Rants and Weekly Raves #102 (RAWR)

kakashi: Real life's a biatch. And is Korea crazy? too many dramas.
JoAnne: Ain't it the truth? I came home last night, queued up Moonlight. Before it even started, I was asleep. I woke up at midnight, watched it (loved it) then went to bed.
Jaehyus: Three 50 episode dramas are starting this weekend. Too much, too much. Okay, one of them has Rim, but it's the one about tailors that's caught my eye.
Three? I know two of them...Rim and the tailor one. What's the other?
Jaehyus: it's called Blow Breeze. Anyway, no subtitles, no care.
Trotwood: Not watching much and already feeling a loss because I know I will get to watch less with the students coming back to school for fall term.
Anyway, welcome to another very red RAWR!


Doctors (Finale)

This was a middle-of-the-road drama for me for much of its run; pretty enough, but it didn't really do anything. At least it never got stuck in a rut of back and forth and back and forth every week. And then the final 3 episodes aired this week and I began to love this drama because the pieces clicked into place for me. This wasn't ever about Yoo and Hong winning out over the evil-ish duo and it wasn't even about them falling in love, because they always were in love from the start. It definitely was not EVER a story about the how hospitals work. I hope. For me, at least, this is about the complicated feelings we have for the people in our lives. Parents, friends, lovers, co-workers, even the people we never really know, who just come into our lives for a minute. The ways we lift each other up and the ways we tear each other down, and the ways in which our own struggles color our perception of the struggles of others. In that regard, this was a well-told story with character growth on several fronts and and some pretty understandable people on both sides of the good/bad divide. A whole lot of people with one foot on each side, just like most of us, just like in real life. I ended up liking them all, really. And I'm especially glad that I always had some empathy for Seo Woo, because she deserved it.

Bring It On, Ghost

Finally, the fated past connection is revealed - Hyun Ji to Bong Pal's father, at least. More people are piecing together Professor Joo's connection to both our leads, and it seems Monk MC knows that the demon possessing our bad guy was also the one possessing Bong Pal at one time. Not sure how that timeline will work out, since Bong Pal is younger than Joo, and Joo was possessed earlier. Maybe the ghost sought better digs and then had to move back. I don't know. Hyun Ji can see ghosts but doesn't remember the time when she basically was one. Rang lets it slip, but no one appears to pick up on it. We get lots of sweet this week, mixed with some seriously funny trolling of Taec, and the glorious, glorious duo of Sang and Rang are in top form. I love them. Can they have a whole show about them?

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (New)

Ohhhh, this is going to be fun. The first two episodes were laugh-out-loud funny mixed with some really nice emotional moments. (And then there's the times Bogummy decided to turn the tables and go manly on us, so yeah, that too.) This drama looks like it might be packed full of plot, but it didn't seem out of control, either. There's family strife, friend strife, politics, the behind the scenes (sort of) of the Department of Eunuchs, plus enough pretty for us to have second AND third lead syndrome plus girl crush. Thank God our cast can act, too! Really looking forward to this next week.
Eventually we were going to get eunuchs as the focus, not just maids, I guess. It's a pretty fluffy drama from what I saw in the first episode. So, for once I'm not irritated by the cross-dressing or unhappy at the whole eunuch situation (I usually get very upset thinking about mutilation).

Uncontrollably Fond

I am still watching, and I am still fiercely loyal to my Woobie, but this is so much pain...recaps - that's not going to happen. I'm crying the first time around so I can't do it then, and I can't bring myself to rewatch it and get it done later. And to be honest most of my tears are of the BUT WHY category, right now. WHY on Earth does he think destroying her enemies, even if it destroys her, is so important that he should spend his dying breaths on it? Why can't he just love on her like crazy, then leave her all his money and let her give the big flying fuck you finger to those crazy people? WHY WHY WHY?

W - Two Worlds

It has gone irreversibly darker this week. I blame the dumbass father. I'm probably the only one who thinks he deserves to literally lose his face since he figuratively has been doing that (losing face) since the first episode.
Wow, talk about a mind....game. Up to now: KC had YJ write it so that he'd forget her, and that would re-set his world. Plus, he has her dad writing the villain so that there can be a happy ending and all will be well permanently, and both worlds safe from the villain. Except the villain ain't about that AT ALL and is sending the story off in a different direction, one that paints KC a murderer and not even the central figure in the story. While he's off in the wings, though, he reads his own comic (left behind by her) and is now about to spoil his own damn self with the news that he's the guy that disappeared on her. Oh, and a seriously terrifying faceless Dad (cuz he gave it to the villain right before he tried to write him out) shows up now and then, too. I'm hiding in a corner with Soo Bong, peaking between my fingers. Hurry up next week!
Soo Bong is still my favorite character.

Jealousy Incarnate (New)

This could be interesting - there's a lot going on and a big cast and sometimes that just falls apart, but there are definitely aspects to this that I enjoyed. We have lots of options for jealousy but also lots of options for friendship, and I do often like a rich plot like that. My biggest confusion at the moment is how some of the people are related, but that usually doesn't take much to come clear. For you Jo Jung Suk lovers, his chest gets fondled a lot. For Go Kyeong Po lovers, he has never looked better and I like his suave, sexy character. For Gong Hyo Jin lovers, she's reliably Gong Hyo Jin-ish here. There're a lot of great actors as supporting act, too - I was particularly tickled to see Tae Min from Five Children, now playing a HS student with a VERY bumpkin accent.
I loved it. Such a good show. Funny. And I'm looking forward to Gong Hyo Jin's character's character development. I'm so excited to see more of this show.

Cinderella Plus Four

Jaehyus: Finally, an explanation for why Hye Ji is obsessed with Player! He and her dead Oppa were friends. Except, now that I know that, I hate him for being such a jerk to her.
Things are picking up - the boys are beginning to do things - not because they're right to do, but because they don't want Ha Won to be hurt. There was even a moment at the graduation where I thought we might get them all working together on her behalf, but we're not that far. What is Madame's connection to my PA Lee, I wonder? He isn't pleased about it, and she seems sad. Mother, working for son's future? But son is honest in his affection for the family so that wouldn't fly well...so far, no living parent and almost none of the dead ones are really acquitting themselves well.PA Leeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I saw those vests peaking from under those jackets! Don't try to hide from meeee!!!! Cough. cough. I mean there was other stuff, too. It's like the show of awful parents. Even Ibeol's mom isn't that great. I'm so hoping they put him with barista girl at the end, but that would too much fantasy. I'm glad that she is starting to get to them. I also hope that Player's confession doesn't ruin her chance at friendship with Fashion Girl.

Age of Youth (Finale)

Well that got very dramatic for a little while, didn't it? Not that it wasn't always leading there...I'll miss these girls so much. I wish that I could know what they do next, but even if we have a second season at the Belle Epoque I somehow think it wouldn't be with them, and I'm not sure it would have the same magic. How do you all feel about the last little bit, with the landlady? Did we need that as the capper to the very clear message that we are ALL dealing with shit the best we can, and you never know what's going on with the person next to you? Or did we already have that message loud and clear?

Our Gap Soon (New) (Rim and Kim So Eun!)

It's... okay. I just don't really care, though I think the main couple needs to break up and grow up away from each other. Kim So Eun's character really needs one of those kdrama boyfriends who pamper and protect, but then again, who doesn't at some point or another? Aish, chincha, Fiction, you have a lot of dashed hopes to answer for! Update: watching episode 2 and everyone is so miserable. Yet, I'm dying to see Kim Sohyun defeat all odds. And her unni needs to stop being a slave to her bratty sister in law and stepdaughters. And her Oppa, well, he's a man, so he ought to stand his ground with his inlaws too, and more easily than the unni since women who live with inlaws in SK dramas seem to be willing slaves. Second Update: after thinking about it, no matter much I got into it, I think I will have to drop it. Hopefully someone will recap it somewhere.
There was so much NO packed into the first five minutes of this that I am actually stunned you went back for the second episode.

Laurel Tree Tailors (New)

Now this, I liked. A lot. Enough to even put up with that awful SeGa mother with the voice that can pierce your eardrums.
Jaehyus: lots of cute and or quirky guys.
And these two actresses that I like.

Next to Last Love

I think even Trot has shelved this for now?
Yup. Too far behind and didn't like it enough to have it win out over Cindy or Love 020 or the 4,000 students coming back this week.
And you were its last hope, at least in these parts. Dropped from the list!


Love O2O (formerly Just One Smile blah blah blah) (New)

Jaehyus: I am disappointed in this female lead. I know the heart wants what it wants, but she has kind of a mean girl look, despite her being the stereotypical awesome girl everyone is supposed to love. I'm finding her hard to watch. And I haven't even got to Yang Yang yet.
She doesn't strike me that way at all, fortunately. It's an oddly charming little show. Everything and everyone is so very, very pretty and sparkly new. That Yang Yang, wow - handsome. (Especially as his game avatar.) I have minimal experience with AU games but I do find the spillover between virtual and real life very interesting, particularly with social mores that develop. That's the piece that interests me the most, honestly.
I cannot watch her. She looks like someone I don't like and the resemblance won't go away.  Yang Yang, do something else. Besides, other things I've seen him in can't top his Little Master for me.
Why did I start a 30 ep drama before school starts? Why am I watching a 30 ep drama that I fast forward through because I'm only interested in the OTP? Why am I invested in a  character that was in 2 minutes of one episode? Could it be that I'm not so secretly hoping that he starts a love affair with one of the male roommates? (the one gave all the food to). last minute of ep 10 was extremely satisfying (might go watch it again - actually, no, since I've already watched it 5 times). Agree with Jo. Everything is so sparkly and brand new looking. The best skin I've seen on living beings ever.
I love it to bits, massive flaws and all. BITS, I tell you. I don't want to think too hard about what this says about me.
I think I watched the last minute of ep 10 at least a dozen times so far. I don't want to think too hard about what this says about me.

Ice Fantasy

What is with all the Fire Princes save one being little balls of light? How did they even tell that those were boys? And ew, that's creepy! Anyway, so we're a third of the way through. Im assuming we won't see full-on Fire Prince from Shi for another 8 episodes at least, if that, since it's 62 episodes long altogether. And I wonder how long we will stay in Snowblade City trying to recover Kasuo's powers. I'd like some war and death instead of these competitions amongst the Princes.
Yay, finally something I'm watching :)))) People won't believe me when I say that this story remains really, really intriguing and good.
I need to catch up. I'm still poised at the entrance to Dream Tribe town.

Old Nine Fo Ye

So behind. I'm so behind I can barely see Fo Ye's hotness from here. That's how behind I am. It's practically not even in the same universe.
But ... do you see his behind at least? 
Just follow the recaps.
I found the latest few episodes a bit painful... it's dragging. But now, things are picking up again, with his hotness out of his weird possession-coma

Whirlwind Wookie

Even Wook is disgusted over how behind I am. Sorry baby!
Sorry gang.  Just no time to watch any WG2 this past week. And this week's showings of Episodes 25-26-27-28 ends the series on 1 September. The US has a holiday weekend ahead, so next week I'll catch up and have some sort of wrap-up accordingly.  Have a kitten picture instead to tide you over. Bye for now!


Prince of WTF

Behind, still watching, still laughing.

Better Man

I still like Tender Huang the best but I like the cousin who works for the youngest brother the best, which means no couple will be a couple that I feel anything for.  Yet.