Rants and "Weekly" Raves #18 (RAWR)

Talk to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
becca: *runs in, panting* I'm here! I'm here! And I'm ready to talk your ear off, so get ready!
bcook: *singing* "Tell me your name... mumble mumble"

Pride and Prejudice

becca: There are many enjoyable shows right now, but I have to say that Pride & Prejudice is at the top of my list. I find the characters interesting and compelling (and as we've said before, competent!), and I'm intrigued by the overarching mystery of the little brother's murder. I'm even enjoying the case-of-the-week stories, which I usually don't care for in other dramas. There was only one episode this week (I heard it was a sports preemption), and every time I remember that, I deflate a little bit. I need Gumihot! I need Big Puppy being adorable with the tiny kiddo! Until Monday, I'll just have to make more gifs to stare at. I mean, look at them! *squee*

becca: Really, MBC, why would anyone want sports when we could be watching such cuteness? And they didn't even WIN. Then what was the POINT?? *flips table*
Lafer: I love Mr. Gumihot in this. Someone said they didn't like the female lead, but I do. I'm just behind but this is one I want to watch.
JoAnne: This one, so far, is just plain good. Interesting story, attractive or interesting (and sometimes both!) people, decent acting from everyone, plus that adorable tiny child. And I do like the female lead.
becca: Sometimes the character frustrates me with her pigheadedness, but I do understand where she's coming from and like her. I'm looking forward to seeing her learn to open up to this little makeshift family they're forming.
This is perfect. Long weekend. I'm not feeling well so lots of time in bed. I can catch up on Gumihot and his half moon eyes. *sighs*
kakashi: I'm not watching. Next


becca: Let's see... I was pleasantly surprised by Pinocchio. I didn't plan on watching at all, but after three episodes, I'm a little afraid that I might love it. I'm afraid because it could be such a train wreck. Or so amazingly good. I find the "everybody knows what a Pinocchio is" angle kind of annoying for being so on-the-nose (hehe pun intended?), but the characters are fun, and the backstory sets us up for some great conflict now and later on down the road. And apparently Lee Jong-seok can overcome any bad haircut because even though he looked like a creepy marionette, I was swooning.
Lafer: Hmmm, I've been hearing lots of good reviews and am wondering if I'll be missing something if I don't watch it. I have to say one of the reasons I'm staying away is because I hate how the younger (less talented IMO) actors (PSH, I'm looking at you) get all the hype and ratings. I mean seriously, Yoona as the number one rom com actress? What was she in, like one rom com? I feel most of the time these dramas are not well written but due to the popularity of the actors they get all the hype. Maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised by this one, but I stayed clear of Heirs and was never sorry that I did.
JoAnne: You really shouldn't mention this and Heirs in the same breath, Lo. Sure it could go south fast, but that's true of pretty much all KDrama. It's touching and funny and the King of Puppies has chemistry with Park Shin Hye.  Also, Kim Young Kwang is freaking hilarious so far.
becca: I forgot for a while that this drama is by the the writer of I Hear Your Voice and Dream High - and the PD did IHYV, too. I feel much more optimistic now.
bcook: Park Shin Hye is in this? No thanks. I'd much rather watch march of the penguins (morgan freeman's voice lulls you into soft slumber about half way through)
kakashi: I'm not watching. Next

Legendary Witch

becca: Another surprisingly good show is Legendary Witch. Yes, the in-laws are awful, horrible people but I relish the fact that they'll get their comeuppance later on. Watching our four heroines become a family has been and will continue to be a delight, I'm sure. We all know that there aren't enough dramas about female friendship, and this is done quite well. On top of that, we even have a couple of sweet romances! The older couple is making me sigh and squee every bit as much as the main couple (who are just getting started), I must admit.
I've loved Ha Suk-jin for some time now, so I've been enjoying him in this, but it wasn't until episode 7 that I really fell in love with this character. It was that scene when he went to see Han Ji-hye in solitary confinement that really sealed the deal for me. Here is man who is kind and levelheaded: he doesn't jump to conclusions, he doesn't consider himself to be "better" than everyone else, he is warm and compassionate, and of course, he's a loving father to that adorable little girl. I can't wait for him to fall for our heroine!
Lafer: Yes, I almost gave up on this show with the botched timeline but so glad I didn't. Things really started picking up in episodes 7 + 8. I like the fact that there are several interesting story lines and the number of obnoxious characters, which seem to be mandatory for a family weekend drama, is minimal. I really don't like the con artist female, but it should be interesting to see how that relationship with the driver develops since they both think the other has money.
JoAnne: I never got past the first episode, I think. Maybe someday. I'm not feeling all that compelled.
kakashi: I'm not watching. Next

Birth of a Beauty

Lafer: Finally this show is hitting its stride. The secret is to park your brain at the door and just enjoy the good looking couple. They have such adorable, animated faces and it's like a cuteness overload. (Sorry to those reading the squeecaps - you've heard all this before!)
becca: I'd be lying if I said Jung Kyeo-woon isn't the main reason I'm watching this show. He looks weird in this drama, and he really isn't doing well in the role, so I know you must all think I'm nuts. But! I've brought proof! Proof that he can be adorable & swoon-worthy! For proof of hotness:

And for cuteness and dorky charm....

So please be understanding. My poor heart is hurting watching him in Birth of a Beauty. :(
Lafer: Are you sure this is the same guy????? Ok, I'll defer to your previous experience with him.
I've seen him in Romance Town or whatever it was called, and I remember liking him. Sort of. He never got me by the kokoro though

The King's Face

JoAnne: Ok. I'll confess that all the crazy father/unloved son stories these days are getting jumbled in my mind, and it doesn't help that they share actors quite often... but I liked the start of this one and will continue to tune in. Nice mix of humor and intrigue and twisty family/political stuff.
kakashi: I'm not watching. Next

Mr. Baek

JoAnne: Watching. Not particularly interested, despite my affection for several of  the main actors. 
becca: I watch about one episode a week, so of course I'm behind. I like it when I'm watching, but it's always kind of a chore to start an episode. It's funny, but there are other things I'm enjoying more.
kakashi: I'm not watching. Next

Naeil's Cantabile/Cantabile Tomorrow/Whatever

JoAnne: Watching, thoroughly enjoying, but have no desire to talk about it. I watch the episodes, I love them, and then I promptly forget all about it until next week.
kakashi: I'm not watching. Next

Liar Game

JoAnne: We're down to the wire on this one. This past week's episodes were particularly exciting, and Young Do was particularly frightening. He's not just a little weird. He's batshit crazy. What's interesting to me lately is that so many people think Da Jung is weak. She's not weak at all. She's in a game that she's not good at. Taking the back seat to someone who IS good at a game you aren't good at is smart. And as a counterfoil to Young Do, she's perfect. Her goodness urges people to be good, just as his appeal to their greed urges them to be bad.
Lafer: I really like him, but I got so I just didn't care about the outcome. And I'm wondering - is Kim So Eun into Lee Sang Yoon? Because they sure look cozy in the BTS pics. I bet SJR isn't happy.
kakashi: Who isn't into Lee Sang-yoon, Lo?! As you all know by now, this is the first Korean show I get to watch with my husband, which makes it quite special. Next on the list is Bad Guys, but that will be hard, because what if I squee at the sight of Jo Dong-hyuk?

bcook: I do not enjoy this show and cannot be compelled to watch. On the other hand! Finally catching up on Nine Plus Boys and each episode goes by so quickly! I'm on episode 7 right now and it's quite a fun romp. I'll be making random comments on twitter (I always make random comments on twitter).