Rants and Weekly Raves #103 (RAWR)

kakashi: I'm getting increasingly confused by the various names for dramas with "Moon" in them. It's not easy being a KDrama watcher, that much is clear. I also feel like everything plus more is airing on Mondays and Tuesdays. Not helping.
JoAnne: I tell myself it's okay, if I don't watch them all Mon-Tue I have the rest of the week to watch them on lighter days. Man, I crack myself up some times.
Jaehyus: The Mon-Tue ones are my crack dramas, so I can't not watch exactly what's available right away
becca: I recently finished two of the three shows I was watching, so I'm taking advantage of Labor Day weekend to try out all the new shows (as well as a few that I've been missing out on). It's been fun. :)
cherkell: I'm sooooooooooooooo behind on everything. I'm drowning just keeping up with all 'The K2' news and stuffs!

Contest Winner

Remember our "alternative ending" contest? We would like to thank everyone who sent us one! And we have selected a winner! It's .................... *drumroll*

Sparks of Ember!!

She really outdid herself, we're impressed! We're going to post her entry on this blog soon. And she gets to choose any upcoming Asian drama of not more than 20 eps, subbed and easily available on legal streaming sites that we will recap/squeecap for her ... maybe even with her help!


Scarlet Heart: Goryeo (New) (aka MoonJunki)

Oh, wow. Almost too much pretty. Hahahahhahahaha! Just kidding, when could THAT ever happen? 
It's not bad, this drama! Yes, I managed to watch something! It's also not actually good though... so predictable (yes, that also goes for the original story) and quite a bit of horrendously bad acting. But as long as I keep using the ffward button, I will be fine. I don't see why IU is getting so much hate though, she really isn't any worse than any of the others.
This is an emotional watch. I don't see problems. I don't care what So does, at this point. My heart is breaking for that sad, lonely boy and I DO NOT CARE how swoony you GET, Wang Wook, I love Wang So. My heart is IN this, for some reason. I'll even give up PA Lee.
Jaehyus: Then PA Lee is mine.
This ought to be interesting...
Trotwood: (*busting in even though I'm not watching any Moon drama*) What? Did someone say PA Lee is free?!?!  You are going to have to fight for PA Lee, Jaehyus.
When Lee Jun-ki is good, he is GOOD. With him, that means not too much overacting and lots of fightscenes. But I will be the first to admit that Kang Ha-neul looks VERY manly in this drama and I like it. I like it very much. He'll break our hearts into tiny little pieces, this kind prince, won't he.
There's nipples and nipples and nipples and nipples and nipples... I can't stop seeing them!
This Wang Won fellow...he looks familiar but not really.
I know shirtless is not technically naked for a man, but this is all very very very distracting.
I was wondering why they would bath with long black pants on!
I mean they were talking about something, and it seemed important, and there was probably something they had to do, but all I got in my brain were nips. I should get back to Changsha for a bit of rest...
I'm amazed that Kakashi was able to pull herself away from all the nipples to notice the wet black pants... but I'm glad she reminded me of them. I need to go back and rewatch.
In all honesty, those nipples don't really turn me on. But I'm glad Saki mentioned them because ovrall, they're probably this drama's biggest asset.
I'd have to agree regarding the nipples being the drama's biggest asset. I found myself walking away from the tablet a few times yesterday, which means I don't really care about anyone or anything on this show. Also, someone explain the Prince numbering system in the comments. Wook and So were born in the same year, but Wook is number 8 and So is number 4. Who are 5, 6 & 7? And because I'm watching Ep 3 out of boredom, I'd like to add that IU and Lee Junki have zero chemistry, while he has plenty with that girl playing Yeonhwa, and Baekhyun really is annoying. Final point, having now seen Ep 3: I'm less grossed out by the endogamy for some reason, than I am disturbed by 8th Prince falling for his wife's cousin who is also his ward and thus an adopted daughter. That is really creeping me out. (Don't forget that So will marry his half-sister! Ah, this family. They gave me a headache during Shine Or Go Crazy, and now they're at it again.)
I wasn't actually particularly enthused about any one set of nipples, no. As you know, I have my preferences in that area.  But it is nice to have a group of attractive men shirtless within viewing distance.
I'm in. I'm so in. Is it Monday yet?
I miss my sad wolf so much. Is it time yet? Is it time yet?

Fantastic (New)

No way I'm going to watch this. 
I'm going to check it out, if only for the Park Si-yeon-Jisoo pairing. But if the main story is as bad as I fear, I'm running faaaaaaar away.
Yeah, since I can never quite remember what this one is supposed to be about, it will have to grab me pretty fast in order to keep me. I added it as a reminder to check it out, mostly.
Checked one eps out. Am saying no. No time. 
Jaehyus: I dunno, I kind of like it. I hate that traditional doormat wife storyline, but other than that, I enjoyed it. Besides, she'll leave that family before long, it's almost certain. Also, I think it'll warm up after the second episode. First episode is setup anyway.
I was more interested than I expected to be, after the first episode. By the end of the second, I was sold. I really like the heroine. I really like her friends. Joo Sang Wook is both entertaining as the buffoon and touching as the actor who knows he's bad, but so wants to be good - and has been carrying a torch for his writer for years. I like her doctor friend, too. I think he likes her, but I'm not entirely sure? And now they will be cancer buddies...I somehow missed the memo that the last few months of 2016 would be devoted to cancer, but okay.
I guess we're over amnesia and brain tumours and now into breast cancer. I agree with Jo's points re the show. 
I'm tentatively sticking with it for now. For the most part, I like it, but it did feel like two different dramas: the one about a woman who has cancer and decides to start enjoying life and the one about Joo Sang Wook hamming it up. That said, I'm curious about their history - just what happened between them?

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (aka MoonBogummy)

Should I try? I'm a bit tempted. 
It is very, very funny and quite well-stocked with good actors. Bogummy has surprised me with the ease of his comic acting, in particular.
So, I'm watching! It's a pleasant and easy watch. What I really like the most so far is how this is a story about friendships. Unfortunately, it's a bit too much "formula seen-it-all-before" for me, and since I don't have a lot of time, I will probably not continue watching. But I'm glad I've finally seen this Bogummy everyone keeps gushing about! He's good. But I like the 2nd Lead even more, beautiful face. And yes, everybody is in this. Everybody who isn't in something else, that is
Did you ever watch Adolescence Medley? (No. I would never watch something called Adolescence Medley) I'm not so sure The Swordsman is second lead, that might be JinYoungie... but in terms of acting talent of course he SHOULD be. Not that JinYoung is doing badly, the adorable little squishy pretty face that he is.
I meant Jin Young indeed. He has a certain Park Shi-hoo vibe, without the things that make Park Shi-hoo completely unwatchable at this point. For an idol, I like him quite well.
I am aware that you don't generally care for 'coming of age' stories but if you're ever at a loss for something to do, don't be so dismissive of AM. It's a 4-episode drama short and it was very well-done. Certainly an A effort all around, possibly even an A+.
Aww, I loved that show. The first two episodes were especially fun and endearing. As for THIS show... after two episodes, I'm on the fence. There's a lot of pretty, and Park Bogum is charismatic and hot hot hot, but I'm still deciding if I want to stick around for the long haul. While the politics have me interested (even though it's not really anything new), they've yet to sell me on the romance, which is pretty crucial for, yunno, a romantic drama.

Cinderella Plus Four

I like that they all come together as she requests, when she finally breaks down and in a moment of vulnerability shares that she was looking forward to whatever the plan was, and why. They aren't interested all in each other, but all are willing to do things for her. This week with the MT seemed to move a bunch of relationships forward quite a bit which was nice, though I could have done without the pic of PA Lee asleep in bed with vomit on his face. There's more of an argument to make that New Madame is PA Lee's mother, but if she is there's a lot more to that story...and I can't help but feel they're misdirecting us about her in general anyway.
I finally watched the first two episodes, and I think I like this show. It's old-fashioned, yes, as many have pointed out, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I kind of like Jung Il-woo's character, though, and I know a lot of people don't. Is there something wrong with me? Or maybe it's just that I'm hardwired to root for the OTP, in spite of all flaws and viable second leads. I've always suspected that.
He's okay with me, Becca, so you won't be alone.
Okay, I'm all caught up, and I officially love them. Also, my girl crush on Park So Dam continues to grow.

Laurel Tree Tailors

It was nice, but I could barely remember it when I turned it off.  So, cutting it out.
Unless it goes batshit crazy, I think this could be as heartwarming as Five Children - I've had good luck with the few longer weekend dramas that I've chosen to watch and I have a nice feeling about this one.

Uncontrollably Fond

I can't even breathe. Everyone knows pretty much everything now, I think. All of the people in Joon Young's life are coming to terms with the hellish burden he's been carrying, and that they will lose him soon. His unbelievably horrible FATHER -do you think he lied about what happened back when he left, but he just happened to stumble on a lie that matched what his wife actually DID do? He shocked me...but then I started to think he was lying, but THEN he started acting like a complete monster and now I don't know. I just want Joon Young and No Eul to have some time together, please. Oh and JIK. That scene with Jik and Ha Ru, where he breaks up with her. He's doing it because of her family, he doesn't even hesitate about what's right...and he even lies to Ha Ru about the reason. Because (sob) the puppy loves his family, but he also loves his girl, and even in this he wants to protect her from the truth about her awful, awful family. Both of them were fantastic in the cafe. Oh and a YELLOW truck of doom? NO FUCKING FAIR.

W-Two Worlds

I am still so angry at the dad that I'm starting to wonder at myself. I also cannot believe that anyone, especially our heroine, was going to believe that there would be no variables that would mess up this story. I feel like the writers are playing with us. I couldn't be happy withthe cute times because I knew bad times were just around the corner. Just get to the bad times people. Don't give me false cute when there are three eps left and a killer is NOT dead. It's just making me mad. Now I watch not because I care about anyone anymore but just because I want to practice leaping through the hoops of plot switches.
Mad at her dad about what?  He's been nothing but a golem for a couple episodes now - you can hardly blame him for anything he does, since it's mindlessly carried out at the hands of the Culprit - and there's an argument to make that he never controlled the culprit, really, either.

Jealousy Incarnate

I love this cast, but I must pass. It's a busy time with the start of the semester and all kinds of new projects, sorry, drama. 
A new favorite for me. I can drop any other kdrama going right now, but not this.
Oh, wow.  Wow.  By the end of episode 4 I had tears of pride in my eyes for Pyo Na Ri.  I like this.  I like this sooooooo much.  This is gonna be beautiful. Kakashi, I know you're busy, but maybe put it on a list somewhere.

Bring It On, Ghost (Finale)

Yes. Episode 16 probably wasn't NEEDED for the show, but aren't you glad they gave us another hour with our four adorable exorcists and their buddy, Ahjussi Monk? Bong Pal and Hyun Ji were a very charismatic couple, but Sang and Rang sure kept up with them on that front, didn't they? Man, I loved them all so much. Not a bad story at all, with some really solid acting from all players and YES, that most elusive of beasts, a decent ending
I miss this already. I want a sequel, where Ahjussi Monk joins their soondae ghostbuster gang to try and keep the kids safe and out of trouble and Hyun Ji continues sneaking around to enjoy college life, with Bong Pal always chasing after her. I also want more of the Monk's budding romance because that cracks me up. Even without a sequel, however, I'm satisfied. To the end, this show was entertaining, heartwarming, and true to itself. A drama viewer can't ask for much more.

Not Korea

Old Nine Gates

We are down to two episodes a week and Saki and I were debating whether that's a good or a bad thing! On the one hand, it gives us space to breeeeath, on the other, it means less Fo Ye. Anyway, this week, he's fully awake and operational again (his recovery was a bit anticlimactic though) and now it's payback time. Can't wait for them to go to the mines again (that will happen next week!). Now that we know there is a connection to the Zhangs, things also got quite a bit more creepy. There's something NOT right about them. Are they an alien race?
Moonlil once explained to me that Zhangs do have special gifts and are unusual super-humans. Little Master is centuries old, at least decades, anyway, when we meet him in The Lost Tomb. So, they're a different breed if not another species.

Love 020

I hope that Master takes Wei Wei on lots of dinner dates now that they're non-virtual, because that girl is worryingly thin. I continue to be way too tickled by our dorm-mates (boys and girls) and could watch and squee happily for a long time to come.
I have mixed feelings about this show. On one hand, it's so light and fun that I enjoy every episode, but on the other hand, when I stop to actually think about the story and characters, I don't understand why I enjoy this so much. It makes no sense, but it's entertaining. (And yes, I do squee.)
Welcome to the world that Trot and I and Nelly have been living in, Becca. It's an absolutely ridiculous show and it will probably be one of my favorites of the year.
While watching this show I question whether I really know myself at all. It's not just that it isn't good but the fact that I feel drugged by the newness of everything single cotton pickin' thing in it--as if I've just accepted a brand new Barbie dream house bribe. I spend a lot of time fastforwarding, and I am very angry at her girlfriends. The restaurant stunt was pretty selfish in my opinion. However, I have lost a LOT of sleep watching two eps every evening during welcome week and reading all the translations of the novel I can find. The Master is lovely in love and Smoking Hot Cafeteria Guy might bump PA Lee off his ranking depending on what he does next week.
I want to watch the movie and read the novel and watch all the YangYang Fan videos and all the things. All of them.
I learned something new this week! Apparently the "O2O" stands for "online 2 offline." I've been scratching my head over that for a while, and the world makes so much more sense now.

Ice Fantasy

OMG this week is heartbreaking and cute and sad and lovely, all at the same time. We knew the mortal-immortal thing would cause problems, and we knew that the Ice King is a total dick. Kingdom before happiness! It's so cruel. My poor darlings (but yay for real KISSES). I feel sorry for everyone. Yes, even for the star-crossed villains (minus the sperm-smoke) - who - I couldn't believe it!!! - actually got a SEX SCENE. In a C-Drama!!! Were the censors sleeping?! My daughter was like ??? and I was like "they're making a baby. Shi, actually". Later in life, when people ask her when she was told the secret of bees and flowers, she'll say: "What bees and flowers? It was the Fire King and the Mermaid Princess".
Aw, bless.  

Whirlwind Wookie

Yup, I'm sure happy this nightmare is almost over!
cherkell:  Apologies for the incorrect information in last week's recap: WG2 has 32 total episodes; not 28 as I stated. *bows* I wondered why we were given that number when the show started airing, because WG1 was set for 32 episodes itself.  Oh well.

We return to the scene of the crime(s) against humanity, which is this show in a nutshell.  I'm not exactly sure and am researching to confirm, but it does seem that a scant few of My Precious's scenes have been excised from the last 4 episodes. Some of the plotlines jump around from one scene to another, as I'm sitting there seeing the continuity blow up in my face. I am unsure whether or not this has anything to do with the THAAD controversy at present. Research continues.
Anyway, we're at the point where the Noble Idiocy becomes Off The Charts Kingly Idiocy, with Bai Cao accidentally injuring a competitor and decides to run away and hide from the world for a year-plus.  Yes, a time jump that occurs not at the end! *tears out hair*
But My Boy is plugging through admirably, even though the rest of the cast is still stagnating. The Baddies are still Baddies (minus one, which shall stay spoiler-y for now).  Competitions are still held, win or lose (mostly lose). A new plot point has been dropped in that hints ever-so-slightly at a THIRD SEASON being planned. *runs away screaming in fear* At least Wook will not be joining in the next iteration, as military service looms very soon. Nooooooooo!

Prince of Wolf

I'm much farther along watching than I am recapping now, because I caught up (almost) this weekend. You'll be happy to hear, non-watchers, that after a brief dip into relative normalcy, this show goes crazy again. It's going to take some real effort to glean good comments from Viki, though, because it seems like I'm the only watcher left over the age of 20 (for YOU, I'm doing this for YOU) and thus, most comments are variations on 'I hate this ugly bitch, she should die.' It's quite tiresome. At least we have lots and lots of kissing and a decent number of shirtless scenes to carry me through, because Wolfie with the baby face has a very nice body.
Just write "I hate this ugly bitch, she should die" in different variations.
But that's not funny at all.
No? Not even a liiiittle bit? Maybe you're right.