Surplus Princess - Episode 7 (A SadJaeRimJob)

Mary: 난슬픈...
JoAnne: I can't see any of the pictures. I don't know why.
kakashi: Maybe ... you're being punished for something? 

EPISODE 7 The Heart Pounds For A Reason (So does my koko...)

Hyun-myung comes home from the funeral and meets Sun-kyu on his way out. He thanks his hyung for helping a lot in the expenses. Sun-kyu just pats Hyun-myung and leaves "for somewhere" carrying a battered, old-fashioned luggage.
JoAnne: Bye, Sun Kyu! Will we see you again? Are you jumping ship since you can't pick a ship to be on, like so many of us?
becca: Headed for the lifeboat? Probably a good idea.
kakashi: I am a bit bad with names in the drama ... is he someone we voted off the island? (Damn, I need to dl another file, the one I have doesn't gif)
Hyun-myung sees Hani sitting in the strong-signal couch and goes to thank her, but when she turns around, her eyes are red from crying. She ignores his concerned questions and just goes to her room. Then Hyun-myung hears her bawling from outside the door. He tries to open the door but a hand closes in over his. LOL. It's Ahn Ma-nyeo. HornDog stutters an excuse and runs back to his room. (Why is everyone afraid of this cuddly, grumpy ajusshi?)
JoAnne: His guyliner is intimidating? I almost forgot again, but last episode you said that that couch was her good signal spot and she was trying to get him off her good spot and I thought hahahahah... her 'G' spot. She wants him away from her 'G' spot. She's dumb.
becca: I was going to talk about how funny it is to the guys scared stiff by Ahn Ma-nyeo, but then you said that, and now... I just can't follow that, Jo. I can't.
kakashi: G spot or not, Ahn Ma-nyeo is trying very hard to be intimidating and stuff, so I guess they all pretend to be afraid. No? 
HornDog waits for AMN to enter before sneaking back out to press his ears (both of them?) to the door. He hears Hani wailing that she'll just "die like this", while AMN tries to tell her to "find another way to live". She cries that she only has two months left and she's out of options, so AMN carries her again over his shoulder to take her somewhere.
JoAnne: At first I thought she was kind of over-reacting about a boy she hasn't ever even kissed, then two things happened: I remembered that she has kissed him, and I remembered that if she doesn't find love, she actually will die.
becca: YES. That has actually bugged me a lot during the past few episodes - they treat her obsession like a joke (and it IS funny), but she Really. Will. Die. if she doesn't find true love. I'd like to see a little more weight given to that very weighty fact, Show.
kakashi: I'm trying HARD to care. Sorry, but as becca says, this show messed that up completely. 

The other boys run up to ask Hyun-myung what happened, and he in turn asks them how long Hani has been sick? Ji-yong tries to stop Big from saying that it's after Hani found out Shi-kyung and Jin-ah were dating. But that's not news to Hyun-myung. What's news to him is Big's other bombshell: that Shi-kyung was two-timing Hani. (Ah, because those two also saw how chummy Chef was with our Mermaid during the taste test!)
JoAnne: How sweet is it that he hates the guy more for hurting Hani than for hurting himself?
becca: He is in love, yes.
kakashi: How can anybody hate Sheppunim? 
We get cuts of Hani binging on chicken and beer (quick, someone tell me if it's a parody of YFAS?) (I think so?) She ranges from a cool "I don't care about Shi-kyung" to "I'll just enjoy life til I die" to full-on mascara-running "How can he do this to me??!?!?!?" level of crazy. Hyun-myung asks the guys if that's it? Nothing else? Looks like he's the only one who knows about Hani's "life threatening condition". So he doesn't tell the others about Hani's secret.
JoAnne: Because it's much better to have her just drop dead in front of them. At least her privacy will have been preserved, though, right?
Ahn Ma-nyeo brings Hani, kicking and screaming, to a secluded shack. When a voice calls out from within, she lights up. It's her "Sixleeno Oppa". It's another cameo from a comedian, I think (OMG there's so many of them and I guess they're all from SNL?). He worries over Hani's complexion and beats Ahn Ma-nyeo for not taking better care of Hani. He goes in a bigger rage when Hani admits that her "true love Chef" is actually dating another girl.
JoAnne: I didn't really think this part was all that.
becca: It was definitely weird but also strangely funny for its weirdness. Mostly, it finally made me realize that they were basically named by order of birth. He's Sixleeno, and he's the sixteenth child. Sevlyn (or whatever her names is) is seventeenth. And then Hani is Aileen - a bastardized eighteen.
kakashi: Bravo, becca!! I'm impressed! 
Meanwhile, Shi-kyung tries to contact Hani but her phone is still turned off. Seems like he's been trying to call her for days. AND he looks at that piece of Mermaid scale he has. DOES HE KNOW?! (I do hope we find out until this drama is over) He makes a decision and goes down to the JH Reception Area. He asks for the visitors list (with the addresses) AND doesn't budge when Team Leader Kim's team including Jin-ah see him and fight over themselves to help him find whatever he's trying to find. He refuses all offers. (Good, because Fox looks like she's having foxy thoughts again.) You go, Chef! Get that Pervy Mermaid, QUICK!!!
JoAnne: Well. Quick would have been days ago.
becca: The coworkers are boring. Moving on!
He scans the whole log and finds Hani's address. He notices he's being a bit stalkery but runs off anyway, telling Team Leader Kim to email the results of her meeting instead. ParisGirl and Leader Kim are surprised. Usually, Shi-kyung will wait impatiently for their new ideas, but now he's leaving early. They ask Jin-ah what's going on, since she's supposed to be dating Rim. She tries to shrug it off. I don't understand this... I mean, how can one person pretend to the whole company that she's dating a top executive?! I just do not get.
JoAnne: How can one 9-year-old girl convince two adults of relatively sound mind that it's okay for her to move to Seoul by herself and they don't need to talk to her guardian first? I don't know, but they did it. So this is nothing.
becca: WHAT???
kakashi: JoAnne is referring to Jangbori. After that craziness, nothing can shock us. 
Then again we have a butt-grabbing Mermaid. So reality is not this drama's strongest suit, eh?
JoAnne: I would say that the only suit this drama has earned is a birthday suit.
becca: Speaking of suits, ever since JoAnne mentioned it, I can't stop staring at Rim's huuuuge arms. They're gonna pop right out of that suit one of these days. Don't flex, Oppa! Or do.
kakashi: He and Second could do something together with these arms.

Shi-kyung makes it to SurplusHouse but it's Hyun-myung who sees him. They sit down for a "chat". Hyun-myung acts like the overprotecting Oppa (and I'm loving it - I don't), asking if Shi-kyung got permission from Hani to visit her house. When he admits that Hani hasn't been taking his calls, Hyun-myung tells him that it's because Hani doesn't want to see him. (NOOOOOOO~ WHAT'S WRONG WITH EVERYONE! FUCK YOU!) Shi-kyung "leaves" the "private property" per Hyun-myung's orders, but stays outside to wait for Hani. (See?! SEE?! HE LIKES HER. HE LIKES HER VERY MUCH! Fuck you, tvN!)
JoAnne: You are approaching Blade Man rage-level, Mary. I wonder if you will beat up Secretary KoKo.
becca: From OUR perspective, Second is wrong, yes. But based on what he knows, he's being a good oppa to Hani and protecting her from this guy who is stringing her along while actually dating another girl. That's not what's happening, of course, but how would Second know that? I like him for stepping up.
kakashi: Oh for Fooksake, I'll stop trying to be civil. I really HATE this drama. I think I'll just stay quiet from here on ^__^ *ragequits*
Meanwhile, Hani shows a very drunk (on beer and chicken) Sixleeno pictures of Shi-kyung. Her Oppa says he looks like a seahorse with a huge butt. I laughed. Then I remembered Donkey Kei and laughed some more. Hani defends her seahorse, and Sixleeno points out that she's a stubborn, smart, spoiled brat. An 18th Princess who gets her way. So why doesn't she just stop moping and "steal" Shi-kyung from PoopFace? (That's what I'm saying! Go Sixleeno Oppa!) He gives her more pearl necklaces for allowance and asks to see what PoopFace looks like. Then he threatens AMN to take better care of his dongsaeng. AMN just sarcastically goes "Yes, yes, your highness" at the pair of crazy mermaids.
JoAnne: Have you looked up pearl necklace in Urban Dictionary yet, Mary?
becca: I think I have a pretty good idea what I'll find, but I'm too scared.
kakashi: *giggles quietly* - damn, my second file is also not giffable. This is becoming a problem. 

Now we see what Jin-ah's picture is for. When Jin-ah walks out from the JH building, she hears a great shout and starfish shells rain down on her. One of them comes with a note attached: "Mess with my sister and you're dead. Leave while you still can." (read in Sixleeno's voiceover.)
JoAnne: He's a flying mermaid? And where was his scary fish HEAD? He was just dressed like a girl mermaid. Oh... is he transgender?
becca: I LOVED his warning! Go, Sixleeno Oppa! Did you notice his scales came up higher than the girls'?
Hani walks home while talking to AMN over the phone about her tummy-ache. He scolds her for eating and drinking too much and clucks at her to drink the indigestion meds he gave her. She thanks him and promises to work hard to become human, and awww... gruff ajusshi softens a bit and wishes her luck.
JoAnne: I would snuggle him.
becca: I would, too! But more in a dad-daughter way than what you're probably thinking.
kakashi: But I would clean his face first. 
Hyun-myung, who's working out in the garden (probably waiting for Hani), sees her downing some meds. (I'll let JoAnne talk about his uhm, capabilities, eh? {I can't see the pictures :( }Suffice to say he can play with those weights without breaking a sweat.) He asks if she's okay. She asks if he was waiting for her. He denies it but runs to help her up when she trips anyway. He follows her inside where everyone is happy that she looks more lively now. (And Ji-yong hints at the Blue Bird story again, about how the one for you may be just beside you. Because you're hinting that it's Hyun-myung, right, tvN? Also: FUCK YOU.) 
JoAnne: Ji Yong is hinting about himself which... no.
becca: I feel bad for tvN. They're getting a LOT of abuse right now, and I'm not sure it's all deserved. Some, maybe, but no more than your average broadcaster.

//uhm, can we please have a gif of HornDog exercising his very exercisable arms? thank you very kamsa very kamsa yes very kamsa Much kamsa. Very thank you. I would if I had a file from which I could make gifs!!!Ah, now I have one.
Thank you kakashi. ^_____^
Big and Ji-yong aren't just there to chat. They show Hani and HornDog the contest notice from the Dept of Agriculture: "Develop a food item to globalize Korean cuisine and win $10,000". What's more, winning a competition of this scale will help them get into top companies. "Like JH?" asks Hani. The guys are annoyed that she's still blathering about that two-timing Chef, but Hani tells them she's gonna do love right this time. No more begging to be loved. She'll do her best to reach Shi-kyung's level before even dreaming of being with him. Big gives his "cool noona" a thumbs-up. And even Hyun-myung ruffles her hair.
JoAnne: And Ji Yong does nothing because so far, he serves no purpose.
becca: Bored.
kakashi: See?!

Big freaks out when a cockroach crawls near his leg. Hye-young picks it up like it's nothing (eeeewww) and waves it at Big who runs away (WHY?!). Later on, he grumbles inside the bathroom, scratching himself everywhere and taking off his clothes to shower (Ah. That's why). Hye-young barges in to get something and doesn't bat an eyelash at Big's state of undress which possibly irks Big more than the barging-into-the-bathroom thing. She just coos that there's nothing to see from such a baby and playfully slaps his back a couple of times. (Girl.......... don't provoke Big. He might be too Big for you to handle.)
JoAnne: We should find out. Because we are thorough.
becca: Oh my. Yes. How do we know unless we question it?
Next morning, Hani keeps staring at the contest poster and searching for ideas online. When Hyun-myung knocks to check her progress, she admits she can't think straight after looking at pics of yummy food. Haha. (She is like me!) He came to give her a copy of his research from past winners, and she compliments him for being such a great, thoughtful guy. He seems flustered about it as he watches her squeeing about samgyupsal.
JoAnne: Nothing turns a young man's thoughts to love more quickly than a pretty girl stuffing her face with pork, after all.
becca: If that were true, I would have a line of boys backed up to the top of my driveway. (And I have a very long driveway.)

When she admits it's one of her life's wishes to try samgyupsal, Hyun-myung says he's going out to eat some "for research", and takes her along. He tells her to hurry, and she jumps up excitedly and gets her "purse" (which is just a water bottle! haha) earning a smile from me and HornDog at how cute she is.
JoAnne: Off the two go to get porked. (Yes, you should look that up probably.)
becca: (I do not think I will, thank you.)
kakashi: Our maknaes have learned their lesson, JoAnne ^__^
Hani eats samgyupsal CF-style again while Hyun-myung calls his boss outside the restaurant. Hmm... looks like he was supposed to go back to work but asked for another day off because he's out treating Hani to pork belly (What an idiot. I wouldn't give him a job either). He comes back and tells Hani to eat slowly, then cuts the meat for her. He even orders an extra serving of samgyupsal when Hani frowns at how quick she finished the first one.
JoAnne: What is the national fascination with overstuffing one's mouth?
becca: No clue. But it explains why drama characters always get indigestion.
Back at home, Hyun-myung waits outside the bathroom as Hani pukes and pukes. He keeps asking if she's alright, muttering to himself that he only wanted to get her pork belly because it was her life's wish. When Hani staggers out of the bathroom, saying "I think I'm dying". Hyun-myung panics and wants to bring her to the hospital. She says she doesn't want to. She'll just starve. Hyun-myung tells her to live and not give up. Admitting that he knows she's sick after hearing her talking with her uncle.
JoAnne: I realize that when I first started watching KDrama, nearly every show had a girl who ate too much, too fast, and then threw up. Now it's far more rare.
kakashi: Well, let's just say I'm thankful. 

Hani laughs at him and tells him she was talking about Shi-kyung. How she can't live without Shi-kyung. "But, those meds you've been taking?" asks HornDog. Hani shows her the indigestion meds and laughs again, leaving HornDog to mutter and grumble outside her bedroom that he worried and skipped work for nothing.
JoAnne: He's so CUTE
becca: Yes, he is, but SHE'S STILL GOING TO DIE.
kakashi: RIP. 
Inside JH, someone calls CEO Hong. Her expression changes from expectant to annoyed when the caller admits that he's getting married again. Then the caller asks for a favor, for her to hire his future sister-in-law. CEO asks for the girl's name and promises to "remember it" in an ominous tone. LOL. Then she ends the call. Team Leader Kim comes in to read the CEO's schedule for that afternoon. She tells her to cancel them all.
JoAnne: Oh look, what's that? A dangling plot point?
becca: My subs said it was her ex calling. This will never be resolved, of course.
kakashi: Thank god.

CEO walks emo-ly on the streets and ends up in AMN's Takoyaki place. She orders two servings and admits she wanted to be alone, so AMN offers her a beer with the takoyakis. But when CEO Hong looks around, she spots Team Leader Kim coming into the same place. She hides beside the truck and eavesdrop on Kim and AMN's convo. AMN mentions some ajumma ordered food just now but didn't take it, so Kim calls that ajumma rude and takes the order instead.
JoAnne: Put it to a vote: I bet NO ONE cares about this particular little thread. why waste time?
becca: Not caring, nope.
kakashi: See?
CEO Hong is annoyed at the closeness of the two. When Kim starts talking about how lonely her boss seemed and how useless it is to be such a workaholic, she whips out her phone and messages her to come back to work ASAP. (LOL how underhanded!) Once Kim leaves, she pops out from behind the truck and orders food again.
JoAnne: Okay but that was funny.

Hyun-myung checks in with Ji-yong and Big's research re: a food item that's popular or whatever. But Ji-yong has been focusing on the wrong things again. He's hunting down a "Contest King"-- someone who was a great presenter and helped surplus, job-hunting people in the past. This Contest King lives in anonymity and... Hyun-myung stops the corny spiel and tells his hyung to please focus on the research instead of looking for useless ways to get around the work again.
JoAnne: Do I really need to repeat myself?
becca: He really is USELESS. And not in a cute, harmless way like Big because Ji-yong actively disrupts the people who actually ARE working.
Ji-yong only gets more stubborn and digs into the Contest King's past. They manage to find a picture and that someone looks suspiciously like Sun-kyu. They go to the Sun-kyu expert, Hye-young, to confirm. (Y'mean like how someone went on this blog with a picture of Rim butt-nekkid, asking me to confirm if it's him? Hahaha~ *sigh* those days...) Anyway, it's a really long-ass sequence where they stalk Sun-kyu and try to figure out where he's been mysteriously disappearing to at odd hours with that giant luggage.
kakashi: My third attempt-file is still downloading. Just thought I'm telling you this.
Mary: I love you, kakashi. (Just thought I'd tell you that.)

Meanwhile, the newly energized Hani falls asleep on the 2nd floor couch, reading research for the contest. Hyun-myung looks at her and puts the papers away. She wakes up just when he's brushing the hair from her face and he changes it to a pinch, telling her not to sleep on the couch. She asks why he's so shouty all of a sudden. Hyun-myung runs away and pretends to call his dongsaengs to dinner.
JoAnne: And now all the pictures work, no one knows why. He's so CUTE.
becca: He is, he is.
Except no one is at home (the other housemates ran off to stalk Sun-kyu). Hani invites herself to Hyun-myung's dinner, after assuring him that she's puked everything away and is now ready to gorge on food again (great, is she bulemic?). She burns herself twice on the pot when she tries to grab it. Hyung-myung teases her short memory for being burnt twice in a minute, but Hani complains that you have to hold a pot and slurp from it, the Korean style. That gives HornDog an idea for the contest: an insulator ring w/ handles that you can attach to pots since foreigners don't use the special clay pots that Koreans use for cooking hot soup/stew. The two of them celebrate for finally coming up with an idea.
JoAnne: I actually want one of those, for making bibimbap. The stone bowls.
kakashi: ohhhhhhh, yes! Me too! 
Back to the Stalking Trio, they follow Sun-kyu as he walks around the neighborhood and meets various guys carrying huge bags. Ji-yong leaves to pee in a corner, but Sun-kyu and his gang turn around and almost catches Hye-young and Big. She grabs him and pretends to kiss him to cover them both up. When they break away, Big is so affected and annoyed that his first kiss almost got stolen, while Hye-young and Ji-yong just go after Sun-kyu like it's nothing.
JoAnne: I will smoosh Big.
becca: *nods* So. Cute.
When they turn around, Sun-kyu and his group are gone. The trio stand in the street, puzzled, until a van honks at them. Before they can move away, a huge crowd of guys wielding lightsticks and posters run up to the van. They're all wearing colorful clothes and helmets, with Sun-kyu leading the pack in a skirt and jogging pants. It's a fanclub! LOLOLOLOL. Big hugs his noona to avoid being trampled by the rowdy crowd, while Ji-yong keeps shouting to catch Sun-kyu's attention.
JoAnne: A KDrama surprised me again, after many years.
becca: HAHAHAHA!! This is brilliant!
Hye-young looks dumbfounded at how her Hot Namja of Few Words Sun-kyu is jumping up and down for this group of cute kpop girls. When Sun-kyu finally looks up and notices them, he doesn't acknowledge them but continues cheering for the girls. Ji-yong is crushed that his ticket to winning the contest turns out to be a dud. Hye-young zombie-walks away and into a pedestrian lane, and of course Big comes after his noona like a good puppy and protects her and hugs her in the middle of the street.
JoAnne: The fact that he's a FanBoy does not mean he is not the Contest King. Or it wouldn't if they hadn't lost 4 episodes.

Sun-kyu finishes his fanboy-ing activities and is picked up by a snazzy car. LOL. The driver/secretary reports to him about a journalist figuring out who he is, and Sun-kyu orders his secretary to take down that picture of him online. (Ah, so he is Contest King after all.)
JoAnne: See? Now that would have been an awesome story for him like that.
Shi-kyung drives back to SurplusHouse bringing flowers. He waits outside the empty house and shakes his head at what he's doing right now. (I squee a little bit. But I cry too. I know I sound like such an airhead with my kokoro jokes and all, but it really hurts me to watch the next scene...... also because whoever Mermaid chooses, I'm gonna cry for the other guy. And that's not including the possibility that Mermaid will vanish into bubbles like in the fake-hint at the start of Episode 1.)
JoAnne: You do not sound like an airhead, Mary. You are as adorably cheesy as Rim himself. It's true that it COULD be annoying. But somehow, from you, it never is.
becca: Surprising sometimes, yes, but never annoying. Almost always entertaining. Your love for Rim is awe-inspiring.
kakashi: Yes. My love for my guys pales in comparison.
Mary: kakashi, shall I link them to your Kim Ji-hoon Santa-stalking business?
Hyun-myung and Hani walk home after buying snacks. She becomes excited when he says he thinks the chances of them winning is 99%, because that means she can get a job at JH and finally confess to Shi-kyung. Hyun-myung's smile falters a bit as he asks her if she likes Shi-kyung that much. Hani twirls around and says yes. She likes Shi-kyung very very much! She runs to and fro just thinking about her future with Shi-kyung, when the first drops of rain land on her face. Her excitement turns to horror as the drops increase in frequency.
JoAnne: Did we ever even wonder about this very situation, or were we always too busy squeeing to be at all logical?
becca: Another question: If her legs getting wet is such a problem, why doesn't she wear pants??? Her life would be soooo much easier! (And she could finally say goodbye to those ugly dresses.)
Hani almost cries in fear while Hyun-myung, oblivious, just laughs and opens the umbrella he insisted on bringing in case it rained. Hani runs to him and jumps into his arms, clinging to him like a lost girl and asking that they go home now. Hyun-myung seems very much affected by the run-tackle-hug. While the camera switches over to Shi-kyung letting himself be rained on as he drops the bouquet and watches the two hugging in the rain.
JoAnne: Yes. I'd say he was affected, LOL.
becca: He looked reeeaaally good when he opened the umbrella and smiled like that. *swooning* And then he barely moved when she jumped on him. I would probably jump on him, too.


Don't talk to me. I'm so sad. Fuck that ending song. It's so fucking appropriately sad. Here, cry with me. PD Baek Seung-ryeong just tweeted the OST yesterday.
JoAnne: *humming*
becca: I do really like the music in this show. They had a cool jazz version of the Orleans song "Dance With Me" in the last episode - when Rim and Jin-ah had dinner and he turned her down. If anyone knows where to find it or the name of the artist, please let me know. Thank you very kamsa.
kakashi: I'm very sorry for being so negative. This is my last time commenting on the perv-maid. *cue sad farewell music*
Mary: kakashi.... *wiping tears* Aww... I'm sorry. :'(((((( I totally understand though.