Rants and Weekly Raves #35 (RAWR)

kakashi: I am really bored with everything I'm watching and/or not really-watching except for PaksaNotPaksa and am officially dropping things like Missing M Noir and all the rest. I feel almost naked without any (or rather, a lot of) KDramas, but since it's quite summery here, feeling naked also feels kinda good.
JoAnne: We've been back to pretty cold and I'm pissed off about it. Also, I seem to be watching American stuff again lately.
becca: Finals are almost here, which is an extremely stressful thought. On the bright side, summer break is almost here, too!
Good luck!
What she said! 


We're done Fakecapping, the 4 last episodes will be up soon. What can I say ... what a mess! What a stupid ending. What struck me about it, though (apart from the fact that they simply forgot about everything like the infected patients etc.) was that they must have filmed that last segment in "Kochenia" right at the beginning, when they did overseas shoots. Which means: what we saw was always going to be the ending, apparently. They only completely messed up how they got there. Hahahahaaaaaaa, FAIL.
That was....interesting. And by interesting I mean, you know, not exactly interesting, but more like watching a car accident happen. In slow motion. With lots of backing up every time someone moves forward, and then they just sort of slap each other on the bumper and say, 'Take THAT, you big meanie!'
Shuuuuuuk! Please comment! I wanna poooooost them all! 

Smelly Girl

Unfortunately, I was really bored with episode 7. That murder-police-whatevs-stuff is just not working. And as so many feared, it's now taking over the show. See, I forgive a good drama a lot, but if you do murder-mystery, please make sure that  there's proper rigor mortis in bodies that have been dead for at least 4 days. Which means: your bodies shouldn't twitch. And please, cut down the Namgoong Min scenes to a minimum. I really dislike him..... Episode 8 was marginally better, but if the drama doesn't focus on the OTP more, it's going to be dropped. In fact, I think it's dropped.
Should I even start? Won't I fall in love with the cute OTP who I love separately and together, only to be bored by the story? Why bother? WHY WON'T IT GET WARM?
I really like this show. Yoochun is adorable. There was a delightful scene where Heroine invited him in for seaweed soup, and he said, But I'll need rice. And she said, yes, okay, rice. And he said, and I'll need to watch tv and digest and that could take until morning. All said with a straight face and slightly naughty eye twinkle. (His acting is miles above Yunho, though that's not hard.)
That sounds adorable! I loved the first four episodes to pieces, and I can't wait to get back to it.


I still haven't started. I am not sure I will. I don't feel all that enamoured with KDrama right now. 
50 episodes? That sounds like commitment. I don't feel very committed.

Missing Noir M

I dropped this, too. I just don't like the leads.
The title irritates me beyond reason so I am retaliating by not even starting.
Seems reasonable to me.

Divorce Lawyers in Love

Hahahaha, I hear terrible things about this. Not going near it.
I never had any intention of starting, even though I hear Chubs is in it.

Angry Mom

Has any ahjumma flown to Korea yet to kidnap Bok-dong? I think he needs police protection.
Holy crap is he adorable or what. I hear he is disrupting sleep patterns among my ahjumma acquaintances, and the noonas are getting all goofy. We needed this boy. But you know what, the rest of the drama is pretty awesome, too. Thoroughly enjoying it.
One of the many many things that I love about this show is that everyone in the main cast is being given a chance to shine, from scene-stealing Bok-dong-ie to Gong-joo's tiara-wearing henchmen.
Those guys are awesome!

The Lover

I hear rave reviews about this one. But I'm not going to start. It doesn't seem a drama that would interest me.
I watched 3 episodes. I may not go back. The skinny rocker boy acts like he's 6. To the point that you cannot imagine any woman in the world wanting to have sex with him. The regular couple that's been together a while, they're pretty real. The new couple just now living together while they build a house or something, she's all into pretense and not acting like herself, and they're so freaking SHY about sex it's unrealistic. I did laugh my ass off that she'd prefer to suggest mild bondage than risk him seeing the armpit she didn't get a chance to shave, though. And the young male room-mates who might be discovering something about themselves...ok, they're hot.
I watched one episode and realized it's not my thing, but I'm happy for those who do like it.
I watched three because I inadvertently STARTED with Episode 3 and then felt like I needed to go back and see what got them there. Otherwise I might not have made it that far. It reminds me of a half-assed mash-up of two shows from the 70s (Love, American Style and Paul Sand's Friends and Lovers)  It really did not tickle me, over all.

Heard it through the Grapevine

Still good, yes? 
Oh hell, yes. I do still need to see this week's episodes, but this is a journey I am committed to and these are people I cannot ignore.
If it continues at this level, this drama will go down as one of the best of the year. I'm rooting for the kids to get mom on their side and take down the egotistical dad. He needs to be taught a lesson about, y'know, treating other people as human beings. Okay, the mom does, too, but I have more hope for her salvation, and at least she knows that he's full of baloney.

Unkind Women

This is one of those that never ends, right?! I must say, Rim is cute in it (he always is cute when they let him), but the acting (including his) still annoys me to hell and back. And I hear people rage about the haraboji character. And about the drama in general. Hear that sound? It's people dropping this by the dozens.
I'm experiencing this through our Rim and Mary Caps only, which is to say, not at all. I did intend to watch, but the ranting of pretty much everyone I know discourages me.

Make a Woman Cry

I am not watching, but it did sound interesting when I read about it. Only that I'm definitely not going to watch any weekenders anymore unless I have to. Where's that Kim Ji-hoon at?! (apart from those drama special and Crime Scene appearances). I hope he is not being offered more weekend fair! It's my constant fear!
Not watching.  I do remember hearing something that was interesting way back when but whatever, I can't summon up the interest now.

Let's Eat 2

I'm not on the Let's Eat train (haven't seen Season 1) and I wonder whether I could watch this at all. I almost died during Fermentation Family. I craved that food so much and still often think about it.
I watched the 1st episode when it came out and the next 4 just today, so I am only one episode behind.  I like it a lot - it's different than the first one, enough that I'm not mourning the loss of all those great characters, enough that I'm paying attention to THIS story and not comparing. But then again, it's the same story - a group of disparate people brought together by circumstance and the bond of food, with a mystery of sorts thrown in the middle - and a bit of romance.

Superdaddy Yeol

Anyone? I just hear rage. Hahaha, Kdrama inspires a lot of rage, doesn't it.
I love the drama but I have no idea why Mi Rae is making the decisions she's making.  She's nuts and she's done irreparable damage to people she claims to love.  I just keep telling myself the woman is dying of cancer, cut her some slack. There is no way I won't watch to the end, sobbing hard enough to make myself sick.

Hong Kong Drama

S@ki6: Hello, everyone! I thought I'd jump into a rant here! So, here's the thing. I've been watching Smooth Talker, a Hong Kong drama about mediators and triad gangs. (Yes, really.) Despite the cheap production, it's actually been quite gripping, with a woman whose husband divorces her, while cheating his mistress-with-a-heart-of-gold out of money and signing over part of their joint property to said mistress. Then, there's the mystery of our hero, a hereditary triad member who is also the most respected professional mediator and mediation professor in Hong Kong (this happens, I guess) and his father's murder. Our heroine has a sister with Asberger's, the most functioning Asberger's person ever in human history, and a lady cousin who is a police team leader everyone calls Madam (actually, I don't know anyone's names in this show except the hero, who is nicknamed Nosy, and this policewoman nicknamed Madam). Add in the gang turf wars, the corporate mediations, the romance, the tussles with the mistress in the same house, and it's been a fab show that will sadly end this week. All Rawr, except:

Girl jackets and capris on this big man. Even in one passionate, romantic scene where hero and heroine realize their Twu Wuv, all I could see was a stylist who really hates the male lead. When the heroine's horrible ex showed up, I thought, he wears normal pants, she should go back to him. But it turned out, he had an artificial leg and couldn't wear capris. I ask you all, is this fair to a loyal viewer who has stuck through mediations, gang fights, a divorce, and a lot of Cantonese? 

Other Things

So they now have noble idiocy on American shows as well?! Damn! No! #TeamMichael!
Rafael, you IDIOT.

So, after hearing so much about it, I finally got around to watching Firefly. I'm currently on episode 8 9 10 and I definitely see what all the fuss is (was) about. Shame on you, Fox, for chickening out on this one! Even though, you never know with shows. You might wish for a Second Season, but that season might just be from hell (See, recently, Sleepy Hollow).
Ah, such a joy. This show was awesome. People are stupid.
Fox is evil.
Outlander: Ahhhh, I miss Scotland. I can't go this summer (stupid cruise I need to go on) but maybe I'll just have to go this fall. We got an invitation to Louisiana, too - husband has made new friends, an elderly couple from Louisiana. She cooks a good gumbo, he brews his own beer. It does sound like an invitation we must follow up.
Oh, you should go.  Louisiana is an experience not to be missed.  I was stationed mid-state for 3 years, and have family in suburban New Orleans. (Metairie, Kenner)

I'm still watching The Following (interesting season), The BlackList (man, things are ramping up again!), and, sporadically, Vikings, Community, etc.  Sons of Anarchy is available with all six seasons now that it's over, so I need to figure out where I lost track in that one and finish it up.  And last weekend I inhaled Seasons 1 and 2 of Orphan Black, then purchased Season 3 on Prime so I wouldn't have to wait more than a day for episodes.  See? Lots of English-Language on my plate now.

Since I last RAWRed, I've gotten hooked on iZombie. JoAnne's raving convinced me to give it a shot, and I breezed through the episodes available on Hulu. This show is my kind of funny and sarcastic - I don't think I've enjoyed an English-language show this much since Selfie was on.
I knew I was forgetting something! Yes! iZombie! Now fortified with added hotness McEnglishman zombie boyfriend. Yes I know Mc is Irish. (And Mac is Scottish.) You know what I mean.
Arthuuuuuuur!! I'm going to be sad when she goes back to boring ex-fiancé someday. Because we know she will, right?

Upcoming Stuff

There's absolutely nothing I'm excited about, haha. Nope, not even the Masked Prosecutor. I love the leads but I am almost certain it will tank. They all do. Time to catch up on those Yoona's Street recaps!
Producers, Warm & Cozy, Orange Marmalade, The Scholar Who Walks at Night...