Rants and Weekly Raves #101 (RAWR)

kakashi: Sadly, I haven't picked anything up. I'm KDramaless. I don't care much about it though, I am confident I will get back on the wagon.
JoAnne: Drinking Alone starts soon, you might like that. Or Fantastic. (That one has Joo Sang Wook!)
Yeah, well ....... TEN, anyone? I really don't want to see him in another of his funny-funny roles. Anyway, I'm too busy recapping Chinese shows with an insane amount of episodes, so I don't have time to watch Korean drama.
Trotwood: I was wondering how you could miss anything now that you are caught in the Ice Fantasy world with little Miss A.
What worries me more is that I wrote that sentence above last Tuesday, and now (Sunday), I'm all caught up with Ice Fantasy. What happened? Did I get sucked into an ice hole of infinite time? 
Shuk: I'm just happy with W and Cin And The Boys as my SoKor dramas. 
cherkell: What is this thing you call Drama Watching, hm?



I started this for PSH and KRW because I like them, but now I'm watching for Kim Min Seok, our tiny blonde puppy.
Is he the one with a brain tumor?
I've been a fan since SUFBB and every role he takes, he turns in a solid performance. He's really doing a lot of emotional heart-tugging as the feisty little doctor-in-training with a nasty brain tumor, this time. 
Ah, here we go
I wish he had a better disease, not one everyone in KDrama gets this year...I hope whenever episode 18 airs we find out he definitely lives.

Bring It On, Ghost

Not the most surprising plot twist ever, but still nicely done, and whoa! a legitimate use for amnesia! Now, can everyone just get together and kick some demon vet ASS?

Uncontrollably Fond

I just keep thinking that he should spend his last days loving her, then leave her all his money and stuff. That removes her from the clutches of the terrible Choi family, right? Why spend your last days building up to this huge revenge that also destroys her heart, in the process? Gah, they break my heart.

W-Two Worlds

Oooooh....give the story what it wants and think that solves things? Ha! The story laughs at your simplistic solution! My name is Faceless Culprit. You half-assed my life, prepare to DIE.
I was sad for her as soon as they saved Soo Hee. I knew what he was going to try to do. I wasn't sad about him forgetting her (even though she does a great job at heartbreak) as I was that I knew--KNEW--that it would all be for nothing. How could her dad think that it could be that simple and that he could actually end it in for episodes? He's just dumb. A dumb writer that hit on a character that public loved and doesn't know what to do. Who doesn't give a villain a back story? Doofus crazy selfish drunkard who doesn't deserve your wealth, fame, wife, or daughter. (continue to grumble about this character while I'm going back to my homework)

Five Children (Finale)

Sigh. That was a very satisfying drama. It kept the pace going and there were enough different family members and storylines that there was always something to catch your interest. It ended very well, too, even if they did suddenly forget about Grandma. (Seriously, where did she go? She's not in any of the last few scenes.) Okay, I could have done without Mi Jung's cancer scare - but I can see where it was an interesting bit for Sang Tae and everyone to face that again. Other than that though, I liked everything about the story. I'll miss them!

Cinderella Plus Four

Once again we have established that the secretary - Jo's PA Lee - is a god. He wear vests. He cooks. He shops (and finds proper sizes and even includes of track suit). He smiles and lights up the world. Idol boy is a doll--why aren't they giving him a love interest? Player is still crafty. Emo guy is still Emo and presumable has a tragic back story. Fashion Girl could be a good friend if it weren't for her unhealthy obsession with Player. Hmm. When you put it like this, I'm not sure you can argue that the plot progressed at all. Still, PA Lee is a treasure.
I'm so smitten. For sure with PA Lee, who is mine by the way thank you very much, but with all of them, sort of. Okay for sure with Cindy and for sure with the friendly and observant chaebol idol, but also with the seriously charming when he wants to be player, and even the grumpy pants biker. Sure, it feels very Goong, very BoF, very retro - but it's fun and the music is good and there's lots of pretty.
I really really want to smack Biker upside the head the way Cindy did. The world does not  revolve around his angsty self, and he needs to be straighten up and fly right. Also, so this shirtless. Now that we have cohabitation, I'm looking for that character development to start nao. And PA Lee is already in my orbit, so HAH.
Dream on. But keep it PG, he's mine.

Next to Last Love

Maybe I'll marathon this when it's all done and I have time. (Thanksgiving break?) Students will be back soon, so I have to be judicious with my drama watching.
When does your term start? I've got another month of peace and quiet.
Students move in next Monday. Let the Games Begin!

Age of Youth

Wow, just...seriously, this is some good stuff here. These young ladies are acting their BUTTS off in a drama that has writing which demands it. This is toe-curlingly good, not to be missed Kdrama. Yi Na finally able to forgive herself? The scene in the water? The scene between her and Ahjussi? Senior Yoon breaking down at the restaurant, and then her whole struggle in the second episode - even the struggle the poor bunny girl is having getting over her broken heart. It all feels and looks so very, very real and true and universal. I almost wish it would be longer, that's how good it is.


Ice Fantasy

Kiddo and I are currently watching about two episodes a day. I had to tell her today that we will have to wait for more episodes to be available and subbed if we catch up. She wasn't happy to hear it. She said "But I like it so much!" and "Why do we have to follow this stupid rule?". Daughter, it's good that you learn early that the life of a fangirl is hard.
Jaehyus: I'm getting caught up too. Tis tough. Who does kiddo like most, the Mermaid Princess, the Fire Princess or the Realm Guardian?
The Realm Guardian!!! Ohhhh, those Dream Tribe episodes, they're good! 
I told you so.
Yeah, and now we're recapping it and I'm fully caught up. Great. Thanks, Saki! 
I'm on Episode 6. Thanks, Saki. 56 more episodes of this. Thanks.  Update:  I like grown up Shi.  A lot.

Old Nine Gates

I'm always watching ahead (the unsubbed episodes) and I can tell you that there is a Fo Ye dry spell ahead. Our most beautiful warrior falls into a coma or something. And is possessed? Well, Little Zhang gets to shine instead - he and Ba Ye go out to save the day. We'll be fine, but PLEASE Fo Ye, wake up soon. Without you, this show is not half as fun and while you sleep and are away, Changsha is suffering. 
William Chan probably had other schedules. Also, do we finally see some Old Dog Wu?
Nope. But the villains get a tiny little bit more effective.
And I'll calmly accept Fo Ye's snooze time if I still get Visual Zhang. I just hope Fo Ye and Huo Nian make up their fight because I want them to be friends.
She's into Er Ye though. 
I don't want them into each other, just to be friends and stop undermining each other.
No idea why I wrote that :) maybe because I was thinking that any woman into Er Ye would definitely not like Fo Ye, seeing how different they are? 
I dunno, I like them both. :-)  Although I like non-YaTou Er Ye more than what we've seen mostly.
I'm the reason he's smiling like that, you know.
I'm so far behind, I don't know if I have the energy to catch up. I may just read you guy's recaps.

Whirlwind Wookie

I think Cher is tied up these days?
And not in the way she WANTS to be. *ahem* Only had time to watch Episodes 15 and 16 this week, peeps... but it's getting gooooood now. Yes, there's still the angst and second lead still being an ass amongst asses (and we even got a shower scene out of him!).  FINALLY the storyline started picking up the pace where it more mirrors the original manga/manhwa/novel. (With the exception of the whole Chang An character being introduced and all that.) Wook continues to slay the rest of the cast with his acting prowess, which isn't saying much. The love triangle gets even more triangle-y with Chang An confessing his lust love to Bai Cao in a most magnificent fashion, I must say. *squeeeee* I have one last trial to plow through this week, so I'll catch up when time allows.
This boy could have chemistry with a tree stump and still be believable. *sigh*

Prince of Wolf

Sigh. I was so into that stupid Ice show that I didn't have time for this stupid Wolf show...but at least there's a recap finally!


Yeah, still where I was...

United States

The Get Down

That first episode that I watched last week, it was a bit odd.  I've seen it all now, and I like it a lot. It's not for everyone - I really like the music, and the story is interesting, but the way it's being told...sometimes the shifts in tone are jarring, and not really in a way that helps.  Still, I inhaled the remaining five episodes of the first season without even really noticing time passing, so that's something right? And now I want more.  NOW.