블러드 Blood - Episode 19 (A FakeCap)

kakashi: I was spoiled by HanCinema! I'm sooooo aaaangry! I immediately blocked them on Facebook cause I can't have that happen again. Now, all the tension is gone and I was so going to enjoy this episode.
JoAnne:  Well I had no idea what was coming.  Although I do already know now that a lot of people die in the NEXT episode and that the ending sucks, but after this episode I really don't care.  And since I watched this episode before writing my comments for 16,17, or 18, I think my no longer caringness showed there.  Guess what? I don't care about that either.  This is now a Stew Cap.  I am stewing.
Shuk: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Episode 19

There's a body covered in a white cloth ... it's Uncle Rita, who took his own life prematurely. Out of guilt. Lady Admin and a host of people (doctors?) want to enter the room too, but Ji-sang stops them. This is Rita's time to grieve alone (cross-eyed). Always beside her in her hours of deep pain: Ji-sang, the boy from the forest. The boy who is wearing the same lipstick as her. Soulmate.
He's been a good, if virginal, boyfriend.  That that BITCH Lady Admin dares to try to push past Ji Sang like that just enraged me. Okay, there are some things I still care about.
Man, she's even ineffectual in maintaining her place in the family unit. Pfui.
After she's done grieving, she lets in all the other sad people. Once again, it is quite obvious that all the other doctors that we used to see have long since left the show. Rita goes to pray in the chapel. An alien is watching her from the door. There is much more going on in this drama then we ever dreamed of.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THE NECK I split my lip a little from laughing so hard, you're terrible and I love you so much right now.
Seems like an awfully cavernous space for a hospital chapel, which tend to be small and intimate. Then again, given the average life expectancy of a Taemin Hospital patient, perhaps it is best that they used additional funds for a fancier Bon Voyage room.
Time to have a look at the tree in front of the hospital again. Lady Admin and Jae-wook agree to go on a date together. You know how it is. In times of intense grief, former enemies often become friends. Jae-wook can no longer deny his strong feelings for this brave woman.
They're just supposed to have SEX in times of grief, not DATE.  They talk about how the tree that was raised on water was really raised on blood, and how sometimes a tree needs blood, and all kinds of stupid pseudo-deep shit. He's backing her for boss of the hospital, they've been planning it since last week or something. I really did split my lip, it hurts.
Nope, different colored lipstain, NOT soulmates, so no chance of sexchair dalliance. Even if he wishes his lips were that shade of red.
Invigorated, Jae-wook is chipper when he welcomes Ji-sang in his office. He even has marriage plans already and asks Ji-sang whether he would consider being best man? Ji-sang has a hard time envisaging that ... were they not enemies just a few hours ago? But Jae-wook tells him that in time of intense grief, enemies often become friends (yeah, thanks, Jae-wook, we already knew that!). Shaken, Ji-sang goes  to the chapel, to seek council from Rita. Best man, yay or nay? She is tired of fighting and tells Ji-sang to do it. But ask for some money. Money is always good.
They're both in black now.  They want us to think it's because of mourning, but I don't know...
There was absolutely nothing new in that conversation. None.
Ji-sang hugs her close ... she's such an asset.
Poor girl...she really is bewildered by Uncle's reason for coming clean.  He should have kept the secret and let her think she was loved by someone, at least. Since he killed himself, is she supposed to forgive him? Ji Sang tells her Uncle confessed to make himself feel better, but that he probably treated her a little bit better, tried loving her a little bit more, out of the guilt he felt about her parents.  Oh! I forgot! (I didn't. He's an ass.)When she met up with him again after he confessed and before he killed himself, she asked him what would have happened to her if she had been with her parents at that moment. He refused to give a direct answer, which means he would have had her killed as well. I think confessing that is what led him to suicide. Anyway, Ji Sang finishes up by saying she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to do, and that certainly the time for forgiveness is still a ways off.  He's very reassuring to her, I'll give him that.
He is good at being the standing silent [read: non-emotion face] type. I had forgotten that one of the drugs in his Death Cocktail was an illegal truth serum.

Jae-wook questions Intern Girl's loyalty: why is that annoying snotty woman still alive?! Intern Girl has come up with a good excuse: Rita knows how to do a very rare cross-eyed magic and she needs to learn that before disposing of her!
I almost said they had to wait until she was ovulating, but no, that's Hannah from Orphan Black.
Rita puts the recorder she got from her uncle's safe in front of Lady Admin. She knows everything and she knows she knows. She knows she knows she knows. Ultimately, that's all that counts, that they know they know. Knowing is good. No need for tears, really.
Lady Admin, you horrible person. You arranged to have two people killed, but why? Because someone gave you a tree once?
It is a mystree that she would use a lack of chemistree as a means for sophistree.
Rita tells Lady Admin that she's sacked: never has she met a more useless character. Out of here! Begone!
Oh that's not all.  She has twenty-four hours to turn herself into the police, too.
And lighten the lip color, since Orange Is The New Black.

The vampires are hungry. They eye the juicy nurse, who quickly runs out. Ji-sang and Scruff are watching ... it's too bad their anti-drug didn't work at all. But let's stroll through the corridors a bit! The hospital has long since stopped doing any kind of surgery, it's too much of a hassle. Scruff suggests they just burn everything to the ground. Ji-sang agrees. He just wants to go on an extended holiday.
Off to Kochenia! But seriously, why do those nurses come to work with those freaks anyway?
If it were me, there would be a Shuk-shaped hole in the hospital wall leading outside.
He gives his blood to Scruff before that, though - blood from the source of the first real vampire will greatly help them with their research. Good idea, really. It's so clever that it took 19 episodes to have it.
Pretty, but dim.
Also, it looks like fruit punch.
Lady Admin thinks about her upcoming marriage with Jae-wook - and is getting excited. Rita is in the leisure room and receives Intern Girl's condolences. The truth is that Intern Girl envies and admires Rita - for being so pretty, smart, not annoying at all, and for being able to do that cross-eye curse, which she has been practicing for 20 years but still can't get right. Her feelings for Rita plunge Intern Girl into deep despair. How can she kill this wonderful person?
Ri Ta called her by name, complimented her, and said that she hoped some day to have her ability to live with so much compassion and grace. I think that would conflict anybody.
Can we move on to something more exciting? Like another corridor walk?
After a long day of doing absolutely nothing, Ji-sang is ready to go home. In the corridor, he runs into Intern Girl, who has some questions about diapers and epidurals. He is surprised about that and finds her behavior very odd. Soon after, he is walking through the hospital with Rita, when his phone rings. Best man preparations! He is to go see Jae-wook about it.
Intern Girl (shall we call her Ga Yeon now?  She sort of deserves it.) tells him that she thinks it would be really good if he stuck verrrrry very close by Ri Ta, you know, because she's so sad, not because her life is in danger or anything like that.  So Ri Ta and Ji Sang are headed back to the virginal nest, and then Ji Sang gets called to do an emergency surgery on some extremely sick kidney patient who's never been mentioned before.
I guess it's time to dust off the barely-used surgical theater set. Are they gonna unfold the cardboard docs too?
When Rita gets home, she pours herself some water (yes, people, remember! Always hydrate). At the hospital, Intern Girl is surprised to find Ji-sang in the leisure room. Surprised ... and scared. Because that means Rita is alone at home and will soon be ... vampire fodder. She calls Rita, but the angel-like creature is already in bed, sleeping. Intern Girl gets her oppa Pamp Boss to drive her there. He gives her a few tips on how to best kill a human. And then, Intern Girl is standing in front of Rita's door.
He's supposed to go in with her to make sure she does it, but she convinces him to wait outside.
Yeah, why not ringing the bell if you want to go and kill someone? But the door is open, anyway. Cool people leave their doors open, didn't you know? Intern Girl is in and makes her way to Rita's bedroom. She reaches for her and slowly turns her around ... she is sleeping. Deeply. She walks out and right into Jae-wook. Ahahahaaaaaa. You're so busted.
Wicked busted. He even knows she texted Ri Ta and said to get out, immediately.
Ruh Ro, Shaggy.
Angry? This dude is not angry. He never is, until he explodes like a volcano and kills you. To his home they go and Intern Girl starts begging for his mercy. He just looks crushed and disappointed. Her too? Is everybody going against him? She tells him what a vile, warped creature he has become and how she no longer wants to be in his following. Fine, he says, you'll not be invited to my wedding! So there! She doesn't dare tell him that his skin disease has gotten so damn much worse, he really should see a doctor before his wedding.
Actually, she says she'll never leave him - but she just can't do his bidding this time, it just seems wrong. He rages about disloyalty while she insists that she IS loyal to him, it's just that he seems... a bit overwrought lately.
Just more proof that he is really losing his grasp of whatever his reality used to be.
And then, he grabs her throat and squeezes shut. Intervening in the last possible moment is her hyung! Pad Pamp Boss. Which simply leads to HIM being strangled. But not quite. Jae-wook comes to his senses (those anger management classes HAVE helped).
Boss says the same thing - he will follow Jae Wook to the end, but Jae Wook cannot kill Ga Yeon. He's not right, these days.  They love him and are very grateful that he saved them, but he's not right.
Next reality show on Fox: "One Bite Too Many: Vampire Intervention". I wonder if Pamp Oppa is sweet on her. Not that it matters.  They might was well be wearing redshirts from here on out.
Ji-sang is in surgeon gear (he likes to dress up), but suddenly, he decides to go visit his girl. Who is sleeping peacefully. And fully clothed. He pulls the covers up and softly strokes her body under the covers. Only her shoulders though.
Gotta keep the virgin. He was waiting around for the 'surgery' that was never going to happen, and then rushes home to check on Ri Ta when he realizes she didn't text him the way she promised.  Oh by the way...the water she drank was drugged.
Even if it wasn't, she's gotta sleep better with, you know, a mattress and covers and stuff, rather than in an anorak and boots on a slab of dry ice.
At the house of Jae-wook, there is no party tonight. Only anger. And tears. It seems like the end of an era.
It sort of is, yep. His followers have developed brains.
VampDoc Sadface. But those two promised to stay with him, even if they won't blindly follow him anymore. They're kind of like children that way. Does that make him VampDad?
At home, Awesome Friend has a pounding headache but has lost the key to the medication cabinet. Ji-sang offers to smash the glass in, but they're both neat-freaks and don't really want such a mess. They decide to mix their own drugs instead. Shortly after, and thanks to the effects of the medicine, Awesome Friend finds the key and decides to clean up a bit. He notices that all his blood samples turned dark green! Yuk!
He was cleaning, and he unplugged the fridge. Then he forgot to plug it back in, and all the blood went bad. But there was this one vial...
It's national headache week, Rita also has one the next day! Ji-sang knows what helps against migraines (harhar, no, it's not sex, it's vegan food!) and tells her to stop eating meat. Lady Admin and Jae-wook are talking about their marriage and to put some pressure on him, she hands him the little recorder with all the evidence on it. Like Jae-wook cares about that sort of thing. Duh.
Rita has a head ache because she was drugged, although they don't know that yet. Lady Admin confesses her dark secret to Jae Wook, who is even more impressed.
And I will never go vegan and I will live on ibuprofen forever. And why is she trying to get into his good graces now? Does she think that will protect her? Then she's throwing her niece away. Ugh.

At the Scooby Gang HQ, there is some Samsung PPL and then, they talk to Awesome Friend, who has analyzed the algae-blood. It's very clear to him that Ji-sang will turn into FrogMan if he does not immediately start eating algae. He is so offended, he storms out immediately.
I am fairly certain that Ji Sang is going to die, based on what Awesome Friend's face looks like.
Jae-wook isn't pleased by Lady Admin's games. He is ready to give her a nice home, a nice car, and a huge TV set. So she better behave and keep quiet. And help him get rid of that incredibly annoying woman, that Rita. She nods her head in agreement. But she also wants a robot vacuum cleaner. Ok, it's a deal!
She asks Jae Wook to make her problem 'go away.' Permanently. But, you know, nicely. Without pain. Since she loves the girl so much.
Ugh ugh ugh. Biatch.
Ji-sang has cornered Intern Girl and wants to know why she broke into Rita's house last night. He totally smelled her cheap shampoo all over his girlfriend! Yes ... oh my. Intern Girl actually rubbed her hair all over Rita! She is so weird... Intern Girl doesn't know what to say or where to look, she is so embarrassed. She blurts out that she was there on a kill-order, but that she's good! And in fact, Jae-wook is good too! He just forgot.
Hahaha. He should be grateful that she's keeping an eye on them and trying to protect the pair. He knows she's VampDoc's woman. And he knows that anyone against VampDoc disappears. So why yell when she's putting her own life on the line? Oh right, writer-nim's idea of him showing emotion.
Lady Admin, the snake, tells Rita she cannot come to her wedding. Her groom doesn't want it, because he hates her. Yeah, who doesn't ...  In that other room, Ji-sang thanks Intern Girl for not being evil but good and sends her away. Forever.
He tells her to leave VampDoc. She says she can't leave her father. They both know that love is terminal. The end.

Ji-sang carries a lot of water for Rita into her apartment. Yes. It's important to hydrate! He spots a doll in Rita's apartment and neither of them are smart enough to realize it's an evil voodoo doll, put there by the evil biochemist! It can release highly toxic nerve gas when he presses the remote control. It can also walk and carry a knife.
Would that it was. It's a doll for that girl in Kochenia. The fact that Ji Sang immediately curls up and naps with it is not creepy at all, no sir.
Intern Girl misunderstood, so she's still at the hospital. Oups, Jae-wook comes in - and tells her she may not be able to kill the Great Annoyance, but there are others. Rita will die and die in pain.
Kill Pita or kill Bratty Cancer Girl. Or both, if she chooses.

But before we get to see that, we see vampire sperm! Wow, that's really TMI, show. It does crazy maneuvers instead of swimming straight. Tsts. Rita Friend is quite shocked - and concerned for her friend. Scruff stay cool, though - they still have the Stem Cells. If you mix them with the sperm, good things will come out, he is certain of it.
Actually, they think they have had a break through. I didn't understand it all but basically, they've been focusing from the outside in, when really they need to focus from the inside, out. Or the other way around. Something to do with focusing less on the virus and more on the cells or something.  Basically, Ji Sang himself IS the antidote the virus. I think.
Basically the cure kills the patient, with one exception, Pampire. But, heck, didn't we know that like 9 3/4 episodes ago??
Ah, Jae-wook's cronies have found and captured the evil Biochemist, who has lost his glasses. He begs for his life and gets beaten a bit more. But Jae-wook doesn't want him dead. He wants him to kill people for him, seeing how utterly incapable everybody else is. How convenient that he's a psychopath already.
He has a LOT of hair.
Cut to Awesome Friend and Rita Friend who do some foreplay by looking at tables and figures. He invites her to stay, seeing how she has nothing else to do. Beer Cuddle for our second leads! Also getting closer: Rita and Ji-sang (who has fallen asleep, half cuddling the killer doll). She finds questions that he asked her on her computer ... some tough ones. Like: will she swear off meat forever for him?
We don't get to see what he answered, but the question was 'What do you want to do before you die?' and when she sits by him, the voice over is 'I really wish your answer were different.'
He must have replied again that he wanted to retain his virginity. Or perhaps he told the TRUTH, which is that he wants to lose it, but not the usual way. Nope. He wants to try that way, the one that a lot of people won't consider (me included).
The two Friends are having beer, while Luvvy watches silently. She asks him how he got to know Ji-sang (yeah, we want to know), but he just mumbles something about fate and a vegan restaurant (damn, he's a vegan too?!). They get closer by the minute and I nervously check whether this is 18+ rated? It is not. They switch to soju next and ... cut. Ji-sang finds them passed out and fully clothed on the couch together. Hugging. But Luvvy has all the footage that's needed to know what REALLY happened.
They met 6 years ago. He kept submitting papers on vampirism and he kept getting laughed at and eventually kicked out of school and blacklisted... but Ji Sang read a paper and called him, and then it didn't take him long to figure out that Ji Sang WAS a vampire, and they've been together ever since.  And that the first time he saw Ji Sang vamp out he didn't sleep for three days. It makes me very nervous that we're suddenly learning about his background.
Yep. It's like those old war movies: the first soldier to show a photo of the girl he plans to marry, is the next one to get a bullet in the head. Sorry, Sidekick, I think your ticket is printed for America.
Rita finds the tampon holder in her pocket and sprays some of the perfume (yeah, that's also in there) into her face. Trying to find vamps? Why? Anyway, look who happens to step close ... Intern Girl. Aaaaaand ... nothing happens. At first. But then, Intern Girl coughs! Busted. AGAIN.
This girl has no luck.
That's what happens when you dive off a parking deck after befriending a vampire. Every time. Just a thought; Sidekick needs to make his own mace cans with the the VampIndicator juice since it's easier to kill a vampire when he/she is coughing uncontrollably. 

Awesome Friend gets some test results printed out and is devastated. Ji-sang will turn into FrogMan. It's certain. He quickly runs to Scruff and gravely tells them that there's no cure and no hope. Rita Friend thinks that's really cool, but Awesome Friend has not told them everything yet, it seems.
This whole scene does not bode well for Ji Sang.

Jae-wook unleashes Glasses - who goes straight to ... we don't know yet.
He tells him to secure the Righteous Team data, knowing that glasses will gleefully destroy everyone, just because he can.

First, Awesome Friend tries to talk to Ji-sang, but it's damn difficult... That's why he takes him to a PPL clothing store. And buys quasi everything. Damn, he is a lost chaebol's son! And we didn't know!
More evidence mounting that Ji Sang is about to die. They're celebrating his birthday early, and Awesome encourages Ji Sang to not waste time, and to travel with Ri Ta and do everything he wants to do.  Now.
Last moments of happiness before everything hits the fan.
Damn, they look so happy, but BAM, Ji-sang receives a "help me" message from Rita ... and it's not because she can't open her tight black dress. Pamps on the lose. They split up ... and Awesome Friend runs straight into a group of four masked pamps. Plus Evil Biochemist. Uh-oh. It's a trap. Ji-sang runs to Rita, but there is no danger there at all.
Son of a bitch.
Classic bastard move, since they have done this how many times now? And Ji-sang falls for it every time.
Dring, dring, the phone goes ... it's Glasses. Glasses made Awesome Friend bleed a lot. And Awesome Friend spilled all their secrets. They're doomed. And then, Glasses kills Awesome Friend. That's not very nice of you, drama.
Aw, damn.


Hey, finally, something happened! This episode is my favorite so far. Well done.
I'm so torn.  Because I agree with you, but I'm really mad.
Sidekick is dead with a lot of blood from his head. Could he be brought back like Intern Girl? He'd be Pamp then, but could still do research and cure himself. We are set up for some final episode carnage, though. Looking forward to it, now. Hopefully that will be a good episode too.
Some stew for JoAnne