Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 33 (KimJiCap)

Woah, people! Look at the ratings for this week's episodes! 34 got more than 25% and it seems it's going up by the week. Well deserved, I'd say, because this drama just got a bit better AGAIN. As always, "better" means something slightly special in the world of crazy weekend dramas, but this is definitely not a bad drama! If you're not already watching, this is definitely the episode to get started with!
JoAnne: Then again, why on earth would you want to miss even a second of any of it? What's happening now is all the more sweet for what we went through with the characters to get here, no? And I don't mean it was torture. For them, maybe. Not for us.
Episode 33

Is it a miracle? Or unmyeong? Or .... could it be?! Bori has found Eun-bi's long lost kite under the veranda and she has been drawing those Eun-bi pictures. Oh! Looking at Bong2, all of a sudden, an image of young Eun-bi, where Bori is (gone after the dye again, Bong2? tsts). Plus ... Bori, as GooDIL confirms, is an orphan. Yeah, in all other universes, that would definitely lead to another DNA test right then and there, but not in this one.
JoAnne: That is not The Way of the Hanbok, Kakashi.
At the company, Jae-hee babbles something about how discounts are normal in the starting phase of a product, but why, then, do the figures in the ledgers differ, Jae-hwa wants to know? In any case, Bad Dad is suspicious (good) so he tells Jae-hwa (love his smirk) to check previous sales figures for inconsistencies, much to Jae-hee's displeasure.
JoAnne: So when I was a kid there was this magazine called Highlights, and it had two brothers; one good, one bad. You've pretty much duplicated their expressions right here. I LOVE watching how Jae Hwa uses his brains to easily dismantle the idiot couple's schemery. (Not an actual word. I like it though.)
When Bori and Bi-dan run into BaDIL and Min-jung in the yard, BaDIL is as nasty as can be, insulting Bori as single mother with every word. Oh, I'm looking forward to the moment she finds out who Bori really is! I hope she dies from shame!
JoAnne: I honestly cannot believe that this woman would speak in front of a child in such hateful language. And MinFuckingJung can just stand there and let it happen - no matter what you're pretending, that's YOUR CHILD. Does not compute.  At first I was all excited thinking oooh she's gonna be sorry when she realizes this is her granddaughter, except... she isn't her granddaughter.
.... well, she kinda is, since she adopted The Troll
Jae-hwa may no longer be a prosecutor, but he sure has his prosecutor senses intact! He meets Moony in that coffee shop he boob-grabbed Bori in and asks him why he has sent him the secret stuff to expose his brother's lies. He is rather surprised when he hears that Moony did it for Bori though! Awwwww, our Cutie gets jealous immediately, thinking Moony has an interest in his love.
JoAnne: I have a confession. I REALLY love AppaNotOppaMoony in this. He's cute and he's actually a nice person but man does he have a scary side. WELL deserved for those who incur his wrath, though.
Jae-hwa overhears Bori telling GooDIL that she met Bi-dan's real dad. Oh dear, he is truly shocked to hear that, fearing that he has a powerful rival. But shortly after, he hears how GooDIL asks Bori about the biological mother ... and is even more shocked. Bori lies about the real mother being dead an all and expresses her deep worry of not being a good-enough (or rather smart enough) person to be a mother, but Jae-hwa has heard enough.
JoAnne: I sorta forgot he didn't know.
Shaken, he goes outside and cries a little in the street as he remembers how mean he was to Bori when he found out she had a child back in Jangheung. Gawd, their hair was bad in these earlier episodes!
JoAnne: Yeah, just start watching from this episode. (what was I thinking?)
When Bi-dan runs up to him, truly glad to see him, he wipes his tears away. Why did her dad cry? The little girl asks. He says he wouldn't even know how to cry, he was born laughing! He picks her up, swinging her to and fro, laughing his tears away, or at least trying. Bori joins them and he grabs her face, teary-eyed again, and apologizes earnestly for everything - and thanks her for everything, still crying, then kissing his two girls on their cheeks. He looks like a complete madman, but it's very moving, this.
JoAnne: He loves them so much. He will be so good to them. *sniffs happily*
Over being incredibly cute with Bi-dan - who brings her a rice cake she got from her piano teacher, only a tiny little bit eaten - Bori realizes that she doesn't have to be afraid: Bi-dan is her child and will always be. Thank you drama.
JoAnne: Look at their faces. Look at them! I want to be one's mom and the other's grandma.
Bori is already feeling bad for telling Moony to stay away from his daughter - but she is not at all feeling bad towards Veggie Ahjumma, who is horrible to her, as she always is, shouting nonsense, blowing a fuse or two. Bori tells her she will move out with Bi-dan - since she apparently has never been considered a real daughter anyway.
JoAnne: But she doesn't MEAN any of it, Kakashi. She says horrible things but it kills her to do it. That buys a TEENY bit of sympathy from me.
Yeah, alright .... like an atom-sized bit of sympathy maybe

Big Kang is now Ga-eul's bodyguard (that was discussed in last week's episodes, but it was so unimportant, I didn't mention it). Ga-eul has done it to be a little bitch and make sure he and her aunt cannot be together at all - at least not alone. BTW, I shouldn't have watched FTLY: now, I can't take Big Kang seriously anymore. Ga-eul sends Big Kang to Jae-hwa's room so that he cannot see Jung-ran (who is coming home) .... and when he tumbles into Jae-hwa's room, uri ex-prosecutor is just putting on pants. Ahhahahahaa. And ARM PORN, OMG. Drama, why have we not seen more of the goods, please?!
JoAnne: I TOLD YOU. hahahahahaha...he's so awesome in FTLY, and here, and so different in each! And yes, Jae Hwa - that is a GOOD look on him, isn't it? Look how broad his shoulders are!
*goes and stares at Kim Ji-hoon pics on the internet* (yes, those pics).
Anyway, sexually-frustrated Big Kang decides to sleep in Jae-hwa's bed ... and just lies down in it. Yeah, good strategy! Jae-hwa protests, but Big Kang is serious - and takes off his socks. And speaks in banmal. Jae-hwa being his future nephew and all. Pffffft.
JoAnne: They're so gonna be best buds.
This makes perfect sense to Jae-hwa and he even gives some clothes to Big Kang. Cut to him patting a pillow, gently whispering Jung-ran's name over and over. Well, that just means Jaw-hwa (who is trying to sleep on the floor) has an excuse to go see his Bori-Bori, whom he misses like crazy. When he sees his aunt crying because she misses her Kang so much, he plays the big enabler and sends her to his room. Ehm, Jae-hwa? You don't mind them .... you know .... doing ....... in your bed??!
JoAnne: I don't think that crossed his mind. It certainly didn't cross mine -this IS KDrama, after all.
It may be late, but Jae-hwa is unstoppable in his desire to see his Bori Bori, so he makes his way to her house (she is washing her face) and puts his hands over her eyes (awwwwwwwwz, look at his smile!!!). She guesses that this must be Jae-hwa, but he asks: Who is Jae-hwa? Her boyfriend? Her future husband? Bori's (current) husband? Bi-dan's dad? She tries to shake him off, they fall ... and he is all delighted to see she has three fingers up in the air. So it's number three!
JoAnne: I can't stop grinning. Such is the power of Kim Ji Hoon.
She complains (of course), but he is so happy to see her, he just pulls her close, hugging her, still smiling. She complains again (bleh), this time about his embrace being too stifling, so he suggests they go on a walk. They go for a stroll along the Han River, his happiness is almost palpable. Must be nice to be playing such a cheerful character for a change, yes, Kim Ji-hoon?
JoAnne: But....but...it's the Han River, Kakashi. What's the first rule of KDrama Klub? DON'T GO TO THE HAN RIVER.
The power of the Great Hanbok is with them. They will be alright, JoAnne
It's very hot and he demands she wipes his face - when she looks at him, closed eyes and all, she is surprised how handsome he is (seriously, woman - you blind?!) ... then LICKS the cloth and then dabs off the sweat on his face. Hahahaaa. When he opens his eyes, he is shocked ... but only for a few seconds. Then he's TOTALLY into having her spit on his face. Oh my god, he is so incredibly cute, I'm dying.......
JoAnne: Hahahaha what the hell, Bori. (kakashi... how old IS he... he looks 18)
I don't care! 18 is perfectly legal here!!! 
He tells her she must walk close to him (she complains about the heat), but he tells her people in love don't get hot. Exclaiming loudly how cool it actually is. Okay, that does it: Bori is completely lost. Finally.  She tries to resist, but nope, futile - he picks her up in his arms, looking up to the sky with the hugest smile on his face, talking to his dead mother in his head, telling her to take a good look at this pretty woman who is her daughter-in-law. She is happy when he is happy, isn't that so?
JoAnne: Laying it on a little thick, there, Show.
And he runs through the night with her shrieking in his arms and I SMIIIIIILE just like him.
JoAnne: They're going to fall and he's going to have amnesia and she's going to be paralyzed, I just know it.

The Rest

The wedding preparations continue. Jae-hee buys his bride half a jewelry store, which brings Dumb Mom to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Well, she hasn't even seen the spiffy new car he got her! Haha, no honeymoon though because of Jae-hwa being nosey.
JoAnne: Pile it on, pile it on! Make MinJung feel like she won the lottery!

At the department store, Min-jung runs into an old acquaintance. Oups, she is thinking Min-jung is marrying Moony! And who told her? Moony, of course! And Moony has also been collecting old photos of him and Min-jung through their old friends. Niiiiice.
JoAnne: Oh man... I HATE that she ran into her friend because that would have been AWESOME.
Just you wait .... 

Yikes, it's creepy stalker time next: Moony is waiting in Min-jung's new car - how nice! He has a spare key to it. Min-jung seems to be thinking she has the upper hand, but oh boy, I think she is quite mistaken. He is preparing a big surprise for her wedding and I REALLY want to be there when she gets it :D Also, KDramaland? If you ever need to cast a terrible serial killer, I think Sung Hyuk is the guy for you.
JoAnne: He has her so on edge that I was absolutely convinced she was imagining him, for several seconds. And yes, he can play scary scary scary.
Veggie Ahjumma gets semi-forced into cooking a not-so-nice meal for the new daughter-in-law. When Min-jung comes (Jae-hee is late), she is the worst suckup ever AH I HATE HER SO MUCH and Dumb Mom treats her with spite. Well done. Oh, and oups! Look who's the maid - who, by the way, cannot quite - in your husband-to-be's house? Veggie Ahjumma witnesses how Min-jung is mistreated (heheheheeee - I never though I'd say this, but I LOVE this evil MIL already!) - but she also witnesses how loving and caring Jae-hee is.
JoAnne: HAHAHAHAHAHAH I totally forgot they had no idea of this connection. Oh man can you imagine? And MinJung, Lord, I cannot stop laughing. She has disaster coming at her from so many directions at this point I can't even keep count.
Bong2 is sure that Min-jung has hidden the Eun-bi pictures in her room - oh, and surprise! BaDIL thinks so as well. They're both unsuccessful though, because Min-jung locks her cupboard.
JoAnne: And what kind of a house is it that doesn't have centrally located spares? (Umm...a house like mine.)

Big Kang and Jung-ran wake up in each other's arms - and are very shocked. Suuuuuuuuuuure. Well, he thought he was dreaming last night, but she certainly knew what she was doing! So they both lost their virginity? Pfffffff. Jae-hwa! Make sure to change your bedsheets!!!!
JoAnne: I am SURE my neighbors heard me scream OMG THEY HAD SEX YES in a very loud voice.

Min-jung is a nervous wreck (heheheheee), trying to make sure Moony cannot wreck her wedding. He has already won, hasn't he? Oh he HAS ... because he has been newly appointed Head Secretary of Bad Dad - who knew his father, and feels like he owes him something.
JoAnne: Ok that's stretching it a bit but I don't care I don't care I don't care I love it.
You just created the motto for the entire show :) 


Guess how big the smile on my face is? Yes! It's HUGE! Wow, this was a satisfactory episode from beginning to end - Min-jung's terror to be found out, Jae-hwa's incredible cuteness, Bori's admission to herself how smitten she is, Moony's triumph ... LOVED IT. 
JoAnne: A Plus Plus for you, Show!