Rants and Weekly Raves #10 (RAWR)

Shuk: I'm first! I beat Kim...err...everybody! Does that mean I can hijack the rant and talk about nothing but Thai lakhorns and my first Vietnamese drama? No? I'm afraid to talk about my current Taiwanese fare, that's for sure.
Lafer: Lol, got it. You have to do it quickly because Rawr #9 went up with only 6 sentences! I didn't even have time to do my IOIL gif. Kakashi's on a face track!
kakashi: Ah, nono, you weren't here when everybody (not me) agreed to post RAWR#9 as it was! (after it sat there for over a week, untouched, mind you:) As for IOIL gifs ... yeah. I added "a few" to the blog in the last few days, that's true. And indeed, there's almost only one face in them. And of course you can talk about lakhorns and Viet dramas, Shuk. It won't be much of a conversation, but monologues are a well respected art form too! 
Shuk:  LOL. I think about it for the next RAWR.

On: Jo In-sung (Kakashi's future husband) 

JoAnne: Yeah, I wasn't part of that decision either! As for Jo In Sung, well. His face is interesting, to be sure. I mean, he is nice enough looking, but he's not gorgeous to me. It's not how he looks really - it's more how he uses it. Whatever it is, though, Kakashi is right - you can stare at him for hours. From the neck up.
kakashi: Hahaha, go back to your puppies, JoAnne. I'll keep this one for myself (Who wrote "kakashi's future husband"? Thanks! I'm glad things are clear). From head to toe.  (It's not like I ONLY like puppies.)

becca: Please do! I'm with JoAnne, this time. I love his expressions and those eyes, but I lost interest once I look down. I don't like the way he walks/struts.
kakashi: Y'all haven't seen A Frozen Flower, am I right? Cause ... you wouldn't talk like this if you had. He has a wonderful, truly exquisite ... ...... never mind. Watch it. But not becca, she's too young!
Shuk:  I watched it, but for Joo Jin-moo.  His cheekbones make me sigh.  Not that I'm taking away from JIS's...err...assets or anything.
JoAnne: Yes, I have seen Frozen Flower. Twice, actually. And I like Jo In Sung. I do, honestly. Just, mostly around the eyes. Although he does wear a pair of faded levi's and a loose cotton/linen button down quite well. He has a lanky elegance, and I can appreciate that, and there are some slenderonies that appeal to me. Just not him, I guess. 
kakashi: *HUGE sigh of relief*
bcook: You can't breathe easy kakashi coz i'm here!!! ready to add him to my list of rwar! I didn't think he was all that at first but he's definitely won me over with his expressions and his walk and his hands. *sigh*. 
kakashi: Duh, you're LATE.  

On: Marriage Not Dating

Lafer: I still can't get over the difference a role makes. Really, really disliked Jo In-sung in That Winter the Wind Blows, he of gaping, slack jawed mouth, and now.....well, I'm a fan. Same with Chubs from When A Man Loves --oh how I hated him. I can hardly believe he is my twitter anime now because he's soooooo adorable in Marriage Not Dating. Which will sadly be over next week and should have really ended at 12 episodes but ***SPOILER***they finally did it, and by it I mean it.
bcook:  Everybody is doing it! They must have got a memo or something from the korean kdrama writers association (It exists and nobody can tell me different).
Lafer: Speaking of Marriage Not Dating, I just finished it and will miss it so. Such a nice little piece of fluff with the cutest OTP who had the most believable and adorable skinship. It made my heart feel good!

On: Joseon Gunman

kakashi: I have to admit though it hurts me to do so: I think I've dropped this drama. I stopped watching at episode 10 (saw 11 and 12 raw) and haven't touched it since. With all that's happening around me right now, I doubt I'll pick it up again. So sorry, Lee Jun-ki.
becca: *sigh* I'm afraid I'm dropping it, too. I could continue, but... why? The last episode I watched was 13, and I was bored for the whole hour. I don't know. We'll see. But it's probably being dropped. It's not a bad drama, it's just... not amazing, either. It's a familiar story told in a familiar way.
kakashi: Expectations were sky high for this one. I tried to dampen them, I really did ... but then it started so good! Remember the first 4 or so episodes?! Wonderful! When he returned as Hanjo, it continued alright, but I expected more. I expected some twists, some unexpected turns. But nothing. And then, there were so many things that annoyed me! Number One: Female Lead. I tried to like her, but ... nope. Number Two: that they never recognize anybody by their EYES. For crying out loud, those stupid masks don't MASK these people!!! Number Three: Could he not at least tried to change something in his face?! A mole, something! Just something! Number Four: The king. Ah, I hate him. 
Shuk:  It's circling the drain for me, unfortunately. And it started so well, too!
Lafer: Look, if the lead in Fall in Love with Both of Me couldn't tell that it was the same guy (whom she interacted with daily) with just a pair of glasses, what do you expect? And how about the fact that the girl in Bride of the Century was identical, down to her toes, as the other one, but neither of them thought much of it? They are lacking the face recognition gene in South Korea. That is my theory.
JoAnne: I checked my list and I finished episode 12. I will finish the drama at some point, but I feel no pressing need to see it. The Hanjo/Not Hanjo stuff is just silly, and I feel very sorry for the murderous ex slave and his daughter.
bcook: very glad I didn't start it then.

On: The 3 Musketeers

Lafer: Having seen Yonghwa in concert recently, I have renewed hope that he may actually be able to act in this (why, I have no idea.) So with both him and Lee Jin Wook, I will have to check it out. But it's not available to the US yet. It's OK, we have to give one to you, kakashi, to make up for all the others we hoard over here.
kakashi: It's all over the internet by the time I'm writing this - my small spell of Schadenfreude was very brief.
JoAnne: Oh, I am so happy right now. It's GORGEOUS, first of all. It's funny and sweet and has lots of action - it FEELS like all those classics we read as kids, full of heroes and humor. Dal Hangie... Yonghwa is clearly better suited for this kind of role than the others he's chosen. Oh! I'm so excited!  I love them ALL already. Pleasestaygoodpleasestaygoodpleasestaygood.
Lafer: Yes, yes, yes! I managed to watch the first episode because honestly, sleep is so overrated. And it's got such a fun, campy vibe to it. And yes to Yonghaw! He is actually showing personality here! Keep it up, baby!
bcook: Bugger *adds it to her list of "dramas I will eventually marathon on a saturday night"
becca: I want to watch! I want to watch! I just keep getting distracted by other things. I'm reading the book, though, so I can at least feel like I'm not entirely out of the loop. It's much easier to read now than when I tried at fourteen.

On: Discovery of Romance

lafer: This is what I've been waiting for! A relationship drama from the writers of the I Need Romance series with Eric and Jung Yumi of Que Sera, Sera. Throw in Sung Joon, Cutie Soo and a cast of a hundred recognizable faces, and you'll understand why it was calling me "Lafer, lafer, this one if for you!" It did not disappoint! Really, you just want to look at the cast, but it also has a quirky story, some good laughs, great kisses and a bunny! The cutest bunny you ever saw.  I am now gathering up my offering to the drama gods that this will stay good because I am soooo excited about it.  
kakashi: It's a KBS show though. KBS had messed up about EVERY show they could mess up (hence, Joseon Gunman). It is now dubbed "Komplete Bullshit Station". I hope for all of us (well, at least the ones that are watching!) that they don't mess this one up. 
Lafer: Hopefully you haven't doomed it now. The second episode was not as riveting as the first. But look at his little face:
bcook: Hehe. KBS is so bad it can't even spell komplete the right way.
becca: I have rants about Jung Yumi's character in this, but I'll just sum it up: she's basically the same character JYM played in I Need Romance 2012. She better shape up soon. Eric, though. Wow. His presence onscreen in magnetic. You just CAN'T look at anyone else. Even if the heroine doesn't get better, I think I'll be sticking around for him. But I would like to preemptively state that I am NOT trying to claim him! I'm simply admiring from a distance, so all you unnies can take your hands off your weapons. *slowly backs away*

On: My Secret Hotel

JoAnne: Well this is a big YES for me so far. I love Yoo In Ah and I like Namgoong Min and OI  Jin Yi Haaaan yes. The direction is quirky and the story is twisty and I had both hearty laughs and (unshed) tears of sympathy in my eyes at various points. No, not at the same points.  The twists are foreshadowed quite heavily, but in a story like this a lot of the fun isn't where you end up, but what you do along the way - so I'm ok with that. 
bcook: What...what is it? 
JoAnne: Well, the hotel is actually NAMED 'Secret.' Yoo In Ah is the wedding planner who has the hots for the general manager, but so does the event planner, and the hotel staff run bets on who will get him. There's a mystery from the past about the hotel that involves the general manager's deceased father and some current employees, and enough hints to think YIA, too, except she has no idea. Oh and a pick pocket in the mix.  And then there's her ex-husband... by end of second ep I am rooting for him HARD. Strong leads and second leads supported with a familiar cast of reliably talented actors and a mystery I like so far.
Lafer: I have decided that with my incredibly hectic schedule, my best bet is downloading and marathoning anything new. I think I'll do that with Surplus Princess and Secret Hotel.
bcook: Huh. Sounds interesting. I shall look into it.
becca: Do it! I think JoAnne's covered everything pretty well, so I'll just add that I'm super happy to have Yoo Inna back on my screen, and as a lead on tvN at that! *pauses to experience Queen In-hyun Feels before continuing* I have a pretty big girl crush on her, yes.

On ... Stuff

Lafer: A note to Kakashi--see how well I'm doing with my spaces?
kakashi: There is improvement, yes. On another note, this is what I do when I don't stare at Jo In-sung: I watch how the Jangbori Epsiode 15 recap slowly, slowly creeps up to Lee Min-ho's hair post. Will it manage to dethrone it from the Top 5 of the most read posts ever? Nail-biting-tension, I tell you. It would be the end of an era....
Lafer: On the other hand, I keep waiting to see if you reach 9,000 views in a day. I think it will be a first, right?
kakashi: Keep clicking, lafer! :) (I don't think I count or you bet I would be)... In my Jo In-sung crave, I've started to watch That Winter, The Wind Blows. I was there on twitter with you, folk, when you were all watching and I wasn't. I remember well how everyone loved it - and then hated it. Haha. Anyway, it's beaaautiful - and it's so funny to see the exact same type of directing and camera work as we have now in It's Okay, It's Love. I'm also watching What Happened in Bali, but I do have severe time issues. So funny to see So Ji-sub and Insungie so young though. They did age well, both of them...
bcook: Speaking of twitter. I miss you guys *mournful* Who would have thought the need for a job that pays the rent would take me away from my twitter friends.
becca: I'm there less and less these days, too. Real Life is such a party pooper.

On ... What, there's MORE?

JoAnne: The new crop of dramas is making me happy happy happy!
kakashi: They don't stop producing stuff we absolutely need to watch, do they?! OMFG, I need to see 나쁜 녀석들!!! And I'm pretty sure it needs to be squeecapped OH SO HARD. Shinichiiiiiiii!
JoAnne: We may need to begin squeecapping during the stills & trailers phase, yep.
bcook: I'm all over that show. It looks amazing. It has Dr. Nose and Dr. Daddy (and a (potential) WTF ating of 0)!!! 
becca: *throws confetti*