that.
Shuk: I'm wondering about the sagacity of taking someone with heart disease on a mountainous trek to sit in a gazebo, but I may be in the minority, hood-hat notwithstanding. I mean, don't they have gazebo's by the Han?  Well, that might be a poor choice of location, too.
And oups, here comes Intern. Wow, I managed to completely forget she's dead GF's dongsaeng! Her unni told her to come to this exact spot. Of course, she finds a brooding (but fully clothed) Dong-ha there. I don't like her much. She is too nice. Ah, but now they get it! They realize that there's a connection between them: the dead GF/unni. She is even wearing her bracelet! It makes things awkward between them ... good.
JoAnne: Well he had no feeling towards HER but she was developing a crush on him, which now is IM!POSS!I!BLE! right?
At home, Ji-yeon has saved the hyacinth. She put it back into its old home=pot and now she is packing and moves back into her old place. She thinks of all the tender moments between the two of them and sighs sadly. Well, you could have. But you didn't.
JoAnne: I like how her flashbacks don't even try to pretend that what she'll miss is the buddy or the assistant. She'll miss the man, baby.

Dong-ha has returned - and he looks at her empty room. Is he sad? (yes) He also finds the hyacinth and a note from her, in which she says she's sorry about touching his plant and thanks him for all he has done. It's all quite serious and sad, so I'm glad that Moldy Spinach comes home. When Dong-ha tells him that she cut off his hyacinth, Cutie goes "so what"? Haha. Exactly. Kicking a person that one like out because of a stupid plant? That's quite pathetic indeed. 
JoAnne: Moldy Spinach for the win! I loved the guy who played the BFF in My Queen, too. He was a mini-Rain, a little bit, which didn't hurt, but he also was a voice of reason when it came to the two love birds.
Shuk:  I just love his "WTF" look at his idiot freeloading dongsaeng.
Dong-ha understands that, too - and he goes to the fishcake restaurant. Is he hoping to find her there? (yes) I'm not sure how much alcohol he's had, but he starts seeing Ji-yeon everywhere. This could also be a brain tumor. Just saying.
JoAnne: Hush. It's guilt. He misses her and he's a little worried and he feels bad about how he treated her.
But Ji-yeon isn't there ... she is currently checking in at a hotel. Oh boy ... she is really unlucky, isn't she?! She is mistaken for a young man's lover (we all wish!) by his, er, portly girlfriend - and the friggin bastard, who seems to be in it for money, actually pretends Ji-yeon is the lover so that his real lover can flee. The cheated woman calls the police, convinced she is being scammed by them as a team. 
Shuk:  And the hotel staff just stands there while their innocent customer is assaulted? You would get better service in jimjilbang.
Ooooooookay, how do I recap the bit at the police station?! Buahahahahaha, I'm not sure I can. So there's Portly, Cheater, and Ji-yeon, all messed up because they obviously started beating each other up. In come the Fishcake couple and Dong-ha, and Ji-yeon's friend immediately starts to threaten Portly with her ... slippers. Portly keeps shouting how agile she is and does all kinds of boxing moves ... it's seriously hilarious. Dong-ha only has eyes for Ji-yeon though ... I guess he is feeling as sorry as he should. 
JoAnne: This was VERY funny. That large woman's face is seriously scary though, it looks wrong somehow.

When they are back at the apartment, Dong-ha asks her to sit down next to him on a bench for a moment. She does ... but not right away. And not very close. But he closes the distance between them - and says he is sorry for yelling at her. (the scooch! awwwwww, the scooch!  that was awesome! Do you know that word?  It's when you want someone sitting near you to move closer or farther, you tell them 'scooch over' and gesture with your hand so they know which to do. I don't even know if they use it everywhere here or if it's a more regional word) For making her leave. And she is sorry for cutting off his hyacinth - even though that's the riddle. Cutting off the old flower (of love) so that the new flower (of love) can bloom. It's all touchy-feely. Well, not that THEY are touching or kissing or anything.
JoAnne: No, but I think they make a massive leap forward here, all the same.
Shuk:  For being a supposed biatch, she forgives pretty easily with a sincere apology. Eek, does that mean our f**kd-up fiance will get a second chance?? 
At home, while staring at the hyacinth, he has more hallucinations - and I'm beginning to worry it TRULY is a brain tumor. It's dead GF, confirming that what Ji-yeon said is true. Dong-ha sobs and sobs and sobs.
JoAnne: Letting go is hard, Puppy. But Ji Yeon is worth it.
And now for something completely different. Ji-yeon's mother comes to the Trouble Maker, bearing lunch boxes. She is saved from a tenacious security guard by Sexy Boss - and falls hard for him at first sight. There's enough food for the whole team, but now, Mother knows that Dong-ha and Ji-yeon aren't really a couple. Why does she know that though? Just because he works there as well? In any case, she forces Ji-yeon to go to more blind dates.
JoAnne:  he knows her daughter, I guess... I assumed they'd go with Mom being surprised she's dating someone at work, so this caught me off guard. I do love that Mom & Boss are a thing, too.
She scares the men off pretty effectively. Well done. Later, at the fishcake place, she learns that there's a gathering that weekend that she should attend - with a man. There also is a video ... of Ji-yeon, drunk, harassing a replica of a David statue. She ..... manages to smash off his penis. She vows to the group of women that she will bring somebody much better than PolarBear next time. If she can't, she'll will send all of them on a trip to Europe. Ouch.
JoAnne: I don't think they explain this bit well. The story is that this annual event is for a club that she belonged to with the absent fiance. The year of the penis smashing, he was supposed to join her there from a business trip, and they were going to announce their engagement. She did a lot of bragging while she was there alone, of course, and then he never showed up so she was humiliated. And actually, it was a month before their wedding, and she never heard from him at all. He just never returned. An assistant contacted her and said he wasn't sure marriage was right for him after all, and that was that.
Shuk:  That does make her extreme behaviour a little more understandable.

Stupid Ji-yeon doesn't want to take Dong-ha (yeah, you've guessed it ... because of his age), so all her hopes are on her last blind date. Dong-ha really wants to go with her, but it's a definite no. So it's not because of his age, but because Ji-yeon fears she will come to depend on him too much? That's what she tells him, at least, while she keeps with the age-worries in front of her friend. 
JoAnne: I love how he isn't even really trying to hide his feelings at all anymore. And Cutie Soo... well. Now I am thoroughly convinced that he's a boy in a man's body in real life, too.
Oh, so Ji-yeon lives with the boys again? I didn't quite catch that before. She shares chicken and beer with Dong-ha, who is veeeeery interested in her last blind date. For reasons I do not remotely understand, he promises to help her secure this man. If he succeeds, she will come on a holiday with him. If he does not, he will be her slave for three days. Oh, I see ... it's win-win for him. 
JoAnne: Plus, he knows it's important to her and if it can't be him then he will help her to find someone it can be. Selfless love. Awwww. (NO. Sabotage that shit and git yer woman!)
Shuk:  [giggle]
So Dong-ha gets to be her dating coach for a while - and he tries his best to teach her to become nicer, softer, more approachable. They also walk hand in hand for a bit (of course, just to show her how it's done) and ... yes. YES! He attempts to also teach her about the carnal side of things. Which seems to be looking deeeeply into each other's eyes in his book. She starts feeling uncomfortable pretty quickly though and averts her eyes, several times - until he grabs her head. If you look carefully into a person's eyes, he says, you can see their true heart. They will most likely fall for her, he adds ... while his lips move closer and closer to hers.
JoAnne:  My heart raced. Did your heart race? I bet it did. You're alive, you're a woman, it must have.
Shuk:  Good lord, where is a poltergeist when you need one? Or a big truck rumbling by to shake the couch a tiny bit and close that gap?
But she doesn't do it. She breaks away, and it becomes embarrassing and I think I'm getting a bit annoyed by her. 
JoAnne: She can't keep doing these completely unrealistic things. If you want someone and you think you shouldn't have them, you break away from them DURING the kiss, so you get at least a little taste. THINK Ji Yeon, think.
Of all people, her blind date is the hyacinth man. Yes, the crazy one. And Dong-ha is also there ... to give her cues. She succeeds not to scare Hyacinth Man away and they agree to go to the college club together. Poor Dong-ha.
JoAnne:  His faces. HIS FACES.
After a short bit with pensive PolarBear, we're already at the weekend. Ji-yeon arrives at her club meeting with Hyacinth ... poor David still has part of his penis missing. Well, let's just say Hyacinth Baby Face falls through within 5 minutes because he actually things/hopes/believes that Ji-yeon will provide money for the family. In my book, that's not the end of the world, but the women around the
table gasp and moan ... and finally cheer, happy that Ji-yeon FAILED to find a good man.
JoAnne: This guy is a jerk. Her dress is great. Those women are Mean Girls.
Ji-yeon starts twitching and ... can't hold back. She starts beating up Hyacinth and Fishcake Friend calls Dong-ha for help, even though Ji-yeon explicitly said she doesn't want Dong-ha involved. Good call! The college friends are all gloating ... when Dong-ha walks in, white and shining. She doesn't have a man? he says - isn't he one?
JoAnne: I gasped. They even made it like all sparkly and shiny and hazy around him, but it wasn't necessary. He was gloriously adorable standing there in that cream suit. The cut and color are a huge improvement over the black one he wore earlier. Swooning again just looking at him. 
Shuk: [dies from the flashburn]
When the "friends" call him a fake boyfriend he says he isn't a boyfriend yet. Because he hasn't been able to confess to her properly: He knows he is young and doesn't have anything. But ... he likes her. An age gap of 14 years? Who the fuck cares? Don't they like the same music? Don't push him away just because he is young. He will not budge; and he just knows that she will come to like him as much as he likes her. She is crying, but she nods her heart when he asks whether she accepts his heart. And they hug. 
JoAnne: That was in the top 5 of all confessions, easily. And LOOK how handsome he is there. I can't even bear to think what he's going to be like in a few years. Post-Army Puppies are especially awesome.
Afterwards, they all sit around a table and quiz the new couple about how they met and what he likes best about her. Ji-yeon believes she is dreaming ... she is feeling butterflies for someone again.
JoAnne:  Everyone in broadcast range is feeling those flutters, honey. Trust me.
But look who's come to destroy the dream! It's PolarBear. Shoo! Go away!
JoAnne: I FORGOT about him. Dammit.
Shuk: Oh crap.


Let's get this done and over with! PolarBear, go back to Alaska. You've had your chance - it's gone.
JoAnne: You're going to be angry.
kakashi: nooooooooooooo!