Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 14 (Recap)

SakiVI: We finally deal with Peng, and then finally back to Changsha! Our Miss and Fo Ye continue to bicker, Chief Lu and Fo Ye fight over Chen Pi, Ba Ye is dorky, and Lt Zhang is pretty. Er Ye is happy with the medicine, and Ya Tou is her usual self. Jiu Ye is his usual self too, but that's a good thing in his case. Dear Reader, a lot happens in this episode, so hang on tight!
kakashi: Fo Ye is a bit of an ass in this. But he's also quite the knight in the shining armor if he needs to be so what to do? Love him or hate him? Me and him, we'd always fight too, that much is clear.

Episode 14 - Returning to Changsha

Back to our Miss telling Fo Ye off for trying to get rid of her. Very reasonably she says she might be forced to marry Peng or a Peng-type (really, Xin Yue Appa, this is what you raised you daughter for, not one of the many wealthy and aristocratic families in Beijing, but a gravel-snorting Peng?), so she's sticking to Fo Ye, thank you very much.
I really get her. I'd stick to this one as well, and if I'd be called clingy. Or sticky, even. Who cares!
She also points out that Fo Ye refusing would make him a right bastard.
Well ... I'm not sure that's true. Can you really say he agreed to marry her when he lit the sky lantern? I find that a bit ... unfair. I really love her, but she is a tiny little bit too entitled here. It was her daddy who set some rules, why must Fo Ye follow them? But it was funny how he said "I get it, but let's take it slow". Haha. They've met about 2 days ago.
Ya Tou also notes that the train has passed.
There goes Fo Ye's great plan :D
Fo Ye, determined to fight back, demands the return of his bracelets because then our Miss doesn't need traveling expenses.
Ha, I would probably have asked back for it too!! If it's that important to him! Though... bad style.
Nope, he's not getting them back.
Awww, Sweetie. I like how you're ready to fight for everything.
He gave them as a token of love, Ba Ye said so! And Ba Ye knows this is the right waifu for Fo Ye, so that's that.
Ba Ye (whom she calls "what's-his-name" :) will probably get an earful for this from Fo Ye later.
Suck it up, Fo Ye.
Haha. I'm oscillating between being slightly appalled at her behavior and cheering her on. Just to see how much she shakes him.
Anyway, now that our Miss has decided they will be together, and Fo Ye can't think of a way out, she tells him her name, Yin Xin Yue, and asks his.
And she'd like to be called "Madame" by him, because that's more intimate :D
Fo Ye gives in and tells her.
And she's so delighted. Aww.
Don't look so annoyed, Fo Ye. We know you're the man and all that, but this girl is arguably the best offer you'll ever get if you add up her wealth, family background, looks, brains and total devotion to you. Smile, yeah? You lucked out here.
Haha. Poor Fo Ye. He'd probably agree to all you just said, but I think I'd also be a "bit" annoyed to be force-bludgeoned into this

And now Ya Tou remembers Chen Pi.
Sorry to say, but the less Chen Pi, the better the episode.
He went to buy you a snack, lady, and you were there at least 24 hours after he'd left. Don't you think you should've asked earlier?
She only thinks of her Er Ye, Saki.

Anyway, we have Chief Lu being himself.
The less Lu Idiot, the better the episode too
Chen Pi is surprisingly weak with his martial skills since that time he killed birds just by looking at them, and he's just staying in these torture bonds while Chief Lu bugs him to say what Fo Ye and Er Ye are up to. Chief Lu even tries to say that Ya Tou is even more ill (sidebar, no, she's just having a holiday) but Chen Pi doesn't believe him.
Chen Pi isn't very intelligent, isn't he. Didn't he say recently that he knows the morphine won't heal her? 
Chief Lu mocks Chen Pi for trusting Fo Ye and Er Ye and not betraying them in exchange for his freedom. Seriously, why is Chen Pi with his amazing martial skills and all still in this dungeon? I'd have thought he could direct his Angry Chen Chi to kill everyone and break the chains. Oh heck, they're not even chains, they're ropes!
Maybe they're enchanted ropes, Saki.
Anyway, the deal is tell Chief Lu everything and go free, or just keep hanging around there, pun intended. Chief Lu also messes with Chen Pi's head a bit, telling him Fo Ye caught him, and that he's being used.
Chief Lu is such an unpleasant asshole. I wish he were in another drama.
Come on, Chen Pi, you're a martial arts master and grave robber extraordinaire. You should be able to a) get out of this situation, and b) tolerate it with zen while you're there.
*sigh*. This drama has many things going for it, but this character isn't one of them. 

Anyway, Chief Lu leaves Chen Pi muttering like a crazy person that Master will save Mistress and that Mistress still hasn't eaten the Tang You Baba snack he bought her. Aw, poor crazy Chen Pi.
Does he intend to feed her the completely trampled Tang You Baba? With extra shoe-flavor?
Choo Choo train again!
Unfortunately, Peng and Co are running on top of it. Did they just materialize? Or did they use a helicopter? Fo Ye and Er Ye hear him.
Fo Ye notes something is going to happen. Oh, and Xin Yue is not there in the carriage!
Uh-oh. She had to go tinky!! Baaaaaad timing. (also, wasn't it dark outside just seconds ago?)
Peng & Co jump into the train. Peng directs the men around the train to make sure they control it all, I guess.
Fo Ye says something is definitely happening! He actually looks worried!
Er Ye says he'll stay in the carriage (presumably the extremely pricey herbal medicines are with him) while Fo Ye goes to look.
This means Ba Ye has to wake up too.
Oh no, Peng is penging along, checking carriages.
Oh noes, he sees Xin Yue!
Oh no! 
She tries to fight him off with a knife, yay, you brave woman!! but that doesn't work out.  Peng - that Pimple - says Xin Yue is already cheating on her husband (he means himself!), and if he does anything to her, since they're engaged, her father will quickly get him to marry her. Once again, I really hate Xin Yue Appa for engaging her to this Pig Peng.
Seriously. He was gross and all until now, but this proves that he is the lowest of the low.
As Xin Yue struggles, the bracelets Fo Ye gave her jangle
and he hears her cries for Peng to let go.
She screams for Fo Ye to save her, he appears, and all of Peng's men surround him. I'd be worried, but we know what he's like in a fight.
Yes, even clad in emu, his fighting skills are impressive. 
And oh, the things Fo ye can do with some handy glass bottles against swords!
Those bottles were amazing too, they multiplied all by themselves!
Meanwhile, Peng drags Xin Yue off to the luggage compartment, where he continues his attempted rape. Thankfully, but not unexpectedly, he fails, and that failure is a testament to both his incapability and Fo Ye's awesomeness that Fo Ye beat up everyone and still got there in time.
Like how long did Peng need to take to pull Xin Yue along the floor? That's not just sick, but seriously incompetent. Well, I'd like to think that it's also because she is fighting back so well! 
Not only has Fo Ye destroyed Peng's entire gang, including stabbing them with bottles and tossing them out the windows and into the river below the train, Peng still hasn't got it up.
Incompetent and impotent?
I'm so glad for Peng being Pointless, I can't even describe my level of joy. Okay, I'll try. It's the joy of a person who thought they couldn't get a ticket to the fanmeet of their favorite group with their ultimate bias and then got it last minute and had their bias hold their hand instead of just high-fiving.
*high five*
So, Fo Ye is still slashing and swishing his way through Peng's gang, or what's left of it, while Peng managed to tear a bit off Xin Yue's lace top. Told you: Pointless Peng.
thank god for this. Even though he doesn't get far, this attempted rape was uncomfortable to watch. Fo Ye took his bloody time!
Fo Ye knocks out Peng with a knife that Peng barely avoids.
Haha, what a miraculous sword with the power to spin someone around like this, but who cares. 
Fo Ye checks if Xin Yue is all right - gaah, my knees are weak! Awww, he was so concerned when he saw her ripped garment! - when Peng comes to, and whips his whip at the couple. Then Fo Ye swings Xin Yue around and for the longest moment ever, he and Xin Yue gaze at each other.
It's like the world went still for them to look into each other's eyes.
Ooh, I am fanning my fangirl self.

Fo Ye continues to fight off Peng, to the point where he grabs Peng's whip.
Ouch, Fo Ye. That must have hurt. 
He tells Peng he had wanted to give him a chance since he had stolen Peng's invitation and wrecked his marriage plans, but Peng ruined things basically by being total scum.
*Standing ovation*! You know, until this moment, I really think Fo Ye felt like he was involuntarily thrown into these people's lives because of the medicine, and I think he did feel a bit apologetic to Peng before. But what just happened changes everything for Fo Ye, who is a man of honor after all.
I think it's also this moment that makes him realize just what he is saving our Miss Xinyue from.

They continue to fight - and Fo Ye breaks Peng's jaw with one karate chop! He also throws him backwards, right into that sword he threw earlier. 
Good riddance.
But well played, actor who played Peng!

Our Miss asks what happened to Peng, and Fo Ye says, "He's dead." He wraps our Miss in her white coat, and, smiling, she follows him out.
Cut to the rest of the gang.
Thanks for the help, guys.
Fo Ye and Xin Yue enter, and Fo Ye, all refreshed after what was his version of a stroll in the park, tells everyone the Japanese allied with Peng to get the medicine. Hmm, where did he get that information?
Er Ye asks about Peng and Fo Ye indicates, "urgh, that pointless guy, I had to kill him" with a slight shake of his head. Er Ye adds that the other two carriages near them also contained Japanese killers, and then says calmly yet so ominously, that it's all right now.
Xin Yue is picking up on all of this, by the way. Not so sure about Ya Tou.
By the way, I wouldn't want to be called after a hotel
Best part is Fo Ye knows Xin Yue gets it from his glance at her. Yep, this is not someone you can fool.
She really suits you, Fo Ye
Aw, this is cute. Ba Ye checks the outside,
That pink bum, ha!

and pushes the girls onto their respective menfolks's shoulders to sleep. This time, Fo Ye doesn't seem to mind. Our Miss whispers to Fo Ye, "thank you," and then holds his arm. He's not pushing her off, aw.
I think he knows she must be badly shaken by what just happened and he wants to lend his shoulder for her to rest and get well again. I think he admires her already. She is so brave. 
Fo Ye does make this face, though, ROFL.
Silly man. 
It's like he just remembered he's not agreed to this, even though he doesn't mind the contact, really.
I'm sure she smells really nice and feels divine to touch. 

Cut to the train racing along and a voiceover telling us that Zhang Da Fo Ye lit the three sky lanterns, and from then on, the fates of the Xin Yue Hotel and the Changsha Nine Gates were tightly interwoven. Look, Fo Ye, you should've known what you were doing. Just saying. And take the happy consequences with a smile already.
Yes, even the voiceover knows what's what. 

Our gang reach Changsha where Lt Zhang prettily awaits them.
Yay, Visual Zhang! I missed him a bit. 
There are two cars, and Fo Ye tells Lt Zhang to take Er Ye and Ya Tou home in one while he and Xin Yue take another. Fo Ye is still rolling his eyes at this:
Gawd, he's grumpy.
Must be mad.

Lt Zhang asks Ba Ye which car he'll take and oups, no room for Ba Ye in either! He complains he has a body full of injuries and threw in his retirement pension too, only to have nothing to show for it! Apparently saving Ya Tou with weed doesn't count as something to show, pfft.  Lt Zhang tells Ba Ye to go as convenient, and Ba Ye say, phooey! ROFLMAO now.
Ba Ye says he'll walk home, leaving Lt Zhang with his case to deliver later. Ba Ye 1, Lt Zhang whatever number he's at in their weird ongoing tussle.
They have a special kinda relationship, these two! Looking forward to more

Cut to the Hong Mansion. Wow, we haven't done this in a while. Er Ye and Ya Tou seem fine as they walk in, but then Ya Tou has a dizzy spell or something. Now I'm wondering if she needs to eat liver or beans for iron. So, back to business for Ya Tou. Ah, she was faking! She just wanted Er Ye to carry her in like a newlywed!
Oh, now I feel like eating liver.
What a big baby, though, snort.

Cut to the Zhang Mansion where Fo Ye is significantly not affectionate, and just barks at Lt Zhang to get moving. Our Miss even wonders why he's being so fierce.
Just being a stinker. 
Then she sees the Buddha. Ah, explains why Fo Ye is Fo Ye.
She is so adorable. Fo Ye, do you have a heart of stone? 
Inside the house, Lt Zhang looks pretty while he tells Fo Ye things have been quiet.
Slight problem, though: Chief Lu took Chen Pi away and Lt Zhang hasn't found Chen Pi as yet. Crikey, how many military dungeons are there? Fo Ye looks hotly concerned, and wonders at Chief Lu going against him.
Yes, whenever you're not in Changsha, dear Fo Ye, Chief Lu will go against you. Mark my words. 
Guess it's Operation Rescue Chen Pi time, whenever they find out which of the military dungeons the Pi is in. Note Ya Tou and Er Ye haven't noticed a thing.

Our Miss walks in and giggles about the Buddha.
"Am I not clever?" ahahaaa. 
Fo Ye barks at the butler to get her a guest room, and Xin Yue protests she knows no one, so she'll sleep in his room.
Xin Yue notes they are engaged, so nothing wrong with that.
Ahahahaaaaa, their faces!
Fo Ye looks around for help, but neither butler nor Lt Zhang are getting involved.
Ahahahaaaaa, wise, wise!
At a loss, Fo Ye yells at the butler. Ha! Serves him right for being so cold. Lt. Zhang also takes his leave.
Yes, Fo Ye, nobody will help you. Deal with it. And don't be an ass to your butler.
And Xin Yue wants to know why all the things in that lavish living room are so lousy. Fo Ye says because they all ended up in Xin Yue's house.
He apologizes for messing up her marriage and says he will talk to her father in a few days and apologize. Xin Yue gets annoyed and says her father said whoever lit the sky lantern would be her fiancé. Er, doesn't that make the Japanese mister a husband candidate too?
Anyway, Fo Ye lit that lantern 3 times, so everyone in Bei Ping knows him as her husband now, so if she goes back it'd be too embarrassing. That I agree with, actually. Socialites can be so catty.
I agree with that too!

And she actually smacked his cheek, ha!
Oh my god. Hahaaaaa, never before has anyone dared to do that since he was a little boy, wanna bet? 
Fo Ye pulls himself together to say Peng is dead, and the marriage is abolished, so better to confess, no?
Grasping at straws, dearest. 
Xin Yue accuses him of using her to get the medicine and escape the Japanese, and now he's throwing her away. Good points, Xin Yue!
Fo Ye says he will give her three days, and then she's going back to Bei Ping.
Xin Yue is furious! She smacks Fo Ye's hand away, shaking him again, and demands her room. The maid calls her miss, and Xin Yue says, I'm a Madame! The maid steals a glance at Fo Ye and Xin Yue who snarls look at me! Hahahaha at Fo Ye's shocked face.
I love that the maid is mainly amused
Hahahaha, look at confused Fo Ye!
I think he is realizing that he totally cannot handle her.
But then he laughs. Our Madame is getting to you!
Our Madame now looks at her new room where Xiao Kui, the maid, tells her no one has gotten away with talking to Fo Ye in that tone before. Xin Yue is pleased.
Cut to a full moon over the Hong Mansion's lanterns. (Sidebar: why don't paper lanterns burn up. They do it the flame comes in contact with the paper)
The medicine man or cook or whatever tells Er Ye not to rush. They are brewing Ya Tou's weed.
I hope he knows what he is doing! 
I love the cooking pots. They are so pretty and would probably cost a fortune at Pottery Barn or some such, not that I shop there.

Er Ye eagerly bows and fans the pot in the pots.
Then, after the medicine has been formed into this ball, Er Ye hands it to Ya Tou along with hot tea.
(Sidebar: a velveteen-lined box just seems weird.)
(You think so? I've got some like this too!)

Note no one has noticed Chen Pi and the Tang You Baba snack are missing. This couple are too much in love with each other to care about anyone else.
This almost makes me sad.
Cut the Zhang Mansion. Fo Ye is looking a ducal generalissimo in his HUGE office when Lt Zhang walks in.
These are cheap things, are they? Who knew...
Shabby, totally shabby.
Lt Zhang is soooooooo pretty as he told Fo Ye Chen Pi is in an out-of-the-way deathrow prison. Um, why didn't you check that one first, Zhang? Chief Lu wasn't going to take Chen Pi away to some place nearby. Never mind, I can forgive this face anything.
Fo Ye seems to have had his hair curled.
Oh, how playful. Or did he want to look pretty for his Madame?
He's ready to fight for Er Ye's crazy disciple! Sidebar: knowing Chen Pi's penchant for killing people, I'm not sure that's such a great thing, to be honest.
I think Fo Ye is doing it for Er Ye, not for Chen Pi.

Cut to the jail where the torturers are complaining that no matter how much they abuse him, Chen Pi won't confess. But then they gloat that they'll torture him more and he'll confess. One of them walks up to Chen Pi and demands he admits his crimes.
Oh, but Fo Ye in all his military glory walks in.
*not bored anymore*!
Fo Ye demands why Chen Pi is in such a bad state. The torturers explain they have to strip off some skin to get a confession. Okay, says Fo Ye, so what has he confessed? Oh, right, nothing.
Fo Ye says he will take Chen Pi away. Oh noes, Chief Lu shows up. He asks after Fo Ye's health since Fo Ye had put out the story that he was sick and couldn't see anyone. Ha, he tells Chief Lu to rest at home more, hee.
Chief Lu demurs, saying Changsha's safety is his responsibility too, and he needed to question someone who was allying with the Japanese. Fo Ye asks, so what did you find out? And Chief Lu has to admit he hasn't found anything, ha.
Lu is l-useless. 
Fo Ye calls Chief Lu out for the excessive torture and Chief Lu argues people with no sense of right and wrong need to be tortured to confess. Fo Ye goes, look you dummy, I investigated Chen Pi for private dealings with the Japanese, and locked him up as a warning, but there's no evidence of anything, yet you tortured him to near death and made it about treason. Bit OTT, no?

Chief Lu smarms that he wouldn't dare not believe Fo Ye, who then says, fine, then I'm taking the Pi. Hahahahaha, Chief Lu has to bow his head to Fo Ye.
Chief Lu's handsome aide says why are you letting Fo Ye take the Pi away like this? And Chief Lu says that he is just testing Fo Ye. Er, but how? I don't really understand crazy evil people, so someone explain what test happened here. And Chief Lu is surprised Fo Ye cares so much about Chen Pi. He thinks Er Ye and Chen Pi are hiding underground activities. Dude, wait until you see the sharks!
I think he's just full of shit. 
Chen Pi is laid onto the back of a truck and Lt Zhang looks incredibly pretty.
Fo Ye says take the Pi to the hospital right away. He's all efficiency is our Fo Ye.
Do you think he ever cuddles? Or is that too inefficient? 
Off they all go in a convoy.
Off to the Hong Mansion where Er Ye is happily bringing Ya Tou something.
Oh shoot, she's collapsed.
Once again, she was tidying up old clothes. These closet cleanouts are so tiring!
Outside of the noodles, that's basically her job, right, mend clothes and tidy them? Maybe she's allergic to clothes? Er Ye tells her that they'll shop when she's better, and that she should tell him if there are any uncomfortable side-effects to the weed she's taking. Ya Tou agrees and says she is getting better each day.
Er Ye is so happy, and then pulls Ya Tou to look at what he brought her. First the medicine.
Then the hot water which Er Ye blows on to cool off a bit.
Then a dried fruit. He keeps asking Ya Tou if it's sweet.
He is almost too desperate. I think deep deep down, he knows that this is all pretty pointless. 
Then he tells Tao Hua the maid to bring Jui Ye over at noon.
See? He knows something's amiss. 

When Jui Ye comes over, Er Ye thanks him for his help and asks him to look at the medicine to make sure it's been prepared right. But the theater manager shows up, and Jie Ye has to meet Ya Tou alone.
Jiu Ye takes Ya Tou's pulse and asks if her chest has felt tight, if she has felt cold during the day and hot at night? Or been coughing or extra sleepy?
Ya Tou denies it all and says she has been sleeping soundly. Jiu Ye says he has some dietary remedies too, and sends Tao Hua away for pen and paper.
Yatou is obviously lying again. *sigh*
And as soon as Tao Hua leaves, Ya Tou coughs up blood. Jiu Ye says this medicine has not helped at all and until when were you going to hide that? Ya Tou begs him not to say anything saying that the medicine is helping, no really it is.
FUCK. All that money!!!!!!
Jiu Ye says this is silly, if the medicine is not working, then say so. Ya Tou says no, Er Ye and Fo Ye gave all their fortunes and went to so much trouble, I cannot say anything. Jiu Ye looks concerned.
I really can't stand her.
He agains urges looking for another treatment, but Ya Tou says no, she just wants to live out her last few days with Er Ye. Such a drama queen, this one.
Jiu Ye then tells Ya Tou Fo Ye must at least know since he went to the most trouble to get this medicine.
She doesn't want to because Fo Ye will tell Er Ye she's not recovering. But Jiu Ye says Fo Ye spent his entire fortune on this medicine to save Er Ye from the grief and possible suicide after Ya Tou's death. And he encourages Ya Tou to think of getting cured, not dying.
They sit down again to discuss further, and that's where the episode ends.


Wow, I hate to say this about a sick person, but Ya Tou is so annoying! I get she's been weak for a long time, but surely she could be a little less self-effacing? And that taxidermy medicine: how about giving it a chance? Or selling it off and going for treatment to Switzerland?
She is too annoying, sadly. I have no compassion for her either and I'm a very compassionate person, normally. It's definitely the role, but also the actress. Just very annoying. 

Xin Yue continues to amuse and impress. She handled moving into her new home so easily and comfortably and was so frank about being a couple with Fo Ye. He tried hard to shut her down, and ended up shut down himself. Good thing he liked it. Besides, he could always have sent her packing if he really hated her being there. And they've formed a bond over Pointless Peng and the auction whether he likes it or not.
Yes, the connection is undeniable. But she is a bit too pushy. I understand why he is pushing back. You can't just push someone like Fo Ye over like that. All his life, he has done the pushing. If she were a little bit less in love with herself and would stop to think for a minute, she'd realize that she's coming on too strongly. Leave him some time! He should notice himself what great asset she is.