Rants and Weekly Raves #31 (RAWR)

Hello, hello! ^____^
Hello, Hello! I see I am not alone in not knowing what to rant or rave about this week. I am down to one drama as I have just finished Date. Which was a crazy, enjoyable marathon. Otherwise, not much to contribute at this point. 
Hi! What DID I watch this week?
I watched nothing.
You had 4711 birthday parties to coordinate for Tiny Cute.
I watched waaay too much, and now my brain is full of plot twists and kissing scenes. And with the end of HJM, I've got nothing active on the SK dramalist.
And heroes to come to save the day! At the last minute, of course.

HoGu's Love

Still loving this show and everyone in it, but like almost everyone I talk to, I AM curious how they will resolve Kang Chul's situation. All these years he thought it was Ho Gu who made his heart race, and he's finally come to accept that he's gay (sort of accept)... except it was Ho Gu's sister who really kissed him, so he'll have some adjusting to do when he discovers that. Personally, I think he fell for the personality and spunk of that person, and that would have been true regardless of their gender. What it does, for me, is show that he's open to loving a human being and that gender might not matter. What I'd like to see is him become more comfortable with the idea of it being Ho Gu, so that he doesn't feel ashamed of himself. And THEN I want him to find out it was the girl who's been helping him figure all of it out, and realize that their budding friendship is the beginning of true love for him.
One idol who can act his butt off - Im Seulong

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

Nice ending - they bring down Emperor Entertainment, they get the credit out there for Hae Ra's dad, Ray is actually okay about the sacrifice he made - and really, through out the series he was a generous, fair person. He was never underhanded, he was above board with his intentions, he waited patiently when Hae Ra wasn't sure, and he can't be blamed for moving forward when she encouraged him. Given the choice to be a selfish dick or help Se Jong when he needed it, he always, always, ALWAYS chose to help.  Even when it hurt.
Se Jong and Hae Ra did their dance all over a few hearts, if you think about it... but I was always rooting for them, even if the conflicts just kept coming and no one would say what they really felt until the other one was bound to say the opposite. Looks like all our little side couples will do well, too, and I had to laugh at Scarlet's new career as a golf pro with a completely thrilled Ki Joon as her caddy. I would have liked them to actually turn and help the good guys toward the end, but I can't have everything!
Come back to us soon.  We miss you already.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Funnier every week, but I'm liking In Sang's mom a lot less than his dad, at this point. Dad is genuinely thrilled that Seo Bom is smart and he is completely besotted with the baby. Mom is a jealous bitch who can't stand that Seo Bom might be smarter than her son and doesn't really want much to do with the baby - and she somehow manufactured a huge snit out of what can't be NEW news that at one time her bitchy friend was interested in marrying In Sang's dad. I didn't get that whole blow up at all, but at least I know why they dislike each other.  As for Bitchy Friend's daughter, I suspected she either liked In Sang or just didn't like having another girl have a claim to one of 'her' boys, but I wasn't expecting a suicide attempt. And yet, it doesn't feel out of place either. This show is good at mixing real issues in with ridiculousness.
My one and only drama that I'm watching - I am lighting candles and doing penance to beg that this one is worthy to be finished. So far, so good. I hope we get to see more of the servants, though, as they are becoming some of my favorite people to watch.
These kids are alright

SuperDaddy Yul

I love it. Yeah, Mirae is an odd mix of adorable and inhuman. I'd like to know why. Why is she so insistent on 100% or nothing, going back to before she broke up with Yul in the first place?  But I get her desperation now - she has next to no time to protect the rest of her daughter's life and no family to fall back on. I'd be a little crazy too. I worried ALL the time about whether my daughter would be okay if something happened to me, and I have TONS of family who would have fought to take her in - but no one is like your mom, and it was always the two of us, as long as she could remember.  So yeah, I get that, loud and clear.
I know what's on MY grocery list...

Angry Mom

I haven't watched it yet, but I'm hearing that it's not the show we thought it would be. I'm also hearing that isn't necessarily a bad thing - so I hope to check it out soon
They grow up so fast...and it pisses me off

Unkind Women

I am behind, and so now I am confusing the story that I am making up with the bits I hear on T-list, and I have no idea what's going on except that somehow the two young men are related. I am not sure if they know it, but I know MaRi doesn't. It doesn't affect the Rim-only version because, you know, Rim-only.
Honestly, Rim


This finished and I hear Oh-face hardly ever moved. I wanted to watch but maybe I won't after all.
After raving about it for, oh, 15 episodes, it got really, really unbelievable and I dropped it. I mean he's dead, he comes back, no one is surprised! An army chases them, they get away, but her maid finds them no problem. And she'll just hang with them while she's at it. No, I am truly sorry that this went south. And with the exception of one crying scene, by episode 17 Oh-face still was dead-pan as ever. Another drama I won't finish.
Frankly, this expression would be enough for a good long while
Ok, now I see why I was obsessed with him in my early drama years.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

So, it's done. Episode 19 had the stupidest, skeeviest ending I have ever seen. Marrying someone with no corporeal body and then getting down in his officetel made me feel slightly unclean.  Like I needed a young priest and an old priest for a exorcism or something. The writers managed to pull a decent ending out of their hats in the end, using an amalgamation of the two personalities so HaNa could have everything perfect and pretty.  After all, if GSJ could draw her after the wedding, then he probably had the memories of the wedding night, even if he didn't have the wedding itself in his head [shudders] Still, overall, I didn't feel like it was a complete waste of hours. Props to Hyun Bin for his one-man-show and his Adam's Apple, which kept my staring through much of the production. I can only surmise that with the loss of the Chinese money, the writer chose a hundred monkeys to write the script instead.
We lost the Chinese money?  That explains SO much.

Missing Noir M

It started! It's on viki! I will watch. Because it's going to be a little bit like TEN, isn't it.
Oh me too! I was interested in this but keep forgetting to include it in lists!
Wait, the thinking girl's puppy is in this, too?


Where the heck are we with the FakeCaps? Oh right, with me. [sobs, grabs for the soju]
Shuk.  If it's not fun, don't do it.
Ever ripped a scab off? It hurts right, then why do it? Answer: I DON'T KNOW.  I will finish this gawd-awful thing if it kills me. [dragging myself back onto my feet, swaying]  Must...finish.
Adorable Friend's face is the best thing about this drama


I just inhaled Season 1 of Community and began Season 2. I saw something the other day that mentioned a show starring Colin Hanks as the son of a recently deceased musician, and somehow he gets pulled into his dad's world of magic. I realized just now that it might not mean an actual magical world... so I might not watch it, after all. Still on with Vikings, BlackList, Jane, Dead, - oh, I need to watch 2d episode of iZombie.

I have a question: Where the fook is Kim Ji-hoon hiding these days?! And please, darling, don't sign up for another weekender. Please. Please. 
Wait, wait! I just read somewhere that he's going to be in something! I think starring actually. As a father? Teacher? No, it's a "cantankerous, blunt judge" according to Dramabeans, and it will be a KBS drama special with Moon Ji-in called Funny Woman. So while it's nothing huge, kakashi, it may be enough to hold you over until something bigger comes along.
Ah, yes! Well, I guess I should read stuff at Dramabeans from time to time! Typecast in a drama special. Better than nothing, right?  

I've been chillaxing after days of desserts and huge amounts of food, It's sad when you have eaten so many sweets that you reach past the lemony cupcake for a banana. And since I took a birthday day off from work, I managed to marathon the entire Pin Anong; the first 5 episodes of Leh Ratree 2015 (all that was available); the first two of Khun Chai Ronnapee (I may not finish it since it's not really holding my interest); the first one of Mia Teuan; finished recapping episode 14 of Winter Sonata; added another chapter to my Kim Woobin fanfic; and together with becca, posted Ngao Jai ScruffCap for episode 12. Okay, so maybe it wasn't exactly chilling out, but it was relaxing for me!