Rants and Weekly Raves #28 (RAWR)

JoAnne: It's Saturday, we should be FINISHING this post, not starting it...but it was that kind of week everywhere, I think?  I don't even think I watched that much KDrama. I think I'm behind on everything now, pretty much.
Lafer: The hotel is once again open here in Florida so I have very little time for watching things. But I will be looking for a new show to fill the void of Heart to Heart. I think I'll try I Heard it Through the Grapevine.
Shuk: It's been a busy week in RL, thanks to all the recent bad weather.  But I still manage to squeeze in some drama-watching time!
kakashi: I'm slightly panicked. I have a pre-birthday brunch today but should write two texts. And yesterday, I spent 4 hours getting the garden in order. And I am still 3 recaps behind the 6 !!!! I now have to do every week.
JoAnne: Should we, perhaps, discuss this? Do you want me to do this coming week's SoGC? I know you don't want to switch on Blood because then you'd have to watch it (that will NEVER happen), and we need your particular gif skills for Rim.
Shuk: Don't worry about Blood. I'll take care of Ep 5. [sigh] The things I do for my Twitterbeans.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Oh, I see how it is.

Heart to Heart

JoAnne: Behind, but catching up at least somewhat this weekend.
Lafer: I can't wait to finish it tonight. This drama has caused me so many tears because their acting is so good that I feel what they are feeling. Yes, the storyline is flawed, but it's the relationship and the way the doctor speaks honestly about his feelings that I adore. 

Ho Gu's Love

JoAnne: Not behind! And officially in love with every single member of the cast, now that Kang Chul is better known. There's no question in my mind that he's not the baby's father. I saw someone speculating that it is Do Hee's agency's director, and for various reasons I tend to think that might be right. Kang Chul would have known about the pregnancy because he's the legal counsel for the agency.
becca: Y'know… that could make sense. And it would definitely make me feel less guilty about how much I love Kang Chul.

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

JoAnne:  FINALLY Hyung makes a move.  FINALLY.  It's almost to the point where I think they're going to switch leads on us and have Ray win Hae Ra's heart, but Se Jong may just squeak through.  Don't do yourself any favors, dude...I mean REALLY your timing sucks.  Loving the developments between Henry and Woori although I have never quite understood the 'I don't like her at all, oh wait, maybe I love her' thing. 

Hyde Jekyll Me

JoAnne: I haven't seen this week's episodes yet. Does that make me behind?
Oddly enough, I jump to watch this before watching our other DID show. I like the nuances between the main couple more, maybe. It's definitely more subtle. The incompetent police, the twistedly evil but worthy of pity bad guy, eh not so much. But I like Seo Jin's quiet confessions to HaNa, which are so different from Robin's almost desperate actions. 
JoAnne: I like this show, I'm just not all that excited about it. Mostly I like watching Hyun Bin and Sung Joon figure their issues out.

Kill Me Heal Me

JoAnne: Not sure if I saw last week, but I know I haven't seen this week. I can't help but see all the chatter so I have an inkling of what's going on. Since it's ending, I really need to be current - this is one where I will want to know how it resolves right along with everyone else.
Lafer: I caught up to epsiode 15, but have stalled again. I enjoy the show, but I'm not going to lie. I LOVE Ji Sung. So I get a little distracted from the storyline. There is something about this drama that makes me enjoy it if marathoning, but once I stop watching I kind of forget about it till the next time I get a chance to catch up.
Watched them both. Really, nothing but flashbacks that are they are using like a roll of paper towels to block all the plot holes. Yes the final goodbyes of some of the personalities was nice, but I am ready to move on past the stupid corporate takeover and get on with the rest of the story.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

JoAnne: I've yet to watch Episode 4, but through Episode 3 this became more and more funny, but not really in a knee-slapping way, more in a 'did that really just happen' kind of way. It's so very well done, and I'm poised to loathe In Sung's parents and daydream of forcing them to stand in mud while watching strangers kiss (it would kill them) - but I love the kids and I love the housekeeper/butler husband and wife and I'm curious to see what her family is going to do about all of this.
Episode one was great. I'm looking forward to catching up on this (and everything else) over spring break.

Unkind Women

JoAnne: I'm including this because even though there's a GifCap for Mary, we're not really recapping the drama, and I have to talk about it because I love it! These women aren't really unkind, at least not so far - they ARE honest, and they're all facing/have faced real disappointments and struggles, things that WOULD really piss you off at either the world or a segment of it, so they're pretty easy to relate to. It helps that these are actresses I enjoy who are respected for their talents, because it would be easy to go in a really terrible direction with the characterization, here. Another plus: some terrific men in the cast, people that, when you see them you think, oh, YAY! And then, of course, Rim is the icing on the cake. His character is a sweetheart, so far. He meets Mari at a low point for her, but he's drawn to her in part because he has deep respect for teachers, but also because she's just plain cute in her awkwardness.

We Got Married

Show, you are officially dead to me. Draw your own conclusions, dear readers.


This show is getting intense! And rather exhausting. If we don't stop with the torture soon, I may let it drop and just read recaps. I'm sad with the turn of events but guess it was necessary for the real OTP to get together.


JoAnne: EMPIRE, baby! Damn, but this show is good. Still watching what I was watching last week, but now The Following is back on TV and a whole lot of characters from before are dead and Joe Carroll is a somewhat broken man (or is that a ploy, hmmmm) and Ryan White has both a new love AND a new foe - well an old foe, someone who has now come into more focus as the central evil this year. For those who watch, it's the more crazy/less intelligent twin, now that his whole family has been killed off.  Liking it, Kakashi.  You going to check out this year's version?  Also:  with the news that this years American Horror Story will be set in a hotel and include Lady Gaga, I am officially intrigued.

Becca and I are at episode 7 of Ngao Jai SqueeCaps. Not too shabby considering that there are two 1 1/2 hour episodes every week! True we are behind (This week was 11 / 12), but I hope for some cute on the horizon to give us a boost of energy, if only our asshat lead male will focus on his job (finding his younger brother's attackers) instead of his distractions (finding an excuse to skinship with his younger brother's wife). Becca questions her sanity in watching lakorns, never mind SqueeCapping. Me, I just enjoy alternately yelling and sighing.
I watched ahead a bit, and *squee squee squee*! The recap for episode 8 should be up very soon, squeeglets, so look forward to it!
When I do have time to watch dramas, I've been watching The Family is Coming. There are only a handful of characters that I really love, but the rest aren't terrible, and the show itself is very feel-good. Four episodes in, the plot seems pretty straightforward: rich grandma has returned from the US and her family is competing for her wealth. There's the sweet dad and son (our lovable hero, played by Jin Yi-han), the fake lawyer and her brother, who need the money to repay their parents' debt, and the rest of the money-grubbing relations, who aren't evil, really, but just selfish. Did I mention that our hero is a sweetheart? Because he is. I just want him, dad, grandma, and our (reluctant) lady con-artist to live happily ever after.


mary said…
Oh. Where did our ninja comments go? T____T
Jo said…
What ninja comments? The ones you were posting on draft? Good question!
dewaanifordrama said…
I am waaaay behind on most dramas because: RL. I am current with Hogu's Love and Hyde though. I totally agree with you sentiments expressed. I hadn't thought of her agency manager being the baby daddy, but I also agree that I really don't think it's Kang Chul. Once I finish with the current ending cycle, I think I might pick up Unkind Women. From what you've said, it sounds great.
mary said…
Yes! Unkind Women counts 11 comments, but there's only 6. Haha
kdramamartyr said…
Disqus is here... since when? :o
I'm all caught up with the Maids and well... I love it, but the increase of Oh's face screentime and the drastic change in one character was sad to watch.
I mostly watched doramas last week - started 'Date' (it's hilarious!), watched new episodes of Maru Maru Tsuma, Ouroboros, Mondai no Aru Restaurant and other~~
kakashi said…
Disqus came, saw, and conquered
Hey, somebody suggested Date here recently!
Sadly, I haven't had time to watch anything. I'm being squashed by work right now. How did this happen? So mean. Sneaking up on me like that.....
Lafer said…
I agree with the change of the character. This is one time I was really hoping for the 2nd lead to prevail. Maybe our love for O-face will increase once he actually says something. I don't know that I've ever heard him utter more than 10 words at a time. Then again - maybe that would make it worse. We shall see.
ralisa said…
Such a busy period for me sadly, i feel guilty when I am watching dramas as I really should be doing something else. Caught up on Hogu's love and Maids and loving them both. Dropped SOGC due to time constraints but reading the squeecaps :))
Behind on KMHM, hoping to maraton the remaining episodes next weekend. Really want to watch Unkind Women
Jo said…
Ouroboros! That's another that I'd like to watch.
ralisa said…
regarding Maids got whiplash due to her former fiancee's change in behaviour, dissapointing, he was great and so different from what we expect to see in a second lead in kdrama. Oh's screentime has increased significantly and my mother is happy( corrupted her to watch) as she thinks he is sooo hot
Kmuse said…
Joanne - So happy you are watching Unkind Women as well. I keep trying to get all my friends to give it a chance despite its low romance focus. Really is entertaining and well written.
alexe said…
Hello , stressed ladies !
I agree with you about HyunBin/Sung Joon and Heard through the Grapewine .
Heart to heart ended well . It was a good love story . Too bad , however , that the Detective/Sister story hasn't been more developped .
Maids keeps up to its level : very good . My heart is bumping-bumping .
I tried first episode of Bluebird : week-end family drama , with so many senior actresses I love and an actor I can't miss : Cheon HoJin . I 'll go on with that one .
laos7 said…
I guess it would make it worse as I cringe every time he says more than one sentence. He's pronunciation is bad, baaaaaaaad.
laos7 said…
It's really a shame that all the worked sneaked up on you so suddenly and you can't enjoy all the dramas :(
Lafer said…
Is he not from SK? Why is his pronunciation bad? I guess that's the up side to not understanding Korean - I didn't notice. But I have to say, I was not expecting what happened in episode 13 to happen so soon. Maybe he does have his good points, lol.
mary said…
Maybe the sageuk pronunciation?
Easter_Lily71 said…
I'm tossing up whether to start on Super Daddy Yeol right away or to wait a bit before jumping in.
It's the super villain from JBR!
laos7 said…
He's from SK, but his pronunciation sounds really off, he speaks like a 'modern' person, he doesn't enunciate the sageuk speach like he should.