Rants and Weekly Raves #124 (RAWR)

kakashi: Oi. So many new kdramas! I will watch zero. Hahaaaaaaa, freedom!
SakiVI: I need to cull. And I'm out for this week.  Too much going on, and too much depressing me about this world.
JoAnne: I am watching allllllllll the dramas.  
That's true. It's why we like you. Well, not only because of that
Well, I'm not, really, but it felt that way with all the stuff starting. Hopefully I won't like anything new that started this week or will start next.
Trotwood: I feel like I'm beseiged by the new. I don't have time. And I need something fun. I'm looking into starting another short show (10 eps 15 minutes each), Universal Star for something light.



I really enjoy this drama. The budding friendships among the Hwarang, mostly, especially with the looming conflict between Seon Woo and Ji Dwi. I really feel for both of them, each with their set of problems and pains. I also enjoy watching the relationships and struggles unfold between the younger generation and the older, the pull of loyalty to the parent but also the yearning to be independent and the suspicion that something isn't right. There's also the relationship between the two brothers, who genuinely love each other but also resent the roles they're forced into by birth. Least compelling for me at this point is the romantic relationship between Seon Woo and Ah Ro, although they do well with it (when she's not crying.) I think that's because my heart aches for the lonely hidden king, though.

Shy Boss 

Yep, I definitely like this. I especially like poor terrified Hwan Ki, but I find many of the Silent Monster group endearing. Okay, all of them. I find all of them endearing, the crazy little bunch of weirdos. I'm wary of Brain PR CEO Kang because what it looks like right now is that he was two timing Hwan Ki's sister with Ro Woon's sister, and that Hwan Ki became aware of it/involved in it somehow, and Ro Woon's sister ending up killing herself. I wonder if that's really what it is, though? I see Kang doing things that could be suspicious, that I'm programmed to think are suspicious...but I mostly do believe that he honestly cares about Hwan Ki and is a decent guy. The thing is, this same actor played that same sort of character in Come Back, Ahjussi - where he seemed genuinely nice but then he did some questionable things, but in the end it turns out that he really isn't a bad guy at all, not in a drama villain sense anyway. So I could see that happening here, too...except that girl is really dead, however it happened. He's very good at playing someone who genuinely seems friendly and decent but has a streak of something else, too.
Wow, so they're going to "a week off the air in a direct effort to correct course and address viewer complaints about the show" (Dramabeans). *shakes head* Just admit that you suck at writing scripts, Korea. This is bad
Wow, I'll have to go read that. Update: I did read it! Most of the complaints centered around the heroine as 'pushy new girl' and mentioned things like her snooping through his apt/office on her first day, generally ignoring business manners, etc. Have to agree with that in context, though I do find when she's NOT doing those things, I like her well enough even if they don't really explain how she can go from small-scale background role opera singer to getting a job at a PR firm (what skills does she have?) But I love the unbelievably shy boss, and I'm fond of the other employees who are all on a scale from goofy to just plain weird.

Defendant (New)

The Ji Sung pull is strong, but this is exactly the kind of show where I have to read the recaps for the first 4-6 episodes and then start tuning in for when the revenge time begins. If I watch the beginning, I'm so angry that no type of revenge short of medieval torture would satisfy me, so I do not enjoy the revenge in the way I should. And I do LOVE revenge (except when there is some redemptive arc for the villains--they just should die, well not before they are tortured).
Never got here, but I'll look this week.

Legend of the Blue Sea (Finale) 

Finally done! Halleluja. 
Despite my complaining, the (to me) extra episodes - since I had thought it was a 16-episode drama - weren't unbearably draggy. The final episode was nothing but cup of sugar, really. Overall? A pleasant watch. I liked the combo of Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun. I liked how pretty much every single character had a counterpart in the past. I liked that they surprised me once in a while. I will forget much of this drama pretty soon, but I know that when someone mentions it, I'll smile.
You're always so nice. I get so aggressive when something (or someone) steals my time

Missing Nine 

So, will this really turn out to be that everyone is dead and she alone survived? They're all together now, and trying to make themselves comfortable on this mysterious island. I like that they play with how we see people, depending on whose eyes we're using to look at them. I enjoy the moments of humor, too. The very tame rabbits were one, but the biggest by far was Jung Kyung Ho stepping on a landmine, and then they all forget him and he sits there on it almost all night. I like this better than Voice, of the shows that have just started.

Samdaing (New) 

This was so not on my radar it was, kind of, minus, you know - so I had to google and ha! It's Mr. Hand Towel. I'm so not going to watch this, even though he has always plased my eyes. 
I've been hearing about it for over a year, I think. It sounds incredibly boring, but I'm committed to checking out at least an episode or two.
People have been waiting for Lee Young Ae's comeback for over a decade, and she apparently is luminous but the show seems to be underwhelming. I might watch a couple episodes to see the haboks.
Ummm...so far, this is not bad. The first episode set up her troubles pretty well, and I already hate her ex-boss. Her husband is in a bad spot and seems a little bit jerky, but that could be pressure. They gave her a loving mother-in-law and a decent little boy, at least. Second episode introduces the back and forth between present and past, almost like she's dreaming. The thing is, I think the story premise is kind of 'meh' so I don't know how long I'll stick with it, even for Oppa. PS. Lee Young Ae is just as lovely as everyone ever said she was, and Oppa is still super extra pretty and hasn't had to act much. Update: OH WAIT. There's a young lovers brutally torn apart with tragic consequences plot line. HELLO. Also, the actor playing young Lee Gyeom/current day student Han is a cutie pie. One final thing - the second episode flew by.

Chief Kim (New) 

Wake me up if it's interesting. 
I have very little desire to watch this, but do intend to check it out.  Probably this week.

Naked Fireman 

Started the first episode, haven't gotten far. It looks like it will be okay, though.
Tell me what you think since it's only 4 episodes.
I haven't been back yet, but I'd rather watch this than Defendant or Chief Kim, at this point.

Solomon's Perjury 

Sunday night at 6:10 PM and still no subs. Will they be out in time to watch for this week's RAWR do you think?
It doesn't seem that way.  Probably Lunar New Year Festivities getting priority, which is fine.  This one is always one of the last, for some reason.
Well, I just finished watching ep 11 and I said "Holy Crap!" at the end.  This has been a fine show. I know people on tlist were complaining about the last two episodes, but despite some of the green acting, I think everyone involved should be proud of this show. It has been pretty consistent from beginning to end. The painful relationships and the kinds of lies that people tell even when the other person knows about the lie, and watching these kids grow up because of it. So many layers to characters, so many feelings. I'm still not sure why we have the whole subplot about Joon-Young's family, but I like him a lot, so I didn't mind as much. And poor Yoo-Jin, she may not be bright but she is good and loyal as they come. I really would like to see her date Min-Suk (the judge), who is my favorite character of the lot probably because in high school even though I would have wanted to be like Seo-Yoon, I was really a lot more like him. I'm writing this now because I don't know if I'll get to watch the last episode before you post this week's RAWR.

Father, I'll Take Care of You 

Well! The switched moms kinda came together a little bit, against the mean mom clique. I despise the pianist auntie; her daughter finally tells her what's what and she dissolves into a puddle of tears - oh my goodness, how dare anyone hurt her feelings? When every word out of her mouth toward her daughter is hateful. Ugh. I don't much like the other older mother, either. Something about the way she purses her mouth, and complains about every single thing. We also learned that the mild mannered dad had a LOT to do with Hyun Woo's father's suicide - the man actually hanged himself with Dad's tie, for pete's sake. Chang Soo is apparently a marvelous singer, so that will be the path to him connecting with his mom. If he can't be the best student, I guess he can be famous? Sung Joon is not at all impressed with Hyun Woo and let him know it, and Hyun Woo is about THIS close to a nuclear meltdown, in general. Revenge is hard on a guy, I guess. Oh and on the Sung Joon-Hyun Woo front - show has now made it clear that Sung Joon isn't a biological son but was adopted by 'a man who knew him' at the nearby orphanage, right around the time Hyun Woo's brother disappeared. And that 'Sung Joon' at the time of being brought to the orphanage was unable to recall his name or home or anything. Of course.


I am beginning to be annoyed by the overacting of both leads, despite curiosity about the story.
So what's this with having to reshoot many episodes because of issues with the TV station? What issues? OCN has issues? 
I didn't hear about that! No, I just...the show just leaves me cold, somehow.  
It's not airing this week because of it
Wow. I thought it was cancelled because New Year's celebration shows. This doesn't sound good.
Apparently, it is old news. They switched PDs a while ago, hence the re-shoot. They were 8 episodes ahead

Not Korea

Candle in the Tomb 

How did JoAnne put it ... "snakes in the plain, snakes sub-terrain"... [please fill in the third rhyme in the comments section below]. After finishing the subbed eps, I watched the rest raw. I will not spoil though and neither should you! 
Snakes in a plain, snakes sub-terrain, bye-bye snakes, down the drain.

Behind Your Smile 

Confessions! Kisses! Li Man sightings! The return of hateful Qianni. Three out of four ain't bad, I guess.
I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hate Qianni. But there were so many smiles in this one and kisses. Good ones. I said on twitter about the picture below that they probably had to do a close up because her panties most likely fell off from that look.


It's baaaaaack! Was it always that hilarious? And that weirdly edited?! The season opening was intriguing - I am still mostly interested in Julia, think Quentin is an idiot and hope Eliot will be alright. I just finished reading all the Narnia books to my kid, which makes it all the more fun to watch, actually. It's definitely like messed-up, very unchristian Narnia for grown-ups.
I always thought it was very funny, yes, in a snarky, sometimes subtle way.  I can't wait to watch!


What an episode!!! Man, the crazy scientist was weird... but masterful twist there at the end. Thank you, writers!  
Dammit, can't they just be happy together for a minute?
Well, at least, your fears that the romance could kill this were unfounded. So, if all of this is "Dad's" plan, and he wants his son (or his family, rather) back in heaven, what would he do? Create a situation where his son has to choose between losing the life of the woman he loves or lose his pride and freedom. And indeed, this whole episode was about "impossible" choices: Either be egoistic and jeopardize someone's life - or save somebody else's life but sacrifice something personal about yourself that you value a lot. 
So what do you think he'd have to sacrifice in order to save her life? All I can think of... is her. Give her up, to save her life. Not sure how that would work, though.
Yes, that's what I am thinking. He can give her up but save her - she'll continue living on earth, he has to go back to heaven. Or hell, rather. If they do what the comics did (and they really could at this point), he will create an alternative universe. He will create his own universe.   

General and I 

Very back-burner at the moment.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell 

Instead of watching this, I finished off Preacher.

Emerald City 

Ooooooh, we learn a bunch of things this week. The biggest news: Dorothy is FROM Oz. The Wizard knows her on sight!


I finished the last half of Season 1 this weekend and I am glad I went back to do it. I don't know if it's my mood with the current state of weirdness everywhere or not, but it felt like the show kind of settled down a bit and it was easier to follow the timeline, which was a bit less jumpy. We leave our trio (Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy) heading out of a completely destroyed Anneville to find God and either help him or kick him in the ass - well, maybe a quartet because Genesis is still on board?  
I don't remember when I stopped. I won't be going back

Diamond Lover 

Didn't get here either...

A Series of Unfortunate Events 

Watched the first episode with husband, will continue to watch with my girl. I was slightly bored though ... because the story is too well known, I guess. But I also discussed with husband that it's (almost) too perfectly done, in all aspects. This series is not alone in this, many fantasy series are like this (unless they're Chinese). The way the story is told and the cinematography leave very little room for imagination to the viewer. It's venturing on visual and narrative "overkill".
I figure this will be a snow-day marathon.

Princess Weiyoung


Pretty Li Hui Zhen

This show has been my happy place despite the fact that they have made it longer than I think the plot warrants and that they made the best friend not as sympathetic as they could have. The reveal has finally happened, and I am curious to see how they all are going to move on since the responses are fairly different than in the original story. The little sister is such a brat that she makes me reconsider corporeal punishment. I also wonder if they are going to try to put the 2nd leads together, which I could see happening, but I would find it disappointing because I think he deserves better than the person she is now, and she needs the opportunity to learn that she can be a strong woman by herself.