Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #32

JoAnne: I just realized that there are a LOT of new dramas starting up really soon and none of them include My Beloved, but at least the two he was considering have Chilbongie and Lee Jin Wook taking on the roles.
kakashi: There always are a crazy amount of new dramas on and new dramas starting. KDrama is out to drive us crazy, I'm certain! 

Hogu's Love (Finale)

This was absolute joy, even when it was sadness. What a wonderful story about some very painful situations! I actually really liked how they handled Kang Chul and Ho Kwang - and when Do Hee talked about her deepest fear, and her actual feelings towards her child? I couldn't even breathe. Ho Gu really grew into a wonderful man from that adorable but fairly useless boy. I admit it's confusing when Choi Woo Shik brings the shekshi, but he can bring it - can't wait to see what he'll do next and can all those actors do a part two, please?
becca: When the final episode ended and the credits rolled, I cried for the simple reason that it was over. That's it. The end. No more lovable Ho Goo. No more tough girl Do Hee, or doofus Kang-chul, or loud-mouthed Ho Kyung. I'm going to miss these characters so much, but I do love the ending. It was consistent with everything we've seen thus far, and it was a satisfying send-off for these adorable little people who invited themselves into my heart. *sniff* Now someone tell me shut up before I cry again.

Unkind Women

So behind! Even though it includes Rim's behind!
What do you mean we're behind?! We're totally current!
On the MariCaps, yes.  But I'm also actually watching the drama.

Super Daddy Yul

I finally got around to watching the first two episodes! I was a bit bored, though. Already, I'm not sure I want these two to get back together because I can understand why she left, and he doesn't seem to have changed that much. Maybe my opinion will change once I learn a little more about what happened, though. I'm hoping to see more focus on Yul and Sarang in future episodes because that relationship has the most heart-warming potential.
I can't help it, even if they act like jerks they're just so CUTE.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Since I'm cranky this week I find irritating parents too irritating, but that's me, not the show.  The show continues to deliver on most fronts - I particularly like how quickly Seo Bom is learning to operate in this world  and the discovery that the secretary and the female lawyer are basically moles - but I will confess that all the fighting and stuff going on between the parents and between Mom and her friends - I am not sure if the subs are not translating everything or if the writing is deliberately murky but it always feels like we come into the argument half way through, and so I never ever understand how it STARTED.

The Girl Who Sees, Smells 

kakashi: Yay, I get to be red! So I watched the first two episodes of this and ... am liking it! Yes, I'm surprised! The mixtures of mystery/crime and comedy/romance is working (so far - I say so far because this is the writer who completely screwed up Rooftop Prince), though nothing is truly original about it. Yoochun is doing a good job (he isn't a good actor, but it really doesn't matter, also because he plays such a deadpan stick of a character), I've loved Yoon Jin-Seo ever since Fugitive Plan B and Shin Se-Kyung doesn't even marginally suck. I'll keep watching!
I can see myself loving this show. I like the quirky humor, and Yoochun and SSK are kind of adorable together. I want to see more!
I can't believe I ever hated this girl. Clearly she just wasn't ready for that role. And Chunbunny just hits my smile button all the time no matter what.

Angry Mom

HOmygoodnessgraciousme. I watched all 6 episodes one right after the other ILOVETHIS. And yes, new boy is deeply compelling. But WOW are there some terrible terrible humans in this.

Missing Noir M

Well. What can I say? This is not TEN. TEN isn't a very good show, objectively speaking, especially because of the writing that goes from highly interesting to totally messy from one episode to the next. BUT ... the characters are great. They stay with you. And you miss them. Missing Noir M is just like TEN in many aspects (including the visuals) and it intrigues with a super intelligent serial killer (in episodes 1&2) and a super intelligent profiler and an interesting case. But... it's soulless. This is no team to love and to remember. It's just ... a team. Am I expecting too much? Yes, that's possible. But maybe it's just another one of those OCN dramas.
So I guess I'll just check this out eventually, then.

Falling for Innocence

I watched episode 1 and ... I haven't hated anything as much as this for a while. Why? WHHHYYYY?! Every single cliché Kdramaland knows is in this drama, from the stupid revenge-company shit to the quirky cop-boyfriend to the pining 2nd lead to the asshole 1st lead. WHHHHHYYYYY. Sure, it might get better. But this? Utter, utter shit.
There was not one original moment, statement, or setting in the entire episode, it's true. But it's Paksa and Cutie and Kim So Yeon, so I'll watch, for at least a while.


Happy Easter, everyone!
Happy Easter!