블러드 Blood - Episode 14 (A FakeCap)

kakashi:  In this drama that never ends, big discoveries are being made in this episode. I think.
JoAnne:  Gawd, I don't remember. I remember liking the week's episodes, mostly. Then I reminded myself of how bad the acting is - it's not terrible, it's just.... Ahn Jae Hyuk needs work, and Gu Hye Sun, well - I think she can do it, but her choices this time around sometimes grate painfully. So even if I like some of the stuff the story is doing, I never fully engage because I'm watching THEM.
Shuk: I literally watch it to comment, then delete it promptly and never think of it again.

Episode 14

Showdown in the conference room: Ji-sang is challenging Jae-wook to Truth or Dare! “Truth”, Jae-wook says. And Ji-sang puts up that image of him, his parents and that Mentor doctor. You’ve been lying to me, haven’t you? Ji-sang says. Jae-wook doesn’t deny it, but he doesn't confess, either. You knew my parents, Ji-sang says, you knew all about them and you knew about me. What role do you play in all of this, you scoundrel? Out with it! I’m your father, says Jae-wook. Me and your mother used to have fun in the lab behind the stairs. (I knew it!!)
You are wrong, Sensei. At least about the fathering and the fun. Jae Wook insists that he kept it secret because that's what they all agreed to do. I sort of wish he WAS the father.
It's not really all that big a reveal, in my book. It doesn't materially change their behaviors or the plot. It's just... there.
Absolutely Awesome Friend is looking at test result (Let me guess: of some drug in some blood). Something catches his eye. At the same time, Rita finds “the photo”. The photo to rule them all. I am sure JoAnne and Shuk will explain to me why this photo is such a big deal? Cause I seriously have no clue.
Don't ask me, because I don't get it, either.
Well, in the case of Rita, the photo tells her that Jae Wook has a connection to Ji San that pre-dates Taemin Hospital; it also tells her that Jae Wook might just know a thing or two about vampires - especially since the photo is dated 1971 or something, and Jae Wook's CV says he was born in 1977. 
What, he's supposed to be younger than me?! He looks like 50!
The photo is such a big deal that Jae-wook takes Ji-sang home again. To the sex chair! But still, only for more teasing … for some standing in front of it. You can almost hear the sex-chair’s cries: Sit into me! Sit! Sit! It feels neglected, the poor piece of furniture.
There hasn't been any sex chair in WEEKS. I am concerned.
"Welcome to my underground chair... err... lair." says Doctor Evil.
The truth is, as we learn, that Jae-wook brutally killed Scruff’s Dad. Because he wouldn't give him pee-drink. And Ji-sang’s parents? Well, that was an accident, says Jae-wook. He wanted to cure them, but the drug just wasn't ready yet. That's why he's testing and testing now. Will Ji-sang believe him? He should. Jae-wook’s smile is the sweetest in the world.
That's the actual truth, mostly, but you know it's not what he said at all. More crap that paints him as the innocent victim, I think.
I'm wondering the cinematic reason behind his verbal spin doctoring against flashbacks of what really happened. You know, besides pure filler and a rehash of special effects makeup.
We have to be glad we have Rita, through, cause SHE has been born with with an investigator gene! She should, in fact, have appeared in Healer. Cause that photo? Something is fishy.
If it was 56 years different, I might have been more impressed. But six years? Not enough to make that big a difference, in his life or in the story.
Ji-sang complains to Awesome Friend about their hair. He really hates it and hopes they’ll get a do-over. Awesome Friend is so happy to hear it!!! He wants one too!!!
What's wrong with Awesome's hair? I can't picture him right now. Show me.
Jae-wook is talking to his two last minions - they get one more chance to get rid of the annoying vermin or else. He totally means it. The Pampires know, too. And then, he slooooooowly slowly injects the anti-Pamp drug into Non-Boss Vampire. Well, good way to test it, really! It’s the one Ji-sang used, right?
He's punishing him. For the rest of his long, long, long life, he will have excruciating pain because of whatever that was. Damn, that's cold.
Yes, but if he feels excruciating pain 24/7, isn't that going to affect his usefulness as a minion? Can you be sneaky when your very nerves are screaming? He will be too busy scoring Oxycontin and smoking pot to really be an effective fighter.
Rita is unhappy - Ji-sang kept the photo to rule them all from her! How could he! It’s … the biggest secret in their whole world! Does he not love her? Evil Pamp! Evil! He tries to defend himself, but his excuse is and sounds weak. He does admit that he has trust issues - it’s because of his terrible past, all that violence and stuff. He just hasn't learned to confide in people. Can they try once again? He also tells her he really likes her sweater. The color suits her. Well done, man. This is how you win a woman’s heart!
He tells her, yet again, that he thinks the less she knows, the more likely she is to live. Given that Jae Wook keeps saying leading things like 'Gee, I hope she doesn't know much, for her sake.' I'd have to agree with Ji Sang, but then there's the pesky argument of her being an adult who should make her own choices... except how do you say this to someone: 'I know shit that could get you killed. I can tell you and you can help me since you clearly were born to be nosy, or you can opt to remain in the dark and just watch me from the sidelines with patchy knowledge. Up to you!'
Knowledge is Power, Power is Knowledge, All of it needs Acting Skill. It's a vicious cycle.
Alone in his office, Ji-sang stares at a photo of his parents … what’s the dark secret they were hiding from the world? He presses the picture to his heart, in the hope to be enlightened. But instead, Rita comes up behind him and touches his shoulder… can she touch his nipple again? She’d really like to. He isn’t really in the mood, though. Which is understandable, given all that’s going on in his life.
He's just looking at his parents, missing them. Well, missing Mom. How can you miss Dad if you never met him?  So he's missing Mom and regretting not having known his dad.  Ri Ta comes in and says it probably hurts as much now as it would have if he'd known about it back then and that he can rely on her for comfort and all that kind of stuff.  He looks like he might be touched by that.
It's constipation from her cooking.
Rita is with the nun (wait … why is she no longer in a single room?). Nun is very ready to die. She has been dying for a long time, too, if I may say so. Heartless me doesn’t care about her at all. Less than not at all. It must be Jae-wook's influence!
Yeah, let the nun go. Has she taught all the lessons she needs to share with these God-players?
No reason to waste a single-patient room on someone circling the drain. Or is this the IP ward?
Jae-wook and Ji-sang meet up for one of their hospital talks. Ji-sang is feeling on top of things this morning (secretly, he is imagining some nipple-touching later) and tells Jae-wook that his evil reign will soon come to an end.
This might be one of the times when Ji Sang cryptically thanks Jae Wook and promises to repay the favor ten-fold, and then Jae Wook gets to have a moment where he looks like he half-way suspects that Ji Sang isn't REALLY grateful for Jae Wook's help.
Hey TWO can play the Inscrutable Implication Game.

I’m not so sure about that, though, cause what we do see is how Sad Dad is turning into Big Bad EVIL Dad all of a sudden. Well, because his wife spilled soup on him, which is totally unpleasant. Ah, the rage-fits. Yes, they are an issue.
It spills the soup in the LAP.  It spills the soup in the LAP.  This reminded me of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, but I have no idea why because it really doesn't have anything similar.  Maybe the voice.
It was a spoonful of soup, not the entire bowl. I think they keep beating us over the head with these flashes of temper, maybe to imply that VampDoc didn't really want to "Send His Mentor To America", but that is was uncontrollable rage that made him squeeze that neck.
Awesome Friend hands Ji-sang a DNA analysis on paper: that drug he took affected his brain - he’ll never be normal again. Pamp-normal. Every time he takes the drug, he will turn a little bit more human and a little bit more vulnerable. I’ll be damned. He'll die a human!
Ah, crap, what was it. Something about one of the virus that make up the drug - there was a huge outbreak somewhere and basically it does something to your brain and makes you a raging bloodthirsty asshole. He can never take it again!
A particular virus in the mix causes suppression in the areas of the brain that handle emotion; hence the rage-fits. So the storyline goes. In truth, the part of the brain they mention is the first to form embryonically and is a direct link to the eyes and the pituitary gland. Maybe that's why they flash green when they vamp out? And the whole growth plate stuff previously? Or maybe, maybe I just hope there is some purpose in constantly throwing out medical terms like this is a documentary on poor hospital practises.
Time for Rita to stick a ribbon in her hair and go see Lady Admin. The older lady is quite shocked to hear that Rita hates her jacket. She paid so much for it!
Most ineffective Scooby Gang ever.
In Scruff’s lab, things get interesting. NOT. More talking. I’m running out of ideas here. I’m sure they’re talking about drugs, vampires, girls, or all of the above.
I think this is where Scruff says it would be boring to give up now and be safe, so he's going to continue on with his research. I kinda love this guy a little bit, he's so scruffy.
And brave enough to keep going with the research, even though his ticket to America was almost punched.
Uncle Rita is feeling bad - because Lady Admin blackmailed him. JoAnne/Shuk, you must explain! Did she say: stop all that drug-experiment nonsense or I’ll go tell the press and you’ll go down in redhot flames? He feels so betrayed … He is doing it for the good of humanity! And himself, obviously. But he is also part of humanity (not so much, anymore IMHO).
Nope, she's very loyal in her disloyalty. Uncle Rita is furious and I think a bit shocked that she would blackmail him - and I think we still don't know with WHAT, exactly - but all she wants is to keep her job and protect Taemin Hospital. She's blackmailing him to keep her job and her responsibilities. Nothing more.
What JoAnne unni said.
Rita is showing what a good-natured woman she is in the kid’s ward. When Glasses comes in. And Stupid Doc. Stupid Doc says “out of here”, Glasses. Which makes Glasses get a little violent (hand-twisting). Which makes Rita go and help Stupid Doc. Intern sees it all and is pissed - we all know she doesn’t like Glasses. In any case, Glasses injects drugs into the Challenged Sick girl.  Glasses is SO EVIL.
Glasses gets more freaky every time we see him.  He makes Jae Wook look like a boy scout.  At least Jae Wook has convinced himself he's doing this for the good of mankind - I think all Glasses hears in his head is this, looped: Keeeeeeel them, keeeeeeeeel them
With his little creepy Chucky smile.
Rita has to tell all about this shocking scene Ji-sang and whine a bit. Ji-sang gets really angry and storms into Glasses office to warn him. And still, nobody has told me where I know Glasses from! He gets to flash his green eyes at Ji-sang ... but only behind his back. Rita is pleased about her strong, righteous vampire.
Awww, this was cute. When Ri Ta tells Ji Sang about poor little doc, he's all, 'Well, he interfered, he got what he deserved, maybe.' but then when she mentions that Glasses got in HER face, he all of a sudden jumps off and rushes off to kick some verbal ass.
Impulse is bad, Ji Sang. Remember the drug you injected? Plus, Glasses is not impressed and will likely now do even more mayhem than previously ordered by VampDoc.
Lady Admin is still thinking about Rita's words and whether she should get rid of that expensive jacket. He then rings a friend to meet and discuss the issue.
At night, in the lab, Scruff and Ji-sang have an earnest talk. Ji-sang says: I know you've fancied me for a long time. But sorry, it can't be. Look! And he shows him the one photo to rule them all. We might be related, Ji-sang adds. We might be brothers. Look, this is mommy! And he shows him the farewell video of his mother. Scruff is fighting tears. Mommy! Mommy!
Ji Sang came out of the coffin, so to speak.
Why in the hell are they even doing the Secret Squirrel Secret Reveal in a hospital filled with surveillance devices and black-suited guards?! It would have been better to do this at a pojangmacha. What happens at a p'macha stays at the p'macha.
Intern Girl is debriefing with Jae-wook. Sometime, they secretly meet in that observatory over the operating room, cause it smells so nice. She tells him all about how much Rita loves Pampers and Jae-wook has a hard time believing it. With those ears? Someone loves him despite those ears?!
Intern Girl tells Jae Wook she is pretty sure that Ri Ta knows basically everything now.  Or maybe this is the part where Intern Girl tells Jae Wook how he's all noble and stuff.  He might have been once, Intern Girl... but he's not now.
I worry for you, girl, for one day you too will be transferred to America.
And now, Ji-sang is dropping the other bomb: look, he tells Scruff, I am Pampire. And he cuts himself in front of his almost-lover, to show him his cool fast healing. It's certainly a turn-on, but sadly, there is no time. Only urgency. Scruff decides to take a cold shower at home, but now, he wants more answers. So he basically asks what Rita asks, mostly about bodily functions.
Yeah, he didn't believe Ji Sang, so this is how Ji Sang proves his claims. Scruff's reaction was one I never considered - he feels incredibly guilty and at fault, since his father is the one who discovered the virus in the first place. Aww, he's such a nice guy. He feels absolutely terrible to Ji Sang.
Who keeps an Exacto knife in your pen container? That strikes me as a really really bad place, especially when reaching in for your gel pen.
They take it to a street stall, (Exactly what I said! Finally!) where Scruff drinks a few to digest all that heavy news. He found his Mommy today and he learned about Pampires. But he will never give up on Ji-sang, he says. Never. He'll always be there waiting for him. With open arms and an open heart. It's a very touching scene. Scruff even bows very deeply to Ji-sang.
This poor guy, he can't even lift his head he feels so burdened with guilt and shame. Ji Sang reassures him that it's not his fault, and the best thing they can do is to move forward as a team and SOLVE this. Which, when you consider Ji Sang could easily hold this guy's father responsible for his infection and the deaths of his parents, plus all the people who've died in the 40 years since, and now the horrible experiments going on in Ward 21A... Ji Sang is pretty forgiving.
Yeah, cause I blame his father a lot! He's responsible for this drama!!!!! 
When Ji-sang gets home, he reeks of alcohol. Time for Rita to bitch a bit. Ah, we looooove your face, Gu Hye-sun, we really do! Please keep doing them! It's a simple kind of calculation: Ahn Jae-hyeon has absolutely NO facial expressions, so you need to go 200%. Then, we can share between you two.
I like Ahn Jae Hyun's face best when he has on the surgical mask and makes an angry/focused face. It was a funny bit here though - she says she thought he couldn't drink and he says no, he's pretty good at it.  So then she asks why he refused to drink on Jeju and told her he couldn't drink alcohol at all, and he says it was because he didn't like her then. She gets all blushy and says 'Oh, you like me now? Would you drink for me now? How many?' and he gets all blushy and says 'Yeah, you're okay. I dunno...2, 3...maybe 4 drinks?' And then they totally don't make out at all.
Another meeting with Jae-wook in the hospital! Ji-sang informs him that he has completely given up on the sex-chair, which surprises Jae-wook. Nobody has ever been strong enough to resist the sex-chair before! This is amazing.
I dunno, maybe he told him he wasn't going to take the stuff anymore?
He withdraws himself from treating any of the IP Ward patients. Basically I thinks alerting VampDoc that he will not participate in any Vampirus experiments at all.
Scruff is still very shaken the next morning - and very scruffy. Half of what they thought about Pampers was wrong, he informs Rita's friend, they need to start over again. She gets angry (also because she knows how redundant she is), but she has no choice.
Ha, this is funny - Scruff is COMPLETELY hung over and in awe of Ji Sang's drinking skills. I think he tells her about some of the stuff they've figured out, too. Yeah, I remember her being amazed that vampires are real.
I just want the underwear scene with Scruff!
The dying nun is still dying, but now it's more serious, the dying. Rita is still sooo saaad about it, and Ji-sang comforts her. Come on, touch my nipples, he whispers. Touch them! Instead, she wants to touch his stubble. On the right hand side. It's amazing, she exclaims - there is none! None whatsoever!
And then Ji Sang turns toward the camera and breaks the 4th wall and does a blatant CF about his new skin regimen, 'Like a Baby's Butt'. What, you didn't see it? Maybe he IS a vampire with super speed!
The voice in my head whispered, "Hurry and go to The Face Shop! Nao!!"
Lady Admin still hasn't found anybody else to talk about her jacket, so she changed out of it. Into that white thing that makes her look dead.
Queen of the Vampires, I am telling you. Just wait.
As long as she rips everybody's heads out, and I mean everbody's, I'm fine.
The voice on the phone was reading ghe  "Vampire Slang Dictionary" entry for Transfer To America.
Jae-wook and Ji-sang are going to operate! But first, time for a little talk in the hallway. Those two sure looooove to chat! but what is that?! No more moneys for operations? We don't get to see it! But we get to see more talking. I have insider information that this show should have been called "Talking Dead", but then, the reps got cold feet.
There's a show called Talking Dead that runs after Walking Dead on Sunday nights. I love it. The network is in discussion to run a home shopping network show called Shopping Dead, but I probably won't watch that. It focuses on stain- and mold-resistant clothing.
I heard the Discovery Channel is adding a new one to their crime channel called "Stalking Dead". I hope they can find people to follow it.
Jae-wook remembers his last talk to the dying nun (or maybe it's happening right now and she just got magically transferred to that single room again) - how she told him that evil is the wrong path, that he should listen to that high-pitched, annoying voice in his heart ... it's called "good" inner voice. He should burn the sex-chair and live a proper life. Which, as a side-effect, will also be much cheaper. Her words have an effect.
They do, and this is why I get conflicted about Jae Wook. She has him thinking about whether he's playing some sort of God game. If he is, it's sure a twisted one.
I know it's supposed to be a serious scene, but I admit to giggling a little when she likened Him to a chair, a nice comfy one where anyone can sit.
Time for the nun's final minutes. Everybody who is still alive is there, gathered around her. Rita cries. The nun dies. What a sad, cruel world. Everybody is touched and saddened that such a bright light has been taken from them. And one that showed with every breath that evil was not the path to go.
I don't know... she lived a long full life and she was ready to go. I find it difficult to think it's sad, but I did feel for Ri Ta because Gu Hye Sun cries very well.
Rita and Ji-sang sit side-by-side in the hospital chapel (it's because Rita really doesn't want to pay any church taxes, so she never goes to any proper church, just the one inside the hospital). Ji-sang finds that kinda cool: he puts her in charge of their common finances once they're married.
I love you so very, very much.
But first, Rita is depressed. We're on the next day, and she doesn't want to get up. He forces her and gives her a children's book and colorful pencils. There are ornaments in there and coloring them will make her happy again. It works!
I have both of those books and let me tell YOU... they are great for relaxing and clearing your head. Very meditative. I have those fairly expensive PrismaColor pencils that let you blend and all, and I also have fancy moderately expensive art markers which I find I like a little more than the colored pencils... theoretically you can do some blending with them but I haven't figured that out yet.
I haven't colored anything in years that wasn't my language.
Awesome Friend discovers a security cam pictures of one of the Pad Pamps and is really happy (I think this show sacked Luvvyy, too?!) cause he now has proof that the Pad Pamps listen to Jae-wook. Who hence is BIG BAD.
We want Luuvy! We want Luuvy! Maybe he's just getting a tune up.
Maybe he's finally getting that elbow joint to make his arms more useful than his current Tom Servos's.
SEX CHAIR ALARM! Jae-wook is having a go on it, when the door bell sounds. It's Ji-sang. Or so he thinks. Cause it's not only Ji-sang, but Ji-sang with dead Pad Pamps. No more nice guy, Jae-wook. Your have been exposed.
OH YEAH, bring it on, baby!
At least he's not in pain anymore, with or without narcotics. Oh, not dead just tranked. Ji Sang challenges Jae Wook to kill him. Yeah, not much of a threat, seeing that he's killed his minions before.


I didn't know you could make a drama in which there is so much talky-talky. Is that normal? Or do I notice because watching anything with the sounds off is actually close to torture?
I think that. Because you know, the story itself is entertaining. It's not UN-entertaining. It's better than a lot of OTHER stuff we've watched!
I'm going back to my lakorns to clear my brain of this thing. When is the next fun SK drama starting?