Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 5 (Recap)

kakashi: And so it begins. The Wingkind Emperor really can't help it. See that happy smile on his face? He is falling in love with this girl he keeps calling stinky. You fall hard, boy. We want to see you suffer.
JoAnne: This is the drama that taught me that the name Ya Tou actually just means Girl, apparently. Although later it will be translated as Woman.
But in a rude way, if not endearing. Ambivalent. Like the Wingkind Emperor.
SakiVI: That means Old Nine Gates' Ya Tou was actually nameless.

Episode 5

Feng Tianyi has reached some small lake with Fuling, where she informs him that she will become Crown Princess and marry Tingjun Gege, so he should beware! Hmmmm, that seems to interest him quite a bit. He also says that calls for a "proper celebration" (as in celebration that Bai Tingjun has found himself such a troublesome woman) - and he takes a bottle of wine out of a whole in the ground. It's been hidden there by the Stars Court Master Guxuan, the old drunkard.
That old drunk guy is hilarious.  Actually the three Stars Court guys are pretty ridiculous, therefore funny.
Except when they're ordering young girls whipped to death.
To show to her that it isn't poisoned, he drinks in front of her and apparently, it's excellent and sweet. After tricking her to drink some without her knowing it's stolen, she starts gulping it down and won't stop. Might as well. They end up sitting back to back on a ledge and she gets so drunk, she passes out. With her head on his shoulder. After admitting she doesn't find him all that terrible anymore, seeing how he did nice-ish things in secret. And after taking his hand. And he holding on to it a bit more than he would have to. Oh dear. I'm now beginning to fear these two might break my heart. I know my Chinese dramas by now...
I ship them hard, Kakashi. Very hard.
I ship that emperor with me.  And with that Red Witch in Wuxin the Monster Killer.   
So he sits there with her leaning against him, secretly smiling...
...until it's night and the snow falls heavily. She's still out of it, so he carries her on his back. While she murmurs about Brother Tingjun. Seriously. How can you fantasize about that loser while that close to this man?!
I don't mind right now, since it's bound to make the Wingkind Emperor jealous. I have a feeling jealous Wingkind Emperor is pretty hot.
I get that Tingjun has that amazing nose and all, but he's such a stiff. 
Tingjun is moping at the full moon, staring at a red bean bracelet. That he gives to Bi Anhua the next morning, right when Fuling comes into the courtyard. He did that deliberately, our Crown Prince. And Fuling runs away crying, since she now know that there are red beans at Stars Court after all and Crown Prince says he made it, bean for bean, for the one he loves. Oh foolish Fuling.
I can't help feel bad for the pretty sap, though. He loves her and can't do anything about it because her father put that Corroding Boner curse on him. I suppose that Bi Anhua's got the shortest stick in this bunch, since she actually loves him, he could love her if she had better luck, and instead she's just getting used.
And she knows she is getting used, grrr.
Bi Anhua, the good soul, gives the bracelet back as soon as Fuling is gone. She knows what's what. She knows for whom his heart truly beats.
We are not in a K-Drama, that's for sure.
Thank God. 

The Queen demands to see Yi Fuling and stares her up and down once she's in front of her. She then has an official read a scroll, in which she declares the title of Crown Princess be given to her. But Fuling is sad ... Tingjun does not want her and she does not want him to be forced to have her. Thus, she rejects the title. She claims she doesn't want to enter the palace, to fight with consorts and concubines.
And you know he'd have to have them, since he can't touch her. Seriously, Dad, that curse is a bitch.
It's pretty nasty of the dad. I have to say, I really don't like that man.
Insulted, the Queen has her dragged away - she will give this title to her, if necessary by force! But Tingjun intervenes (making his mother quite aware that he lied about his feelings before) and helps Fuling escape. Almost! She isn't quite making it through the guards, but then, a guy in a golden mask appears out of nowhere. He uses the Purple Dazzle Technique - and that gives him away as Jishu.
The Purple Dazzle Technique...I just keep expecting My Little Pony to appear or something like that.  Eight-year-old girls wrote most of this, with a little help from their ten-year-old brothers.  And then after they went to bed, their moms came along, had a glass of wine, and beefed up the Wingkind Emperor.
What Jo said.
Mr. Golden Mask takes his daughter through some hidden passageways and orders her to leave and never come back. However, when he gets into the last chamber (the gadgets are cool!), the Queen catches up to them. Jishu manages to shove his daughter out and close the door on her (breaking the mechanism to open it up again) - but he falls into the hands of the Queen.  
Are they going to fall back in love? Asking for a friend.
I think he's too mean, and she's too crazy.
Yi Fuling runs and runs ... and ends up in front of the Emperor's house at the Wind Smoke Pass, spraining her ankle. One of his elite guards is immediately nasty to her (and damn sexist), until the Emperor turns up. Haha, not with the Emperor's girl, you idiot! Feng Tianyi is surprised to see her there, but seems happy to hear from Fuling that she "can't get married anymore". He wants to drag her inside, to "make her drink more" so that she can "throw up the wine" she owes him (claiming she lied about getting married all along). Truth is, he just wants to be with her. Awww. But of course, he can't admit that to himself.
Okay but the feather thing in his hair...he looks like Damn Sturdy Elvis, in a bathrobe with bed hair. Also, the middle guy there. Later, much later, I figure out his character is named Xiang CongLing. He is lovely in the way that No Min Woo used to be before he got wicked skinny and made me worry about him.
I love the chubby one.  So Shindong-ish
Since she agrees that he is an evil scum monster and screams she will never enter his place, he gets angry again though. Well angry and hurt. Hurgry? Angrurt? Angurt. She shakes off his hand, falls ... and he hurgrily (angurtly) storms inside, ordering his elite guards to ignore her completely.
Too bad hangry is already taken. They are very petty, aren't they?
Petty and Pretty
The Emperor is fuming ... but not okay. He finds his behavior quite strange. He sits there and fumes ... and worries. When he goes out to look for her, she's gone. His confused guards are ordered to search for her.
I love that basically the minute he does anything to her he has second thoughts and goes back to make it right. I'd prefer that he just not be a jerk, but then we'd lose that delicious moment of second-guessing he does. Sorry Stinky Girl, you'll just have to suffer for us.
Sidebar: Do you think they dress in the blue and white because sky and clouds? But then why don't Humankind where brown and green
He's confusing himself. 
They ease up on his eyebrows later
Queen Bai Xue takes her son to a special place. A cave, where there is a huge structure: She calls it his future. Humankind's future. It's Sky City, built after design plans found in the "Abyss of the Sea and the Sky", with the help of thousands of construction workers, during 10 years. Tingjun asks the question we all want to ask: "What does this have to do with Yi Fuling?". And the answer is: "Yi Fuling is this lifetime's God of Shooting Stars Flower's reincarnation".
And why do we know this?
I dunno. 
Yup, that explains the Flower in the Ear and Birthmark part. But Tingjun has more questions. He knows that that God (or rather the Pollen s/he makes) is needed by the Wingkind, so that they can keep their ability to fly - but why does it concern the Humankind? Easy: with her and Sky City, Humankind can finally win over (or at least take on) the Wingkind. Sky City can absorb a large amount of pollen and turn it into energy - and then it will fly, like a huge battleship. And the one going to start this war ... will be Tingjun (says Mommy).
So has she always known that they were friends or did she just find this out recently? Or, did she know they were friends but not necessarily know who she was? Did Tingjun tell his mother about that flower saving thing on the cliff? Does any of this matter?
How will she make pollen? I want to know for science. 
It's night, it's snowing again. The Emperor is still looking for Yi Fuling, more and more desperately. His men are searching too ... and they inadvertently alert the Queen's female bodyguards, who follow them. Then, the Emperor finds her! Huddled at the entrance to his place, half unconscious. Silly girl (her "I simply had nowhere else to go" is very sad)... without any hesitation, he carries her inside.
That's right you mean boy you. Feel bad about what she suffered because of your impulsive little fit. And now, to revive her, get under a bunch of covers and snuggle with her. Take your shirt off, too. It has to be skin-to-skin contact to ward off frostbite.
He is very concerned for her, warming her hands with his breath and his own hands .... putting a warm cloth on her face. "Up to this age, I've never taken care of anyone", he says to himself, "you are the first". And then he sits there and looks at her and says: "You aren't that ugly".
I'd have laughed if she weakly replied that he wasn't that much of an ass.
Outside, the Queen's bodyguards, led by a woman called Xiong Tang (A Li Ya), demand entry to catch the Humankind escapee. The Emperor goes out and glares at the bodyguard ... ahahaa, he is scary. He even admits Yi Fuling is inside, and he challenges the bodyguards to go get her. They won't of course, because this is his personal territory. The Queen orders them to surround the area though ... they won't be able to hide up there forever.
Mmmm, trapped inside, nothing to do, nowhere to go. I'm sure you know this, but about 9 months after a big blizzard or storm where the power is lost for several days, there's usually a baby boom...
The next day, the four elite guards of the Emperor make excuses to leave ... huh, so that he can be alone with her? Nice.
The boy positively radiates heat. They'd be stupid not to know what's up. And we slowly begin to see that these kids are true friends and that they care about each other, we have to accept that maybe the Wingkind Emperor is quite a bit nicer than he tries to act.
He's the Emperor, so he has to have some distance between himself and anyone not a proven inner circle buddy. 


What a lovely episode for Wingkind Emperor fans (= everyone). He can no longer hide his feelings, even though they confuse the heck out of him. Whatever life he has had so far, it does not seem to have been filled with love and caring. Along comes this naive, but strangely brave girl and touches his cold, snarky heart. Love it.
Me too, so much. Now he seems more like a disappointed idealist than a mean jerk with nothing better to do than make people miserable.
I don't think that deeply about him. I just like how he looks.  

The Queen obviously thinks she knows what's going on with this girl, but she has no idea. Fuling is lucky that her feet carried her to his Wind Smoke Pass, because it is indeed the only place on the whole Humankind territory she is safe (for now). The Queen is scary. Her plans to start a war with the Wingkind over status are scary. She has megalomania, and just like over in Ice Fantasy, that megalomania extends to her son, for whom she is doing all this.
All I care about are WKE and Fuling.
She's more obsessed with her ex-boyfriend than anything else, though. I think she just sees the son as a tool. 

I like her character. She is crazy enough to be scary and scary enough to be a real threat to Yi Fuling and her father. Also because she is a woman scorned. I am looking forward to finding out more about her and Jishu's love story! 
So am I, because if he loved her and left her and she's THIS angry... what happened?
I'd like to know too. I've a feeling it's Jishu's fault.