Lee Joon-gi and... his Hair (an Update)

kakashi: My 2013 "Lee Jun-ki and his Hair"-post is getting a lot of hits these days. I wonder why that is.... Haha, who am I kidding, I know why!!!! It's the power of his beautiful, beautiful face!! And fine, fine, because you're all asking for it, I'll do a new one. The rules of my "hair posts" are relatively simple. We talk about a guy's hair. Nothing else. Performance for example? Doesn't matter. Just the hair does.
JoAnne: As I think you can tell from some previous items here, hair matters to me. My kind of post!

Lee Joon-gi and His Hair (2013-2016)

Two Weeks (MBC / 2013) - Jang Tae-San

Lots and lots of emoing in this drama (that's all that I remember). And different hairstyles! This makes hair-judgment a tad more logistically challenging. I guess we'll just go for the average.
I watched this and just remember being sad. All the time.

The College Boy Look:
No. He looks like a 15 year old computer nerd here. It's disturbing: 5/10
Too 'Enrique' for me, but since that's a question of taste, I'll also give it an 'average' rating: 5/10

The Businessman / Sexy Dad Look:
Somewhat better. Though too long to work well for me. I feel like cutting it: 6/10.
No, sorry, this is American Businesswoman Circa 1984. 1/10

The Fugitive Look:
It's obvious that you can't care too much about your hair once you're on the run. It's probably the first thing that goes out the window. Also, who'd carry hair products with them in such a situation? It makes him look somewhat wild. And quite desperate. Extra points for going well with the character: 7/10
Who has hair that texture naturally? It's clearly made to look that way, which means he DID take time to do his hair on the run. And then he did it THAT way? No. But because the cut isn't what kills me, only the texture: 2/10

Lee Joon-gi's hair in Two Weeks:
  • Kakashi: 6/10
  • JoAnne: How do you arrive at a score? I gave him 5, 1, 2 - 8/3 would be a little more than: 2/10

Joseon Gunman (KBS2 / 2014) - Park Yoon-Kang 

Let me be straight with you: I dropped this drama. My love for Joongi has always been strong, but there are limits and this bored me to a degree that challenged said love. As for the hair ... there is sageuk hair (the top-knot style), which I refuse to rate because I consider it non-hair. I also remember a moustache at some point, but lets not mention that.
I dropped this also, but I can't remember why. Other things interested me more I guess, and clearly they weren't maximizing their Joon Gi assets or I'd have stuck it out.

The Rebel Look
HOT. Reminds me of his Iljimae days. It brings out the face really well, even with a hood. I think it's a 10/10.
I have to agree. Plus I love him best in long hair: 10/10

The Gunslinger Look:
There is nothing wrong about this hair. But it does not fully please me either. In comparison to the rebel hair, this hair takes time to groom in the morning. But it's neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring. It's not short enough and it's not long enough. Yes, I'm just being picky, I really have no good reasons, but it only gets a: 8/10
This verges too closely on woman in drag for me: 3/10

The Happy Moonface Look:
No. No, no, no: 3/10 
Long hair, good. That facial hair, though. No. Still better than drag, though: 4/10

Lee Joon-gi's hair in Joseon Gunman:  
  • Kakashi: 7/10 (it's really that last horrid look that brings it down)
  • JoAnne: Continuing with my average of 3, it's 5.666/10, rounded up: 6/10

Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC / 2015) - Kim Sung-Yeol 

Mostly, the sageuk top-knot hair, which cannot be rated.
Well, but part of hair appeal is what it does to the face, and we can't deny that he doesn't look bad in a top knot. For sageuk style, I'd give him a solid 10/10.
This picture is cheating. But wow, Joon-gi. If I were the jealous type, I'd be jealous of your looks. 
He looks like a girl group member on Halloween, though. Are we not voting on this hair? It's not a bad look at all: 8/10
That much? I guess I can give him a 7/10

Lee Joon-gi's hair in Scholar Who Walks:   
  • Kakashi: 7/10
  • JoAnne: 9/10 for me

She Was Pretty (MBC / 2015) - himself (ep.9) 

I do like him best with dark hair, and this cut is sleek yet not too done. 9/10 only because with bangs that long you do have to keep fussing with them or wear tons of product to keep them in place, and I'm against either in real life.
I agree about the dark hair! The bangs are too long. He looks very good though, so I might have to give him 8/10 even though I think he could look much butter. 
Much butter? I love it! He is smoooooth...

Lee Joon-gi's hair in She Was Pretty:
  • Kakashi: 8/10
  • JoAnne: 9/10.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (SBS / 2016) - Wang So

Ten. Ten out of ten. Twelve out of ten. Perfection, always. Best hair ever. I like it the best when it's a little messy. I like his face thin like this, too, but not at the cost of his body or health.
Is it unhealthy to be that thin for him? I doubt that. He looks SO VERY GOOD in this drama. Part of this is a wig, as we well know, but his hair is by far the best of all the princes, and I guess it is because it is half-long in real life, so that the wig isn't entirely apparent, like it is for Wook. If the bangs are that long and cover half of the forehead, we get the best of two worlds: a bit of that wonderful forehead and those incredibly gorgeous eyes, framed in a perfect way.

Lee Joon-gi's hair in Moon Lovers:   
  • kakashi: 12/10
  • JoAnne: 12/10

Never Say Goodbye (谎言西西里, Movie / 2016) - Jun Hao

I love that he's so popular in China. Go, darling, go!!! This movie looks very sad though. And it probably is, here is the synopsis: "Heart-breaking romantic tale started from a beautiful lie. Lee Joon gi plays a Korean student who has only 6 months to live due to an illness, but falls in love with a young Chinese woman in Shanghai. The movie is filmed in China and Italy with many on-location scenes." Here is the trailer!

Sounds like my kind of movie!
Here are some screenshots:
This hair is a big huge yes for me: 10/10
I like it, only from the side. I think it's a bit too long at the top. I deduct one point: 9/10

Lee Joon-gi's hair in Never Say Goodbye:  
  • Kakashi: 9/10
  • JoAnne: 10/10

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Movie / 2017) - Commander Lee

This hasn't aired yet, but we have a trailer! 
What, you missed him? Alright, here, I made a gif! Slo-mo.
And here a few frames, for hair evaluation.
From the back:
Kinda from the front:
And in action:

There's nothing to critisize here. It looks like longer buzz-cut, is functional (since he needs to do some fighting/kicking), brings out his facial features and ears (I like his ears!) It's kinda average, I guess? 6/10.
His ears are so Dumbo the Elephant. It makes me love him more. The hair, I can't see so much here, too dark. But it looks severe... I'm not sure severe really works on him. 4/10

Lee Joon-gi's hair in Resident Evil:  
  • Kakashi: 6/10
  • JoAnne: 4/10

The Winner is.... Moon Lovers! Congrats!