Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 41 (KimJiCap)

I'm sitting in the lobby of the SqueeCon14 hotel here in Washington (which happens to be the Hilton). I'm glad to report that I have secured a corner-spot, which means I can start recapping this without scaring any political scientists senseless.... Okay, that was before I starting screaming and crying while watching this. Sorry, political scientists.
JoAnne: I made no apologies. Of course, I'm not sitting in a hotel lobby.

Episode 41

This starts off with a BANG! Moony in da house! In the Lee house, actually. He is there to deliver "the original evidence" by hand. Bad Dad is like: huh? What's being played here? Min-jung grabs the envelope (she probably wants to rip it apart again, right? ahahaaa), trying to blame Moony for stalking-threatening her again but Moony says: "Why not look at it together, here? We will see who is threatening and who is a lying, conceited, evil bitch!" (all that stuff cannot go down to "The Rest" today, no, it cannot)
JoAnne: Basically nothing today is 'the rest' except for the bit about Big Kang's dream.
And Jae-hee opens the envelope!!!!!!!!!! He quickly hides all the other stuff (why??! He still wants to protect the witch??!) and just passes on the Veggie-Min-jung picture to his dad when he demands to see. Moony gleefully reveals that Min-jung is so not an orphan - and did this all to get her hands on Jae-hee. Min-jung runs out (yeah, "good idea"), Jae-hee goes after her, but Moony manages to urge him to check all the other evidence, carefully, before Jae-hee storms out, too.
JoAnne: I think he just hides it so he can process what the situation is before he needs to react to any one else knowing what the situation is.
Oh, Jae-hee ... you poor boy with terrible hair. This must hurt. He no longer believes Min-jung's lies (even though she keeps denying everything) and I CHEER loudly. Oups. Hilton lobby. Sorry, colleagues. He kicks her out of the office and then looks at the other pictures in the envelope ... well. That does it, right?
JoAnne: You know better than that, my friend.
From the frying pan into the fire, dear Min-jung? Cause the police are waiting for her, taking her in for kidnapping and identity theft. She is all confident, but for how much longer? Little Kang (hey, where were you, man?) tells Jae-hee about the arrest and his eyes grow big as saucers.
JoAnne: At a certain point don't you have to look at someone and say you know what, you might be right: it might be coincidence plus people who are jealous plus bad luck. But whatever it is, I don't want that bad juju in MY life. Wouldn't it be kind of awesome if she lost Jae Hee not because she couldn't come up with plausible excuses but because he just got tired of the drama?
Jae-hwa hotness alert! He has put on Big Kang's baggy clothes and is all ready to get comfy with Bori. Bi-dan interrupts them, but Jae-hwa doesn't even care - he just lends her his arm to sleep, puts his head on Bori's lap and yawns happily.
JoAnne: He's very cat-like. Just wants to lie in the sun and and lick himse... umm.... well he's very snuggly.
Dumb Mom goes to confirm Min-jung's true identity with Veggie (who is still at the police station), but as we all know, Min-jung has something up her sleeve against Dumb Mom ... she knows about the "egg" incident. Oh, but hey! Dumb Mom isn't much impressed by that! That's a surprise! She also says she hates Jae-hwa far less than Min-jung and calls the Biatch a beast. But her mother instinct let's her pause ... revealing everything to Bi Sool Chae means opening all doors for Jae-hwa to rise over Jae-hee.
JoAnne: For an idiot, over the top character, a pretty rational response. But you can bet she doesn't want it known she was in that market that night, regardless.
Min-jung continues lying at the police station (who keeps waiting for her nose to grow large?!) so that they finally call Jae-hwa, who jerks awake when he realizes who it is. Brave Bi-dan urges her parents to take her to the police station so that she can testify in her mom's favor.
JoAnne: I fully expect her to be called a liar by Bi Dan and have Bori and Jae Hwa accused of coaching her.
Bi-dan is at the police station, being entirely truthful. Unfortunately, there is no solid proof that Min-bitch-jung was behind the kidnapping. WTF! She walks out of there! Nooooooo! *ragefit*!!! Jae-hwa even tells the detective to close the case, because it's possible that Bori will get hurt in the process. Noooooooo! Oh, but he has a go at Veggie for continuing her lies. Aren't we over this?! Hasn't Veggie sworn time and again that she will no longer protect the vile devil's spawn?!
JoAnne: I keep giving her the benefit of the doubt because I can SEE that she cares about Bori (now) and she feels terrible about Min Jung's behavior and her own treatment of young Bori, but there's still that part of her that is just unable to completely throw Min Jung under the bus.  She also has that unfortunate tendency to not say what she thinks or feels. It's going to cost her big time.
When they're outside, Jae-hwa gets a phone call from his father ... they have found Eun-bi! Man, he is excited and rattled and incredibly cute. He is fretting about not looking good to her and misreads Bori's expression as jealousy. But she need not be jealous, he assures her - she is everything to him. Dang, woman. You're still not telling him. That's one elaborate practical joke!
JoAnne: And I don't get the reason for it, nor do I think it's particularly kind. I understand her reluctance to make the change, at first, and I understand how awkward and difficult and overwhelming it must be to just have the axis of  your entire world SHIFT like that... but he should have been the first person she told.
When Min-jung gets back to her car, she sees that Jae-hee is putting a tracking device on it. DAMN.
JoAnne: At first I was like...why throw her that bone, writer? But later, I'm ok with it.

The Hanboker's are at Veggie's place, ready to take Bori/Eun-bi with them. Forever. And Bori is so ready to drop Veggie like a hot potato, too - too many lies, too many times she protected Min-jung to the detriment of Bori. When Veggie clings to her hand though ... oh. Tears. This is sad. BaDIL's raging against Veggie a bit later, when they're alone, summarizes all the sins committed towards Bori "nicely". No, we shouldn't forget ... Veggie really destroyed Bori's life. If she hadn't met Jae-hwa, she would be down and out. And I can't accept Veggie's anger against BaDIL for "never treating Min-jung liker her daughter". For christsake, Min-jung brought this on to herself! All of it!
JoAnne: I had been thinking mostly of how sad it was, but when you pointed out that if she hadn't met Jae Hwa things would be very different... that puts it into perspective.
Oh, but now, NOW! This is a moment I've been waiting for. Get ready for squees, Hilton lobby! Everybody is congregating at Bi Sool Chae! Jae-hwa basically comes flying in, OMG, he is so happy and excited! Dumb Mom suggests he should get together with Eun-bi, cause Bori? The lowest. Just shut up. And here come the Hanbokers!!!! Who is excited?! My heart is beating really fast!
JoAnne: Mine too!
But we're not there yet. First, we're in the kitchen, where, Min-jung is about as done as an overcooked steak. What about heeeeeer? She demands to know from BaDIL. BaDIL says she can do only one thing for her: acknowledge her as her student. And they will have a hanbok competition. If she become Head Seamstress, nobody can kick her out. Hahahahahaaaaaaa. Sense this makes not, but fun it will be!
JoAnne: This show has earned so much good will from me they could decide to put the girls in a competition on Running Man to see who gets to stay and who has to leave and I would not care in the slightest.

The dinner will be happening outside and Jae-hwa is about to die from nervousness. Where is Eun-bi?! She is coming! says Bong2 - Jae-hwa, you go and bring her. He takes a deep breath, turns around and .... coming towards him are Bori and Bi-dan. Woooooot? The stupid Lees go ... what are you doing, Jae-hwa? You're bringing this woman with her bastard child here? So it goes on and on and on ... until FINALLY, Bong2 steps up and says: "This is our Eun-bi".
JoAnne: Could they not HEAR Dumb Mom?

Jae-hwa thinks it's a JOKE, and yeah, you've been p0wned alright, man. But when he turns to Bori/Eun-bi, demanding to hear it from her own lips, I stop laughing, I assure you. *Bawls*. OMG. I don't need to recap what they're saying, do I? It's just little things from 20 years ago. So touching. So moving. *bawls some more while waving political scientists who want to help away* STOP CRYING
JoAnne: Ok but hello, when did she remember EVERYTHING? Did it all come back when she recognized her father? Because honestly, I didn't think she 'recognized' him, I think she accepted who he was.
I don't think she remembers "everything" yet. It's slowly coming back. Bits and pieces
Okay, no, we're not done. Not done at all. Bi-dan gets to meet all her grandparents and her grand-grand parent - no wonder she is confused. Jae-hwa's parents must feel terrible right now AND IT SERVES THeM Right!
JoAnne: LMAO ok but she's still a single mother, says Dumb Mom. Oh by the way - that was AWWWWWESOME part of the conversation between Veggie and BaDIL back at the house: each mother accusing the other of not watching carefully enough over the grown daughter and allowing her to become pregnant.
Jae-hee looks at this all, stone-faced, and then gets up and leaves without a word. Min-jung runs after him, oh, but he is furious. I like him when he's furious. He demands to know whether Min-jung knew about this - she lies (surpriiiiise) but he goes Nooooooooooooooo - you lied, lied, lied. Do you hear this gurgling sound? It's Min-jung's ship! It's sinking!!! Ah, but the idiot ... he is now bitter that he "cannot beat Jae-hwa in anything".
JoAnne: Yeah because that's the important part of this, Jae Hee. *disappointed face*
He's in denial. The fool

And then, he tells her: "Don't touch me without my permission from now on" and drives away. Heheheeeeee. Wow, and the poor man doesn't even know half of it. Min-jung babbles something about "not my Jae-hee" and wants to follow after him - when the door to her car opens and Moony comes in. He tells her to come somewhere with him. She tries to resist, but then, she remembers the tracker that Jae-hee had installed underneath her car and thinks this might be "her chance". She is delusional, right?!
JoAnne: And thus begins the set up to some truly masterful plotting.
At Bi Sool Chae, the Lees are informed that Min-jung's adoption will be nullified. Why? Because she deliberately hid the truth about Eun-bi/Bori. DO EEEEEEET!
JoAnne: Which reminds me of BaDIL telling MinfuckingJung that if they had loved her, it wouldn't have mattered when Eun Bi came back; they would still have loved her. But she destroyed that all on her own. Yessss.

Moony has dragged Min-jung to the factory site his father had built - the last one that remained after the loan sharks had taken everything. Min-jung has already texted Jae-hee, begging for his help. At the warehouse, Min-jung is screaming at Moony to kill her and keeps insulting him and his parents, over and over. He slaps her - she goes down. Behind them, Jae-hee arrives (that was quick).
JoAnne: Poor guy, he still loves her. And for a minute here I think oh Moony when will you stop getting PLAYED, because next...
Min-jung sees him standing in the door and begins to act pitiful, yelling how she loves Jae-heeeeeee (man, she makes me SICK). Jae-hee, THE FOOL, intervenes as Min-jung swoons in his arms. Jae-hee, THE IDIOT, suddenly feels da Min-jung-lurve and starts punching Moony. Over and over. Behind them, the police arrives with Little Kang.
JoAnne: This is awesome and all but am I the only one who thinks Little Kei when they read Little Kang. Not the same thing at all. But anyway... I just assume that once again, people are quick enough to catch Min Jung but not quick enough to realize she can lie faster than other people can BREATHE...
Moony gets up and shouts at Jae-hee to wake up and see who Min-jung really is. Jae-hee goes at him again, but now, Moony pulls out a remote control and presses play ... and a video starts playing. It's a video of his three year anniversary with Min-jung, in which they exchange rings and swear never ending love and marriage. Oh friggin hell YEAH.
JoAnne:  Upon which I scream FINALLY THE SECOND PUNCH! and debate kissing my computer monitor.

The Rest

Hahaha, it's Kim Ji-hoon's turn to dress up like a halmoni - he is Jung-ran's mother. He/she visits the Lee house, in which more feeding of Jung-ran is going on. Hahaha, what?! "Jae-hwa resembles my mother a lot?!" This show! Really! Of course, it's a dream too, but this time, it's Big Kang's. And would you believe it? He has morning sickness. Yeah, the phantom kind. Awwww.
JoAnne: I no longer have time for anything that distracts from the awesomeness of Operation Destroy Min Jung.


JoAnne: The best part is, I totally wasn't expecting it.

And YES, he did it! He did his EXO dance :) (it's an Exo song, but not Exo that dances, is it? I think it's a new band. He introduced them on twitter) He is so cute OMG I'm dying. This bit will be part of episode 42 it seems :)
JoAnne: He can dance his little tushie off! That is too cute! Do you see how impressed Bori and Bi Dan are?
Well, they're all acting. But yeah, I'm sure they were REALLY impressed. Me too. *hugs Kim Ji-hoon magazine even tighter* 


trot wood said…
I did NOT debate kissing my computer monitor. I did kiss my computer monitor. I immediately got on facebook and posted probably incoherent nonsense to you all even though I know no one would be awake (4 AM) because I could not control myself. When I think about how Moony started out, I am almost thankful to Cruella de MinJung for "creating" him. He was pretty bland before, and wimpy, and dumb, but her betrayal has brought out all his potential and then some. Do you think there is time for this kind of turn around for Jae Hee, or is he too focused on not losing to Jae Hwa? He should be the first to figure out about BiDan because Moony has told him about his girlfriend and the child she lied about. Now he has seen the video, and he heard from Little Kang about the girlfriend that Moony practically lived with during their college years. You think he will figure this out?

Before we move on, shall we take a moment to admire Min Jung's outfit for this episode? I am always impressed when people can keep white clean for an entire day, and she is supurbly coiffed. I am liking her hair down again. The upsweep thingy was getting boring even though it always looked good even with tendrils coming down from being shaken by various characters.

And now for the Eun Bi reveal. This, as you guys know, was making me really angry. Why hold out from Jae Hwa for so long when he clearly was the person most excited (literally shaking like a puppy with excitement) about finding her? But Kim Ji Hoon made everything up to me the second he heard that Eun Bi was found. I love how he responded to his Bori Bori when he thought she was jealous. I loved how he could clearly not even put his tie on properly because he was so excited. I loved all the emotions that went across his face when he is trying to put it together that his Bori Bori and his Eun Bi are the same person. It was perfectly played. Just. Perfect. I think I understand the waiting now. This man who has been jocular to the point of being like St. Nicholas himself is going to be crazy scary once he finds out that Min Jung has been hiding all of this stuff. We think Moony changed?

Jang Bori 42 is not up where I live yet, but I know it will be available by the time I finish chaperoning the freshmen moonlite boat cruise (10:45-1 AM--the things I do for free appetizers!), so instead I will be watching and composing an ode to Moony.
Kakashi Sensei said…
the subbing of 42 is going slooooooow, but I've watched it raw. I'm not spoiling. But ... no. no spoiling. We will talk about this soon.

And YES. I thought about whether I was still angry with what they did to Jae-hwa, but I'm not. Not in the least. This scene was just PERFECT, just as you said.

Somebody else on here (or was it you?) said that him not knowing has to do with him being "the law" - and "the law" is not kind when the law is angry. What will happen to Bi-dan though? I do not know how they will work this one out ...
JoAnne said…
I often think that good appetizers would go a long way toward healing the hurts of the world...
Alan said…
I still wonder why Moony has not come to the conclusion that it might be best to let sleeping dogs lie. But I guess if he did that the drama could not last till 50 episodes. Just looking at the preview of 42, it is clear that MJ is going to throw BiDan under the bus to save her own skin so I'm expecting the cliffhanger that is coming is going to be pretty heart wrenching.

there were some wonderfully shot scenes here. Veggie mama standing alone at the Police station, the end of the reveal of Bori and the setup at the end by both MJ and Moony.

One good thing about this drama, is how the director and writer are handling Choi Dae Cheol's comedic skills. He is wonderful with physical comedy and the director here is holding that in check and trusting that a scene that he is in does not have to use physical comedy to the point that it seems like slapstick. His performance here is in sharp contrast with what he does in Fated To Love You where many times all he has to do is show up at an inappropriate time to get a laugh and the extra flourishes while humorous don't seem to work as well as the more constrained performance here. (In many ways it is similar to the challenge of working with a physical comedian like Jonathan Winters, Jim Carey, Robin Williamson, they did their best work when their skills were held within some bounds.)
JoAnne said…
He's been new for me with this drama, and so now of course I see him everywhere, most prominantly in Fated to Love You. He's a very gifted comic actor, indeed. He's not quite as over the top as the particular examples you gave, and for that I am grateful because a little goes a long way - but I think he can be, certainly. He has the energy.
trot wood said…
The appetizers were a big fail. I am home and out of shower and waiting at 3 AM and no subs. Sigh. You think the subbers have the same holiday off that I have?
mary said…
But what did JaeHwa and Bori say during the reuniooooooooooooon??? Noooooooooo~ you must not just cry with happiness kokoshi, you must tell ussssssssss T____________T We want to cry too! Please?

PS That sounds very much like an EXO song he danced to. >___<
laos7 said…
It is an Exo song he danced to, called Growl, but he danced to it with a rookie group.
I... can't comment on KimJiCaps, I just can't...Too many emotions even when I'm only reading about what happened, it's too much for my poor heart ;~~;
I find myself in an awkward position now as I want Min Jung to burrrrrn in hell and at the same I want her to succeed? I don't understand myself any longer
laos7 said…
Bori asked Jaehwa why he didn't bring the kite and apologised that it took her 20 years to go with him to eat jajangmyeon as well as she said that he must've waited for a long time for her on that feral Sunday 20 years ago.
mary said…

I get it now.

I get the crying now.

Thanks, dear.
liliumscribe said…
It's the power of the KJH effect. :D It's all him because the show doesn't really give him much to work with.
Because of him I can forgive the show a multitude of sins.
ahnsanook said…
I loved this episode! Considering I had low expectations for any big reveals other than Min Jung's true parentage, that last scene had me fist-pumping. I couldn't tell if Little Kang had finally heard the whole story or not. It was something in the way he told Jae Hee to hear Moony out first. (Maybe I'm just trying to assign any importance to Little Kang.)

I look forward to the wrath of Jae Hwa. Back then, he couldn't do/say much when he saw Veggie literally beating Bori because Bori didn't want his interference and he thought Veggie was her real mom. When he found out Bori wasn't her biological daughter, he was even more disgusted with Veggie's abusive behavior, but now... how is he going to react when he realizes Veggie was abusing "his" Eun Bi and he had been helpless to prevent it from happening again? I don't know. My thoughts are all jumbled on that subject.

As for the subs, what I found out from a subber (of a different language) is that the problem seems to lie with the site itself. The episode is 100% subbed, but the updates aren't showing up to the public. (And it hasn't for at least two days.)