블러드 Blood - Episode 17 (A FakeCap)

kakashi: Much happens in this episode. Like ... vampire fights! Talking! Sitting around! Talking! Walking through corridors! There's blood, too!
JoAnne: It's all enough to tire out a poor wee pampire boy.
Shuk: I can't even believe her. Or course I can't believe I'm still sticking with this.

Episode 17

The Pad Pamps (now with cool shades) have Awesome Friend and all of his scientist secrets! Damn, is this the end? No! Ji-sang vamps out and become Super Pamp! He even snarls like an animal. But they were only after the info anyway ... and they've got that. No, they don't ... yes, they do. No, they don't? Awesome Friend shoots one, Ji-sang injects one other with some syringe ... but there was at least one more. Indeed so: Soon after, Jae-wook holds the datastick in his hand.
Wait til he finds out it's loaded with 485 episodes of some obscure Thai drama.
Hey! How did he get my lakorn collection?!! Give me back my Chakrit, you evil VampDoc, or I'll set fire to your sexchair!!!
At the hospital, Intern Girl is worried. She knew of the attack! (ah, yeah, so it was her that warned Ji-sang, right?) When she hears Ji-sang's voice on the phone, she is surprised and then glad. Gurl, I think you're dead soon.
Oh, I hope not. I'd like her to survive and start working like an official double agent, helping the good guys. And then at the end they all go for a walk at dawn, heading off into the sunrise.  Very symbolic.
I'm glad she warned him. I'm not convinced that make her all the way good, though.
Awesome Friend is cuddling Luvvy (no French kissing, hear?), when Rita comes over. She is shocked to see the dead vampires on the floor. What will they do with the bodies? Awesome Friend has some special acid prepared, there will be no traces! And ... ahahahaaaa. The data that the Pad Pamps stole ... is useless. Just textbook info! Planted deliberately. Hehe. Smaaaaaart Awesome Friend. On top of things, he also put a virus on that datastick that will soon wipe out the whole drama. Yay!
I love Awesome Friend.  Long may he live!
[checking my 8TB of storage to make sure my dramas are safe] He is a pretty smart pretty cute cookie. And Pita shows up late to the party. Naturally.
Oh damn, the bad vampires on the floor aren't dead! They're twitching! That's perfect, they can use them as labrats.
These are good vampires. They don't kill, no matter how deserving the opponent.
Expose them to the dawn I always say. Dead vampies can't come back and kill Sidekick. At least give them a lobotomy. I'm told they do it with needles in the eye or something.
But first, time for a gloating phone call from Ji-sang to Jae-wook. Also, time for some more Samsung PPL. People, I doubt that this drama will animate people to buy your phone.
Phone tells me you better be wrong.

Ji-sang tells Jae-wook that they're running out of time ... there's only something under 3 episodes left. So something better happen soon! No more empty threats, strolling around hospitals, pulling weird faces, alright? Jae-wook tries, he really does: he threatens Rita's life. He, too, is really, really annoyed by her. I wish he stopped talking already, this big wimp.
Right?  We've got a drama full of vampires who never kill anyone except homeless people no one cares about!  Oh wait.  Jae Wook used to kill people all the time. Eh. He's gotten soft.
Other than Scruff's dad, have we actually seen him kill anyone else? Toss-And-Truck doesn't count.
They're back at Rita's place, boring each other again for a change. She tells him she wants to own some fluffy pet rabbits - to stroke and stuff. She likes to stroke things. She kisses him on the cheek for emphasis and he is very shy again.
She has a pretty smile but he looks more scared than happy.
Um, yeah. No.
Intern Girl is uneasy ... there's the vampification station for kids. She also talks to Boss of Pad Pamps, who has a soft spot for her... to find out what Jae-wook is up to. And to find out who Glasses is. He is a ruthless biochemist turned serial killer, now Pampire. He is on the FBI international most wanted list.
Do they have a special list for supernatural killers? Also: I like the Boss guy. Is this the episode where we find out that he was a boxer who agreed to an illegal match so he could earn money for brain surgery, only to be beaten near to death when he got caught? No idea if it was his OWN brain surgery he was trying to pay for... the other guy had a disfiguring disease that gave him a horrible face and he tried to kill himself but didn't quite succeed. I guess after he became a vampire he had plastic surgery. And of course we know her story. Anyways, back then, Jae Wook really did save them from horrible deaths and they are grateful to him, even now, even though they don't like how things have become.
I wonder who the Dannish people are that need to worry about Omar The Asian Psychopath. 97 previous victims makes our 6 lousy IP ones seem like small potatoes to our Chucky.
Jae-wook is thinking hard in the meantime ... who was it who went behind his back and warned the Good Guys about the attack? It could only have been ... Intern Girl. Uh-oh. Shortly after, Ji-sang realizes that Intern Girl was lying about the reason she called him that other night. He is suspicious now. Lady Admin keeps watching CCTV, which is quite enlightening if you like seeing people walking around.
She's so useless these days.
She must serve some purpose. Other than filling our screen with inscrutable looks, and giving Jae-wook a chance to emote.
Uncle Rita is feeling swell after his injection of Pamp blood. Too bad there are blue veins showing. Jae-wook is onto him though ... he, too, is watching CCTV and sees how he staggered through the corridors after visiting Glasses. Glasses denies any knowledge of that staggering. Boy, do you take Jae-wook for a fool?
That would be a mistake, in case you wondered, Mr. Glasses.
I'm humming Neil Diamond. "He's coming to America....today!!"
Rita is worried about her uncle, whose smart phone is switched off.
Phone says that everyone needs a break now and then.
But, uncle has some fun things to do! He has a life to live! At the same time, Rita's Friend and Scruff are discussing stem cell therapy to get rid of the vampire virus. It's totally the thing.
Ji-sang is tired in the leisure room - Intern Girl is also there. Ji-sang takes the opportunity to quiz her on a few things having to do with liver transplant and stuff and his suspicion deepens.
This is a trick, right? Wasn't this picture in the last 3 recaps?
I refuse to go back and check. I'm going to assume that when he's not with Pita, he likes hanging out near a source of outdoor light, yunno, as a thrill thing.
Jae-wook calls Ji-sang to the conference room: he has something to show him. Oh, it's a vicious fight among the patients. And it's Pink Girl ripping her toys apart, Liver Girl turning blue-veined, etc. Hehe, smirks Jae-wook. TOO LATE. They're all infected and all of them will turn pampire. Anyway, Jae-wook will infect all of Korea with his virus and they will all live a happy life without pain and illness.
Except, you know, for eating each other.
Can vampy blood sustain vampires? It's rarely been that way in any vampire literature except for Carpathians.

Ji-sang is lecturing him about ethics, but Jae-wook has never even head of that term before. He is willing to intervene and help if Ji-sang bows down to him and licks his boots.
He forces Ji Sang to do research for him. AHA THIS WAS IT ALL ALONG. Tried and true formula: screw it up often enough, and competent people will stop asking you to do it and just do it themselves.
Color me a mean girl, but I think this is a good time to just euthanize them. If Jae-wook has no patients, his reign ends. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...or the one.
Intern Girl confronts Glasses with her knowledge of who he really is. That scares him ... but only for a few seconds. She promises to tell the police on him, the special vampire police that is and will have him rot in vampire prison.
Where all the soap in the communal shower is embedded with garlic and splinters.
And the shower water is blessed. Yes. And Constantine is your towel boy.
Damn, Jae-wook and Ji-sang are STILL in the conference room, STILL discussing vampire viruses. Ji-sang's mouth twitches from time to time. But that is all. When he has left, Jae-wook smirks his super smirk.
This drama has been going on so long I've forgotten this guy's name, but whoever he is (I do know it, I'm just drawing a blank) just realized that he's earned enough to pay off his gambling debts, and he's feeling like the damage to his career was worth that particular price.
Time for some Scooby Ganging. Ji-sang tells them all about the virus-plans and they all go "boah, wow, ah, that's what it was all about!" And then: "Maybe we should clean this room now? There's tons of messy books in the background all the time, it looks very bad".
Plus it damages the spines.
Scruff and Pita agree with my decision, but Pampire believes those patients can be saved. Ah young padawan, you're an idiot. Also, why is the nurse calling for reinforcements now? When the IP's were running amok during that super-long convo between Pampire and VampDoc? [scratching head]
After cleaning, they go to the special ward, where all the patients are rioting and trying to kill each other. Rita, Ji-sang and Scruff just stand there and watch, with open mouths. Bad Dad creepily demands that his daughter come join him on the bed ... he is hungry. Just in time, Ji-sang comes in and stops the Dad from killing them.
I mean, what are they going to do with these people now?  They're ruined.  Ruined I say! Just let them kill each other and get rid of the problem.
Reminds me of a scene from a movie when the stewardess had to admit the flight had run out of coffee.
At the kid-ward, Pink Girl bites Scruff. Hehe. Scruff will be one sexy vampire!
Scruff needs to pour some alcohol on that immediately. That would kill most  (if not all) of the Vampirus. But who said anybody even remotely medical in this thing ever does the logical choice? And Sad Dad's family ought to be locking themselves in the bathroom right about now.
By the way, we now know this never even comes up as a possibility, him turning into a vampire
For the next minutes, everybody beats everybody up. Ji-sang calls Jae-wook (nice PPL)
(Phone says thank you), begging for this to stop. Ah, now you want my help? Jae-wook smirks. But yes, he does help... it's a total lock-down! He has installed riot doors at the entrance of the ward.
Time to just snap everyone's necks.  Even if they heal themselves, it will give them a few minutes of peace.
He thinks he is having a good day, but in comes Lady Admin, with proof that the missing Pale Doc went to his building and never left. The only one that left was a Pad Pamp with a large suitcase. Which likely contained the remains of Pale Doc. She threatens to go to the police with this. But he only laughs. This? It's not proof. And if she doesn't stop messing with him, she'll also learn what a suitcase looks like from the inside. We get it, we get it, Jae-wook ... you're the best. In fact, I'm truly rooting for him. I want him as vampire king! Ruling from the hospital. With her, the Lady Admin, as his Queen!
He does sort of like her.
Has he previously taken a spin with her on the sexchair? And it seems she's ineffectual yet again.
Scooby Gang meeting! Where's Rita Friend? On a holidays? That's so typical. By the way, why have we not seen Scruff walk around in his underwear? Ah, here is Friend. She comes in and walks out again because she is still angry with Rita for just playing Minecraft the other day.
Aww, hurt feelings, feeling excluded, she doesn't know the secret.
Ji-sang enters the secret ward ... all is calm. All the patients are sleeping peacefully. Intern girl looks at Liver Girl, all worried. Ji-sang takes her to his favorite bench to see whether they can blend into the background so that nobody can ever see them again. Almost! They're still a little bit too pink, but only a little. He is so good to Intern Girl again ... and she loves him so much. They're totally the true OTP.
All they need is some BB cream in a lighter shade.  Total camouflage.
At least she now admits that her mentor is a bastard and this whole situation is f**ked up. Not that she will do anything with the knowledge, of course.
A meeting at Ji-sang's house. Awesome Friend has a slightly different hairstyle and that's the only interesting thing about this scene. Ah, but there's also a letter! It's his old friend from the war, sending him a picture of that girl he saved back then in episode 1. Awwwwwww, soooo cute. Rita would really like a child of her own, but she knows she won't be able to have one with Ji-sang. That virginity thing, you know. Tough luck.
They make plans to go to Kochenia - do you think they just didn't say Chechnya so no one would be offended? Why? They make all of us in the States assholes all the time, and don't care a bit!
They are probably mad at us for making fun of their Engrish. And envious because our musicians don't have virginity/no dating clauses in their recording contracts.
Rita Friend is here! To convince her that vampires are real, Ji-sang vamps out in front of her. Very funny, hahaha, she faints. Twice, in fact. A chance for Awesome Friend to get close to her. Ah, he is looking particularly good in this episode ... You two, go forth and make babies!
It was a cute reveal, actually. Ji Sang was VERY reluctant to vamp out.
That mottled look totally clashes with his pink lipstain.
Jae-wook gives the order to move to the next stage. That would be plan F? Pad Pamp Boss visits Uncle Rita. This time, they really mean it (whatever "it" is).
No one gives a shit anymore, Jae Wook.
I'm wondering if I should try to play Candy Crush. Is it more gripping than this scene?
Ji-sang readies the hard bed for the night. Oh, but what's that! It's Rita, in winter gear ... ready to lie down next to him. Yes, this way, it's safe enough. And also a bit more comfortable. (I still don't get it ... isn't he colder than human beings? Wouldn't he need WARM mist to sleep then?!)
Shhh, shhh. Go back to sleep. It's okay. Shhhh.
Boss Pad Pamp has abducted Uncle Rita and brought him to Jae-wook! Oh, but Jae-wook ... are you ready to lose your job and all?! He looks at Uncle Rita's arms ... and sees the blue veins. That makes him sad ... he knows it's much too early for that drug. The side-effects cannot be controlled yet. How foolish of Uncle Rita to trade everything for a short, pain free life - that will end in gruesome death. But Jae-wook knows exactly what to do ... give Uncle Rita the anti-vamp drug!
By this point all the different drugs are confusing me.
I thought the blue stuff was death / forever pain. I have to say, though, I'm amused by the old-fashioned, Edgar Alle Poe-esque glass and metal syringes they use for these scenes. Is it more authentically evil not to be in sterile plastic one?
Time for one of the Pad Pamps to visit Glasses. Oh, but Glasses knows what coming ... but that knowledge comes too late. You betrayer! You saboteur! Haha, but Glasses isn't finished yet. He has a secret syringe with the vampire death-drug, and useless Bad Pamp underling finally dies. Intern Girl sees Glasses leave, runs to the office and sees the dead colleague.
*in a sing song voice* You killed a coooo-lleague!  I'm gonna sayyyy it!  I'm gonna tellll him! Jae Wook will killlll you! You killed a cooo-lleague!  You are dead meeeat, now!
One down, at least. Even it was by Chucky.
Yup, Jae-wook ... sometimes, you, too, make mistakes. Glasses was one of those. Luckily for the drama, Jae-wook now has something else to do than try and outsmart Ji-sang and the Scooby Gang. Kill Glasses! Deaaaaaaaath!
Fucking winker.
Awesome Friend gets some new chemicals delivered. Ah, it makes him so happy! He designs little tampon holders that smell really nice. Oh, no, it's lipstick! Matching colors again! Oh, no, it's both! Tampon holders from the one side and lipsticks from the other! And, in addition, a secret vampire tester.
I am laughing hysterically at the idea of a combo lipstick/tampon holder.  Mostly because I somehow translated tampon holder into tampon applicator in my mind.  Anyway, it's cologne.  If you wear it near a vampire, they will cough.  No explanation is ever given for why it doesn't make Ji Sang cough, that I recall.
Vicks Vapour Rub on his philtrum. Don't ask me how I know that. In Pampire's case, that would negate his reaction to the cologne. But then, so would a coffee bean in each nostril. Don't ask me how I know that, either. 
Lady Intern, now in black, tries one final time to be relevant in this drama. Unfortunately: fail.
Rita gets a phone call from her Uncle ... he doesn't sound good. He has been zombified! Season 2: Zombies of Taemin Hospital. I heard they're already shooting.
All the producers, in the head?
When Ji-sang walks past Intern Girl the next time, she starts coughing. Which means: she's a vampire. What a heck of a reveal.
I did sort of forget that he didn't know.


Uhm.... well. Good episode, I guess? Yes?
I enjoyed it.