Cinderella and her Four Knights - Episode 3 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: It has taken two episodes to get everyone in the same location. How many episodes will it take for everyone's attitude adjustment? And I still want to know what Maleficent has in store for everyone.

Episode 3

Poor shivering, wet, sad, Cindy. But, hey, she gets to snuggle into PA Lee's jacket! So now we see him in all his vested glory (gives Trot some Thai-strength smelling salts).
Trotwood: Hello. My name is Trotwood. I have a vest fetish. (Admission is the first step towards recovery)
DramaNoona: I may not have a vest fetish, but I can appreciate how damned good PA Looks in his vest.
Jaehyus: Vest on! Vest Off! Vest Away! [No, that doesn't make sense. I just wanted to say it.]
JoAnne:  I'm invested in this story.
She ends up sitting in an expansive bathtub, still in her wet, sad tracksuit. She returns to that horrible scene at Casa De Crap, including the face slap from her ersatz father.
Nothing that father can say ever will make up for this. I'm sure they will try some redemption at this point, but I'm not holding out any hope. This writer seems to want to play up the bad people, but he/she is going too far by not giving us any or much to hold on to. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to get over how mean so many of these people are that I am not satisfied with anything less than public punishment involving open flame.
I have no respect left for her dad. He may not be her actual father, but no decent human being could treat another like that. He’s scum and I want him and the whole stepfamily to suffer accordingly. Also, why is she sitting in the tub in her clothing?   
He is a scum. He raised that child, she did nothing wrong in being born, and he could've spoken to her privately and kindly if he had to say why he didn't want to pay for her mother's columbarium fees.
Screw him and the truck he rode in on, and screw his ugly-spirited wife and her weird-faced daughter, too.
Our boys are lounging around the den. Emo is irritably leaning against a wall. Ibeol is checking social media on his phone. Player is comfy but impatient on a sofa. In other words, Same Stuff, Different Day. PA Lee walks in, and announces an announcement from Gramps.
Is it possible to do anything other than announce an announcement? If you do something other than announce, does it cease to be an announcement? Discuss.

The wet hen is living at the house from here on out. Biker thinks it's BS, Ibeol thinks a girl in the house is a bad idea. Player is incredulous, but he is more interested in confirming whether or not Biker is going to be living there.
Neither Player nor Biker really give a toss about Ibeol, do they?
The general lack of attention he gets both within and without the show makes me want to see him win the girl, but I'm not up for the level of netizen hysteria that would inspire.

Biker agrees, it's about as crazy as allowing his fiancee in the house. Ibeol rolls his eyes at more SSDD. PA Lee says it's Gramp's decision and so is ironclad. So is the main rule: no dating.
The no dating rule won’t last long, I give it two or three more episodes before shenanigans go down.
Poor Ibeol. I get that he lives very comfortably in that place and probably has his own recording studio and all, but the security seems pretty lax, and I bet he wants his own place. 
You know what else is ironclad? The fact that PA Lee is mine.
[cough] About as ironclad as an origami boat.
But how can that be, since Hyun-min's girlfriend will be living with them? PA Lee begins to explain their relationship, but Player jumps up and hustles him out of earshot of the other two.

PA Lee is all about leveling with everyone, but Player wants everyone to think they are still affianced. He promises to cockblock the others and not actually date her for real. Lee hyung (I bet he is.) is agreeable but warns him that there are consequences for failure. He agrees to give up all his credit cards.
Hyun Min agreed way too quickly to the deal, I can’t see him living up to this side of the deal.
Please, cancel this twit's cards.
That would keep him home, bored...with plenty of time to romance Cindy and looking for something to do.
When they return, Biker is gone, but PA Lee reiterates the no-dating rule. Player is specifically included, but acts like he is the exception. They all go their separate ways. Evening one, complete.

Cindy is finally out of the bathroom, in a robe and finally ready to survey her new quarters. It's basically bigger than the entire Casa de Crap, with a nice big television (but no easy way to watch it), and a big fluffy, six-pillow bed. I desperately want her Sputnik chandelier.
Agreed re Sputnik chandelier.
She dries her tracksuit with her hair dryer. I'm guessing she didn't even add a change of clothes to her backpack before leaving. Time to borrow Ibeol's t-shirt! He's the safest bet and the best fit. But, no, she puts the tracksuit back on (How did she possibly dry that track suit with the hair dryer in that amount of time? I have had to try to dry clothes with hair dryers and it's a painfully long process. Do they have super dryers in chaebol houses?) (Chaebols need super hair dryers don’t you know?  It’s the only way to manage their glorious locks) and gently moves her mother's box to a shelf under a table. She tells the box to just stay there until Dad is no longer upset. She pulls out her necklace and smiles. Suddenly, her stomach growls.
Here's a super hair-dryer: the Dyson Supersonic.  Only 400 USD.
For that much money that thing better wash my hair, deep condition it, blow it dry, style it, cut it, AND give me bed-hair on demand.

Biker walks into his bedroom, which also has an awkward television location. Still it's well-appointed and very nice. He walks over to a window and looks out between the blinds.
He steps outside and meets up with PA Lee. The assistant states the obvious, but it bears repeating. Elmo has agreed to live his life as Kang Ji-woon starting now. Even though it was coercion and not voluntary, but he is willing to do this just to find out (1) why is Gramps so keen to delete "Han Ji-woon". And (2) why his deadbeat chaebol father abandoned his wife and son. PA Lee wishes him happy hunting, but warns him not go against Gramps.
Because we’ve had so many birth secrets so far I’m sure there’s a birth secret in there somewhere which is why no one will tell Ji Woon why Han Ji Won needs to be erased. 
I think it's pretty obvious. Grandad wants his grandson to carry his dead son's name, and maybe even substitute for that dead son. Also, Jung Il-woo looks 30 years old. Just saying.
I don't even think it's that complicated. He was living under his mother's name, and probably registry. Gramps wants him on the Kang roster.

Cindy has found the kitchen and takes a peek in the refrigerator. Before she can do anything, an older woman stops her. She is respectful to the ahjumma, who sighs that discipline has been out the window since Butler Kim left. Cindy introduces herself; the older woman is the housekeeper, Mrs. Beolgyo. Mrs B leads her out of the main house to a smaller building. They apparently like the same kind of shoes, too. Cindy loves the close homey feel, but her happiness is short-lived when PA HotVest shows up.
I officially love Mrs. B. She is the only warmth this show has.
Me too, me too! I love Mrs. B. she’s so real and hilarious!
Yeah, whatever.
Why bother with the stupid fake gray?
He loftily informs Mrs B that Cindy is a guest of the Chairman, and not an employee. Right away, she goes all formal and apologetic on Cindy, which bothers the younger woman.

As PA Lee and Cindy walk back to the main house, Cindy mildly argues with the man. Remove the tie! Open the shirt! Wait, that was me.(No. That was all of us)(I'm watching you, but I can't hate the result) She was uncomfortable being treated as a guest by an older person. PA Lee is as unflappable as his vest is perfect. (sighing at the vest) She IS a guest, not an employee, and should be treated as such by all Sky House personnel.
I don't get it. She's not really a guest; she has a job to do and get specific missions. How can this be counted as being a guest? Do you guys make your guests do things for you? 
I think the distinction is that she isn’t there to work in the normal sense, like cleaning/cooking, and because of this she’s more of a guest.  Plus I think the chairman really likes her which also makes her a guest.
I think you guys spend way too much time on things that don't matter. We could be talking about relevant topics, like whether you think PA Lee has a happy trail or not.
He doesn't.
"It's the Chairman's command." I'm thinking we are going to hear this statement. A lot. Drinking game perhaps? A sip for each statement, a shot whenever PA Lee smiles?
I’m in!
You do that. I'll be giggling at PA Lee's commands, which are private.

Their conversation is interrupted by a growling animal...err Cindy's stomach. Begin the awesome montage of Hot Assistant Working The Food In Neat Efficiency (HAWT-FINE)! In short order, we have dakgangjeong, jjajangmyun, kalguksoo, with electric candles and linen service, and PA Lee whipping off...his apron. 잘 먹겠습니다! Everything looks good enough to eat.
And by this I know you mean PA Lee included. I nearly fainted during this entire sequence. And why did he even need an apron when even that remained pristine. Does this man ever spill? Wouldn't you like to see him a bit . . . tousled? 
I can make him spill
This scene was...Ahem…brilliant. A tousled PA Lee would be extremely attractive! 
Checking around all corners in case a man like this is around. Nope, no one there. I is sad.
Even Park So Dam couldn't contain her enjoyment. Where's the BTS with PA Lee, guys? COME ON.
Cindy is all smiles as she digs in. And we get our first PA Lee smile!!(and angels sing) Cindy is clearly good to relax our stoic assistant. She's more than halfway through the food before she sheepishly asks him to join her in the eats.
("I'll have you with dessert", he says. "Don't you mean you'll have dessert with me?" Cindy asks. "I said what I meant, Miss." Long stare between them.)
She's heading back to her room when Player wrist-grabs and pulls her into a nearby hallway. He whispers that they are still engaged. She whispers that he's a nut-job.
Yes, he is a nut-job.
So many jokes. So many.

In a normal voice, he states he's trying to protect her virtue as the only female in the house. She tells him to back off, but he wants to know if she will tell everyone the circumstances behind the 'engagement'. Besides, no dating in Sky House, remember.

He doesn't want to date her, he just wants her to continue to pretend to be his fiancee. He admits to never paying her previously (which was why she was 1 million won short of her mother's arrears), but now wants to pay her more. Hmm, adding zeros to zeros isn't exactly worthy of belief.

She says she doesn't need his filthy lucre; he's convinced she's really fallen for him. She scoffs and tells him to raise his hands. He hovers them near her breasts but doesn't dare touch them. She tells him to put them higher...higher...
I do find it sort of cute that Hyun Min is so set on her remaining his fiance.
I don't get it. With him as well as with Biker, she looks a child while he looks 30 years old. I just can't ship her with anyone in this house.
How do you think a girl in her late teens/early twenties looks? 
More like Son Naeun? I can believe she's 19 or 20. Although she looks way younger than Player and Biker too. And honestly, nowadays, people have major curves by the time they're 11 because of all the hormones in the food. Perhaps the blatant age difference wouldn't bother me so much, though, if the boys looked like boys. Which, nowadays, they don't either. Sidebar: I was terrified when walking by some high school boys recently. They were HUGE. And I would not have known they were boys rather than grown ass men if they hadn't been wearing school shirts.
She tries a judo chop, but he smoothly defends and they end up arm in arm, again. Staring into each other's face, again. He gives her a half-smile and reminds her that he's her protector. She is flustered but tries to bravely talk back. He releases her and she scurries away. He calls out thanks to his 'girlfriend'.

She still hasn't made it back to her room when she gets accosted by Emo Biker. He wonders how much money she earned this time, and sails away.
See now, Jung Il Woo I just don't find attractive, generally speaking. His manner can be at times; I'm not saying he doesn't have a certain charm or charisma,or that he's UGLY, but other than very occasionally, his looks do not appeal for me at all.
In her room, she's on her new fluffy bed, but sleep eludes her. She categories the boys: Biker the Jerk, Ibeol the Friendzoned, Player the Shivermaker. For some reason she goes back to the "No Dating in Sky House" rule, but then shakes it off and tries to sleep. She's not used to that much space to sleep in, so ultimately she curls up under her vanity table.
I'm really hoping at some point they see her like this and feel bad. 
I want that too! I want them to see her hidden under the desk and their hearts to grow three sizes that day.
I don't know, I found that sleeping under the desk thing a bit silly.
Cindy Lu Hu.
After his interaction with Cindy, Player is ambling around outside looking at the dark sky. Emo Biker is also strolling from the opposite direction.  Collision course! Of course we get the Dance of the Sidesteps until finally Biker speaks up. Let’s all follow our individual paths and not get up into each other’s grill. Player uses the chance to get all up in Biker’s grill. Why did he come back after vowing to never return? After a few glares, they each promise to avoid the other. And mind their own business.
If I didn't see this myself, I wouldn't believe it. What was the point of this but to see such good profiles? Okay. maybe that was the point (didn't move plot along / doesn't have PA Lee = not important)
The profiles were pretty.  But okay, we get it, those two hate each other. 
In a darkened corner of Sky House’s exterior, though, Biker makes his way to a well-lit door hidden behind a stand of dried pampas grass. It appears to be a workshop of some type. I would hazard a guess that there’s probably motorcycles or something underneath all that plastic. Which seems to have failed miserably to keep dust away. We finally see a picture of Young Emo and EmoMom, as he renews his pledge to find out what happened to his family. So this is his secret EmoCave.
They spent a lot of screen time on this place I’m going to hazard a guess that it will see a lot of screen time going forward.
Well, all the bedrooms are pretty open to look into, so...
A totally annoying alarm wakes our Sleeping Beau…Cindy out of her dream coma. But not before she barks he head on the bottom of the vanity. It takes her a moment to orient herself. It was her friend, wanting to know what’s going on. When she finds out that Cindy is at Sky House, she demands photos or it didn’t happen.
Fair enough.

Now that she’s awake she stretches and smiles, prepared to start her first full day there. What she wasn’t prepared for is an entire bank of interior windows with open blinds. Anybody can peek in! I guess she didn’t notice them last night. And apparently each wall around that common area has windows.  The first one she peeks into gets her a tall, laughing gaze. She steps back as a text pops up on her phone. “Girlfriend, I’m not exactly dressed appropriately right now, but we will see each other later.” It’s Player!
I suppose putting them all around a courtyard was a nod to traditional houses. Eastern houses are usually set around courtyards, I think.
So each wall looks into a bedroom. Each bedroom door has a small landing/porch area. Each room has a hot guy behind it. Daebak! The next one she checks out seems to be empty, until the annoyed Emo owner shows up behind her. So we know she shares a wall with Emo, and she shares a wall with Player. No naughty noises, boys!
How did she not notice this whole blind thing before? And isn't this an odd house design? It's like a reverse Tardis--smaller on the inside than it is on the outside. Or maybe it's just long and skinny and that's why the bedrooms seem so close for a house this size.
I’m also confused by the overall house design. The living quarters seem crammed into one space and then a long line of other rooms and such. But I can see why they put all the rooms in once small space in a storytelling sense. Though I’m still somewhat confused by the house set up.
I think the rooms extend further out to the back. Also, this house seems to only have a small living area. The rest is some sort of estate.
You guys are not asking the important questions. Where is PA Lee's bedroom?
Here's a photo of a "modern" hanok design. 
Cindy decides to go outside and clear her head. In the meantime, a cadre of employees descend on the house, make it spic and span, and set breakfast. When Cindy comes back in she immediately settles down at the dinner table to wait for everyone else to show up.
That will be a long wait, since it's breakfast.

Pimp-striped PA Lee shows up. She might as well eat because no one else will show up. In fact, none of the cousins have ever eaten together since they moved into Sky House.
Why waste that amazing spread.  Also, I was surprised at the chef being so enthusiastic when no one eats his food.
He gets paid either way. If no one eats it, maybe it goes home with him.
Gramps calls from Hawaii, looking happy. Mal is nowhere to be seen, but she can always plot long distance. Cindy gets her first task. Mission #1: Get everyone to eat a meal together.

But before any of that, the official contract must be signed. PA Lee arranges several forms across a table for Cindy to sign. He explains that it maps out the circumstances of the missions, as well as any bonuses given for successful completion. Any failures will result in expulsion from Sky House, and a reminder of the No Dating policy. Really, writer, do you have to beat us over the head with that? Should that be part of the drinking game too? “One forkful of kimchi every time the No-Dating rule is mentioned”.
I found the contract confusing (not the dating part; they have reviewed that A LOT). I mean the part about the missions and the bonuses. He has promised to pay her tuition if she succeeds, but what over all? I know he is going to give her missions, but why add a bonus to each one if she succeeds? Her bonus would be to be able to stay until she gets her tuition money, right? Seems a waste of money when she was going to try anything for that tuition anyway.
The bonuses are her living expenses for college and any extra pocket money she needs then.

At Casa De Crap, AssDad reiterates that “that girl” is not allowed back to the house. Can your truck become your own Truck of Doom? I’ll gladly put a burning rag in either the truck’s fuel orifice, or your own. EvilStepWhatever wonders if CindyMom really cheated on AssDad, but who cares. It’ll probably come out in the storyline somewhere.
They all suck in that family. How did Cindy stay sane with them?
I'm ignoring this plot line.
In his truck, he receives a phone call regarding his flyer looking for someone named “Kang Young Jin”. We see a copy of the flyer that his man is a judo instructor. Hmm, with the same last name of everyone in Sky House. Oooh, are they setting us up for a consanguination plotline? Great! (Oh geeze.  This trope, too? We're only on ep 3!) That means Cindy can only have PA Lee at the house.
I was pretty sure that I couldn’t hate dad more, but then he makes stepmom agree Ha Won is never allowed back into the house.  Then another birth secret on top of her original birth secret?  I really-really hope that this isn’t foreshadowing to her being related to the Kang family.  But that would leave her with PA Lee and that would be ok!
She can have him once I’m done with him. Such a foolish dreamer.
I hope she does turn out a granddaughter. She can be the heir. Biker and Player don't deserve to be, and Ibeol has another life to lead.
That resolution doesn't bother me in the least.
Speaking of which, our ever-efficient-and-never-Jo’s man shows up at Cindy’s former hellhole. (YIKES! I'm running for cover, Shuk just baited a Jo bull. *doing a wrist grab on PA Lee to save him from the carnage. Just being a good Samaritan, people.*)  EvilStepWhatever is surprised at the business card, and even more surprised that he is there for Cindy’s belongings. Why is he even answering this witch? We find out that PA Lee is actually the General Secretary for Haneul Group. Which makes sense, except shouldn’t he be running the company while Gramps is honeymooning in Hawaii? These two **** (insert derogatory term of your choice) fawn all over the man, but he is totally unaffected and subtly condescending.
He looks at them the way all of us would if we made ourselves behave well--like they are something not worth ever thinking about again. But the writer will force us to!
Their faces when they realized that Ha Won was a guest of the Chairman at Sky House was pretty awesome. PA Lee is the example of professionalism through it all!

At Sky House, Cindy smiles at the documents before putting them away. Isn’t it great to have a goal! She plops herself down on the couch in the main room. What could possibly be so hard about the first task?
Ibeol is the easiest of the three because he doesn't hate the other two, he's just busy with his own life.
He's a cutie pie.

While she’s sitting there, she realizes there are no family photos, portraits, or anything, well besides that hideous 3-D printed flat whatever of Gramps.
That must annoy all three boys since none of them care much about the granddad.
They did put an ahjumma scarf around it in the first episode.
 Just then a dried-up bouquet with still-white roses shows up. It’s attached to Ibeol The Friendzoned. It’s her mother’s funeral flowers; Ibeol apparently left her uniform and belongings but grabbed the bundle of greenery out of the hotel room during Gramps and Mal’s wedding. She’s happy to see them again.
Ibeol is my fave so far. I mean, Jung Il Woo is what brought me in, but Ibeol is keeping me here.
I think we all know why I'm here.

He companionably sits next to her, and asks what happened the night before, when she was crying in the rain. She blows it off with an excuse and he doesn’t push, figuring that it had something to do with her family. Busted! He finally comes clean that he didn’t exaaaactly ‘accidentally’ delete her texts. He immediately jumps to her defense. Whoever that “Yoo Na” is, she’s vicious, mean, probably smells funny, and certainly doesn’t act like a part of her family.
Awww. He's just a gangly Great Dane pup of loyalty.
Omo! Yes! That is so what he is and I love him so much for it!!!
If he were an ACTUAL muffin, he would have chocolate chips AND blueberries AND those big fat sugar crystals on top.
Cindy smiles slightly and says her relationship with her stepsister is still better than Ibeol and his cousins.(Actually, I disagree). Even at their worst behavior, her family still sat down for family meals every day.(When have we ever seen her allowed to eat with that family?--Still bitter about that fried chicken in ep 1) (Agreeing with Trot.) Ibeol is amazed that she is such a nice person! Cindy uses this as an edge to suggest they have a meal together in Sky House! Wouldn’t that be lovely! Just then, Emo Biker strides through the room, emits one pithy sentence, and without a single pause heads for the outside door. Oh, yes, lovely.
She follows him outside, now ZoneFriend is okay with eating together. Biker slips into his EmoCave, closely pursued by Cindy. In the meantime, PA Lee has just showed up at the house with Cindy's belongings in tow. He gets a phone call, and ends up abandoning them on the house sidewalk. No servants? No security? No CCTV? No one to delegate.
I thought that this was very much outside of PA Lee’s norm. I honestly can’t imagine that he would leave her things in such an inappropriate place.
This place has no security and one housekeeper. The rest seem to be day employees only. It's weird.
Focus, people. Fo-cus.
Anyway, she goes into Biker's domain, still clutching those dried up flowers. With the plastic pulled away, the room is filled with boxes and cabinets of hand tools. Biker grunts that she makes a habit of invading people's privacy. He starts advancing on her as her attention is distracted by a box of papers and things. He pulls her away; I think that's his childhood mementos or his photographs of his mother.

Emo decides this is the perfect time to grill her. Why did she decide to live here? Because it won't be easy to do. Cindy doesn't give him answers, except to say she's protecting something important. Emo automatically thinks it's money, and that seduction is her key. She thinks he's being a jerk and turns to leave.
Seduction? Does he see her at all? Would she be wearing the same track suit every day if she were trying to seduce them?
Ji Woon is way too caught up in his own internal pain to see past his own nose how could be possibly see Ha Won or her state of dress?
Seduction, her? She looks like a pre-pubescent 12 year old! If there are any nowadays...
She actually has a smoking hot figure and fabulous legs.
Suddenly, he grabs her shoulders and spins them both around until they are practically nose to nose. Certainly within kissing distance, if my heart went that way (which it doesn't). She pulls away all flustered and runs out of the room. Only then do we realize she almost stabbed herself with a tree branch handsaw sticking out of a box of random stuff. Awwww. I still don't want Cindy to end up with him.
Nope. Me neither. And what the heck was he doing with a handsaw in a box that  high? Why is there a handsaw at all? I'm confused about the items in EmoCave. What are we supposed to think he does here?
Maybe the man-cave-garage became a catch all place for stuff once he left? Or he left in a tizzy and things got thrown about into random places?
I give up. You people are impossible.

In her haste to put their dance behind her, she stumbles into her stuff, which falls into the little stream running through the middle of the property. Her suitcase grandly floats away as she scrambles for the loose papers, thinking this is a perfect metaphor for her life.
Again she's wet?
Both Player and Ibeol show up. Player thinks she's playing in the water picking up garbage. Ibeol gets an idea and runs for something. Biker happens to show up and spots the flowers making a break for the Han River. He remembers the first time he saw them clutched in her hand, at the columbarium.

Player is making unhelpful remarks when Ibeol arrives with a skim net. It appears a lot of Cindy's stuff is free samples of face products and the like. She climbs up the bank, prepared to net out the rest of it, when Emo adds his two cents worth.
Ibeol is the only one of the three with a brain.

Why did she push her way into their house, just to be treated like this? With that, he slaps the damp bouquet in her hand. Treated like what? A woman with wet shoes and a net? This certainly isn't princessy behavior or anything.
He hates to see injustice? I have wondered elsewhere whether or not he dislikes her so much because she's a visible reminder of how one could argue that they both sold out for money.
Agreed, I think he sees what he feels that he’s become now that he’s been forced to live as Kang Ji Woon and not Han Ji Woon.
Yeah, sure, what Trot and Noona said. Sidebar: Biker doesn't need this much analysis. He's just there.
True. If we spend time thinking about what the characters think or feel, we won't have time to figure out how the house is laid out or why the hand tools aren't stored properly.
He warns her to stop acting in such a way that people might worry about her. Player uses this charged moment to drape an arm around Cindy's shoulders and lock horns with his younger cousin. It's his job to worry about her, so nobody else has to feel obligated to do so. Emo just growls for both of them to get lost. For a moment, the three of them watch him go, then Ibeol pulls her suitcase to dry land, she collects the box of loose stuff and suitcase, and heads off alone. Player is watching all this with a thoughtful? puzzled? look on his face.
Ibeol has to use his body for his work as a musician, singer, variety star, and occasional webdrama actor (we know that's what idols do). So, he is used to actually handling messes in front of him. Also, Ibeol has a really cute schnozz.
I really liked him when he had long hair, in CNBlue's early days. He was so lanky and cute with that big nose.

Inside the house, Cindy sees Emo and notices his pants are wet to the knees. She looks at the now-dry arrangement in her hands, and her own wet pants. He’s inside looking at his soggy shoes, too, and thinks back to their dunking when he saves those flowers. Why is she keeping them anyway? She would have left them to be disposed of at the columbarium anyway.
It looks like she keeps everything. I think she works so hard for whatever she gets there’s no way that she’s able to let the flowers go.
She couldn't leave them, since her mother wasn't there anymore.
Cindy starts again drying everything with her Trot-approved(r) Chaebol Superdryer (Some Dyson prototype.). If her tracksuit keeps getting wet, it might be a good time to call Mrs B and find out where the clothes dryer is located. She gets a knock of the door. Poor PA Lee apologizes for leaving her stuff to fend for itself. She is gracious and forgiving. He glances over at that pathetic pile of polyester and tells her they are going shopping. Err, while she’s in her bathrobe?
Shopping online. He has a laptop in his bedroom. Conveniently, it also has Netflix.
Leaping over that plot hole, they are at a clothing store. Cindy smiles up at him, now wearing the perfectly-dried-and-non-wrinkled tracksuit. (I had a track suit like that for gym as teenager; and it seriously never wrinkled) She feels like this is a movie, but doesn’t want any new clothes. Okay, lemme throw the BS flag at the writer on this one. Does any sane person want to wear the same underwear and clothes ad nauseum for three months?? Even before she at least had her school uniform to change into.
This was a bit too much for me too. Even someone with little to no money has a few items of clothing to change into.
I'm just going with it because people in dramas seem to be able to wear the same things and go to sleep in them and never mess up their health, hair or skin. 
*wanders off to find a cliff*
My rant doesn’t really matter, because it’s the Chairman’s command. PA Lee offers to buy a few things for her. Do you think he’s figured out her bra size? Well, we get a Choi Min smile, so I’m happy. PA Lee suggests she wait at a nearby café in her smelly swampwater outfit while he does a proper job of purchasing.
For what this girl wears, you don't need a bra size, just shoulder size and leg length.

On her way there, she bumps into a fat matron, who drops her pink bag. Cindy apologizes, but the woman starts squawking about scratches to the alligator and OMG it’s totally ruined and worth millions of won and the earth will collapse and this clumsy little girl better cough up the cash necessary to replace it blah blah blah.
Scam Artist.
A white knight shows up! Not really, but our secondary princess does. Fashion Girl looks the bag over, with a few comments, cuts the woman down to size for her fake couture, poorly stitched gabang. When she finally scurries away, the two girls smile at each other.
I wish they could be friends. Cindy has her coffee shop friend, but she isn't around all those boys. And we all know Fashion Girl needs some major intervention work.
I desperately want them to be friends too! But I don’t think Hye Ji is going to grow or evolve enough soon enough for that to happen.
I don't think they'll hate each other, but there is definitely a conflict of interest from Hye Ji's point of view.

They make small talk at the café. Cindy is impressed with Fashion Girl’s fashion sense.  FG admits that she isn’t from a rich family and grew up in similar circumstances as Cindy, except she was childhood neighbors with Player. She carefully skirts the question: how did her oppa and Tracksuit meet?
I actually would rather know how she and Player met. If she isn't from a rich family, how were childhood neighbors? Are her parents servants or something? I need some explanation of why she is so loyal to the memory of how Player used to be, show! And I wanted it yesterday!
My guess is that her family worked at the estate where Hyun Min grew up because otherwise how in the hell did Hye Ji grow up in the same neighborhood as Hyun Min? Ditto, I need to have some understanding as to why she’s so stuck on the past and her love for Hyun Min.  

Cindy is hesitant but honest. They met at the convenience store where she worked. FG muses that Player has met with a lot of girls, but has never introduced one as his fiancée. Is she…happy to be dating Hyun-min? She tries to stutter an answer, but just then PA Lee shows up, laden with bags.
Oh for the love of everything that is holy, let Cindy just tell the truth here, writer!!
2 + 2 = 4.5 Fashion Girl comprehends that Cindy is moving closing into Rival status, even more so when PA Lee admits that she is living in Sky House with the boys. She can’t handle the revelation and leaves.
If Ha Won just took three seconds to explain we could be spared so much nonsense! 
This is so stupid. I wish they weren't doing this fake engagement line.

Looking over all the bags, Cindy declares she’s going to take them back, despite the Chairman’s command. PA Lee Oppa promises to take care of her so she won’t be bothered at the house by everyone. He also formally expresses regret for the boy’s bad behavior. To stop his apology, Cindy agrees to accept one outfit. I hope it’s wash and wear.
I like PA Lee even more for this whole scene, he genuinely cares about her and I’m happy she has him in her corner.
It's wash and wear and dry with a blowdryer friendly fabric.
Hopefully it comes with extra panties.
On the other side of the world, Cindy’s friend Barista is being stalked by her ex-sister. She nasty-bullies Ja Young  but all her plucky friend will reveal is the photo of the Sky House CindyRoom. She snatches her phone back. StepBiatch ends up with her hand in a bag of bathroom garbage for her pains.
Favorite non PA Lee moment of episode.

Ibeol finds Cindy’s bankbook on the floor. She must have dropped it on the way to her bedroom. He can’t resist a peek and is horrified by the piddling small amount.
This I didn't like because I think people can resist looking at other people's private documents.
Can, but often don't.
PA Lee Oppa and Cindy are strolling the mall together. So cute! She tells him not to worry about her. Her plethora of part-time jobs doesn’t bother her, since they are just a means to make money. He stops and repeats: she is not a part-timer, but an honored guest. Hmm, an honored guest with a job to do and eviction for failure? Cindy squares her shoulders, ready to take on Sky House.

Fashion Girl is still mulling over the idea of Cindy living at the estate. She meets up with Biker at a nearby art gallery. Outside, she asks the question in her heart. Is Cindy really living there? Yep, it just kinda happened. She stands up, ready to chase down Player and ask him the same question.
Ibeol is chilling with some tunes when Cindy arrives home. He’s all smiley and welcome-y as he stands and gives her the bankbook. He admits to sneaking a look just to see who owns it, but she just laughs. Who else in the house would have something like this? He smiles, happy to see the plucky girl back.
Exactly, so why look? Anyway, I'm glad they are friends.

She wonders how he does his finances, then laughs at his expression and lets him off the hook.  After all, their lives are just overlapping for a short while.  He’s a bit sad about that, but it’s because that means she’s breaking off the engagement. Which means she might be a bigger playa than Player. Cindy mock-threatens Ibeol and they knuckle-bump.
I really love them together. Not as romantic interests but as friends. I'd so like to see them move out and share an apartment with the barista girl.
I really love the interactions of Seo Woo and Ha Won so much!
Maybe barista girl can date Ibeol?
Barista girl looks like a rabbit.
In her room is a gift of PPL face cream. Who is it from? Her phone buzzes, but it’s just Player so she doesn’t answer. He then texts her, and they banter back and forth. He has something for her, but she has to go to his room to get it. She turns off the phone. He’s really not used to being ignored is he? He jumps over her landing railing and starts pounding on her windows until she opens the door.

He runs back to his room and emerges with her school uniform. She demands he hand it to her, but he states he will cut it pieces if she doesn’t come to his room. It’s the summer, so the sweater probably doesn’t need arms anyway. With scissors so close to her beloved clothes, it takes all of 5 seconds for her to enter his inner sanctum.
I know Ha Won doesn’t throw anything away, but I had trouble really believing that she would run so hard for the uniform knowing Hyun Min’s ways.
She's thrifty, that's why.
Do you have any idea how much school uniforms cost? She'd run.
Players says she is the first woman in his room, and to celebrate, she should share some ramyun and caviar. At the very least he should be rewarded for having everything dry-cleaned. She starts advancing on him. There are only two types of late-night customers at her store; people heading off to work, and partiers that are post-clubbing. Who are jerks who always come on too strong. Player scoffs that she shouldn't lump her one-and-only with those other sorts of guys.

She treats insult with insult, banmal with banmal, and violence with violence. Hyun-min takes that as a come-on invite. She gently puts her hands on his shoulders, and reaches up for a kiss…headbutt. Hah!
This was fun!

He grumbles about her unpredictability, then playfully holds the hanger out of her reach. She lunges for it, almost loses her balance. Of course, he does one of his patented swoop-and-turns. He catches her head in hand and gently sets her back on of his feet.  They are nose to nose as he quietly says, “You become more and more amusing.”
She’s been swooped-and-turned so many times by these boys you’d think she’d have a counter move by now.
She's a martial artist. She should have some move in response to this.
They are right next to his glass windows as he slowly leans in for a kiss. I see no headbutt this time. Oh no, crap. Biker and Fashion Girl show up, walking the gravel path. Biker sees them first, his eyes widen, and he quickly spins around to block Fashion Girl’s view. Biker locks her head between his hands and just stares into her confused eyes. Behind him, Player is going in for the kill. Again.
I know I should care about them all, but the only thing I care about is whether Cindy is going to get her uniform back. Those things are expensive.
I wonder why Biker didn’t let her see. I mean it seems like he harbors some feelings for her and if she witnessed the scene in Hyun Min’s room wouldn’t she be more likely to let go of whatever things she’s harboring from the past?
He should've let Hye Ji see. Maybe she could've accepted Hyun Min as not her man anymore then. 

Final Comments

It took a pretty short time for Cindy to move in. I still think it’s stupid not to want at least a week’s worth of solid practical clothing. I’m sure PA Lee Oppa did not include any frou-frou dresses and such in his purchases.
I actually like that new track suit she has. Wouldn't it be fun if she just wore all different types of track suits whenever she's at home?
Oh that would be fantastic! Though I think we’ll see in one of the two track suits she currently has without anything else.  The write-nim seems to want to drive home the point of her poverty through her lack of clothing.
Good thing people from Korea lack that gene that gives off body odour.
I can see the writer is trying to make Biker a more sympathetic character, and yes, we get more of his backstory. But I feel no chemistry between JIL and PSD; it appears this may be my worst case of Second Lead Syndrome in a long time. Ibeol is definitively a ZoneFriend and also has zero attraction to Cindy. I really don’t want her with Emo!
There is not enough backstory to make me feel badly for any of the guys. This is poor poor planning, writer.
I find I don't care about any of their stories, but I want Cindy to get her tuition money!
I like Cindy enough to want better for her. PA Lee is perfect, but she doesn't seem to be able to appreciate this enough, so there really is no one else. At this rate, I'd be happy for her to be alone or like I said working and living somewhere else with Ibeol. Maybe after university she and Barista friend could help him run his own independent agency.
I’m totally invested in Cindy. There has been plenty of reasons why I feel for her. Her story is sad and yet she’s strong and likes who she is and I love that combination of strength and vulnerability that she has.  Hopefully in the next few episodes we get more solid backstories on the boys. Though I will always think PA Lee is the best of them all!
Because he totally is. 

As for the plot, we really didn’t go anywhere. Cindy hasn’t started her Campaign For Togetherness Eating. Emo hasn’t changed his ‘tude. Fashion Girl is still psychotically victimizing herself, Ibeol is a happy musician, PA Lee Oppa is efficient and manly. Will anything happen next episode?
Would "no" count as a prediction or do you need more detail? I'm staying for pics of scenes with PA Lee in a vest at this point.
PA Lee and Cindy are worth it so far for me to stick it out.
I have no idea why I'm sticking it out. Probably PA Lee and Cindy.
Or just PA Lee.