Rants and Weekly Raves #87 (RAWR)

kakashi: Wow, lots of new stuff starting this week. It's crazy how KDramaworld keeps churning those shows out like that.
Jaehyus: I didn't watch much. Only my daily really interested me, and Green Hill Fox, which is adequately described here
Shuk: I'm happy that I am watching stuff you guys are talking about. 
JoAnne: He reminds me of Johnny Depp, here. And Siwon.
It's from an action movie called Running Man. It's a bad movie. But I don't care because Hakyun is in it.


Beast's Beauty (new) 

Is that Beautiful Gonshim?
Yes; everything I saw called it variations of Beast/Beauty... but if anyone is looking for this on Viki, it's called Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim for some weird reason. It's being subbed, but slowly. I don't know how anyone will ever find it if it has so many different names.
I actually liked this more than I expected. Pluses: Namgoong Min's character is sort of different than you expect. He does good things, but is kind of an ass, but not the same old kind of ass you're used to seeing in a lead. He's funny, too. I've never seen Bang Min Ah in anything, although I knew vaguely that she was an idol. I really like her as Gong Shim! She reminds me of Jung Eun Ji both physically and also in the way she presents the character: they both have the ability to be occasionally loud without resorting to that shrillness that gets Hwang Jung Eum and Hyeri so far. Minuses: so far, the plot is absolutely everything you'd ever expect if I told you that she's the less-favored daughter of a family with debt; he's the quirky son of a chaebol family. For a second lead, throw in a mistress's son trying to win acceptance from HIS chaebol family, the fact that her sister wants to marry rich, and top it off with a kidnapping mystery 25 years earlier. See? You can write that story yourself in 10 minutes. But going in, at least, these two made me want to stick around.

Mirror of the Witch (new) 

We have an historic event: solid acting, interesting story, and effective CGI. All in one place. Let's hope this keeps up - so far the story has been shocking, a little scary, and even unintentionally funny. At least, I think it wasn't meant to be funny, it's just... let's just leave it that the Dowager Empress is really, really, really intent on getting a grandchild. She gets her wish, eventually, with the aid of some kind of super-sperm jelly fish demon thing (who giggles like a deranged demon child). I know, it sounds crazy, but you have to watch this. There are lots of little things I like and I'm sort of impressed with jTBC's flashing of the cash, which is evident in all things. Let's just hope the story stays good!
Well. I just can't with these super long episodes. I really, really struggled. Every scene is about 50% too long for me! But - I agree with what JoAnne says, so far, beautifully filmed, really well edited, good use of music, also well acted. The story is okay(ish), though not overly original or exciting, at least until approximately 100 minutes in. I will continue watching for a bit, but it will lose me quickly, if it continues to be soooooo looooong-winded. 

Dear My Friends (new) 

The title of this drama keeps irritating me. Am I a grammar nazi?! But: It's cute. Another plus: great use of cameos! (I really miss Zo In-sung..... you beautiful man, you) Sadly, I don't have time to watch this.
I hate the title too, and I haven't seen the first episode yet. Some of my favorite grandparents are here so I want to... but when?
It's what "Unkind Women" should have been. 
Ohhh...well that gives me some incentive to try and fit it in.

Another Miss Oh 

I like this more every episode. There is something very human and relate-able about Hae Young and Do Kyung in their attempts to move forward with life. Hae Young in particular, with her very deliberate approach to moving on. I think Do Kyung is stuck more than she is - he has no idea why the other Hae Young left him, plus he has the guilt of what he did to the wrong Hae Young. We meet his Hae Young in episode 4, and I'm guessing there's a big chunk they left out of her no-show at the wedding, because this woman waltzes back in after a year like everyone will be as happy to see her as she is to see them. Thankfully, they are not. So far she doesn't seem like a bad sort, just thoughtless in that way a person who's always been doted on can be. But I love MY Hae Young so much that this little poptart really rubs me the wrong way already.
I am really impressed with Seo Hyun-Jin's acting in this. She brings this character to live so marvelously! The pain, the awkwardness, the trying to be brave all the time. The break-down on his sofa... that was a real "oumpf" moment. I cried, that's how much I felt for her. Sadly, Eric isn't doing it for me in this ... his acting is SO limited, it's a shame. It's too phlegmatic for me. Also, the episode are far too long (the usual tvN sickness), I get antsy.
Apart from "Just" Oh Hae-young's character, I cannot stop laughing about Do-kyung's batshit crazy family. I even like his douchy lawyer friend now. Who seems to have a hidden crush on the completely insane sister/boss. Hahahahaaa, so amusing.
I thought I was picking up on something, yes!

Lawyer Jo 

I wonder if I can catch up on this before it ends? There are two more weeks. No! THREE more weeks! I'm going to catch up. Although... I do remember thinking there wasn't much to say other than I enjoy watching Lawyer Jo and his buddy, my much-loved Number Two from Last. Those of you watching - give me a reason to make the effort to catch up before the finale!


I have plenty of time for this one, since it doesn't end until sometime in 2019.
Things have grown so quiet about this one

Goodbye, Mr. Black

Woohoo, I'm up to episode 10 - I really do enjoy this, it's just that I fell behind and I know I'm going to stay behind while I attempt to keep up with certain others...where I am now, it's pretty much all out in the open for everyone, so the stage is set for people to really start going after each other. I find the central conflict between Ji Won and Seon Jae, really compelling. They were friends, but if you watched High Society, there's a bit of that disparity going on. It's a reasonable premise, but Seon Jae has some serious issues and that makes it worse, I think. He is a really interesting villain, too, feeling that he's more the victim in this story; he's more entitled to what he stole from Ji Won than Ji Won is since he had to 'work' for it and it would have just been handed to Ji Won. He insists that it's Baek's fault that Ji Soo is the way she is, and he absolutely doesn't feel unjustified in his bad behavior, but he also doesn't really want to do any more bad things if he doesn't have to. I foresee a total psychological break down in your future, Seon Jae.


This continues to move along at a pace I enjoy - each week we go a little deeper into each band member's story and each week the over-arching 'mystery' is a little further revealed, without giving a whole lot of screen time to the bad guys. I like that, actually - I want to know how that story goes, but I don't like those characters so I don't want to see them all that much. I was surprised this week by two things: Kyle wasn't lying about Juilliard, and Min Joo doesn't get bitchy in a second lead kind of way despite plenty of hints that romantic feelings might be brewing between Suk Ho and Geu Rin. Three things, actually: I liked the moment between Ha Neul and Geu Rin before he left for Busan, and at this point in the show, especially with the hints in the other direction, I thought it wouldn't be presented so even-handedly. Okay, four things: Jinu figuring out that his slimy snake manager is behind the Busan incident, and the hint that he and Ha Neul may end up working together to resolve that. Four things is a lot! I really am enjoying this show.

Vampire Detective

Kakashi! This is the same universe as Vampire Prosecutor! They went to that bartender! (San and the Awesomely Slinky Vampiress.) He asked them to find Min Tae Yeon! (That was the name, right?) 
YES I KNOW. Didn't I tell you I was pissed off with them for not doing Vampire Prosecutor but something half-cooked? 
This week we got back story on Miss Evil and it's a bit sad, of course. You don't see who made her into a vampire, but I guess that's coming sooner or later, and since there's this bit of cross-over I'm sure it's tied into Mr. Prosecutor's Big Bad, too. And then at the very end of the episode, San sees one of his friends, the ones he's been searching for - it seems like there are two vampire factions, maybe. They don't edit this well.

God of Noodles

We've had a few years of time jump - it's 2011. Not too long, time enough to be finishing up school and prison sentences and stuff like that. Everyone is moving along their expected trajectories. We learn a little more about Super Sniffer Girl, and a woman who's intent on protecting historical food. Gil Do is in Seoul and of course he wants to run for public office. One senator learns not to underestimate our Noodle-minator, or should...but I keep thinking he's going to die soon; at the last minute we find out he's teaming up with Moomyung, though (how does this kid have all this money and access?) so he might live for a while. I still don't know how Moomyung thinks he can go to work for Gil Do but that does appear to be part of his plan.

Five Children

I'm tired of everyone's attitudes about the divorce and the continuing bad behavior of all the adults concerned. It is what it is, folks, move on. I'm already fast-forwarding that ridiculous crazy possessive mother-in-law, now whenever anyone talks about the kids I feel like I need to, also. I like all the romantic couples together, and I love the restaurant dad no matter who he talks to, but the rest of it is either uninteresting or enraging or some combination of both. It's just that the parts I do like are SO good!

Ms. Temper and Nam Jang Mi

Show ended. I liked it, and, since it's my time I used to watch it, that's all that matters to me! 
I deleted all my screenshots, so have a smiley Gil TaeMi.
I don't know if it'll be a top 5, but it's certainly a top 10 for me. It was funny, interesting, and all the baddies lost in the end while the goodies triumphed. Yay!

Refresh Man

Children, there is little better in a rom-com hero than an Aaron Yan character. This week he came right up against his inability to be honest about his feelings toward Yu Tang - totally out of fear of rejection - but I think he's starting to see the light. Yu Tang has. She sees the light, oh yes, she does. She just thinks it's a train, the idiot. We can hang in there, though, because next week, a Glorious Kiss from Our Glorious Pants Man.

My Amazing Boyfriend 

Forgot to watch this week. I imagine it's still good, though.
She's so cute.
Look what you missed
I literally marathoned 21 episodes in 2 1/2 days. I really enjoy the interaction between our two leads, and their interaction with their coordi. Female besty is the best! As Viki is just up to episode 15, I don't want to send out any spoilers past that. But it really is a fun watch right now, even knowing the angst and EvilBad crap is on the horizon. For the record, I spotted five Eiffel Towers so far...

School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard

I watched the first episode, and yep, an ET in the very first scene! Luckily, it's a flashback. I haven't gotten too far in this one in my desperate attempt to finish something, even with Monster Boy above distracting me.
Monster Boy? Never mind, I understand now.  

Heaven's Promise - Lee YooRi Death Stare Edition

This drama is so good! Not least because of Lee YooRi and the Death Stare of Dooooommm! 
She is so pretty.  Is she a good person or a bad person in this drama?  What's it about?  How far are you from the millionth episode?
On Ep 74 of 100, and she is a good person in the drama. She plays two characters, Lee Nayeon, and her twin, Baek Dohee (Dohee was adopted out as a baby because the mother didn't have money to pay for DH's heart surgery, and this is, in fact, a real life scenario if you follow Korean-American rapper AKAdanAKA) and the Lee Nayeon who takes over Dohee's life when Dohee dies trying to save Nayeon from the horrible chaebols out for her blood. Nayeon takes over Dohee's life because of an initial misunderstanding from the incident that killed Dohee ( the bodies were switched), and because the evil people in this show also killed Nayeon's 5 year old daughter. So, she goes for DoHee's position to get access to Dohee's resources and higher social status to get revenge for her twin and her child's deaths. It's quite possible that if someone less skilled at death stares was playing this role the show wouldn't be as good, but, it's amazingly well-paced. There was even one time in the 30s (ep's) where I thought they were dragging out the horrible things like multiple manslaughters, kidnappings and fraud the horrible people were doing far too long, but in the end, all that intense evil just means we don't care whatsoever about them and their back stories, we're just happy to see them suffer. What's also interesting - and there have been complaints on Soompi of "where's the revenge?" - is that Dohee2 acts as a catalyst, pushes buttons, and lets everyone self-destruct. So, she just sets the stage and they all give in to their lower natures, and BOOM! 


The Night Manager 

Tom Pine (now Andrew Birch) goes full rogue! I can't wait for you to start watching this, Kakashi.
Are you watching one episode a week? 
Yes, I am watching on Amazon Prime and they're only releasing one a week.


I'm back on that Empire kick... watched several episodes last night and am almost current on Season 2. At this point I kind of hate everyone in it. Maybe not Jamal. Who could hate Jamal? Where we are: Lucious Lyon's real name is now out there in the world, plus the news that his mother was crazy - which pisses off Andre because that would have been helpful information when he first started going crazy, too. Jamal just wants to make music and be above the fray except except when he forgets about the noble cause of music, Hakeem is strutting around like a tiny ridiculous Napoleon, BooBoo Kitty is up to no good with her pregnancy (which that little Latina Hakeem just got engaged to is going to lose her ever loving mind when she finds out), Andre and his wife are scheming again, and Cookie just wants everyone to play nice and be a family. She pisses me off the most because her ex-husband is a lying, murdering, crazy-ass son of a bitch who thinks of his sons as competition, and she wants them to 'understand' him because he had a hard life. Bitch, please.* Updated to add: We just met Lucious' mama, and, uh...I think he has a reason to be as crazy as he is. Updated even more: damnnnnnnnnn. These people may be portrayed as black Americans, but I think they're like, half Korean half Thai.  

Fear the Walking Dead

If there's ever a show down between Madison and Strand, side with Madison. She's the toughest one except for maybe Daniel, and I like that it's a woman who's kind of taking charge. I also like that Nick is finding a new sense of purpose and confidence in this altered landscape - I'm very interested in seeing what they do with him. Chris, on the other hand, is losing it. As is Daniel, I think. My favorite part this week, though, is when Travis is confronted by the girl from the raft. I have a feeling we'll see more of her.

Game of Thrones 

This show is 90% extremely boring. They manage to make every ending of every extremely boring episode exciting though, which means you forget that the show is actually extremely boring.

Jane the Virgin

Back to meh. Still no wedding, but it IS at the end of the week (in the story) so maybe next episode? We get a little scoop on Aneszka's plans, Rafael's brother double-crosses Mutter, Jane frets about Mateo's first birthday, and Rafael is still in love with Jane.
I'm getting annoyed just reading about it.
Save yourself. I'm sad like the girl who was so happy to be dating the cute boy that was always funny and now it's 10 years later and he's my fat husband still telling the same 3 jokes.