ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 3 (AContest SqueeCap)

SakiVI, aka Jaehyus in the comments below, here to recap episode 3. Off we go!
kakashi: I'm purple, yay! So, we found out that Viki (used by Saki) and the DVD versions (used by me) are largely different, which caused us a bit of a headache. A minor one, mind you. It's about 20 minutes of material though. Wow.
Trotwood: But this just gives me an excuse to re-watch each episode again before commenting. You know for accuracy sake.
Sparks: More ToGetHer - for a drama this cute, that can never be a bad thing. ;)
Shuk: Bring on our fuzzy pair of fuzzy feels!
JoAnne: But when do they kiss again? Soon? Please? If no kiss is soon, then can Jiro have his shirt off?

Episode 3

kakashi (purple): So, this is what viki has in episode 2 and the DVD version has in episode 3: After dumping all his stuff, including one leopard-print thong, on Mars, Momo sits him on the couch and reads him the house rules. And by the way, she wants him to stop calling her Ah Zhai.
The rules are simple and in short, she wants him to stay in his part of the house and do his share. Cue him imagining himself dressed as a MAID. One that occasionally speaks Korean, too. This is all sorts of kinky, lol. 
I am not embarrassed to say how attractive I found him in this maid outfit.
Ha - I never noticed the Korean before. Goes to show how many of these dramas I watch - Japanese, Korean and Mandarin don't even register anymore.
LOL. Men with a vivid imagination are somehow schexier. I can imagine all the BTS laughs for this scene.
I didn't notice the Korean either, but come on guys, we have an excuse. Jiro is crazy cute.
The last rule refers to him putting the toilet seat down after the deed, because .... this happened:
The viki version probably doesn't have this, lol. He says things like he thought that something really stank all morning (her) and "Thank goodness your bum is big enough, otherwise you'd have been flushed down the toilet". I can't. But anyway, the contract is signed and they're both so cute!
He's lucky all she did was dump his crap all over his bed. Toilets are a cold, nasty shock when the seat's been left up!
Viki definitely had all that. 
Seriously? Now I'm even more confused. Where does viki "lose" 20 minutes then?!
I remember being shocked that anyone would even joke that her ass was big.
At university, the teacher announces an annual poetry recital contest. The competing student will be chosen by the class. Fanclub president Stupid Cow 1 volunteers Mars. Well, in her defense, she really IS a fan and thinks he'd do great, with his acting experience etc. He says he's extreeeemely honored and all, but sadly, he can't do stuff like this without his agency's consent and it's all really complicated ladiladila.
And here I was thinking it'd be kind of inappropriate for the class celebrity to compete. Like an unfair advantage type of thing...
Hey, it worked in MonSTAR.
He looks SO GLAD to have dodged this bullet elegantly, when Stupid Cow 2 mentions the huge media echo this would most likely create. And with this, I hand over to Saki! 
He's like one of Pavlov's dogs when it comes to the word "media." He needs a friend like Momo to get him over this. It's dangerous.
I'm laughing that he thinks this would be his big chance.

Mars got volunteered by Mean Girl 1 to represent their class in the uni poetry recitation contest. At first he refused, but when he heard the magic word,
He went for it!
Slight problem, he's in the foreign language department, something he didn't know he was in until then, and he has to recite in English. 
Hilarious. Every second of it, also the ones you didn't see on viki
I can't believe he didn't even know what major he was. And his imagining himself as some wise, sage-like poet, jabbing his pointed fingers in the air? Too funny.
Just another way to deflate his ego a bit and make him more human.
This may be a problem.  So Yi Zhi got him a tutor, who got very drunk - Yi Zhi met him in a bar - and who basically didn't teach Mars anything.
Despite the slightly racist undertones here, the "Stray Birds of Beer" made me laugh a lot. Also because it's the version Mars remembers.
The issue is, why would Yi Zhi hire someone he just met in a bar? Also, why do people think a person can tutor or teach a language just because they speak the language?
Yi Zhi did mention they're having to pay for the tutor themselves. And I imagine they don't want anyone at school knowing he needs a tutor. But what did they do - pay the guy in beer in advance? 
The real question is why anyone would EVER choose that wallpaper and then cover it with a bunch of pictures, too.
Guess who that leaves Mars begging to teach him to recite the poem? Three guesses.
Um...Um...I know this!!...It's right on the tip of my tongue....Err...
That's right, Momo. Clever you! Although, to be fair, that was a bit obvious.
Oooh, I didn't see that one coming. [sipping stray Birds of Soju]

Mars struggles on his own, holding the book upside down, and then gives up and calls Momo. 
On the DVD, there's an extended scene with him at the agency. Ben is there, of course, and he taunts Mars about this recital. Also, Tony Ge has informed the media already. Mars HAS to do it. Also, he complains FOREVER to her how long the book is etc. - but she tells him he can do it. If he stops  being immature and gets his act together.  
I love how she lectures him on being immature and tells him to stop whining and do something.
An important character distinction. What makes Momo different from even Yi Zhi is that she not only thinks he can do it because she has that kind of faith in humanity in general, but she actually gives him practical advice. Yi Zhi just "thinks he can do it" without really thinking about what he really needs to do to be successful.  
He needs them both, though.
She's in the art department making the decorations for the contest because the mean girls told her to and she wouldn't say no. (This made me mad. Why couldn't she say no? But then I remember that she just doesn't seem to care that much). (And Mars saw it but didn't say anything this time. Probably because she wasn't so thankful for his interference previously...) Mars almost begs her to teach him to recite the poem, but backs off because that would be the pits to ask her. (so immature) (I felt for him there - who hasn't had those moments of frustrations while studying where you want to just fan the book at your head and download the knowledge somehow?) In the meantime, Momo wonders why grass must be green (the camera focuses on that green leaf there for a bit, lol), checks her Prince Kasaba comic and says, yeah, silver it is! That's right, she's making silver paper grass for the contest. Glad she's having fun.
She was bullied again, but actually didn't really felt all that bullied. I guess that's a good form of being bullied. At least she isn't suffering.
We see it as bullying. I'm sure that Mars would/will, too. But like I said above, I just don't think she cares that much. It's like she is resigned and figures "I wasn't doing anything anyway" and "Now I can be alone like I want" and "I'm going to make Kasaba-like decorations." All good.
She's been looked at as weird and invisible and unimportant that petty attitudes don't phase her one iota. Bully for her! 
I was wondering why she'd make green leaves when the poem talks about yellow leaves. But silver will be something else Though I was more pissed when the Moo-ers (Kakashi's Stupid Cows) wouldn't let Jia Sen help her than I was at them forcing her to do it in the first place.
If everyone has to participate in some way, she probably figures this is the way that keeps her out of sight and unbothered and she gets to have a little fun, too.
Cut to Jia Sen playing with his toys, when he realizes it's raining, and oh noes, Momo will get wet!
He knows where she is because he went to visit her before (and was subsequently chased out by the bullies). She's really been working on these props for a long time. 
He's a good friend, so he goes off to fetch Momo with a big green umbrella. However, he misses her because she's gone off to get some aluminum foil to make silver grass - if she's being forced to work alone, she might as well do what she wants - and she slips and falls in the rain. Guess who helps her up. Three guesses, no peeking ahead, now! 
Mars! Did you guess that right? Until the interval was over, I really did wonder, could it be Jia Sen? 
It was well done, a classic "first lead gets there first"-moment, but really sweet.
And in case anyone had ANY doubt that Jia Sen is the second lead here, this scene confirms it. There isn't a guy in a drama that misses the umbrella moment who gets the girl.
(Though in the next episode...)
If there is anyone anywhere who thought for one moment that Jia Sen would ever be the one to get the girl, they are probably too young to watch dramas.
Mars brought his own big umbrella, and walks Momo home, leaving Jia Sen soaking wet and searching for her. However, he still manages to look neat and tidy.
Why are they doing this to us... TT______TT
Why doesn't he use the umbrella?
Haha - That's what I was wondering? Why's he soaking wet when he is holding an umbrella in his hand. Just goes to show his first concern is Momo. :(
Where's the driver? In most of these shows, the driver holds the umbrella for the boss. Or the boss' son.

Mars brought his own big umbrella, indeed.
Cut to Mars in Victoria's Secret Pink Collection.
He looks really good in this color. Not everyone can pull off this shade of pink.
Is it weird I love him in this? I showed the scene to Hubby just to say, "See! Men can wear pink. And V-necks. And pink v-necks!" (And the sleeves are even rolled)
He tells Momo that if she keeps acquiescing to whatever those girls want, she'll just keep being bullied, but Momo says she doesn't understand him because she's only doing what she should be doing. Okay, is she being sarcastic?
I'm not sure. 
I think she just thinks that she is part of the class and she should do something for festival. This is easy enough and she gets to do it from home and not be bothered. It's a group project without actually having to deal with the group, which are my favorite kinds of group projects.
It's a big class, though - what the heck is everyone else doing?
Figuring out ways for other people to do the work.
He finally asks her to teach him English (as if it were the HARDEST thing on earth), and she says, beg me. Pffft. He doesn't want to, but she tells him to think of the consequences that apparently involve him in 18th century stage dress saying well, well, well with Ben in the background.
You gooooo, girl! I love the power she has over him. 
As for his horrific vision... he is on stage, and the only word he knows is "well". Utter humiliation. Haha. 
This was fun.
Too funny - she totally treats him like a dog, too. Stay! Sit! Beg! "And know?"
He begs, but she has him beg again. Mars angrily asks how she can be so cruel to someone already down, and she says, meh, doesn't bother me. Pfffffffffffffffffttt. And I just forgave that wig for a bit.(I'm actually fine with it until I see her profile. That back of the head bit . . .How does she lie down?)
Yes, he was too rude to her before. He said he doesn't want people to know he sucks at English and he has no money for a teacher, so that leaves her. Come on, Mars!
Enough begging, let's get to the part where they start to like each other.  Because learning English is that part, right?
Mars begs. Repeatedly.
Like a dam breaking - once he starts begging, it all just pours out, doesn't it?
Momo cracks a smile. 
That must have felt good, haha.
Well, I felt good.
As soon as she smiled I was all, "Aw!"
She really enjoyed that. And I get the impression she doesn't smile much.
Maybe she's imagining other things he can beg for later down the road. I know I am.
Over the next few days they secretly study and exchange secret looks, and it's all a big secret, and Mars is getting better at reciting that particular poem, if not at English in general.
It is quite an accomplishment to learn a poem in a language you don't even speak. Respect, man!
Yes, it's extremely difficult because you can't rely on context to help you remember what should come next. It's all sounds. But I also like how they are working together. I love dramas that have the OTP working together on something rather than working against each other.
Summaaaa!! Yo Zhi even pitches in, while Mars does his workouts. It really becomes a 24/7 endeavor.
Go Team Mars, Go Team Mars, Go Team Mars! [waves finger pom-poms] BTW, does anyone else notice the figleaf on the Mike statue is now aluminum foil? Did...she put it there??
Squee away, ladies.
Mars studies nonstop (both are super tired), and I think Momo develops some respect for him working so hard all the time. Also, Mars looks really good in hot pink. Suits his skin tone.
He really does. That's why I mentioned it above.
OMG look at them!!!! 
When she laughs - so cute together!
Interestingly, they are helping each other because Mars does some of her set building with her as they practice. 
Lots and lots and lots of quality together-time. But the longer the practiced, the more worried I got over the fact that he only ever recites the first 4 lines :D
I love how he just seems to be doing this automatically without prodding. It shows the comfort level of him being in that space and living together--the kinds of ways the people who really live together (rather than just merely inhabiting the same space) act without thinking about it.
I'd never heard the poem before this drama but I've had those 4 lines memorized ever since.
After this scene, I downloaded the BGM, which I really really liked after this sequence.
The first few lines just always make me think of that reggae song, Three Little Birds.

Cut to the day of the competition. Yi Zhi and agency head, Tony Ge (I know that's not his full name - Ge means brother, right?) sit down and Yi Zhi is excited about all the media, but Tony Ge cautions him against counting his chickens before they hatch. Anyone else think Tony Ge looks 15?
There is a scene sometime later when he shows off some of his dance moves. Talented talent manager! I find him a bit hot. Not 15, no, but sure young.
Tony Ge reminds me of the manager from Smiling Pasta but I'm pretty sure it's not the same actor. And he seems quite a bit older than Jiro to me. I cracked up when he asked for popcorn and Yi Zhi's all, "umm - this isn't the movies." 
He reminds me a tiny bit of the manager in Thumping Spike, if only because he actually does care about Mars, sort of.
Backstage, the Mars Mean Girls are pampering him with fans and shoulder massages (I think, I didn't pay close attention) and he tells them he needs time alone in his Men Are From Mars cave. 
That, right there? My respect quadrupled. He takes this very seriously.
He always has. Even in his arrogance, he takes his job seriously. In some way, his bad behavior even stemmed from taking the job seriously and himself too seriously.
Well, he is hoping this'll be his big break back so he definitely can't blow it. I'd go nuts with so much hovering going on,
I didn't like the black tie / black collar / black lapel look. Bring back the pink!
The only clothes he wears that don't look dated are the pink things, I think.
Who comes in after they all leave, but Momo with the stage design that really should've been setup already, but who's checking? (Me. I admit it.)
I was wondering about this and wondered why no one else was asking, but I think they all just assume that she will show up and take care of things because she always seems to and since they don't think of her, no one is going to think that she might've needed (and should have gotten help). She is so used to not getting anything, she probably didn't ask.
I imagine the stage design is just for his poem? And each class probably has a design for their competitor? But I didn't even think of that as all I see is a giant rooster in a barn window and that's definitely not what I envision when I hear "Stray birds of summaaa."
No, that would definitely be more 'Stray birds of beer.'
Mars complains that he is about to recite about the birds of summer and she's got a picture of a rooster. HAHAHAHAA. (Ok, I need to start reading ahead before I comment.) That's all Momo can draw, though.(How is a rooster easier to draw than any standard bird? Seriously?) Should've drawn it yourself if you wanted it right, Mars. He then complains of nervousness, so Momo shows him the Kasaba way to not be nervous, namely get lulled into a peaceful lull - and then get slapped.
Intimate... and funny. 
 . . .and apparently effective!
HaHaHa - she slapped the nervousness out of him.
Can't really argue with something that works.
In Thai dramas, kiss follows slap, so can we? No? [pout]
It works, he remembers the poem.
This made me so nervous... 
I admit that I was actually so nervous that I fast forwarded the first time to get reactions shot before being brave enough to actually watch it.
This drama has been masterful - we're only on the 3rd episode but already so caught up in his success/failure.
Yay!  I smiled and cheered a little at his success.
I was so worried!
In the audience, Yi Zhi tells Tony Ge that he never disturbs Mars backstage because he gets very focused, very intense, and totally awesome.
Born to be a star, basically. 
Or just different nerve strategies. I never wanted to talk to people right before going on stage or before a game, but some people need the chatter to loosen up.
It's been so many decades since I did either, I don't remember - but before a presentation, I'm occupied with mentally picturing the event and what I'll do/say so I'd prefer not to have people hanging all over me, not that they do.
Hmm, that expression would work better if it wasn't half covered with hair. Also, cute lips.
Yes. the lips.....
I like the hair. There's so much to run your fingers through. 
It's a wig. It won't feel good. Besides, it's gelled so much, you won't be able to run your fingers through it.
Why do you think it's a wig?
Because it never moves.

The recitation begins.
I'm still nervous.
Yunno, I didn't pay attention to which poem this was, but "Stray birds of summer come to my window" has been stuck in my head since watching this episode. 
It's by Sir Rabindranath Tagore. Is it well known? It's also extremely long.
This poet is extremely well known, and I understand modern literati in the UK love his translated works. I'm a prose girl, so I didn't bother reading any more of it.
I googled it and read it. It really is long. And apparently not originally in English either? I find that ironic.
I never even realized it was a real piece of literature. 

Anyway, Mars is awesome, of course*, but Momo just waves to Jia Sen, who for some reason is there and matching her pink balloons.
I thought he went to Victoria's Secret too.
*"of course" only makes sense to me in hindsight and befitting drama tropes. however, I credit the show for us all knowing this trope but it still making us nervous. We've seen him brought down and shamed enough to know that nothing is guaranteed for him despite being male lead.
It would not have surprised me at all for them to humiliate him one more time.
Mars continues despite Nemesis Ben showing up.
We already knew he is serious about his craft.
He can't actually see the audience from what I understand of stage lighting (maybe if there were proper stage lighting, yeah, but this is just a gym of sorts, haha and the audience lights seem to remain on or at least partially on which is odd), so Nemesis Ben just failed to faze him, ha. But then he comes to a bit where he apparently always tripped up, and Momo does this downward hand gesture like a puppet master.
This is a contest, right? so I can understand the lights staying on. Do they turn out the audience lights for things like spelling bees?
No, but they also don't have stage dressing for spelling bees, and they might have been going for a mood that wasn't 'pubescent angst'.
LOL, Jo. In RL, the actor / stage star can't see the audience without the floor lights. It's the reason flash photography is so distracting. But in this, of course, we need to see audience reaction.
Turns out she did something similar with Mars during their practices. 
Kasaba magic! Just without the slap. And she called him "awesome" for being able to learn that quickly.
No wonder the slap surprised him. 
It's important to keep things fresh.
So he totally memorized that difficult ending.
I must admit I did think he'd fail. Poor Mars.
Oh ye of little faith!
The audience cheers, Yi Zhi and Tony Ge are thrilled, and Ben is unhappy. Good results.
Why did he even come, the idiot!! To see him fail, most likely.
And she has the cutest smile at the end of this gif. Just adorable.
The music here is so simple but very stirring.
I cheered and smiled.
Bothered Ben storms off, yay! And Mars tries to call Momo out on stage to give her credit for her work - also, yay!- but she's stormed off too, boo. All we are left with are those rather silly looking balloons.
I thought that was very decent of him. But I guess she's just too shy
It was so sweet of him and I think shows some good growth on his part. But he still doesn't know her fully. She'd never enjoy being singled out and the center of attention like that.
It actually speaks to his professionalism because people on stage will always have the audience cheer on directors, orchestras, etc as part of good stage manners.
Yeah, but he should know she hates the spotlight. After all, she's totally different from him.
Apparently Bothersome Ben is in this  competition too, because we cut to a reporter interviewing him backstage about how he thinks he will do.
Not in my version: Here he is asked about how he thinks Mars, his senior, will do.
He just announces his concert in order to steal Mars's thunder. (Sidebar, I'm loving my own unintentional mythic reference. Yay, subconscious mind! Wait. Does mars have thunder? I thought only Jupiter/Zeus had thunder?)
Yes, he doesn't answer the question but says he has a secret - a concert tour. What an ass. 
Yup - he was there hoping to watch Mars fail and since that didn't happen, he had to redirect attention on himself.
Ben the Jerk.

The next morning, the newspaper is full of Braggy Ben's upcoming concert but there is only one small space in an inside corner regarding Mars' recital. Darn it. At least they said something nice.
Ben is so low.
I hope by the end we have a complete reversal of fortune.
Well, yunno, the show is about Mars and not Ben...
Then, Tony Ge calls Yi Zhi saying to bring Mars to the company, but Mars is in a daze, talking about chicken cutlets and how he was too naive. I laughed so much at the cute manager almost breaking the fourth wall.
This pic captures how invested in this they all are, including the sister who had been presented as not really caring about anything outside herself in the beginning.
This drama could use a lot more Yi Zhi and a lot less Ben and Chuchu/Jie.
I love Yi Zhi!
And then Yi Zhi asks what chicken cutlets, and then bites into one, lol.
Cut to Mars at the agency, dressed abnormally normally, surrounded by people and Tony Ge. Tony Ge tells Mars that his acting in his last movie, The Crappiest Times, has been lauded by critics and Yay, Mars! Let's get you popular again! 
The "Crappiest Times", looool. This will be a disaster.
Yi Zhi is so happy! And Mars gets himself some tickets to share with his classmates, but, dear reader, we know he's thinking of Momo. We just know that, okay? Don't ask how.
Yes, we do. He is so grateful to her and he didn't even have the time to properly thank her (and Kasaba). 
Remember we liked this about him from the beginning. He was ignorant of the world (or at least his real reputation in it), but he does notice the difference between the quality of people. He has much better taste than it would appear on the surface. For example, Ben does not value Yi Zhi the way he should and the way that would be most beneficial to him.
He wouldn't be the guy we're all falling for if Momo wasn't first on his mind.
He's a good guy. Loyal and true.

We next see Mars handing out the tickets to his classmates, even remembering one of them has a girlfriend and thus giving him two. So nice of him. 
Shows what a nice guy he is. 
Then, he pretends one is for Momo, but pulls it away, saying, not for you. Not nice of him.
Just teasing. 
Did he not notice it was her at first or was it just teasing? Either way the Cow Squad saw. Not good.
That's not a bad thing, since they take any positive attention from him towards her as an excuse to abuse her.
Yeah, but was this seed for what happens later?

Then, he texts Momo to go to the rooftop because it's sooooooooooooo private there.  Also, this drama is set in 2008? That's the date on the text.
It aired in 2009.
On the incredibly private rooftop that no one in this entire college has bothered to visit at the same time, Mars gives Momo a special VIP ticket, saying he will be moving out once he's an amazing success with the movie.
Not sure why he couldn't have given it to her at home. Oh, that's right - he won't be home for a few days.
Besides, rooftops are the go-to set for privacy!
Rooftop Confession? Yes please!
For some reason, she asks what for. (Sidebar: seriously?). When he leaves, he says he is "waiting of you." Momo corrects this after he has gone.
That evening, Momo is looking at the ticket and wondering why she is not as happy as she should be that Mars will finally move out. (Have you taken a long hard look at him recently? Especially how that pink makes his skin glow?) She thinks, no way, she couldn't possibly have feelings for him, could she? Yes, Momo, you could. She looks at one of her many Prince Kasabas and asks what she should do?
Figures she'd be the first to start to get an inkling.
What should she do?  What should she do?  She should get ready to pack some of those Kasabas away to make room for a flesh-and-blood boy, that's what she should do.
Before Kasaba can answer her, the annoying sister comes in and pulls at the ticket only to rip it in half. Sighing now with exasperation.
I've never seen paper rip as easily in real life as I've seen it rip in dramas.
Sis finally has a use! Momo would have waffled back and forth on attending until after the movie was over.
Still hate the Jerk Sis for being a jerk most of the time.
Ticket is taped up, and then sis wants to know what Momo will wear. Momo will wear a Kasaba t-shirt!
I see nothing wrong with that!
Nope. Me neither.
Well, I do.
No good, they're going shopping.
The sis has to drag Momo out because she hates shopping that much.
Like me.
Hate it, too.
Got me there, since I hate it too.

They go to a boutique with no sales racks in sight.
It's one size fits all and only one of each item - super exclusive! ;)
I always wonder at the prevalence of these little shops and how everyone seems to be able to afford them, then remember that they probably have tailors in the back room churning stuff out.
Are any of these shows ever sponsored by Wal-Mart? That way they can go clothes shopping and still get groceries.
And Momo puts on outfit after another that she hates.
She really didn't look good
I remember thinking there was one or possibly two that were okay, but none of those were what they settled on.
And when she does like something, the sister vetoes it.
I liked that one, too. 
I hate the print and colors for me, but it did look nice on her.
Looks mid-century modern, it gets my vote.
Then they go for massage which Momo hates, but the very hyperactive sister tells her to relax, pfffft.
When other people tell me to relax, I immediately tense up.
I'd be the same way but her eyes bugging out cracks me up. 
Where did those chests come from, that's what I want to know.
Anyway, despite making zero effort with her hair, Momo is deemed acceptable, even to date Kasaba. This, of course, thrills Momo.
Imaginary boyfriends can indeed be much more fun than real ones. 
I am now thinking of my imaginary, looks-like-Kasaba-Wangzte boyfriend: 
Speaking of hair, I love Chuchu's. And Momo perks up so happily hearing Kasaba would fall for her.
But after Momo leaves, Jia Sen shows up with flowers.
There are little teddy bears in there too. Gag.
He's 8, Saki. 
I don't care. Still gagging.
I have university students who would love this bouquet. It's not really the age this time.
But I'm starting to dislike him because he gets in the way of my ship.

He brought flowers because it's his birthday, and he's here to pick up Momo to celebrate. Okay, that's sweet, I guess. (I find it creepy) But Sis tells him Momo has gone to Mars's movie premiere and that Momo must've forgotten. Jia Sen is Mad.
He is too possessive. This is NOT GOOD. 
To be fair, she has probably never forgot his birthday before. They probably do this every year on his birthday. I'd be upset, too, that she forgot and went out somewhere else.
That's what I'm thinking - if it's an annual thing, I'd be upset, too. Plus, if he's somewhat autistic, don't they tend to really struggle when their expectations aren't met? 
What Sparks said.
But, still, he should have mentioned it in passing anyway. I love my friends and family, but, without some type of reminder, anniversaries and such just fly out of my head.
There's a moment where sis grabs the flowers from Jia Sen and sends him off.
But he comes back and grabs them back, hee!
Not for you, honey.


So, Momo and Mars are getting used to each other, gaining sympathy for each other and becoming friends before they eventually become lovers. Cool. Manager-nim teasing that Fourth Wall was my fave moment of this show, though. Showstealer, that guy.
The competition-prep is incredibly sweet. Mars is such a dear. He is completely unpretentious and so very professional, even if it's just a school recital. Of course, this earnestness would be quite sexy to Momo (it's to me, too). 
Earnestness is sexy and it completely changes the way she sees him now than from the beginning when on the surface he just seemed like a spoiled has been star. I'm impressed at how well he has adapted to the fact that he is really going to have to work to come back.
I loved the montage of them working together while he learned the poem. Her little lecture about maturity hit a note and he really buckled down and rose to the occasion.
Love Mars, love MoMo, worried about Jia Sen.  Love Yi Zhi and thinking ChuChu isn't so bad. Dislike pretty much everyone else, except potentially Tony ge.
I think the show's pacing is great (despite the epsiode confusion), because we can clearly see those gradual changes in their relationship. It's not all final-episode, or slloooooow development.

So, all the material that was cut for the short version (or inserted for the DVD?) is not fully needed for the story. But if you can, watch the long version! There are so many additional funny little moments in there (some feel ad-libbed, in fact), it will just make this even more enjoyable for you.
They add a touch of depth and nuance, too. Definitely not just filler!