블러드 Blood - Episode 4 (A FakeCap)

kakashi: Ah, what an adventure! JoAnne managed to completely obliterate Episode 3's FakeCap, but we restored it, like a vampire's life is restored when somebody kills him. Well, in other vampire stories. In this one, blue light can hurt a vampire and weird glitter stuff in syringes kills them.
In this episode, Blood continues with its perfect mix of drugs, sex, and rock'n'roll.
JoAnne: It's growing on you, isn't it. You'll say you're being sarcastic, but I know.
Shuk: I almost cried last episode. But that was only because I had to rewatch it.
RIP Leonard Nimoy .........*sadness*

Episode 4

Boom Shakalaka! Vamp fight, vamp fight! (I briefly wonder whether I would have enjoyed this drama more about 15 years ago?). Ji-sang is needled and suffers a GREAT deal (see his face), but what is this? He is able to remove the syringe-dart-thingie, straighten up and go after the receding vampires.
It looked like a really exaggerated reaction to a mosquito bite. You know, you get bit, you make a face and slap the spot, then keeping going. Only this one was PAMPIRE STYLE.
It wasn't meant to kill him, otherwise they wouldn't walk away. Maybe they needed more spotlight or the mirrors in the next room to make it more exciting? [shrug, hit FF button]
More fighting. Someone should maybe tell the director that those stop-motion fight scenes were old as soon as the Matrix was out but if you do them, do them properly at least?
Since they are working with a model, I assumed they choreograph the scenes like it's a still photo shoot. No?
Joker vampire gets help from the other (faceless) hooded vampire, so they're able to leave together. Ji-sang is able to stumble outside, where he looks very much really, really suffering for a while.
Maybe they put something in the syringe to help him with that.
At least he always knew where the camera was, so we can get full-eye-contact suffering.

Ji Sang has been practicing for the shadow puppet show he's doing for the kids in the Ped's ward, but he is seriously wondering if he should have chosen balloon animals

Rita is checking on the ICU patient that caused some issue and scolds the nurse in charge - how could she have used that drug and not the other one? Is she stupid? The nurse apologizes profoundly and promises to be more careful in the future. (yes blame the nurse for the patient's OTC medication use, ass) The two interns look shocked. Two? Where is the homely girl that doesn't sleep much? Here she comes! How dare she be late? Rita bathes her in Bitch-talk and shows how much authority she has. Homely wipes tears - all she did was talk to her mom on the phone. Is that a crime? No it isn't. Rita is a bitch.
Well, Rita would be sensitive to the flaunting of moms, but here we have a classic case of blame the doctor, not the patient. Whatever they did to this guy, afterward he was hemorrhaging, because he took some aspirin (for a migraine, useless) before surgery. It was not discovered during intake because girldoc who did the interview accepted 'I don't remember' as an answer to the question of 'have you taken anything, even over the counter drugs, recently?' Fail on aspirin for migraine, and fail on the patient for 'not remembering.' I believe taking a couple pills a time or two wouldn't do anything. I kind of think you have to take a LOT of aspirin for this to happen.
Correct, JoAnn unni. Think of it this way: you don't bleed out during your period if you take aspirin for a headache. Recent medical reviews conclude that aspirin should be continued up to the day of surgery for at risk patients, with few exceptions. And for my emergency surgery? They didn't really care either. Pita is just a bitch. 

I'm sorry! I promise never to wear blue on the same day as you again!

Rita has changed back into civilian clothing and goes to her car. Man, the way she walks .... never mind. Huh, but what does she see? A crazy stumbling Ji-sang (suffering very, very much). She thinks he's drunk or stoned or both, but when he collapses in front of her eyes (suffering very, very much), she can't stop herself from displaying her true, kind nature and runs over to check his vitals. There is no pulse! He is dead!!
Her doctor muscles kick in! She must saaaaaaaaaaaave the patient!
Um, she checked his pulse, then put her ear to his coat-covered chest for a second opinion. Seriously, wool does not amplify sound. Oh, whups, he must have had a pulse because she didn't do fake CPR. 
Gu Hye Sun struggles valiantly to hold up her head under the weight of her wig

She puts him on a bed with the help of the weird-nosed fishy security guard. Homely is also there and is quite shocked - her favorite professor is dead? What will she do now?!. Rita sends them away and then starts putting all that monitoring stuff on him.
Why.  Why would you send everyone away.  Why wouldn't there be a team? Unless, ya know, you're a writer who isn't capable of explaining the situation properly when people start to realize things ain't quite right.
The writers have never watched "Emergency!". Which is pretty sad because that drama ran from 1972 to 1977, and it's still more accurate than this one. Even a single episode of "Chicago Hope" might have helped the writing.

Ha, he isn't dead after all - but the vitals are very, very weird. She takes his temperature and it's suuuuper low, quasi frozen (huh? why does he bath in ice, then? Is he crazy??). She starts to prepare a syringe to take his blood - while he calls for his mommy. She kinda likes that, though she isn't sure why exactly.You know what? This writer has a total obsession with needles.
Plus clearly an oral fixation. Pampires and all. Secret Vampiric Vitamins, etc.
A BP cuff through a sweater?? And a syringe full of what? Ah, on second look, she's using that syringe to draw blood, but it's still the wrong setup to use. You haven't even stripped him for signs of trauma, which should have been her first action (on more than one level), then a blood test for sugar levels and possible drug interactions..... or who am I kidding. They should have set the entire show in a coffee house. I'm just going to FF until I reach the non-hospital part.

What annoying thing can I do next? I know! I'll stick my finger in his ear!

Before she can needle him, he wakes up with a start and force-grabs her wrist. What is going on? What is he doing here? Why is she touching him? Does he have all his clothes on?!
Oh no! She may discover the answer to Luuvy's questions before Luuvy has a proper chance! 
He is quite disturbed, unhooks himself from the machines and simply leaves, despite her protests. She goes after him, very determined, arms swinging widely and confronts him. Is this his weird psychological disease again? Is he a drug addict? She will have his blood tested! He tells her to shut her trap and stop walking like that, cause it really makes everyone really angry. They still hate each other like cat and dog (though some cats and dogs get along really, really well!).
He acted like he suspected date rape from her. Which means of course that secretly he's just got sex and power issues on his brain when he thinks about her, but his feelings about it are all conflicted and guilty.

That's not my ear!

Hunky Vamp has to tell Bad Vamp Jae-wook that operation Ji-sang failed again - he is much stronger than they thought. Jae-wook just smiles his smile. Damn, Ji Jin-hee ... I hope you're not feeling too bad having to act in this ...
I think he just drinks all the time to avoid having to face the reality of where his bad choices have put him. Him and Gap Soo, they hide in the dark corners of half-built sets and they sing sad songs from the 70s in terrible voices half overcome with tears, while toasting each other with soju. Sometimes it's makgeolli and they just argue in slurring voices about who has it worst. Then they each agree the other does, fall into each others arms, and cry about how hard their chingu has it.
Behind Jin-hee's dressing room.  Every day. 
Anyway, here is the new plan: Redouble your efforts. Use a different drug - a stronger, more dangerous one. Just up the dosage until it works. He knows they'll get there eventually and they have time: There are 20 or so more episode. Well, I hope not that many. Jae-wook looks at a picture of him with Ji-sang's parents - they were all doctors. It is as we expected: he wanted the woman and he didn't get her. Certainly a reason to do all this shit.
It's the same sparkly poison he used on Ji Sang's parents. Ji Sang is the first to ever survive it, and Jae Wook believes he is helping Ji Sang become the super pampire he is meant to be, forcing him to shed his human disguise.
If they wanted to see if it killed him, then why did Thug-vamps walk away post dart-gun?
Was it really all so simple then, or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again...tell me, would we? Could we?

Ji-sang is at home, still not feeling well. Friend and helper is surprised the syringe looks exactly like his (yeah, I don't trust you at all, Friend and Helper).
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.Denial And Avoidance Mode has been employed.
I think VampLeader probably stole most of the VampRent's research prior to Ji-sang's mom's Viking funeral. Just like the Soviets whose Space Shuttle Buran was almost, in no way, completely different from those capitalist pigs across the Atlantic. I'm still thinking Sidekick is a good guy, but DeNial isn't just a river in Egypt. BTW, did you notice JoAnne's Mode reads "DAAM"?

Luuvy tries to be funny but only annoys Pamp, who feels the beginnings of a migraine setting in. While all that happens, Rita is researching abnormal hypothermia. She stares and stares at the internetz. Nothing makes sense. Nothing ever made sense and it makes less and less sense now.
Pampire and Friend are mostly just more convinced than ever that someone 'knows' - and they want to know what this person is going to do with the information. Tell us how Friend knows, dammit!

Dude, your robot is not normal.

The next day, Ji-sang is wearing the same outfit, but isn't hungry at all. He is still shaken by what happened - who are these people? What do they want of him? Well, whatever they shot him with made his lips really red. Ha! I know!! The Vampires are testing color enhancers on him. You can inject it into your blood and it makes all the colors pop out. Like: If you've got bluish eyes, you'll have SUPER blue eyes. If you've got slightly red cheeks, you'll have FIRE red checks. Etc. Because he is so pretty, Luuvy flashes him a heart, but Ji-sang doesn't want to be loved by a robot. He is a bit conservative like that.
Finally, you are completely off-base. Your powers of deduction are superb! It took a long time! Basically this is just the scene where Friend demonstrates his mothering techniques. Pampire should be in bed, resting. Or eating lettuce wraps. Anyway he should NOT being to work, which is what Pampire intends.
Learned nothing new, and at least she isn't on the screen. Thumbs up for this conversation.

I know I fuss over you like an elderly woman but I'm totally straight.  See? Snapback on backwards, just like a guy.

Luuvy suggests he goes and gets lucky with the sexy lady that was there last night, but Ji-sang just throws salad at him. Come on, Ji-sang. You can't deny a little something. A little ... yeah, something. To help him along with the romantic feelings, Friend and Helper prepared a new drug for him. It'll make him immune to the light weapon AND it will make him more open for female advances.
At the END of the scene, they (Luuvy and Friend) talk about how juicy she is, yes. Pampire is surprised that they think so. Friend encourages Pampire to keep his Pampire Pills close, not in the safe.
Is it a drug? Or ultraviolet filtering contact lenses?  Because that makes more sense, and this shows desperately needs to be smacked around by a Logic Stick.

Friend:  Dat ass is 'bam'! Luuvy:  Heart-eu, Heart-eu

Uncle Whatshis is feeling all chipper and happy as he visits his ward-administrator Jae-wook. Yes, he took drugs. Tsts. And yes, the clinical drug trials are going really well, but they really need more fresh flesh. The test subjects are dying one by one and they still have such a long way to go. Poor Uncle ... he really doesn't know that this evil, evil doctor is using human beings to conduct VAMP research. He thinks it's all for the greater glory of human kind. He is so, so wrong.
Not quite there yet. But the scene did make it clear that Uncle is aware of Jae Wook's plans. Vampire stuff isn't mentioned so that might still be under wraps, but Uncle says that if things don't go the way he wants, he won't be nice about it. Then Jae Wook replies that sometimes people don't realize who they're fucking with, and those people should be careful, except he says it politely and in completely different words. But we know what he meant. So did Uncle.
The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination stated that in South Korea, deep-seated cultural biases originating in eugenics policies result in discrimination against multiracial people. So really, Vamp Leader is just trying to create a society that's more lenient to his virus, and will love him for what he is, not who he is. 

Nothing going on here.  We just caught Ji Jin Hee looking in the mirror.  It's kind of what we look like when we see him.

Rita is talking to her friend again (that's a thing in this drama, I see). Rita vents in front of her friend because she so doesn't like this guy. Where has Gu Hye-sun learned to screw up her face like that all the time? It must take a great deal of energy, bravo Gu Hye-sun.
And Friend responds with 'Sounds like you like him.  You aren't going to do that thing about the jumping and the dogs, are you? I thought you only did that when you were drunk.'
A bit later, she sees Ji-sang walking and follows him "in secret", all curious about the weirdness that he symbolizes. Of course, he immediately realizes he is being followed and turns around, all annoyed. May I say at this point that these two GET ON MY NERVES SO MUCH! She quickly open her phone and pretends to be talking to someone.
Here I admit sadly that I thought it was funny, for once, even though I knew what would happen is that her phone would ring.
Got noting but a big yawn on this one. But wait, research from the University of Vienna suggests that yawning is used to cool the brain. I guess using Google Fu to counteract my boredom is also counterproductive to snarking about it.

Ri Ta: He totally bought that. Ji Sang: Is she for real with this shit?

Rita can't stop thinking about the weird alien-looking guy. She has a nurse check whether that thermometer was broken - it wasn't. puzzling, puzzling... she observes two interns do the "are you truly a human"-game (where you splay out 2x2 fingers - only humans can do that) and goes to check on Ji-sang. She must have felt his snoring in her kokoro, because she enters the room he just went into. Yes, he's asleep. She sneaks in and leans over him to check his temperature and his pulse. She is totally fascinated by his long, elegant neck. Before her fingers can reach his neck, he opens his eyes. She quickly does the two finger thing - he does too. Huh. He is human.
Okay that was just outright funny. Admit it.
*** we wrote this whole section before we knew Nimoy had died. This is to you, Spock! Vulcan salute! (But the right way round) live long and prosper.   
Okay I did laugh. And, yes, bless you Leonard Nimoy for your amazing talents and lifetime of  good works.
Boo-yah, Biatch

She walks away, but there he is again, right in front of her! Can he walk through walls, the bastard? Impressive. He bullies her against the wall, looking deep into her eyes ... telling her to stay the FUCK away from him. There's nothing wrong with him but there will be with her if she doesn't stop meddling. He gets really close and that rattles her a bit. What is this strange feeling?
It's her Kokoro Alert, for sure. And I didn't think they were terrible together, there. Also, she asked him that VERY question.  You're freaking me out.
Is she rattled? I'm guessing from the musical cues because I can't figure it out from her face.

Ji Sang: Check out my new deodorant! Ri Ta: You still smell like antiseptic steak

Sexy Lady Vamp Doctor is now also working at the hospital, always accompanied by two security guards who are now dressed like doctors. She is even more bitchy than Rita, which is quite an accomplishment. Administrator overhears how she mistreats the nurses and is disturbed - so she goes and talks to Dr. Scruff. Yes, she had an affair with him too! She knows how to get the most out of her job, bravo. He doesn't like what is happening either - those new people? Creepy as hell and definitely not his style. They never wash, apparently! But he is looking forward to going out with  Ji-sang for a drink. He particularly likes his lips. It's all he can think about nowadays. She tells him it's okay - she often fantasizes about lips, too. Thanks for the tea and bai.
You had a little to drink to help you along with this, didn't you. SLVD was overheard telling the nurses to turn over all the medical records from the poor ward because her group would be in charge of them from now on. Lady Admin asks Dr. Scruff to find out what's going on, and offers to fund one of his own denied requests for an investigator grant. Scruff has principles, though, and refuses.  Or else he's just pissy. But I think it's principles, and I smell a brewing bromance.
I don't give anyone my passwords, even if some bitchy supervisor saunters up with goons in tow. You want a password, you go through ComIT.

Scruff really wants tapioca as he looks at Lady Admin

It's one of those extremely boring doctor conference, during which Jae-wook presents his (as he claims anti-cancer) drug research. 10 people died out of 20, but the doctors think that's quite okay - 50% isn't too bad. All but Rita! She says it's not okay how they jeopardize the lives of innocent people and when she's boss here, there will be no more of that shite.
In a complete reversal of the previous scene, where SLVD says her group will be in charge of the Poor Ward, Jae Wook tells all the regular doctors that they will now be caring for the indigent. No one in the regular group (or in the hospital at all) knows that there are going to be experiments. So is this a cover, or is this a sign of poor communication in the Pampire Posse?

Everyone spends 99% of each meeting wondering how those flowers get there

The nun, though a patient herself, prays with people, like for example the sad dude that is dying. His daughter gets up to talk to Ji-sang, to beg him to please help her dad. But of course, he's not good with kids. In fact, Ji-sang makes her cry. Rita, the good soul, consoles her, hating Ji-sang, who is strutting away to his office. But how can he give love when he has lost all he has ever loved?
Very close. The little girl asks him to just help Dad live longer or something, and Ji Sang, while touched (I recognized an emotion! You GO, AJH!) does that Spock thing where he is compelled to to be honest. Of course he will try his best, but there are no guarantees. Well what was he supposed to do, Rita? If he lied, you'd bitch about that later, too!
I was taught to never say, "Everything is going to be alright." So pampire is right, Pita is wrong.
Gu Hye Sun: Watch me be really irritating, young actor. Learn from my mistakes!

Now it gets really interesting (NOT). An ambulance arrives with a woman, who has hepatic encephalophathy and a cerebral edema. Homely girl overslept again and the two boy-interns are really angry with her. Luckily, kind Jae-wook turns up and takes her side after asking her name. I think he wants to experiment on her.
I forget why this stupid girl is always rushing up late to stuff. But I think this time she did have a reason.

The new patient is a lost case ... she has a portal vein thrombosis grade IV. Operating on her is incredibly difficult - only a genius can do it. Rita has an opinion, but of course, it's wrong. It always is. Yaddayaddayadda, they disagree or they don't or maybe whatever. Rita is angry, as always, blehblehbleh. JoAnne, bitte übernehmen Sie.
Oh but this is a key point for our future lovers! Rita proves that she IS a genius by seeing something on the underneath of what is shown, that no one else sees. So they turn the picture over and she's RIGHT. There's all these little white globs that spell disaster for the surgery unless you're a Surgical Jesus, which Ji Sang IS unless someone sprinkles garlic in his morning rice.

Ji Sang wonders if he should perhaps have worn a power tie, like Ji Jin Hee

In the end, they trick Ji-sang into agreeing to do the procedure. Why doesn't anybody get that he isn't here because he wants to save people but because he wants to research the master of all graves?! Just leave the poor boy alone!
Not only does he agree to do the surgery, but he invites Rita to help! Because she was the genius who saw the secret globs, which proves that she is a fit partner for him.  Medically now, but we know that this means also later, in life.

Ri Ta practices self-affirmations in the mirror: 'I'm good enough, and I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people LIKE me'

He goes to have a look at the patient in a semi coma and her grieving son. Said grieving son reminds him so much of himself as grieving son over a dying mother, he decides to help. He even pats the boy's shoulder! That's the first human contact he has had in years and it gives him tingly feelings all over. Jae-Wook sees it all and is very interested in the whole touching of shoulders.
Jae Wook is puzzled by the fact that Ji Sang seems to sincerely want to live as a human. Why would he want that, when he could be a Pampire God?
Yeah, I don't get it either.
Maybe from his point of view, it's more fun to ride the cable car to Namsam Tower, then, say, to leap all the way up there and possibly impale yourself on a rusty love-lock.

Little known fact:  when AJH is not actively involved in a scene, he likes to do imitations of Luuvy

Emergency! The patient crashes, they need to operate right away!! Luckily, a donor liver has just become available in a neighboring hospital. Ji-sang sends the girl intern with a nurse ... and Rita. Who thinks that's SO NOT OKAY, but has to go. Right before the ambulance can leave, Ji-sang joins them. He really wants to save that mother. To show us how serious he is, he is chewing his gum already.
Oh, maybe this was where he invited Rita to assist with the surgery. She was feeling disrespected and he shares his thoughts with her. Yeah, I think that's when it happened. Plus, she doesn't know this, but there's a part where someone (that would be Jae-wook, no?) tells Ji Sang about how the actual surgeon used to go fetch the organ, to show respect for the sacrifice.

It requires every ounce of AJH's strength to hold open the ambulance door

JW stares out of the window and then gives the order to attack. Once again, this is all part of his evil plan.

Ji Jin Hee: If we can just keep this going for 16 episodes, I can pay off my gambling debts

Friend and helper is analyzing the contents of the syringe. He sends Ji-sang a text: the analysis is almost ready. Dun dun dun dun dun.

The merry group of doctors is at that other hospital and rush in - the donor is already on the table. They take minute of silence to honor the soon dead person. Alright, they phone their home hospital to get started. Soon after, they've got the liver and start rushing back.
Where are all the other teams to dive in and harvest what's left? Lungs, heart, kidneys, corneas...A life is not just a liver. Oh wait, I promise to not talk med-speak. [quiets down]

In one tender interlude, colleagues discover the power of encouragement through a loving, supportive touch

Jae-wook is in his arm chair. It's reading time. He eats cookies and sips tea, all content with life.
How wtf is it, chocolate chip cookies. I guess this was supposed to show his whimsical human side.
I guess garlic pot roast is out as a favorite food.
I probably should have had hot cocoa with these cookies...

Friend and Helper now has the results of the DNA analysis and calls Ji-sang .... OH MY GOD. It's the same vampire killing drug they injected into his mother! Only in his case ... it didn't work. DAMN - what is he? The next generation of vampires? A super vampire? And BAM, Ji-sang hears the whale sound. The hooded vamps have arrived. And he just has to go after them. He takes of f his white gown, throws it at Rita and runs. What a dick. There's a woman dying in another hospital. Seriously. Sack him.
Nooo, we're supposed to understand that despite the bickering, he TRUSTS Ri Ta. They are colleagues and partners now. Can love be far behind? Besides, he promises to rejoin her at the moment when she needs him. Sigh. A mysterious man who knows that she is capable and yet promises to return to her side to support her when necessary, giving her the courage to grow - somehow he understands that her bravado is a shield for insecurity and doubt. A true partnership. I swoon. (hahahahahaha)
Seriously, are we watching the same show? [check, shudders] Yes we are. I didn't hear whales so much as Ominous Latin Chanting.

Ji Sang wonders just what kind of riffraff they allow at the local bus stop, these days

He follows them through the streets of Seoul to a dark courtyard, where they think they can beat him. But they can't. He is too smart and will always find them. Right now, he took a shortcut across the roofs and jumps down from high above.
Shameless attempt to capitalize on HealerFeels. Plagiarism!

The actor playing Joker is waiting impatiently for AJH to jump, because each time he does, he screams like a little girl

At the hospital, the completely damaged liver has been removed. And the new liver is here. But there are no doctors. One is chasing pamps, the other is eating cookies. Rita tries to reach pamp and cookie, but the first is busy, the second wants to finish his tea first.
The second is a dickwad who is deliberately pushing it for reasons of his own. The first will be there, I have no doubt.

What do you MEAN, no bars? I need to post a selfie on IG!

Ji-sang vamps out - they think they can hurt him with the blue light again, but nopesie, he took that drug Friend and Helper gave him. So they were contact lenses, but now, why no facial burns? He has one by the neck now, in a mirror image of Jae-wook an episode before. Who is it they're working for? Who killed his mother? Hahahaa, the pamps will not tell him. He grows even stronger and is about to kill the Joker, when suddenly, the police appear from nowhere and surround them. The two vamps runs away, Ji-sang holds his hands up.
Or WILL he... an epic battle between his doctorly oath and his pampire mystery commences! Just offscreen, so we just have to wait.

AJH: Ok it's punch, then block, then hold angry stare for 2 seconds...

Time is up at the hospital: the woman will die. Rita gets ready to do the operation herself, but look who is here!!! It's JW, strutting calmly into the hospital, greeting everyone friendly and cheerfully. He slowly changes into his surgeon garb and gets ready to do the procedure. He clearly is on drugs again. Only a person full of drugs can be that happy and sure of himself.
Or an ass, or a crazy person. I think he is all three.
And drinking his own pee again.

I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it show it show it...I'm sexy and I know it

But when the doors to the operating room open to led the doctor through ... it's not him. It's Ji-Sang. AND Jae-wook, just a few steps behind him. Both are ready to operate. Both stand there with glove-ready hands. AWKWARD. And man, I'm glad I'm not the one who needs to pick up that medical bill.
There will be no bromance here. When Jae Wook realizes he cannot force Ji Sang to give up his human side, he will focus all his assiness on breaking the poor Pampire Boy. Pampire Boy will eventually destroy Jae Wook, but not without some twinge of compassion, because loving Ri Ta will fully fuel his human emotions.
I just knew I should have given this show up for Lent.
I am TOTALLY going to catch this bouquet, dammit!


If I were interested in this drama at all, I would be interested in whether Jae-wook is Ji-sang's dad. Or is he maybe Rita's real dad?
Oooh, plot twistiness. I do not think he is the father of either, but I do think Ri Ta's Uncle Evil could possibly have some connection to pampires in general, possibly going back a long way, possibly having something to do with the death of Ri Ta's parents. And while I'm on that thought, Gap Soo's rather drawn, lined face would have been good for an aged vampiric leader, would it not?
Anyway, JoAnne might think she likes this somewhat, but I tell you, people: it is extremely boring. And every single plotpoint is stolen from somewhere. Fie.
If your brain finds humor in ridiculousness, it's not boring.
I think my brain is overheating, Time for another yawn.