ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 5 (A Contest SqueeCap)

SakiVI here, recapping Episode 5 for all you lovelies! [The things I do...]
kakashi here, hiiiiiii! (I like the opening song of this drama)
Sparks in the house! More Mars and Momo - I'm ready! ;)
Trotwood: I'm here, too. I call this episode "Mars in rescue mode: the learning years"
Shuk: [rubbing my hands in glee]
Jo: watch what you rub, girlie.

Episode 5

Back to dumb jiejie calling the mouth to mouth resuscitation a kiss. No, dumbass, it's not a kiss, it's CPR. Sigh. Momo is freaked out and hides in her room, and Mars shows up to thank her.
More Jiro arms, thank you! 
Flex, baby, baby, flex.
In a pink tank. I still prefer him in white or black but I'll take the biceps in any color.
Can we just lose the tanks sometimes? I like the tank for a tease, but then take it OFF.
He asks if there's anything she'd like him to do for her. Momo thinks pure thoughts and says no. She continues to freak out it's her first kiss, so I'm going to set this straight. Okay, you all ready? Doesn't matter because ready or not, here comes an indisputable fact: Mars already kissed Momo! Back in Ep 1 when he kissed her to get him to like him and she freaked out and brushed her teeth with all sorts of toothpaste. It's on camera, folks.
Even more Jiro arms! Show, you're spoiling us! He is so cute and earnest in this scene, I'm dying a little.
I believe that I had a tank top like that when I was in 4th grade in the 70s. It so reminds me of the cover of a Tiger Beat magazine, but I, too, appreciate the Jiro in tank top gift to us all.
It wasn't Leif Garrett, was it, Trot? Or Shaun Cassidy? (It was probably both and they were probably roller skating, too)
He was very sweet here. All the fuss about the CPR "kiss" makes me wonder if they filmed this part first and then added the first kiss later. Cause how could they have forgotten?
Trot, I also remember that tank in real life, I think. And Leif Garrett was HOT. I never did care about Shaun Cassidy, though. Too... soft.
Now, I'm moving on. Mars plays his guitar, all pretty in pink, and Momo listens to him.
All those feeeeeelz! They need out! (still, please tune your guitar)
When he actually plays a little it sounds a bit better. The strumming is just odd.
And he just looks good in all shades of pink.
I like the way tee shirt sleeves fit his arms.
Sidebar: How high on the hill is that house? Because that looks like a steep fall into a valley. 
He could be on the roof though.
All good dramas deserve a rooftop.
Did you know Kakashi has a rooftop and never told us?
It's not technically a real rooftop, because it's not entirely at the top. And Trot knows it cause she's been on it

Cut to a bright, sunny morning. Mars is all spiffy in white and packing his demo CD. Yay, Mars, that's the way to get your name out there again! Remember the music is your calling card. He tells dumb jiejie he's off to see a kickass producer with a cool song.
Oh god, please let fate not kick him in the **** again.
I noticed the white button-down, too. With the little sashy thing pinned on the side. We see the black pants he's wearing with them later. I approve of the outfit.
Lose the sashy thing and I'm good.
He's feeling full of confidence. Jiejie agrees confidence is a good thing. I agree, but I don't like Chu Chu at all. At the studio, Mars gets another blow to his confidence when the producer says the song is so good, but I want to buy it and, presumably, have someone else sing it. Mars won't sell. The producer, though, says, you're in love, that I can see from the song.
This producer is alright. He has "feel".
Producer seems pretty nice overall - and perceptive. But if Mars is under contract, wouldn't he probably have to get permission to sell anything he wrote anyway?
It's like we are getting half full/half empty here. On the one hand, he is getting genuine praise; he may actually be good at something connected to him being a star. On the other hand, he isn't famous anymore, and it's implied that such a good song would be wasted on him.
Is Momo the only one that sees his greatness? Besides us, and the tank top company.
I think so. But I have faith this changes.
At school, Mars is pensive and Momo is missing.
Love the watch.
She's sick at home.
Is that cloth meant to cool down her hair? 
That mop must get pretty warm.
Isn't there ice in there somewhere?
Don't thermometers go under your tongue?
Mars calls and hears she has a fever. He thinks it's because she saved him. Quite possibly. Or, she could be exhausted, or maybe not washed her hands properly sometime. Who knows? Jiejie asks if Momo and Mars are dating, and then says she has a new boyfriend too. Cool.
Her sister has a fever, and she asks her if she's dating? I'd be ready to punch her. That is the logical connection here to someone who has a fever? Sister is synonymous with Stupid.
Momo is taming a wild horse. Yum.
lol - I figure that means he's a stallion like in that cheesy 1999 romcom The Bachelor?
Urgh, new boyfriend looks awful. He's not eating his food, which I suspect jiejie is paying for, and he's saying it in this really slimy way that's supposed to be seductive but just isn't. He also keeps telling her "Don't worry." Fudge. Who else is worried? Hands up.
Me! ME! Calling cops right now.
Scuzzbucket for sure.

Turns out Jiejie has lent him NT 200,000. (Which is a bit over 6000 US Dollar) Ouch. Oh, and he's paying for the dinner, telling her look at this expensive restaurant and go buy that NT 10,000 bag. I still suspect he's using her money, though.
On the plus side, now we all know the words for Don't Worry, assuming we didn't already.
And I think he's said "don't worry to her about 7 times now, that slime. Oh God, those teeth! And their fingers! I think I'm going to throw up. And I didn't throw up when cleaning out horse poop yesterday, or when I saw a dead, half-eaten deer.
The finger are indeed extremely gross. I hate black nailpolish like this.
At least he had decent teeth. It could have been worse...
I have black nail polish and decent teeth. But he's still a slimeball.
I don't like the nailpolish OR the pointy nails OR the guy, no matter what kind of teeth he has.
Cut to Mars and Yi Zhi the Manager with a yellow bag. They chat a bit, and then Mars leaves Yi Zhi in this empty parking lot. Not cool, Mars.
Manager did tease him about Ah Zhai though.
Mars is so mean to him most of the time. 
Is he mean? Or just clueless with his teasing? I'm always a bit confused.
I love the manager. Love him to pieces. If this were a Korean drama, Mars would be a chaebol and the manager would be an Awesome Secretary and Trot would be talking about banners with glitter.
Cut to Jia Sen at Momo's house. Mars sees him, and jiejie sees them both and signals Mars to leave. Better than having to hide in the bathroom with dry noodles! Then, she asks Jia Sen why he's waiting outside, and he says because Momo is resting. Okay, then. Inside the house, jiejie takes a call from slimy boyfriend telling her to hide - guess that deal fell through - and Jia Sen watches Momo sleep. Sigh.
I really don't like his single-minded focus on our Momo.
Welcome to the Jettison Jia Sen Club, Shuk. Our secret handshake is shoving him hard from the back.
Oh look, he's touching her face while she sleeps. Double sigh - of fatigue with this dude. He has a nice smile and jawline, though. It's just his behavior I find annoying. (I am not good with kids. Of any size.)
Creepy to me. Who goes into someone's room while they sleep and just watches them? 
Umm every parent on the planet. But I didn't think this paternal nor did I think it creepy. I just thought that none of this is going to end well without a bunch of tears from everyone. She really has had no one else but him. Sister is pretty useless up to now and has turned into a liability at this point. He's used to it being only the two of them. Why wouldn't he check on her?
She is pretty much his only thing, too. And I don't think he wants to share.
With Trot.  Pretty standard gesture of protective affection.  He's not creepy, but what he wants he can't have, through no real fault of his own. Even if she were willing, he couldn't really have it.
Sidebar: all that Kasaba crap looks really hard to dust.(yup)
Sidebar sidebar: do you guys dust often? 
Sidebar sidebar sidebar: only my jewelry shelf. Or if I find festoons of cobwebs on my knicknacks. But then, my shelves almost reach my ceiling, and I tend to ignore anything above eye level.
My sidebar is dusty.

Cut to jiejie searching for a hideout. She briefly considers Momo's well-being. Then, she ignores a call from someone called Wei Zhi (should we know who that is?) and brings Momo and Jia Sen some fruit. Jiejie exhorts Jia Sen to look after Momo while she goes away for a couple of days and Jia Sen gets Momo to eat more fruit, so Momo's questions regarding the where and why of this sudden trip are forgotten.
I googled it - Weizhi means Unknown. So an Unknown caller - doesn't sound good.
She's so useless, like that a**hole in Full House. How do these people ever get tolerated in their circle of family / friends?? 
Jiejie tries slipping out at night, when Mars arrive with the yellow bag he's been carrying around in the heat all frigging day. That had better not be noodles. He asks Momo out to the lounge, and she opens the box to find a decapitated head! 
Fooled you. It's a Kasaba Wangtze doll.
Ouf, you scared me. 
It does have a ginormous head though...
At first they're both really happy, but then Momo ruins the mood by declaring the doll a fake. Thanks a bunch, Momo.
I felt very bad for him. He is trying so hard. Still being a bit of an ass about it (saying how much it cost for example), but he means it
He was so proud of himself and then poof!
At this point I thought, "I'm going to pass out the first time you are actually completely successful at something you plan, Mars. You poor thing."
Momo should be more gracious,, and appreciate his efforts.
Apparently a signature is missing from the bottom of the doll. Momo wants to keep it, though, so she asks Mars to sign it, he doesn't want to because he's not famous, but Momo asks how he knows he won't be famous again? (This is what he really wants--her support and belief in him).Ah, is Momo finally recognizing Mars as a living Kasaba Wangtze? I hope they play dress-up later, teehee. He signs, and both are very happy.
I think she realized how much she disappointed him and how rude it was to tell him that the merchandise is fake. How could he have known! He was ripped off, on top of everything
His smile after he signs it and the glee in his eyes. So adorable!!
Yay Momo! Give our poor stray puppy a pat on the head!
Nice recovery there, Momo!
In the meantime, jiejie runs off. 
Yeah, bye
I'm sure Momo appreciates all the electric guitar while she's trying to sleep. 
Next morning, Momo smiles at the new doll,
I have quite a lot of those type of figures too. Well, my husband buys them. And they're not Kasaba, for obvious reasons, but Bleach, Naruto, Game of Thrones, etc. 
I have a couple things at my desk that people have given me, but don't collect them.
and hears the door bell. Outside are a smiley loan shark and his not so smiley thugs. 
He is the guy from Just You who is the first to quit the company to be able to date the coworker he loves.
Oh that was him? I liked him!  I don't like him here.
Momo finally talks to jiejie who tells her the new boyfriend kept telling don't worry, so she didn't worry - guess he hypnotized her? - and she ended up borrowing NT 200,000 against the house. Dumbass. Momo screams running away won't solve anything and to come back, but the sister keeps breathlessly fluttering and twittering and is so annoying, I'm ready for her to disappear for good. Let's push her off a Kasuo cliff. Don't come back jiejie. You are too stupid to be anything good. Outside, for some reason, the loan shark is trying to get into the house while the thugs are already on the grounds.
That's a spot-on description of Jiejie. All the thugs just climb the fence (it's only knee-high) while their boss is straining to reach the latch. Doesn't it have a latch outside, too? I don't think it was locked.
Sidebar: this is a lot of land for a suburban  house.
Here is Mars in bed. CUUUUUTE.
They tell Mars to move out, and, when Momo tries calling the police, they say it's a legit loan. I'm not sure where being all threatening and tossing the books is legit, though. Oh, and they say if Momo pays NT 500,000, they'll go away for good. Charming. Even more charming: the loan shark recognizes Mars, Bwahahahahahaha!
Is being popular with loan sharks better than not being popular at all? 
More biceps, formfitting racerback tank and his arms protectively around the girl. I've got no complaints about this scene.
Me neither.
I'm good with it!
Oh yeah, this is good.  I like the colors on him too.
On the bus with Jia Sen, Momo denies anything is wrong, again, and then hears Jia Sen will leave the country for 2 weeks. Oh, well. 

Later at school, on the rooftop no one else ever goes to, Momo tells Mars she will live at Jia Sen's. He is relieved. He will go to Yi Zhi's and is a little envious she will be in a mansion. He gives her a bottle of water and tells her to rehydrate well since she's only just recovered. Also, I note he keeps saying "we have to fix this problem." Very responsible. And I also note that lovely greenery in the background. Rather nice. Later, Momo tries to go home, but the thugs are still there. They are outside the house, when before, they managed to get in the house without any difficulty. Oh well, let's not question thug thinking.
I realize she has a lot of pride and is self-sacrificial to the point of the ridiculous but I didn't get why she didn't turn to Jia Sen's parents. I thought of this as well, and then I thought about whether she thought it was awkward since that might imply there is a different relationship with Jia Sen than what she wants.  Unless they are both out of town, too? I loved how he kept saying "we" - he's definitely not just a tenant anymore.
I wonder exactly who the house is titled under. How does hiding from the loan sharks help either girl? This is a frequent trope that make little sense to me.
Mars is at Yi Zhi's home. I'd say he looks handsome, but it's hard to tell under all that heavy, gelled hair. Yi Zhi says he'll get Mars another place to live.
Right, isn't Mars completely broke too? Yi Zhi even had to pay for the Kasuo doll. 
Momo is shown wandering along a bridge. In the other direction, Mars is also wandering along a bridge just as Momo asks Kasaba Wangtze what she should do. (It's not the same bridge, though, because otherwise they'd meet and they don't. So, it's just unimaginative city planning.snort) Mars calls Momo. He says Jia Sen's house must be really comfortable, more for his own reassurance that she's okay than anything else. Momo is more uncommunicative than usual, and Mars senses something is wrong. But Momo says her usual "I'm fine," and "It's nothing." Mars tells her "fighting" (kind of) and hangs up, though unsure if she's really okay. Yi Zhi joins Mars, who, as it turns out is on a balcony, not a bridge, silly me, and tells him, "Dude, you're broke, don't even think of trying to help Momo financially." I have to agree there. Help her with a place to stay, sure, but if Mars gets into paying off the house, then stupid jiejie will just over-mortgage it again.
Unsure if she's okay and also jealous that Jia Sen can take care of her when he can't, I suspect.
Does his shirt say jeans parties?  Um...yes.  I will go to that party.
Momo chills (I wish I had her "chill" ability) at a convenience store while everyone leaves around her.
Then she wanders through the city at night all sad. Seriously, I could slap stupid jiejie now. She should have taken Momo with her. Next day, Momo falls asleep at her desk. She doesn't have her textbook and gets scolded for it. Mars is trying to keep a blank face but he's definitely concerned. Momo gets kicked out of class while the mean girls laugh. Then, Mars stuffs his book in his bag, says he has to leave too because he doesn't have his textbook either, and runs after Momo.
Does Taiwan not have those 24/7 saunas that are so common in Korea? Would have come in handy here. I think Queen Cow saw him hide his book, too.
They have jimilbang-style 24hr saunas in Wangjing. That appears to also be an area of high concentration of Koreans. FYI.
Google comments too?
Wow, Momo looks tiny in that HUGE stairwell.
Mars asks her if she's okay at Jia Sen's place, and how things are going with the sister? Momo hasn't heard from the sister and Mars tells her that this matter needs to be solved and she should ask Jia Sen's family for help. Momo flips out at him that it's none of his business. Mars gets mad and says he is the tenant there, so Momo says she won't charge this month's rent. Er, stupid jiejie already spent it on bags. Does no one remember the earlier episodes? It's all on camera.
How many universities are there in Taipei? It's interesting how many dramas take place at the same locations but they manage to film them in such different spots that they don't feel the same at all.
Mars is justifiably angry and he stalks off. After all, he thinks he is part of the family as the tenant, but Momo thinks he is talking about money. At the house, Momo sees the main moneylender pull out a gun. It's a toy, phew. The thugs are all still partying there.

It's night time, and Momo checks how much money she has. Crikey, stupid jiejie could have at least left her some spending money. Momo pretend-eats some food and pretend-washes her hair at the convenience store. I'd like to note how her hair has stayed exactly the same throughout this entire ordeal. It didn't fall flat even once.
That seems an asset in a situation such as this.
lol. Though wouldn't that be true for people with super-thick hair? 
Cut to Yi Zhi in the car and he sees Momo wandering the streets. 
At home, he tells Mars he saw Momo along the road. Mars flips out a bit saying, no, she's at Jia Sen's. Mars calls Momo, and she just about manages to tell him which park she's in when her phone battery dies. Oh, and her hair is wilting in the rain. Amazing. I seriously thought it would defy nuclear holocaust.
I was unnaturally relieved by this as well.
So glad he finally realized his instincts were right. Good thing Yhi Zhi saw her though. (Amazing coincidence!)
Poor thing. She's at the rock bottom with Mars isn't she.
It will be nice and cozy there. And there will be biceps.
Mars runs off to find Momo. She's sheltering under whatever this is. (I guess the hair will recover.)
That's for kids to crawl in and out. Or for water to flow through.
I always thought it was a giant construction pipe but a playground tunnel makes good sense.
We see this all the time - they're pipe sections but used in playground construction.
And he finds her! Momo tells the truth for a change, that Jia Sen is out of the country and when Mars pulls her out of whatever that thing was, she hugs him. Finally, phew. I thought this part of the storyline was never going to end!
And he hugs her back, sheltering her head with his hands. Meltworthy. 
I love the song that plays here. The way she finally breaks and his face and body language as he holds her. le sigh
I think he realizes that her life is pretty crappy right now, no matter how she acts in front of him.
Mars gets Momo some hot soup, yay! He brags about running all over the park to find her. She thanks him, which surprises him. But when Mars asks her why she didn't say anything sooner, she says, we're just landlord-tenant and classmates, so this was all none of your business and I couldn't impose. Welp, that's got to hurt our hero. Anyway, he points out the CPR and how he's seen her in the shower by mistake and how those things make them more than just landlord-tenant.
I love how just her saying thank you makes him all fuzzy for a second.
He loves her. The end. It's great watching him fall deeper and deeper.
I like how he melts, yes.
Off they go in the rain under one umbrella to Yi Zhi's. Yi Zhi cleans up for Momo's stay. When Mars asks, Momo tells him she needs to change clothes. Cut to Mars and Yi Zhi shopping for her. Mars has covered his face as much as he possibly can without actually wearing a ski mask, and is now ordering Yi Zhi, this yellow shampoo and this pink conditioner and then they come across the lingerie!
And they buy her sanitary pads! Haha, did she ask for them? Or is Manager that considerate?
I was proud of her for fessing up what she needed finally. I'm thinking Yi Zhi is just that considerate. Good thing cause can you just see the freakout if Momo needed them and had to ask?
I giggled a lot a two bachelors determining what a woman needs to stay over.
This was fun. I love those guys together.
Ha, then he has Yi Zhi model clothes for Momo!
I die every time Yi Zhi strikes a pose. So funny.
Can we get him a girl too, please? He's too adorable. Does he show up in a lot of TW-dramas?  I haven't seen him before, I don't think. I've seen, I don't know... a dozen maybe? Maybe less.
I love this gif. I could watch all day.
And Yi Zhi, like all good managers, has to do the dirty work and buy the underwear. 
What size? Not too big. rofl
He also has to pay the bill, aw. In the car back, though, Yi Zhi and Mars look at each other and Yi Zhi just grins. 
Yi Zhi teases Mars that he got the girl, and Mars says, what girl? Momo, of course. Mars protests, no, no, no, it's because she saved my life! Then Yi Zhi says, if I liked an agoraphobic girl, I wouldn't say so either, hahahahaha!
This whole scene was cute. They're both really good guys. But... is Yi Zhi holding the bra in his hands?! 
Back at the flat, they give her the things they got, and they all smile a bit at the bra. At least Yi Zhi bought a pretty one. Then Momo tells them she's scared of the dark. Sure, why not. I'm scared of the dark too. They laugh that off and get up to go, but Mars realizes Momo is serious and stays. Before they go to sleep, she looks at him, and thinks how he ran to find her even though he's a big celebrity. Momo thanks him for helping her. Then she turns over and calls him a rude name that I didn't catch.
She's been calling him that from day one. As he has called her Ah Zhai all this time. 
His teasing was so cute. What are you looking at? Careful or you'll fall for me! And she didn't call him a name until he called her Ah Zhai first.
Next morning, Momo looks over at the sleeping Mars, smiles, and thinks "good morning." This is just what she does with her Kasaba Wangtze dolls, everyone. She's got herself a real life Kasaba Wangstze! Of course, she doesn't realize this yet, and simply wonders why she's feeling the same feeling for Mars that she does for Kasaba. Momo, you need an outlet for all your affection.
Do people really not realize when they're in love? I can hardly believe that. 
Well these two clearly do not.
Clueless Cute.
Momo makes sandwiches for breakfast, and Mars wakes up and goes to the table. Maybe it's the angle, but Yi Zhi's place looks HUGE. Momo wants to go back to the house for Kasaba Wangtze and Mars gets angry because come on, Kasaba Wangtze isn't actually real. He mispronounces "kasaba" twice which gets Momo mad. And Mars says, I've lost my appetite, though he's eaten all his sandwiches, hee.
It's interesting how she's worried about her Kasaba feelings fading if she's away too long. He's her protective bubble.
Mars sees how stubborn Momo is about this - honestly, I hate when she makes that stubborn face, it's seriously pigheaded and super-annoying - and tells her he won't rescue her if she does something stupid. Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, buddy. It sucks, Mars, but this is who you fell in love with. They're off in the car. 
Irresponsible jiejie still isn't picking up. Mars thinks Momo is off to school. He says he will pick her up. And Mars warns her not to get her "kabasa" things, ha, and then gives her spending money. Seriously, Mars is awesome.
From being so self-absorbed and oblivious in the first episode, he's become remarkably aware. Of one person anyway. :)


I've been pretty clear how I feel about the sister in this recap, so I'll talk about why I dislike the character Momo. One big reason Momo is difficult for me, is that I just don't understand her. No matter how much I have to deal with, or how upset I am about things, or how angry about life and other people, I always look for a solution for my immediate problem, and figure out who can help me with things I can't do. So, Momo's helplessness, and worse, her stubbornness about continuing in helplessness is just annoying. I do know people who are like her, though, and frankly, I could never live with them. In fact, I keep them at arm's length because our way of working with the world is so different. So, while I love Mars, who tackles his problems, I do not love Momo. 
It's really exaggerated, yes. In order to make this couple walk a really, really long way until they get together, they have to make at least one of them resist all advances. That one person is her. You called her stubborn and that she is! And very proud. She has issues accepting help from people and it is probably the fact that she already likes him a lot that makes her even more resistant in his case. Would you want to look that pitiful to a guy you liked? Nope.
This is where I wonder where Momo would fall on the Meyers-Briggs scale. She seems extremely private. And this entire situation requires admitting weakness, letting someone see vulnerability. I actually really identify with her although I don't think I'd handle the situation the same way she does. But I get it.
She's had to cope with little outside help for most of her life, so it's understandable that she is resistant to change that she didn't initiate. But Mars is changing before her eyes, and she needs to acknowledge that.
I think she doesn't ask for help because she doesn't expect to get help. Everyone forgets about her or dismisses her feelings. Mars is the first who hasn't, really. Other than Jia Sen, I mean - and while you all hate her sister and she certainly has caused problems, she's foolish but she does love her sister.
That said, I am amused at Momo finding a real-life Kasaba Wangtze, even if he isn't saintly like her manga idol. That's life, Momo: put someone on a pedestal, and they come crashing down, whether it's a celebrity or someone who looks just like that favorite manga character. Finally, Mars and Yi Zhi continue to hold my heart with their genuine kindness and good humour. It helps that they're cute too. :-)
What great guys, both of them! 
I wish I knew all three of them in real life. They are just great. And I never saw all the Kasaba correlations before. You guys are awesome.
Those two would seriously awesome best friends for anybody.
Have to agree there. And I really want the manager to get a girl too.