블러드 Blood - Episode 16 (A FakeCap)

This episode continues with the thrilling gut-wrenching tension-ridden action.
You are not a good liar.

Episode 16

The fight over who gets to sit on the sex chair is quickly escalating and I keep staring at that horrific painting in the background, while I wonder at Ahn Jae-hyeon's age (cause he looks like 12 but isn't). The arguing goes on and on, but unfortunately, there's none of those greatly choreographed fights. Just a lame one with some throat-grabbing. Our model gets to make his TM "scary" face though ... and then a scared one, as he realizes that Jae-wook has put his finger right into his jugular.
Ooooh, it's an angry face-off! I wish they would dance.
You mean they weren't?
They stop in time before they create a huge mess in Jae-wook's nice apartment. Instead of ripping their necks open, they decide to utter threats at each other. Jae-wook reveals his true face and thoughts during the (looooong) exchange and I guess we can now move on since all the cards are on the table? For those who don't understand yet, Jae-wook is the bad guy and Ji-sang is the good guy.
Meanwhile, in the background, that figure is inching closer toward escaping his magical prison.
I thought maybe he wanted to dance, too. Anything to break up the ennui.
Rita is doing late-night research (cause you can't really do day-research, it's not half as impressive) and she keeps ignoring Pamps phone calls. Ah no, she isn't. She is going looking for him. She also finds him on the streets, walking home, where Ji-sang is ambushed by three dumb men out looking for a fight. Just in time, Rita intervenes and tries to defuse the situation. It works. Then, she is concerned for him and pulls a few of her awful faces.
I write this post-apology, so of course now we know that while filming this scene (and all scenes, I guess) she was mentally saying 'I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!' I for one do not think this was really her fault, although I will grant you she's not exactly skilled. Whatever, she's probably better than I am. Then again, I'm not an actress, am I. Burn her at the stake!
I can't think of a thing except that seemed like a pretty useless scene.
Glasses and Intern are slowly preparing for another mating dance, but they're much too tense about it. Finally, he grabs her by the throat and presses shut. Yes, it has been reported to be a good start ... but probably not in this case.
It's not my go-to scenario, in case anyone was wondering.  I like things to be more friendly.  And not involve physical damage.
We already know these two don't like each other. Is there a purpose for this part?
At home, debrief with Awesome Friend who hasn't prepared any nice charts this time, seeing how nobody gave a shit the last time. They wonder what to do next ... and then, Rita realizes she lost her Samsung phone.
Soon, we'll have dramas ABOUT phones. Ep 1:  I lost my phone! Ep 2:  I bought a new phone! Ep 3:  Look at what my phone can do! Ep 4:  I lost my phone!  Ep 5:  Ha!  Fooled you! This phone can't be lost! Ep 6: I think my phone is spying on me Ep 7: I caught my phone making a call when I wasn't using it  Ep 8:  I think my phone knows I know... Ep 9:  Phone definitely knows  Ep 10:  Phone...it's not letting me make outgoing calls or texts  Ep 11:  Phone has been forcing me to play TriviaCrack for 18 hours now without a break  Ep 12: I removed the battery from Phone! I'm free!  Ep 13: Phone...it's working without a battery Ep 14: Every time I wake up, Phone is near my ear, whispering  Ep 15:  Phonnnnnnnnnnnnes....Phones are coming   Ep 15:  This caller is no longer necessary
New Phone Classics: I Know Why The Caged Phone Rings; From Here to Unlimited; The Seven Samsung-rai; Raiders Of The Lost App; It's A Wonderful Battery Life. And the list goes on and on, much like this show.

Jae-wook is sex-chairing, but the orgasm just isn't coming.
It's because he's mean and selfish. Well, Intern Girl is there as well, complaining about Glasses. She looks unhappy, given how Jae-wook doesn't really care about her problems all that much and only shows interest for his own. To show how badass he is, he breaks a glass in his hand and tells her to focus on the important things. Mating and feeding.
So apparently, he loved wine as a human. As a vampire, he can't taste it. But every night he drinks it, anyway. I think there was something about reminding himself about sacrifices but honestly, I really no longer give a shit.
Unless he can still get a buzz from the alcohol, it's kind of a waste.
Ji-sang is allowed to sleep on his hard haze bed and talk to Rita about his deep, deep feelings before closing his eyes. It's so nice to see how these two give each other strength in their common misery. Parents, loneliness and stuff, you know.
You forgot bad acting. 
And sweaters.
The next morning, Luvvy is back and accompanies them to the door. I guess Rita has permanently moved in? She is talking to her Uncle, being angry at all his secrets. She is grateful for all he has done for her, but she also blames him for all the mess in this drama. Yeah, I guess somebody HAS to take the blame. He doesn't even have the energy to deny it's his fault. It's possible they're not paying him enough.
I've wondered for a while if Kim Gap Soo is ill - he hasn't looked well in any of the 900 dramas he's done in the last year.  Oh wait, maybe that's the issue.  Anyway, I think they wrote this part so he could lie around and get some rest.
Poor Pita finds out Uncle wants the Vampirus research for his own medical problems. I think I see a flash of emotion cross her face at that moment, but then I was burping after polishing off a bowl of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, so it might have been my imagination.
Glasses reports to Jae-wook and gets some mating advice. However, Glasses is more interested in bringing down Ji-sang, whom he hates. Why? Because Intern Girl likes Ji-sang. It's as easy as that.
Sorry.  Girls don't like asses who wear big fake glasses.
LOL. In truth, VampDoc is temporarily halting the injections while the Righteous Team is running amok. GL-Ass doesn't like the idea.Lady Admin and her web of private investigators have sifted through all available CCTV footage in the whole of Seoul and got their hands on Doc's blackbox. Good timing for your entrance, Rita. She is so so so sad about her Uncle. His illness, his evilness etc. etc. She has a whiny whiny voice and pisses me off. I should have continued watching without sound, really. I think she is talking about how her uncle ate her aunt? No?
She's upset - understandably - that neither of these two horrible people have given a minute of thought to her or her feelings as an orphan with only them in her life or her possible health issues.  She's very disappointed.  Geez, imagine how sad she'll be when she finds out they're not just inconsiderate.
And that she was raised by a couple of egocentric sociopaths? More sadface emotions, maybe.
Ji-sang continues being rude to his senior and pisses me off. They're all pissing me off.
Why would you care that he's rude to Jae Wook?  Jae Wook INVITES rudeness.
At least he isn't peeing on his head, which was my first thought when I saw Ji-sang on the upper walkway.
Sad Dad is able to walk again, though slowly. See? Those vamp drugs are all good... oups. But when another vamp patient bumps into him, Sad Dad gets scary-aggressive again.
They really need to stop putting bangs on grown-ass men.
But those expressions amuse me.
Ji-sang goes into the secret ward again - the frightened guards let him pass without much resistance. It's his incredible aura (I think they were afraid he was going to give them the finger, which from a doctor, could be a very very Bad Thing).Good timing as well, cause he gets to witness the two terminal patients trying to rip each other's throats out. Wow, Ji-sang has the reddest lips of them all.
I really like that rose color.  It's matte, not sticky looking at all, looks like a stain maybe.  I have real issues with lipstick, but if I could find something like THAT I'd wear it.
He goes and wants to show Glasses - whose lips are really pale in comparison. Glasses is clearly super jealous, but he masks it well behind his smile. Before Ji-sang can leave, Glasses laughs in his face and tells him he will go buy a MUCH redder lipstick.
I wonder if he would look as creepy smiling that in a different drama. I bet we'd think he was nice.
Is Jae-wook really controlling this guy? Because I'm thinking he's about to go renegade.
Rita is talking to Jae-wook, trying to seem cool and competent. Fail. Is this a flashback? It seems very familiar, this scene. Ji-sang gave her some of his lipstick though. It's couple lipstick.
I spit coffee out! Couple lipstick, I love it. Is it one stick with two ends?
[spit milk] "Stick with two ends" HAHAHA! Anyways, VampDoc demands respect from Pita, but she can't respect a blood sucker, umless, yunno, it's HER blood sucker.
Deep in thought, Ji-sang walks his favorite corridor and keeps hearing Rita's voice in his head. It's the beginning of a terminal illness. He tells Scruff about it, it's very sad... He also made a recording... of Glasses in the kid-ward. Yup, Pink Girl isn't looking so good. But she is aggressive now! And attacks Liver Girl ... I guess she's a bit hungry. Intern Girl comes to Liver Girl's aid ... which brings Pink Girl to her senses.
I am totally creeped out by the thought of a vampire who doesn't have full mental capacity AND is mad with hunger.
Ever watch "Interview With A Vampire"? Kirsten Dunst gave me nightmares.
Ji-sang has many other recordings on his phone, too. Ah, clever ... so he recorded all the conversations with the bad guys. Finally, they know what's going on. It only took them 15.5 episodes. That's better than nothing! Scruff immediately wants to storm out and kill Jae-wook, but Ji-sang holds him back. Sorry, this drama has 20 episodes. Patience! Ji-sang puts a comforting hand on Scruffs shoulder ... he'll go out with him. Later.
They will drink to forget.  Sadly, this is not possible for us.
I will drink and this show will not stop me. But was it dumb for Scruff to throw their research on the floor?
Rita Friend hears that and goes straight to Rita to tell her that her boyfriend is about the cheat on her. Wow, Rita is pale ... is she turning Pamp, too? She doesn't have the energy to care though and just keeps playing Minecraft. Friend is pissed and leaves.
In Ep 20 it will be revealed that Ri Ta and Friend were always vampires, anyway.
Doesn't the lip color prove it? Unless she really did get it from Ji-sang's stick.
Oups, Scruff slipped past Ji-sang ... and confronts Jae-wook in Ji-sang's least favorite corridor. Can Scruff hold his anger in check! Or will he die by Jae-wook's claws? The tension is off the charts.
Oh see that time I could tell you were lying.
Jae-wook goes: oooooh, I'm scaaaaared now. I'll do with you what I did to your dear father. Scruff took anger management classes a few years ago, and thus manages to walk away.
Poor Scruff.  He's the only one we've never had to make fun of.  Well, maybe Adorable Friend.  They better both survive.
He took the upper road in the conversation, and owned it, in my opinion. Which counts very little against the ability to crush a throat with one hand while poking holes in your jugular vein with a fingernail.
Lady Admin is called to Uncle Rita (right after finding out where Pale Doc went before she disappeared), who is angry and then gets a Hand Cramp attack. Those are known to be lethal. She is kinda beyond caring and leaves ... Uncle Rita collapses and barely manages to stuff some pills into his mouth.
I don't know about you, but when I fell down my head is generally flat on the floor. I noticed this with the car accident in Falling for Innocence, to, since they keep showing that scene where Min Ho imagines being in the accident. Why are we wasting time with this crap? We should be watching that.
[pat pat] We are close to the end, eonni. Just bear with it a little longer. [hands JoAnne a 1.5L bottle of soju as comfort] [On second thought, hands one to kakashi as well]
Scruff has called Rita and Ji-sang into his office to tell them to use condoms, please. There is a strong suspicion that a half-breed vampire would turn out just like Jae-wook ... and they definitely don't want that.
Unfortunately, Ri Ta has a latex allergy.  Ji Sang is stunned by this revelation - it has serious implications for their future.  'Well it's not my FAULT!' Rita bursts angrily.  'Is it YOUR fault you're a stupid vampire? No. Then how is it MY fault I am allergic to latex? Men! Always acting like birth control is a woman's issue!'
One word: Polyisoprene.
Intern Girl is voicing her unhappiness about the experiments with the girls in front of Jae-wook (again), who is dressing to go home. He promises to keep the lil ones safe. He looks tired and without energy. Go on the sex-chair, man!
He's not your sex-chair monkey, Kakashi.
But I wish he was, JoAnne. Intern was trying to move Liver Girl out of harm's way, but naturally her boss doesn't want that.
Glasses enters the secret ward, ready to do something not okay. A nurse tries to stop him, since it's by Master's order, but Glasses promises her excruciating pain if she tells on him. And so he goes and sticks a needle into Liver Girl.
Ooooh, that's going to be a problem.
Rita is very nervous - we know why, right? She can't get Scruff's words out of her head and the expectations are ... sky high. Ji-sang tells her, once more, that he wants to die a virgin. But! He has bought her a present! It's a new Samsung PPL phone! Remember, she lost hers the other night when she stopped him from beating up those low lifes. Awwwwww, so nice of him to give her some PPL. It's much better than sex.
Phone, Season II: They're Reproducing
I heard they are doing The ReProducers on Broadway. The positive reviews keep coming and coming and coming...
Uncle Rita is able to walk again and would you believe it! He walks through Ji-sang's favorite corridor! He is going near Glasses's office, it seems. Glasses is in a BAAAaaaaaad mood. He thinks of how he was put in place by Jae-wook. Ah, but Uncle Rita knows fully well that Glasses is his last chance, it seems. Glasses shoots him full of the pamp virus (I assume)... and smiles.
Glasses is kind of stupid. Jae Wook is gonna kick his ass permanently dead.
We can only hope. He might hope for it too, if it gets him off the set this much earlier.
Awesome Friend is happy to find some nice numbers on his computer. He tries once again to get Ji-sang to care about his graphs, in vain. Ji-sang's blank face is quite funny, in fact. But not to Awesome Friend. He starts considering finding another friend, someone who appreciates him more.
Oh choose me, choose me! I like graphs!
[whispers] Jailbait... but, really, Sidekick has found a possible VampIndicator where they sneeze.
Jae-wook talks to a few people on the phone. It may or may not matter.
Phone says yes, it matters. Oh, it matters very much. Don't you want to make a phone call, Kakashi?  Phone says yes, you do. Go ahead, Kakashi. Pick up Phone. Doesn't that feel nice in your hand?
I need a Siri 5.1 and a Siri 8.3: The Power Of Jobs compels you! The Power of Jobs compels you! [warding gesture]
Rita meets Ji-sang on the stairs... she tries to hide the fact that she gave blood from him. Blood for vamp food. He doesn't like that ... well, he would like to drink from her, but please directly from the vein. She is dead afraid of letting him drink, though. The truth is, she hates sharp objects. Yes, that's a bit of a problem when you're a doctor.
It's okay, it's not like she's a GOOD doctor.
Glasses watches the Bomb video with the baby birthing virus and tells Jae-wook that it means gruesome death for all of them - it's a cure against vampirism! Jae-wook isn't much of a scientist, but he knows what that means. No more sex-chair!!
What happens if a human uses the sex-chair?
But then he could drink wine, nae? So what is the bigger pull: sex-chair or wine bottle? I'm asking about Jae-wook, because I'm pretty sure what my chingus would say.
Rita keeps talking about all her fears (there are many and it takes a long time) and Ji-sang phases out for a bit. But when she says it's all because of her, he wakes up and holds her back. No, no - it's not her fault, he says. It's Uncle Rita's fault. He started it all and he is the Big Bad. He will eat him for breakfast and all will be well. He particularly craves human hearts - he will gladly share with her.
Ri Ta ponders converting to vegetarianism, but then she remembers bacon.
Mmmmmm, bacon...
They stare at each other tenderly, deeply, hungrily... and then, as romantic music plays, they move clooooser, closer and closer. The end result: something like a kiss. Yes, this is the scene that took more  than three hours to film (buahahahaaaaaaaaaa). Their lipsticks match! Now even more than before. Well done.
You can practically see their eyes squinching shut in distaste.
[whipping up a BLT with extra bacon] Wha..? Did something happen? No? [back to her sandwich-making]
Scruff watches them on a hidden camera and is utterly shocked. He thought Ji-sang was his!!! Quickly, he switches the screen to the Bomb video when Rita's friend comes closer and they discuss the baby virus and the Cure.
Scruff, it's okay.  No tongue involved...he's still yours.

All warmed up by the passionate kiss, Ji-sang says a few kind words to Intern Girl. And she thanks him for being such a good guy. Ji-sang, if only you knew ... The meeting makes Intern Girl happy, but that smile disappears from her face shen she enters the kids' room. Liver Girl is unresponsive... when Intern Girl runs and checks, she sees the blue veins. Pink Girl just laughs crazily.
I've been glad that Intern Girl keeps her crush on Ji Sang in check.  She doesn't do crazy shit out of jealousy - I was afraid the Vampire War would start from that. But no, she's been pretty decent whenever she could be.
I still think she is firmly on the side of our wine-shattering bad guy.
She confronts Jae-wook with what she has seen - has he broken his promise so easily? Her doubt of him makes him lose it - has she been listening to Ji-sang? How dare she! He is the Master! Nobody else! When the phone rings, Jae-wook gives the order to kill Ji-sang. Yeah, hurry up a bit.
ah HA! Phone made him do it. Blood is a prequel.
I guess the exorcism didn't work. Time for some Holy Water [starts boiling the hell out of it]
Ji-sang is cleaning. No longer with the roller, but with a piece of cloth. Ah, Rita is moving back into her place! The kiss has satisfied her for a few weeks. Ji-sang gets a message ... it's a trap! It's a trap! He rushes out in his BampCar, trying to reach Awesome Friend, more and more frantic. Awesome Friend, these will likely be your last ramen. The vampires are outside and there are many - and now they're inside. You don't stand a chance. You were cute, but utterly wasted. It's alright.
It's NOT alright.
I thought their apartment would have more counter-vamp measures than the pitiful few we've seen.
After killing him in the most horrible way, the bad vampires hack into the home computer and access all their secrets. Years and years of research... in vain.
Surprise!  The drama ends tonight!  There is a God!
And wouldn't he have a Trojan in his compy that would kill the data and send a destruct code to the devices retrieving the information? I would think an electronic wunderkind would have that in place. Eh, maybe he saves his Trojans for Ji-sang.
Ah, no, sorry. Awesome Friend isn't at all dead. They just hold him by the throat. And now, Ji-sang has come and vamps out. 
He doesn't like it when people touch his food.  Yes, secretly, he and Awesome Friend have an 'arrangement.'


Twenty episodes? The torture is real. And it continues.
By the way, guys, have you noticed that all the other doctors (like Liar Game doc and the others) have completely disappeared a while ago? Haha, nobody said anything! Nobody missed them!
Oddly enough, I noticed that when I watched Ep 19 the other day, LOL. Took me quite a while!
Maybe during that last rainstorm scene, the cardboard got too wet to be used.