Rants and Weekly Raves #83 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Entertainer starts next week! With Ji Sung! Dramaland too (the viki show) - and we'll be recapping it!
KLnoona: From Song Joong Ki to Ji Sung - wow, life is good. I love him in a comedic role - dare I say I have high hopes for this?
Jaehyus: I have to drop something. I wanted to continue with Daebak after Jo pointed it's like a fairytale, but no time. So, since Entertainer is starting, and Dramaland (that won't take long) I'll drop Monster. It's not like I care about anyone in that show anyway. And Come Back Ahjussi has ended, so no more of that.
Dramaworld episodes are under 15 minutes.
kakashi: Which is weird and unexpected and the best thing about it, really.


DotS (Finale)

First time a drama ever cured me of an obsession. You are adorable, Song Joong Ki, and this has done wonders for your career, but I long to see you in something that is actually well written. Between constantly being bashed in the face with product placement, the way the grown women all acted like they were in high school and Shi Jin having 9 lives, all I can say is I'm happy it was only 16 episodes. Not that it wasn't without merit (I defended it for weeks because of the beautiful filming and beautiful actors) but the story was so incredibly weak and the relationship that started out so mature often fell into cutesy arguing that rang false to me. Not to mention the fact that Mo Yeon was devastated over losing him and then continued to turn down his kisses when they were reunited. Really? All in all I really loved the trailers, but somehow never actually became engaged with the story.
START RANT: So, I kept quiet for some weeks, but now, I'll get going. Disclaimer: I am NOT ATTACKING anyone who watched and liked DotS. I also don't think bad of you if you've watched and liked DotS. I also watch bad stuff and enjoy it (occasionally). I'm not attacking Song Joong-ki or anybody else in this drama either (even though I think he could improve as an actor in something better). But here's the thing: I'm actually really angry at Kim Eun-sook and her co-writer. The writing in this drama is extremely bad. And yes, that's an objective statement, sorry. That concerns all the medical and military stuff but also all the rest. It's empy, mindless fluff. The characters are not developed, the plot is horrible and stupid. Is it worse than other KDrama? Yes and no. There is a lot of VERY bad writing in KDramaland. But hey, I have some sympathy for it if they do their live-shoot shit, which means they need to churn out 60minutes of material in 4-5 days. But this? Entirely pre-produced. All the time in the world could have and SHOULD have gone into writing a decent script. I find it highly unprofessional to not do that and in fact, it's an insult to any serious script writer. For me, the success of DotS (also internationally) is a worst case scenario. The signal this is sending is this: You don't even need to try to write something solid or marginally interesting. Just shoot for making as much money as you possibly can with pretty people saying empty, stupid lines. It's just sad that this is a priority and pays off. END OF RANT.  
I'm surprised you made it this long. It must have been hard. You did well. I can't disagree with you, really, although I liked the banter between the Song-Song couple and felt like I could understand the issues each couple had while finding their way to each other. It satisfied whatever little itch that was that needed to be scratched, and now it's done and gone. Bye-bye Pretties.
Kakashi, I can't say I disagree with you at all. Not only did it take 6 months to film, she started writing it months before SJK was out of the military. So for as much time as the writer had, it's incredible how bad the writing was. And now she's got Gong Yoo for her next project? I guess for an actor it's a toss up between making tons of money and actually believing in your script. Oh well.
I had absolutely the opposite reaction to you Kakashi. Ok. Let me start again. First of I acknowledge everything you've said about this drama. It was extremely fluffy, the female lead's reasoning is highly suspect. Onew crying was one of the most painful things i've watched and second lead female really needs to stop playing the "caustic annoying bitch who is actually softhearted inside" HOWEVER!!! There was something about this show that drew me back into kdramaland and for which I'm thankful. The guys were charming, their bromance and chemistry a perfect foil for the randomness around them. It was a new way of presenting the military story (which kdrama doesn't do enough of..the last I saw was king 2 hearts and that glossed over a lot) and the two couples had good chemistry. It's a nice solid, gateway to kdrama ('cept for the ending...the ending was stupid. There are rules for breaking the 4th wall and doing it so Onew can say "aren't you glad we had a happy ending" is not one of them. 
It got me right in the feels and I haven't had the feeling in a long time. 

Come Back, Ahjussi (Finale)

Sigh...it's over. I'm so sad. Not that the ending was sad - neat how they actually made me feel okay that Young Soo and Gi Tak were still, you know, dead at the end of it - but sad that it's over. It wasn't perfect, of course, but then what is? It was way better than the ratings would have you think, and for pure fun and feel-good moments, probably one of the best that 2016 will deliver. It was this show's terrible luck to air while DotS was airing, I think. They aren't at all similar, no - but with half of everyone watching a ratings juggernaut, the other shows don't have much of a chance.
If you're looking for a story that can take a terribly sad event and make you cry as you witness all that's been lost, but laugh as you see all that was gained - and you don't mind a bit of mystical whimsy - this is just the ticket.

Goodbye, Mr. Black

I just know I'm never going to get to this now. Mary, come back and do Rimcuts! Oh wait...even Mary isn't watching, but reading recaps for the Rim bits.
Some shows just come and go, with no impact whatsoever. I'm not even remotely sad about it


Behind on this, but going to get back to it now that I see it as a fairytale. :-)
I can't help seeing it that way, somehow.  More in line with Perrault than Anderson, although maybe Grimm works.

Five Children

Still cute, still funny. Hopefully there are enough different characters and stories going on that it will continue for all 50 episodes.
It is such a good family show. It's actually exactly what I like when not watching sageuks.
I just grin from ear to ear, especially for Team Leader/Asst. Manager Ahn - but this week, my favorites have been poor Sang Min and oblivious Yeon Tae, plus Ho Tae and his very very horny little girlfriend.  I'm laughing just thinking about them.

Refresh Man

I am going to love the competition between Ji Wen Kai and Head Secretary Zhang...please, show, keep having Wen Kai day dream kisses.

Vampire Detective

When exactly does this guy figure out he's a vampire? Everyone else knows!
Isn't he craving blood and throwing up ramen like a normal vampire?  Oh, and burning in the sun?
He got injected with the superblood (which i'm guessing prevents sun burning). I'm curious as to why he can still get knocked out by a slab of wood. Isn't he supposed to have super human strength? 

Marriage Contract

Yikes, just rip our hearts out in tiny, never ending increments. At least the cat is out of the bag now, and done in a very believable way, because I was not happy that she refused to tell him about her cancer. No matter what, this will be a sad drama, but I hope it's not 4 more episodes of noble idiocy. It's certainly given me a new appreciation for Lee Seo Jin and his ability to cry, and the little girl is wonderful, too. Update: With two more episodes under my belt, at least our couple is now starting to have a little bit of happiness. I'm sure the father-son bastard duo will still find a way to interfere, and there is NO WAY there will not be a million tears shed as the hope for any cure is non-existent. Why do I start these things?
They were so happy by the end of this week....that means next week is going to be really super extra painful, doesn't it?  I was glad that it seems Na Yoon is choosing not to go down the traditional second lead path into obsession and ridiculousness, but man - his brother and his father?  Wow.


Jaehyus: I thought you meant this:

I didn't, but hey, there cannot be enough dogs in any post.
Well in that case, Maisie and Blue haven't made an appearance in a while...eh, next week.  I'd have to get photos off my phone.


Season 2 is here! I won't watch though. He's still beautiful. I still can't stand her. Oh well.


Overall cute episode. I still remain marginally bored with this show though. Nothing much happens.

Jane the Virgin

Goddammit, Kakashi, now I'm freaking #TeamMichael, too.
Those bits were cute. The rest though? Less so. I'm feeling a bit out of love for this show. Which is okay. It just seems as if the writers were doing some extra rounds, without a clear vision where to take this. Fine too. I'm just not 100% I'll be there for the next season.

The Magicians

And so, it ends. Disastrously. What a mess! And what a cliffhanger! And what a SHOW! I watch a lot of TV - though not as much as JoAnne - so I feel comfortable saying that this has been the most surprising and original show I have seen in quite some time. Not one episode that didn't take an absolutely unexpected turn. Every single actor was excellent and the script deserves an award. Can't wait for the 2nd season!
Holy crap, I was glued to my seat. I think starting the series out with Q and Crew a bit older allowed them to be more brutal with the story. And it's been interesting to see how they played with the characters a bit. Penny was very different in the book (I think it's no secret that we heartily approve of Penny around here.) Margo is a much better name for Janet than Janet ever was, and what humor there is - it didn't really exist in the novel. The time loop piece has more of an impact in the series because Julia has more story, and she has more story because of the hedge witches and then Richard. The hedge witches barely get a mention in the first book and Richard wasn't much more present - plus they basically built TV Richard from one detail of Book Richard. I'll be very interested to see what might appear in Season 2. There was one very big deviation, but I'm not sure if it's just delayed...kinda glad it didn't happen, though.
I started this but never got into it coz the lead was such a whiner. It gets better? 
I was very intrigued from the very start, so I wouldn't say "it gets better". For me, this is the most amazing and surprising show I've recently watched
You are right that he was a bit whiny but it never bothered me and he does actually act more bravely than he talks, most of the time.  He's just Q.  A bit neurotic.

Game of Thrones

Haha, no, not yet. But soooon. Can't believe it's April already. Seems like yesterday that this show ended.