Rants and "Weekly" Raves #19 (RAWR)

kakashi: Weekly my ass! Everybody is still too busy for words! And it's almost Christmas! How the F did that happen?!
Lafer: Merry Christmas everyone! That reminds me, I better start shopping.
JoAnne: Almost all actual shopping is done online, she claimed with a defiant glare (I remember that you claimed compatibility to Kim Ji-hoon that way). Therefore I'm mostly done; little stocking stuffer-y things are picked up through out the year, actual gifts (except for my mother) are all set as of this morning - and really if I'd just clicked complete on THAT one last weekend, I wouldn't be sending second-choice plaid right now. Grrr. I do have to buy something for my mom, but hers I like to buy in person and be glittery. (PS: online, but mostly from small handcrafter type peoples.)
Shuk: Wow, [looking around]  It's been a while for me being in here. So nice to be even slightly above water at this time!
bcook: Is it Christmas already? Must start downloading my shows for the trip home.
becca: Last year I marathoned Nine over Christmas... maybe I'll do The Three Musketeers this year.
Look! Kim Ji-hoon is jetlagged in New York. He is soooooooo cuuuuuuuuute.
He's also about 2 hours away from me? Damn.
Lafer: What? Why didn't I know he was in New York? He does look like he needs a little rest, poor boy.
Frankly, I have no idea how I ended up with recapping 4 shows at the same time (if you add Yoo-na's Street, thanks, mary, for helping with that!). It's quite horrible because the number of episodes I have to recap never goes down to zero anymore, plus everything airs on the weekend. Welcome to my recapping hell.
You are getting much admiration from me.
Yeah I... how did that happen? I know I haven't been as active as a writer (still comment on most stuff) because of life but I didn't connect that YOU were actually writing nearly everything.  I feel kinda dumb. And awed. By next Wednesday, life will slow down to a REALLY nice pace and I will be doing some stuffs here for sure. In the meantime, I love you bunches.
Shuk: [feeling guilty for only recapping on her own site right now.]
bcook: *Feels guilty all the time*
Oh gosh, did we have to toss in the guilt word? I feel guilty that I can't even keep up on commenting.
becca: I blame real life, the dirty rat. Stop getting in the way of our dramas!
kakashi: Look! It's JoAnne's dog being cuuuuuuuuuuute!
becca: Everybody with me now: awwwww!
She's the best ever.
Anyway, end of venting. It's also all I have to say (HAHAAAA) since I'm not watching anything besides the shows I'm recapping. There's also nothing in the future that tickles my interest. You know what? I'll watch "The Chaser" over the Xmas break. Because Bad Guys ends this weekend and I ... am sad. But am I sad enough to pick up Yaksha again? Let's see.
I did a 3 day marathon of In Time With You, a Taiwanese drama. It had everything I needed that the other dramas were not providing (meaning real relationship angst, lol). Other than that, no time for watching.
Shuk: I liked ITWY! It doesn't hurt that at the time I saw it, I was watching all things Bolin Chen. And the plot really highlighted his everyday man persona, which was nice considering he wasn't an extreme anything (rich, jerky, etc, etc) 
I don't feel like making subject headings and starting the conversation about the various shows we're watching but not actively recapping, so I'll say this:  I'm behind on everything, but I ADORE Pinocchio and Misaeng especially a lot, and I am quite enjoying what I do see - Choi and Prejudice and, surprisingly, Valid Love. Talk about a weird show that I expected first not to be interested in at all and second, expected to hate if I watched it - mostly due to subject matter and my puritanical belief that you end one relationship before beginning another. Surprisingly, it's charming and inspires affection for a quirky group of people, of whom I wish to know more.  
Other than that? Yaaaaayyyyy for Jane the Virgin, which received a Golden Globe nomination for Best New Comedy AND a nomination for Best Actress for the lead. There should have been a couple more of those individual nominations for that crew of folks, if you ask me. I heart Rogelio... and I lust for Rafael, but that doesn't get awards. Unless the porn people give out awards for that. And this is not a porn, so moving right along. Ta for now!
Oh! Yes! I'm watching Jane the Virgin and Tuesday morning cannot come fast enough for me, that's how much I like it! Rogelio is a hoooooooooot! He makes me laugh the most. Heck, I even like Petra! But I'm pro Michael. Kinda. Rafael is cute and all, but Michael was there first. Wasn't he? Damn. The kiss ... 
becca: But... Michael is kind of a jerk. Lying isn't cool, bro.
kakashi: Well, he was withholding information, I'd say. Plus: he was doing an investigation, I keep wondering whether he actually is allowed to say anything about it?! He isn't. But you know how that is.
Shuk: I watched the first three episodes and really liked it. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to watch it. [sadface].
Oh, I know that problem.
Lafer: I watched 10 minutes of the first episode and then I realized I was watching TV, and got disoriented. Had to quickly go find something on my computer to watch.
Shuk: Anyone watching Sleepy Hollow or Gotham? Because I cannot seem to generate enough interest in either, despite my love of SH Season 1.
kakashi: I watched Sleepy Hollow. And you are right to feel meh about it. It's not half of what it was in Season 1. The biggest mistake they made was bring back Katharina from purgatory, so that Ichabod has to play "married" with her. It really didn't work at all. The chemistry between Abbie and him was destroyed to the point where they're merely good friends. Then, they tried to bring in a love interest for Abbie. I liked him, but I think he didn't go down well with all the fans, so he only makes an occassional appearance. They castrated Irving too by putting him into the psych ward, Jenny is just annoying, and our weekly evil is ... *yawn*. Season 2 was simply awful. The end. And I don't like the Jesus Hair much.
I watched Ep 1 Season 2 of SH and since then it's been on the list to watch but I hear such crap and I already know they kill someone I like so... And yeah, Gotham too. It's moderately interesting, I watch an episode or two every other weekend or so.
bcook: I've been TRYING to watch Gotham but couldn't get into it. And my regular tv show place must dislike Jane the Virgin because I couldn't find a video that worked. I HAVE started watching a BBC show called Ripper Street on Netflix which is all sorts of awesome. Otherwise Choi and Prejudice is my new crack but I'm controlling my watching by gorging on 4/6 episodes at a go. ... It makes sense to me ok?! Other than that... nothing else excites me. It's probably time to revisit some old favorites.
I've heard bits about that, I think I have it queued.


Shuk: Yeah yeah, Thailand rules in my heart at this time. The only SK show I am watching is Bad Guys. And nothing from Seoul so far seems to pique my interest. I am, however, watching Aim High, a TWDrama, starring Lego Lee, previously of In A Good Way fame. I'm also slowing working my way through a HK police procedural called Black Heart White Soul, which is somewhat Bad Guys-ish but nice quite as grim. The hardest part is the language and the dubbing. As for Thai lakorns, I'm averaging one a week, so there's a large amount ot them, My current one is Kularb Rai Glai Rak: An widower with an adult bratty daughter remarries someone close to his daughter's age, forcing the new wife's older brother to run interference. Yes, if it goes according to plan, the stepdaughter's gonna fall in love with her uncle. 


Shuk: In November, I participated in a challenge called the National Novel Writing Month, where you are tasked with writing a 50,000-word story during those thirty days, with an average of 1,700 words per day. I'm glad to say I did it; I'm also shattered and drained inside. LOL. My story is about a boy with a brain tumor transported to another reality during his surgery. In the new reality, he can talk to elephants. Yes, it's strange, but it seemed a good idea at the time. 
bcook: You're so cool! I can't even write comments on a consistent basis. I would like to try that but I wonder... maybe my competitiveness will override the procrastination?
Shuk: Towards the end, I had to write 3,000+  words per day to make up the gap!
kakashi: There was a time I thought "she's not gonna make it". But you did! Braaaaava!
becca: You were amazing, Shuk! I didn't even last a week. Real life: booooo!
JoAnne:  I'm clapping madly for you but only one hand against my thigh because of the arm thing.
Lafer:  I'm so happy for you but am breaking out in a sweat at the thought of one more thing to read. I've been inundated with interesting books recently (most as gifts.) When will I read them all? Although my lions are in here so it is a must-read.
Shuk I gave it the perfect ending for a drama that's been cut short a few episodes: A Truck Of Doom and a crying elephant. LOL. It's only the temporary ending,  though, until I complete my rewrite, remove the superfluous bits, and give it the proper denoument.
Shuk: During the month I also attempted to work on my two personal recapping projects: SK Winter Sonata and Thai Chasing Love To The Final Horizon. I only managed one recap each [sigh]. Maybe because I was too worded out.
kakashi: Recapping old shows is harder than recapping new ones in my experience. Simply because less people read the recaps. And part of recapping is obviously getting many page hits. No?    
Shuk: My page hits are modest at best.  I like seeing that other Twitterbeans are watching it based on my recaps. Other than that, I'm working on the holiday stuff, and helping a couple get married. I get to be the chauffer to and from the chapel, so I expect they will love my heavy metal love song collection...[evil grin]
I just learned my first Christmas is next Saturday. Crap. That had been intended as my 'make local folks treats' day. See ya!