Witch's Romance - Episode 13

It's my turn this week! I'm in a stinky mood. I'm tired. I'm vicious. Alright, drama, you wanted it - and now, you get it! --- is what I thought. But then, surprisingly, this episode wasn't too rage-inspiring. Only extremely boring. Though Asshat is still around.
JoAnne: I am exhausted because I ran away with Aaron Yan this weekend. It was so worth it. So Polar Bear better watch out and Ji Yeon too, probably, but my love for the puppy and Cutie is still intact because Aaron... that's a different kind of love. Much sweatier. Much.

Episode 13

After an abundance of men, Ji-yeon suddenly finds herself without one. That must be tough! Asshat gives her the boot wedding-wise, and Dong-ha is waiting outside the condo complex, suitcase in hand. Ji-yeon comes walking and is, as Dong-ha immediately notices, crying. She barely looks at him though and doesn't even stop. Of course he is worried. He also has bad skin, no wonder with all the crying and heart break.
JoAnne: This is what happens when you don't follow your heart, Ji Yeon.
She mopes in her apartment and we get a flashback to the break-up scene. Ji-yeon calls Assbear out on his bad acting (yeaaaaah) and says SHE is the bad guy here; he doesn't need to pretend to be one. No he is. No she is. Etc. Whatever. He is a good guy, of course, but I don't care all that much. Even though it's a little bit sad. Anyway, they can be friends? That's good too, Ji-yeon. No need to cry.
JoAnne: See, I think it's good that she cries here. Cathartic. And it IS sad, when you look clearly at their history. They didn't fall out of love, they were shoved out.  It's right that they should mourn those innocents from 6 years before. They still respect and care for each other.
Dong-ha tries to move to a new apartment, but alas, it's already taken - by a mad law student who believes that place will help him pass the bar exam after 8 years of studying. And back to Cutie! Well, that was quick. Hahahaaaa. What a completely useless storyline.
JoAnne: How was that useless? It gave us more bromance.
kakashi: You're right. At 07:53, there's the reappearance of "the foot"! 

Dong-ha observes a delivery guy dropping of a parcel in front of Ji-yeon's door (the package has a CJ E&M/CJ Entertainment logo on it). Lots of minutes pass with stupid people in the stupid office thinking stupidly about why Ji-yeon hasn't appeared at work, doesn't answer the phone, and hasn't called. The Photographer dude calls Dong-ha about it (geeeeenius idea), so Dong-ha drops everything and races to check on her. The package is still there - and she is sick. What? Without standing in the rain??! Crazy.
JoAnne: She cried. That causes fevers, too.
I love how they get always so sick they can barely move and faint when they try to move. Anyway, cue Puppy nurse. She thinks she is dreaming when she opens her eyes and sees him. He assures her this isn't a dream ... but a bit later, he asks her just one thing he is curious about (when he is in fact curious about two): whether he does, in fact, appear in her dreams? She says "no" and turns her head away. What an obvious lie. Why. WHY, WHYYYY is she so stupid.
JoAnne: Not fair, sort of. She made a decision NOT to tell Dong Ha her feelings. Her decision was based on what she thought Dong Ha wanted and what she assumed is the right thing for him based on what he told her that night. That decision isn't negated by her sudden freedom, so why would she suddenly tell him the truth? And I can't honestly say that it's automatically stupid not to try with the hot younger man, because we know in real life those risks don't always pan out.
kakashi: Nono, not that part. That part isn't stupid. But the LYING is. And the doing what she assumes it right for him. It's probably what I hate the most in KDrama.
At that very moment, her mother appears and Dong-ha is a bit embarrassed to be found at Ji-yeon's bedside, but all that Awesome Omma cares about is her ill daughter. Ji-yeon tells her mother that her and Polar Asshat will not get married. Dong-ha hears ... but instead of staying and listening some more, he hurries out in quasi-shock.
Ji-yeon cries because her heart has changed. WHHHHHHhhyyyyyyy would you cry because of that?! Yeah, alright, I understand. It's very hard to say goodbye to old loves. I get it. But I do wish you'd friggin move on already woman. I've had it! 10 episodes or whatever .... enough of this! Awww, her mother is so supportive ... I love her. Awwww, she even goes over to Asshat, who isn't fairing well either, and hugs him ... awwwwwwwww.
JoAnne: I agree. It is sad. And I think you're right that the angst period in dramas is too long, but I'm still willing to put up with it for the most part. How many hours do you think a drama should be?
kakashi: It should be as many hours as it needs to tell a good story. If it doesn't have much story, stop wasting my time.  
At the company from hell, they get ready to smear Dong-ha's dad's hospital some more. The Gods of Part-Timing get ready to deliver a present to a sick kid at the same hospital. Another task to do before that is for Dong-ha to deliver something ... from Asshat. Is it just me or do these people have issues communicating like grown-ups? Just call Dong-ha, Asshat, and tell him to meet you! No need to hire him as a part timer! The delivery is a bag (with her shoes) and Dong-ha is to take said bag to Ji-yeon. Stooooooopid. Asshat gives Dong-ha the following message for his former betrothed: don't feel bad. It's him that's too late - it's not too late for Ban Ji-yeon. Oh and there's a passport there and a flight ticket. May we hope??!
JoAnne: We may. And really, after 6 years, can we just throw the fugly shoes AWAY?
At the fishcake place, the most important thing seems to be that Nae-ra is very hormonal. Furthermore, we hear that Ji-yeon thinks Dong-ha should get on with his life. Of course. Because you are such a bad choice as a partner. Being with you would mess him up completely. Etc. etc. etc. When she is back home, Dong-ha comes - delivering the bag from Asshat. And delivering the message (that he doesn't understand yet). He cautiously inquires what happened between them, but OF COURSE, Ji-yeon stonewalls him.... Time for Cutie Soo.
Next, we're at the hospital, where the two Part-Time Gods make a girl very happy. Yes ... they are the gift from her classmates (the ones they taught self-defense in the first episodes)! haha. (that was cute) Outside, the mood turns somber when Cutie and Dong-ha see the angry relatives of that person that died because no doctors were available. And of course, his father appears - but instead of him getting out of the car, Dong-ha gets in the car. He wants to protect his father! Awwwwwww. But courageous dad gets out anyway and is attacked by the angry mob.
JoAnne: How is there only one surgeon available at a particular time? They have those fucking awesome cell phones - put people ON CALL.
At Trouble Maker, they have found out that there was a similar case three years ago at the same hospital. Yeah ... of course, it's Dong-ha's GF. Ji-yeon is trying to get an interview with the mother, but fails. Later, she finds out that her mother is dating Mr. Sheksi and has a little fit over it. And then, she cries because she realizes that her Asshat Sunbae must have seen the book, Dong-ha's message in it and her reply.
JoAnne: You are very mean.
kakashi: No, I am merely summarizing what happened!

We all know how tenacious Ji-yeon is ... and indeed, here she is at the House of Love, trying to get information out of that poor sad lady. Also there when she is about to leave ... God of Part-time and Puppies, Dong-ha. Surpriiiiiise! She gets to ride on his scooter and he drops her off at the office. The mood between them is relaxed. We're getting back on track. About time, with only 3 and a bit episodes left!
JoAnne: I need more kisses, yes.
There's a huge party planned at Trouble Maker for Noonim tonight - only problem, they don't know she is no longer getting married. Oups. In the meantime, Noonim is working her cute detective connection and finds out that the person that died three years ago was Dong-ha's Beloved. And apparently, his father operated on the person that caused the accident they were in - instead of operating on the GF.
JoAnne: HOLY FUCKING OUCH. No wonder Dong Ha doesn't want to hang out around his dad.
Afterwards, Ji-yeon is returning to the office ... where her terrible colleagues are waiting to surprise her. Dong-ha tries to get there first and warn her, but alas ... nope. Ji-yeon goes into a rage fit when she sees all of them and their stupid hats - and then tells them that she isn't getting married at all. And headbutts the most awful of them all, that absolutely not funny dude. Oh, but wait ... what we just saw was just in Dong-ha's head. He DOES get to her in time and tells her to come with him (to spare her the humiliation, of course). So, the stupid colleagues all wait in the dark with their stupid hats, while Dong-ha drags Ji-yeon away.
JoAnne: I totally bought it, right up until the head-butt.
They scooter to a playground, where he finally tells her about the wedding party. Now, she knows he knows she isn't getting married. That helps with things, yes. He says, again, that he is curious about two things but will ask only one ........... is she hungry? Buahaha. They go to her apartment (after the meal? not sure), where he goes straight for the bookcase and the book (thinking she still hasn't seen it) ... and sees her reply. It all makes sense now! Yes, so now he knows that she knows that the other he knows.
JoAnne: Plus he also knows what Polar Bear meant by it's not too late, and of course you also get why last week the differing translations people talked about made a difference.
He puts the book on the table before her, what causes her to get up immediately, wanting to flee, but he is curious about something again: Was it ... because of him that they broke up? No, not because of him, she lies and turns away. Wrist grab, swirl, and hug. He isn't dumb, he says (I'm glad to hear it! Because many people strike me as VERY dumb in this drama!). It's not too late for them. 
JoAnne: I like his subdued voice. It's very nice. Also, he could hug me. I would let him.


Alright, let me summarize what happened in this episode: Dong-ha found out that Asshat found out that Ji-yeon has feelings for Dong-ha. I call this progress! Wow! Though, maybe, next time, you could try not to stretch something so thin to 60minutes, drama? It is plain boring! The office people are extremely annoying, so I could live well without any of them. We know Mom and Mr. Sheksi like each other, but can we move on? Even the fishcake people are starting to get on my nerves with their ever-same antiques. I'm glad it's over soon, yes, now I said it. Just make up with your dad, Dong-ha, and become a doctor. The end. 
JoAnne: We've left TW-Drama territory and have both feet firmly in KDrama at the moment. I'm ok, but just once, could I have 3 or 4 episodes of cute and happy at the end of something?