Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #25 (RAWR)

kakashi: I am sorry, people, but I have to rant this week. A lot. Please see below. And then, later in the week, I discovered something to rave about! YAY! This makes me very happy, cause it's been a while! Guess what it is? And WOW ... we have a lot to talk about again...
JoAnne: No one else will ever notice this because they only see the finished post, but for much of the week, the body of the RAWRS mostly looks like Kakashi and I arguing back and forth about different shows, and it's hilarious to me. 
Shuk: I just grabbed some popcorn and watched.

Healer (Bye Bye)

I cry not because it's a sad ending, but because it's over. It might be a while before I find a couple to swoon over like that again. The ending was mostly quite tame, but satisfying all the same. I was sad we didn't get a cameo of Dad with the hooker, I would have liked them to be interested in each other. May we have many repeats of Ji Chang Wook with Park Min Young, similar to the repeated pairing of Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra. I would also be very happy with repeated pairings of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Mi-Kyung.
I'm glad to hear that this one stayed good! And I'm sorry for not believing in KBS :) And yes, the OTP was good. It'll be remembered. But JoAnne ... are you a Healiber?
I saw enough of the ugly behavior online on Dramakbeans and other sites, that, when I do watch this, no one will ever ever know, and I will categorically deny it, whether I like it or not.  If you don't have something nice to say, people, don't say it! And certainly don't personally attack someone who doesn't have your same likes and dislikes.


lafer: Ugh. My heart just sank when Det. Jang actually told her he wanted her to go back how she was. It was my contention all along that he was more enamored with her devotion than with her as an actual person. Now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see how Doc reacts to finding out she's actually the person his father likes. From what they've showed this episode, I'm loving his acting as he's figuring things out. Hey, I'm just loving him these days.  
I don't think that ruins Det. Jang as a person, though. He's expressing a thought many people have (but mostly keep to themselves) when they realize that another person's growth moves them out of reach. It would be nice to think that we're ALWAYS a cheerleader for the people we care about, but we aren't always, at least not at first, especially when it seems like their 'win' comes with a cost to ourselves. Some people are selfless. Others have to work at it.
That being said, I think our very human detective will discover that what he mostly loves is the comfort of routine, and that it won't take him quite as long to get over Hong Do as he first thinks.  I have been eagerly awaiting the courtship between him and the little sister, so I'm happy.

Kill Me, Heal Me

lafer: In order to do this justice, I am probably going to wait until I have a few episodes to catch up on, or maybe even wait until it's over to marathon it. Ji Sung needs my full attention, and I'm too scattered these days.
kakashi: Here comes my rant, people. I started KMHM the other day and got until episode 6. I tried. I really tried. It may get "better" and 9 might be "the" episode, but SERIOUSLY?! Do we now have to watch half a drama until it gets marginally good?! I am seriously shocked about how LOW Kdrama quality has gotten and how many excuses we're ready to give. I understand watching something just for an actor (*cough cough* Kim Ji-hoon stuff *cough*) but that cannot be IT, can it?! My goodness, people, a good drama is still a drama in which more than just an actor is watch-worthy! What happened to good scripts? You know, one that is good 95% of the time? That tells an intriguing, (semi-)original story? That gives us characters we truly care for? Remember those? People, KMHM is a BAD drama. The story is mediocre at best and apart from Se Gi, I find all the characters extremely boring. Yeah, you guessed right ... it's dropped.
*Reminds Kakashi that Jang Bori didn't get good until episode 19 and ended up a ratings-blockbuster.* 
** Reminds JoAnne that a) this is a drama I solely watched for "my man" and b) never got good in my book at all!** 
***Remembers that now, and acknowledges that if there are a couple great characters, I can be fooled into thinking something is good.  Well, then again, it IS good. For me. But I wouldn't say that good=quality for me every time.***
****Remembers Heirs and smiles.****
*****Remembers Heirs and screams*****
******Remembers Heirs and blinds self, after making sure the 2L soju bottle is within an easy reach ******
What is it you don't like about the script?  
Everything? The only original part about it is the DID-thing - and there are good arguments to make that even that isn't very original. The rest? Every single bit seems overly familiar. The family. The suffering chaebol. The hardworking woman. The abuse. The "mystery" (what mystery??! It has to be exciting to be a mystery, no?)
It's a vehicle to see the acting chops of Ji Sung, I'm not kicking. Given the recent spate of twins and such, I like to see actors become different personae in the same production!
The only person whose acting I have a real problem with is Hwang Jung Eum. (In the interests of full disclosure, I used to not mind her. Now the sound of her lispy voice just makes me want to punch things, even when she's not screeching.) 
Yes, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the acting in this drama. It's the rest. And HJE is very hard to bear, yes. VERY
Dough-Boy Well there is THAT, it's hard to keep the two straight sometimes.
I have lukewarm but positive feelings for HJE, since I first saw her in Can You Hear My Heart in 2011. Sadly, I haven't liked a single hairstyle in 4 years, but that's not her fault.  HOWEVER, in this she (or the writer) clearly did not study how a doctor (or even a medical student) behaves. By the time you have graduated from university, you have already seen / smelled / experienced more weird and disgusting things than the average person.  That means you DO NOT screech and flinch and carry on like some little virginette running through the woods. Stop it, Show, she just doesn't look credible for any job but as the MangoSix barista. 
I like Oh Ri On now that he's not deliberately acting the fool and I'm really interested in two things: What the fuck HAPPENED back then, and who did it happen to? (That counts as one thing.) Given that Se Gi is the only alter that anyone at ALL gives a shit about (beyond laughs, and it's not for his smoldering stare, either, it's for his breaking heart) how will they resolve all the re-integration that has to go on? Okay three things:  Why the hell is Grandma such an horrific bitch?  Don't even answer that. It's a K-Drama, and she's not a poor halmeoni, she's a rich halmeoni. Years of eating kimchi made by the suffering hands of the poor just naturally make you evil, I guess. So predictably booooooring is what I'm saying. But yeah, actually... when someone is giving everything they've got in the way that Ji Sung is SLAYING this... I would watch just for that. With a lot of fast forwarding of scenes that don't include him or Park Seo Joon. Shhhh, don't tell anyone I'm skimming.
Ah, here comes the truth :)
But I don't mind seeing the same archetypes, as long as someone throws themself into the role and gives me something fun to see.   mean, tv does that in general. I think it LOOKS like KDrama does it more simply because of their drama format (more like a mini-series than not.)
I still am trying to untangle the relationships between this Eff-d up family, and I can't wait to watch this week's episodes in HD on the flatscreen with my unni Mary. I hope she enjoys my ham and lentil soup, and doesn't spit it out all over the cat.

Jerk Hyde Me

Let me continue my rant here, just to be fair. I started this before KMHM and wasn't impressed at all - again because of the script, mainly and the subpar directing. They're trying really hard but I doubt they can salvage this train wreck. That said, I don't find all the contempt hurled at HJM justified. KMHM is only marginally better. The back and side stories are quasi the same - in fact, the similarities confused me this week. I'm not a Hyun Bin fangirl - but he is doing a good job in this and that's why I continued watching until now. But ... no more. It's simply not enough to spend so much time with. Dropped! I'll ffward it raw to see Hyung Bin smolder as his two personas. That's it.  
With you on the confusion piece - how is this show so worthy of contempt when considered against KMHM? I don't get it. Like you, I'm not much of a fangirl for Hyun Bin - I've only ever seen Secret Garden and while I enjoyed it, it's not a favorite of mine.
Anyway - the story tone is different to me (that it is, yes), and as DB said, they should have LED with the revenge aspect of the current mystery, which clearly ties into the FORMER mystery... but I find Binnie and Han Ji Min quite watchable (him, yes - her, no), I love Seo Jin's secretary (he gets on my nerves massively - it's male hysteria, I hate it!!!), and now that I understand Dough-Boy is completely played for laughs I no longer find him as irritating (yeah ... but WHY). The Bob's Big Boy hair cut should have been a clue, but we all know hair isn't as reliable an indicator of comedic intent as one might think (annoying and redundant. Like the rest of the stupid family)My one curiosity is how relegated to the background Sung Joon has been. What is up with THAT, writer-nim?  
Well, that changed in episode 8, didn't it. Ooooh, what a surprise. NOT.
I haven't seen it yet, so I'll get back to you, but as soon as he showed up I was expecting he was part of the badness, so if it's that... okay. As for Secretary, I don't even notice him being hysterical.  Mostly what I like about him is the way he takes Seo Jin with a grain of salt, actually.  He likes both Robin and Seo Jin and has sympathy for them both. 
I'm shallow enough to say I'm watching it for the boys. But I am enjoying it every bit as much as KMHM. Neither will win an Emmy, but the eye candy does relieve a certain amount of ennui that's been there since before Bad Guys.


This keeps getting better and better. Very few sageuks hold my interest, but I really look forward to this each week. Oh Ji Ho's part was kept to a minimum in episodes 5 + 6, so that helped. But I'm not sure if I'll make it through all 24 episodes.  
Still haven't watched... probably won't ever get around to it. I'm far more likely to check out Shine or Go Crazy, which I continue to think is also about maids but apparently isn't at all.
Am planning to press play on this ... soon. I fear Oh-face's performance though. A lot.
It's getting really good. At least to me. But now I am afraid to recommend anything to you, my dear kakashi.
becca: I finally tried it last night, and I fell in love after about two minutes. And In-yeob? I love her so so much. She's smart and capable, and there's a steeliness to her that we don't see often enough in our drama heroines. Yes, she can be a horror, but I can't dislike her for it, especially when I know that she'll have to change her attitude soon enough. My main problem: when will I have time to watch this show, on top of all the others I'm watching??

Shine or Go Crazy

I started this! And I marathoned! It's really good! I'm happy and surprised, because I didn't expect it to be that good from what people said and I didn't expect to like it as much even if it were good! It managed to draw me in immediately, from minute 1. It certainly helps that there's no lengthy child-back-story to get through. At the moment, I'm still grappling a bit with the realization that Goryeo Gun married his half-sister (in real history too, and afterwards, that king married his niece) - but I guess I'll get over it. Especially since they CLEARLY don't have sex. Ever. Maybe that's part of why she's so evil? Man, that woman has such a scary face ... and she was Miss Korea? Wow.
becca: I'm still in shock that you like it so much. I was sure you would hate the first episode at least, and I'd be sitting here trying to tell you to keep going because it gets better.
Hehe. Well, what can I say, dongsaeng? Drama love moves in mysterious ways 
So far, almost every character is good, even the inevitable dumb servant (aka "The Leech"), the hot but sad assassin (That guy in green? HE IS SO HOT), even the bad guys ... partially. Captain Hairline (also the Bad Dad from HJM) is a bit too cardboard evil for my liking, but since he doesn't get too much attention, it's fine. Limnium (that's Lim Joo-Hwan's nickname on Twitter, Issy fecit) should get a change of wig and clothes, but otherwise, his character makes sense - I like that he is not thoroughly, dumbly evil, but quite human in his dislike for his brother. Too bad there's a girl between them - that probably means they'll not grow to like it each other, right?
becca: After that scene in the gibang, I need a bromance for those, too. They're awesome together. Unfortunately, I have zero hope of ever getting it. :(
And then the leads! The leads! Jang Hyuk is glorious, I'm so glad to see him in a sageuk again. He does a lot of manic Goryeo Gun, but it's in fact his cover-up! (I guess I haven't gotten far enough, he's not covering up anything yet.) Cause secret identity and all. And our Bori Bori? I really like her character - she's not the usual damsel woman, but a capable trades woman. She really know what she wants (and I don't mind that it involves Wang So at all), she's sassy and passionate and quite smart (love her, love her with Jang Hyuk, would watch just for her). The crossdressing and the battle against the gayness on his part are a bit "old", but the drama takes it with humor - the characters around Wang So express puzzlement about him not realizing that she is a woman about 10 times per episode. And I'm excited for the day she realizes who he is, too! So yes, I like! I like a lot. This drama is everything that I hoped Joseon Gunman would be and wasn't. Yay.
becca: My main problem with Goryeo Gun is that I wish it were more clear that it is a cover. Sometimes he's very Gun-ish when her really doesn't have to be, and that annoys me. Be loud Goryeo Gun when you're putting on a show for someone, and drop it when you're on your own because sometimes I'm not sure if you're really acting or not. Tiny rant over, I will go back to picking my jaw up off the floor.
Yes, I can see that. My great advantage is that I find him quite funny. I think it's becoming more and more of a show for this character because his world is becoming more serious. But I think part of it is truly him. He grew up among goats and tigers after all
So yes, I did start this. I'm on episode 3 and I like it very much, but if you follow me on twitter you know that I'm still trying to figure who is related to who and by how much.  Those of you who started earlier than me shouldn't laugh, because I clearly remember you going through the same thing.

Ho Gu's Love (Fool's Love)

I generally don't pay a TON of attention to the plot outlines after the first announcement because 1) I've learned they only vaguely resemble the reality of the show and 2) I kind of like going in blind. I mean yes, I do appreciate knowing that Blood is about a vampire surgeon, but I don't want to know much more than that before I see it. That and the blatantly Twilight-y first teaser were enough to convince me that it would be awesomely terrible, and since that is my favorite kind of drama, I can't watch more until it airs, because if it ISN'T awesomely terrible, I will be so disappointed.
So, here's my update on Blood. I'm not going to watch. But we're going to write FakeCaps. I.e. watch raw, screencap and gif and make up our own plot. That'll make it bearable.
That's pretty much the plan.
In much the same way, it was enough for me to know that Choi Woo Shik was going to play a simple man who believes in and is completely befuddled by love and UEE was going to be his foul-mouthed person of interest.  So the ending of the first episode came as a COMPLETE shock - that is always a plus, where I am concerned - and I was already in love with Ho Gu and his family and friends.  It only took me about 2 minutes to fall, in fact. Watching episode two has convinced me that this will be a fun story with some sweet tugs at your heartstrings, and I'm liking it a lot.
I'm too angry at Choi Woo Shik for not being in TEN3, so I'm not watching. Duh
It's not HIS fault.
I'm not sure about that!!!
becca: Blame Joo Sang-wook! I'm sure if he signed on, they'd be fine without the supporting cast. It's HIS fault!!! (…. I might have some leftover rage from Birth of a Beauty….)

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

Oh come already, just WATCH THIS. It's a joy. Hyung's supposed 'noble idiocy' is now revealed to be 100% understandable, and everyone else is just plugging along being completely awesome at doing what they are supposed to be doing, which is making us love their adorable selves. The squee is real, people.
Sorry, but I don't watch high-school type dramas. This is a high-school type drama, no? 
Technically no, they are all out of college. The first episode happens while some of them are in college, but then it goes to 3 years later. It's not really for you, though. My plea was to them. *gestures wildly over her shoulder to the vast squeeglet audience*


becca: I finally picked this one up again, and oh boy, it's so much FUN. Horrible people plotting and scheming and constantly one-upping each other. But they're human, too. So they do awful things, but they have understandable reasons for doing them. It's not an excuse, but it is an explanation, and it makes things very interesting, indeed. Also, I know I shouldn't, but I get such a kick out of it every time Jo Kang-jae messes with Jung-hwan. He's so delightfully hateful. Plus, I'm hoping Jung-hwan gives him his just desserts later on.


Sleepy Hollow: What? What the ....! They're just pulling things out of their a$$es now. I'm through with you, show. Bye. Even though there was no Katrina to vex me in this episode. Even Tom Mison gets on my nerves by now. He is still pretty though:
Yeah, it's mid-season premiere time! Side rant: God, I hate the way our TV schedule goes now. I long for the days when new shows started in the fall and ended in the spring sometime, followed by re-runs and summer variety programming, followed by the fall return of shows we loved plus new shows to explore. Can it be that it was all so simple then? Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me: would we?  Could we?
Good point! No idea what's happening, but I don't like it. Well, some shows still stick to the old scheduling, not that that makes them better. Vampire Diaries for example. Have I said how much I hate that show?! 
My tentative foray back into New England supernatural is done.  I'm not watching this anymore.

Anyway! The Walking Dead is back! Goodbye Tyrese, you were a very nice man! Who besides me heard the zombie behind the door and thought it was a baby? I was so excited... but no. And once again, it's like - 'Beth who?' as far as attention being paid on screen to her death, but I suppose it's coming. We didn't see much of Maggie or Daryl this episode. I guess it will happen next week.   

The Blacklist is back! We are getting closer, closer, closer - what do you guys think? Is she Red's daughter, or isn't she?    

Jane the Virgin is still awesome! And Rafael is having a baby in real life, too, we just learned!
The video of his marriage proposal is awesome, and I hope he and his wife are very happy. Now, about the show, what are they going to do with Rogelio?? I don't want him to become a deadbeat character!  I liked him as the Egotistical Star With A Heart Of Gold Mirrors.
You should watch the video of the pregnancy announcement, then, if you liked the proposal.  I think this is good for Rogelio's character development. Right now he has to choose between staying with his newly discovered daughter and his re-awakened love for Xo, or going to Venezuela for a new telenovela he could star in. I'm interested to see what he'll do.

Empire! I love you!
bcook: I think I have a disease. Why else would I be obsessed with Miss Phryne Fisher lady detective and her heavy flirtation with inspector Jack Robinson and her (fascinating) array of lovers. And struggling to finish Choi and Prejudice. Jin Hyuk-ah is so smexy it's awesome but the story just kills my vibe. 
Cookie! Who are you talking about with the fish and the detectives?
She seems a bit delirious? Maybe it's KDrama withdrawals!  
Ngao Jai!! Becca and I are now done with two squeecap episodes, and, of course, sadly falling behind on the others. But after my anger at Ep 2 subsides, I am ready for contract marriage and cohabitation flirtation to begin! Now!!
becca: I demand hijinks! Give me the identity-switching shenanigans!!