Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #33

JoAnne: It seems a few of us are distracted away from The Very Important World of Blogging by something we like to call 'Having a Life' - we are sorry, and we love you, and we hope that you are not too confused by our somewhat mystifying 'schedule' these days. Personally, I thank the stars for CapCaps, because they do not take NEARLY the time a squeecap does. And also because I find them a lot of fun to do, so there's that.
kakashi: For once, I have absolutely nothing pressing to do at work. Wow. It feels strange
Meanwhile, I'm living YOUR normal work life for a while. Ugh.

Sensory Couple / Smelly Girl

I saw part of an episode. It's cute, I'll watch it, for at least a while.
And I caught myself being excited for new episodes. huh. They're sooooo cuuuuuuute.
I'm watching it (omg finally something is holding my interest)!! Gotta wonder what the obsession is with school children finding their dead parents. Isn't this the 3rd drama in the past 12 months? I think the graphics for smell seeing are a bit much... and the body growth in half a year??!  Also, that detective's face is HUGE! without a beard. HUGE. Also why make oppa from reply 1997 the bad guy?! 

Missing Noir M

I think this one is just going to go on a list for sometime when I feel like it.
Episode 2 was very long (yes, too long) and super complicated, because there's so many similar names and potential culprits. It is clever, overall (nothing about the episodes 1&2 case is what it seemed in the beginning), but I still don't feel this show. I recently tweeted that it "just is", and that remains the case. The main issues is that there is nothing really special about the investigators (Kim Kang-Woo's acting leaves me entirely cold, Park Hee-Soon gets on my nerves, and Jo Bo-Ah barely has any lines) and the little glimpses of the personal story of Mr Genius are ... a bit meh. That said, I was glad to see Kyeong in a cameo!

Falling for Innocence

Yup, we're "recapping" this (we're a bit behind), but since we're not really, we might as well discuss it here as well.
Episode 1, I was 'meh'.  Episode 2, I was 'meeeeeehby Cutie isn't a horrible person, oh God please let him not be', and falling in love with Min Ho, and continuing to think that Kim So Yeon is gorgeous.
When choosing pics and parts to gif, I actually thought that it wasn't all that bad. I'm nor sure what's happening to me. Could be hormones
Oh, and when I asked for a shot to commemorate Jin Goo - he's the run-over boyfriend.
I knew that, of course! I was just pretending he didn't even exist! 
OMG what is this?! Episodes 3 and 4 were incredibly cute and funny! I watched them raw, so maybe that's why (I doubt it). Cute and funny when So Not Paksa is being cute and funny, not when it's about the corporate shit. Drama is schizophrenic.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

If someone is spreading rumors that I have yet to watch last week's episodes... someone would be right.

Angry Mom

I inhaled 6 episodes. Give me more now.

Unkind Women

Because we're doing the MaryCaps, I forget that I haven't actually WATCHED this.
In a couple of years, you'll not remember what was fake and what was real. It happens
It won't take a couple of years, sadly...

Let's Eat

First episode was cute. There's another Barassi, and they bring up Chief Lee in the first couple of minutes, but then leave us hanging as to how they broke up. Since they did that, I assume it will come up throughout. That may or may not be fine with me. At least I know I liked the first episode.


This is looking splendid. 50 episodes though? Are you crazy, MBC?! Well, I might watch it all, unless I don't like it. I might even do something of a recap, but only in a very short form. 


All the usual stuff, plus checked out Weird Loners and DeadBeat. Enjoyed both. I want to watch the Chinese remake of QIHM (Love Across The Millenium or something like that) - but is that the one that the subber said they wouldn't continue?  Started a Kindle series called Fat Vampire that I'm halfway through, easy read, fun.
Jane the Virgin: Those weird and random breaks between episodes aren't helping! There are too many plots moving all over, too. Still, I laughed many times during this week's episode. Rogelio is the best. And I'm #TeamMichael. 
#TeamRafael still... but he better shape up fast or he'll lose me. And yes, Rogelio is the best.
Outlander is back! OUUUuuuutlander is back!!! With a bang. And banging!