ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 10 (A Contest Squeecap)

kakashi: Argh, another episode to rage about. Why do people have to break up for stupid reasons?! Well, at least, Mars gets his superstar status back - it really suits him well.
Trotwood: I'm thinking that we don't need slapping outfits anymore (although the rubber gloves will remain handy) because we should just wear our regular clothes. Too many wardrobe changes would be required here. We need slaps all around like in a lakorn.
Shuk: Agreed. I'm just ready to line up all the jerks and do one meters-long slap.
JoAnne:  I started laughing at 'line up all the jerks' but I bet only Shuk will guess why.
Sparks: This episode doesn't bother me as much as the previous. It's a good episode for Mars - hotness all around. ;)

Episode 10

"Please move out", our Chen Momo tells the V-neck hunk. I need to take a screencap of how his neck muscles tense:
Does he even wear shirts that don't have a v-neck? He looks good in that salmon color, too. I'm really trying to ignore the fact that she is asking him to move out.
Instant favorite shirt.  I love love love that color and wear it myself, although I do not have liquid sunshine skin like Mars. ("liquid sunshine skin" priceless. You've such a way with words, Jo. 😉)
Now all I can see is those neck muscles. And that v-shaped torso...
She claims it's because of Jia Sen's happiness - and she'll got to England with him. He thinks she's lying ... and I guess she is. Still, he goes for the macho-wrist grab and demands his answer, repeatedly: has she ever liked him? She struggles to free herself and he finally lets her go. He looks devastated. (because he is devastated. She is going to leave a big hole, a bigger one than even his ex-girlfriend I expect) And she adds (with tears in her eyes): "After you move out, we won't see each other again."
He's got to see how sad she is about this. I'm not thinking about for her sake, but for his own. He wasn't imagining all of this, but he's probably going to be second guessing his feelings and his belief that she really cared for him.
I just don't get it. I don't understand why she intends to subjugate herself into being a permanent babysitter away from what little family she has, just because of one violent infant and some really ungrateful biatch excuses for parents. It's not even the tired and overused Asian gratitude trope, because what has that family done? Put a roof over her head? Given her a paying job? Paid her college tuition?? Anything at all beside pressure her???
I'm going with simple loyalty to/compassion for a friend.  Of course, I think she's wrong to do so.
Don't love the wrist-grab but I love how big his hand compared to hers. I'm going with loyalty/compassion, too. Jia Sen's in this state partly because of how badly she handled things so it makes sense she'd feel responsible to at least somewhat help in his healing.
That does it though - Mars is now ready to work with Ivy. Ah Ben out - Mars in. And Tony Ge wants Mars out of Momo's house pronto. He realizes it is time to let go of "that Ah Zhai". Tony Ge He also has the brilliant idea (*chuckle-chuckle to himself*) to have Ivy and Mars open the upcoming school dance as a publicity stunt. If you say so.
Sigh. Why? This is great for the viewers of this show. It means more potential for longing glances between our OTP. But it makes no sense in the narrative or for the business. It would be one thing if Mars had actually finished something at this school. Has he even been there long enough to complete a semester's coursework?
I'm still sulking.
They heavily publicized his decision to go back to school, so it does make some sense to remind the public that he's a student but look, he's also a star!  You know what a priority education has - this would be a big selling point in his favor.
What JoAnne says. After the publicity with him going to school and the poetry contest, it makes sense for him to have some kind of grand exit, too. 
Wei Mama on the other hand (the witch!) has the brilliant idea to force-suggest that Momo should go to the ball with Jia Sen. She's the kind of woman who would also force them into bed together and would then watch, right? (Ugh. This is not a visual that I needed to see) I find her disgusting. Momo is much too polite and suppressed to tell her what's what and agrees.
This woman who never saw her son as a man despite his age and size is now pushing this relationship? Time to line up for the slap fest.
That woman is speed-skating down the SocioPath to the intersection of PsychoPath. Someone needs to put her a straitjacket as ugly as those plates on the wall with all the jumbled body parts. And now visions of "The Handmaid's Tale" are floating through my head. I'm gonna need therapy or a really strong drink.
Momo's discomfort is so obvious, too, if any of them cared enough to look. But they're all too absorbed in their own self-satisfaction.
Uhm, wait ... why exactly does Jia Sen have a Playboy clock in his room?!(Practicing to dance with his mother here ... I'm even more disgusted. There is nothing sweet or healthy in this relationship).
[Playing CandyCrush and totally ignoring my video player]
I've noticed PB stuff in a lot of dramas (most recently in Refresh Man). I'm thinking it must not have the same connotations as it does here??
And then, Mars moves out. He smiles bravely at everything, even when Momo tells him she's going to the school dance with Jia Sen. She notices that for the first time, he pronounces Prince Kasaba's name right. This is a very sad scene because behind that smile, there's only tears. If he stops smiling, he will bawl his eyes out. She is the one bawling after he's left. Can't say I'm sorry. Stupid move, now pay for it, stupid girl.
This was the sweet scene instead of the one above. The contrast is telling. He is so trying to be brave for her and for himself.
Stupid people, in extreme pain for stupid reasons.
I loved this scene because it was so mutual. 
Then, it's time for the school dance - an excited Jia Sen picks up Momo, who is wearing her white lace dress for the occasion and a special crown brooch in her hair. He is wearing . . . oh dear, what is he wearing? This is the first time they are out on a date and the first time he is dressed horribly. I know I shouldn't care, but bad fashion makes me crazy (says the person writing this in 10-year old sweatpants) (and why the hell is Chu-Chu so excited?) At the dance, Mars and Ivy dance the opening dance; they're a beautiful couple (or so they say). The Mars fangirls swoon. Momo looks ready to kill. (or throw up)
She made her invertebrate bed, she can sleep with all the other spineless characters.
I like this dress a lot. Especially the bow on the back. (I'm pretty sure it's different from the dress in the earlier episode?) As for the opening dance, I thought it was rather awkward and silly. 
Afterwards, she dances with Jia Sen, while Mars and Ivy are interviewed. Poor Mars is distracted by Momo dancing - and she keeps stealing glances at him too. When they play some blackout game, where you go grab your desired partner, both Mars and Momo are suddenly gone.
Superhumanly fast.  I laughed.
This gave me flashbacks to Meteor Garden. At least the lights didn't come back on to them sprawled on the floor liplocked... Are they supposed to dance for 3 minutes or was the blackout supposedly 3 minutes long? 
Mars has taken her outside. And there, he dances with her (well, tries to, cause she can't really) - their last memory together. He tells her how special the time with her was and thanks her for it.
He isn't just in love with her; he is genuinely thankful to her, so he is going to thank her properly. He is very polite and thoughtful when he isn't being a jealous child-boy.
He is trying to accept things like an adult would, but it is so so hard. [sniff]
This was the sweetest, most tender moment he's had so far. I loved that he's not angry or blaming her or anything. Just genuinely grateful for their time together.

She cries. "You have to work hard", she says. And he promises he will.
Even though she doesn't admit her feelings, I remember hoping that at this point he understood that she did have deep feelings for him.
Oh, I think he does.  I think that's part of why he's so sad.
They've definitely got an unspoken connection. 
Back home, she finds Mu Mu in his now empty room - he left it for her temporary care. To take to bed with her. But helllooooo... he also left the sweaty handkerchief. A present is a present. More tears as she wraps it around her wrist. But she tells herself that at last, he returned to the place he belongs.
See. She still doesn't believe that he could belong to her. He belongs to that bigger other world--a world where she doesn't fit and she's an obstructionist to his success.
Why is she thinking the worst of herself? What happened to our self-reliant heroine, to end up with such a low self-esteem? She helped Mars with his stage issues previously. I hate it when dramas reduce the strong females to some quivering mass of nerves just because of the "L" word. I'm glaring at YOU, Cindy
I don't think it has anything to do with self-esteem.  They do belong in different worlds.  She's simply not old enough or experienced enough to conceive of an option where they create their own world, taking what they need from each to create a hybrid that works for them as a couple.
Love that he deliberately left a door open for the future - he's got an excuse to come back someday. "Yeah, I'm here to pick up my Momo - I mean, my Mumu..." ;)
I've also got "There's a place for us" from West Side Story in my head after reading JoAnne's comment. Not a good example, that's for sure...
Mars works hard .... and Momo goes and works in a CD shop. Mars makes it big again... his solo album climbs to No 1. Momo wears his handkerchief every day - and is proud of him. And she has a right to be because he is completely changed, a nice human being who takes into consideration the people around him and is grateful for his second chance and their work to get him where he is.
He was spoiled in the beginning, but I don't think he was that bad of a person. He wasn't exactly like the cold star/chaebol types we generally get. He was always that nice guy. We saw this in the flashback with his ex-girlfriend. He also addresses Ivy's request to get back together with great feeling but real clarity. He should give lessons.
Both of them have gone on with their lives. But they aren't exactly living, yunno? And I'm guessing with the threat of Mars gone, that sadistic excuse for a mother has no reason to send off her arrested-development son and his slave-girl to England. 
So much footage from BTS Fahrenheit activity. It amuses me to see it. And I was so proud of how he's grown though the cheesy inspirational music during his speech to get the publicity and developmental depts working together made me laugh.
But how is Mars doing? He still misses his Momo like crazy, even though it's been over a year. He even runs out of an Armani store because he thinks she's standing outside. But it isn't her. Just a woman with equally horrible hair.(so this is a legit style? I thought it was just her) Awww, the hope in his eyes...
I still hate supposed friend Yi Zhi throughout this sequence. At the very least, he should have stayed in touch with Momo, even if he didn't want to break Mars' concentration. But nooooo, he has be like every other bottom feeder surrounding our StarBoy, using him to feel good about his own pathetic life. Boo.
That's an overly harsh assessment.  Like Momo, Yi Zhi's job and purpose in life is to support Mars, not invent new ways of living. Mars is a star because Mars is meant to be a star, and if you're a star this is the world you live in.  That's how far his thinking goes.  Hell, that's how far MARS thinking goes - you didn't see him explaining to Momo that they could be together without her having to be in the spotlight all the time, or that he actually needed the quietness she brings to his life, did you?  Not that she verbalized that as her true reason, but the point stands.  Every one of them is operating under certain assumptions which they don't yet realize don't have to be true.
The hope in his eyes was adorable. He still loves her! *Squee!*
Momo stares at a poster of Mars she got from her co-worker. Her annoying sister saw a news item that Mars is together with Ivy, which just depresses Momo (the truth is, he won't even let her hold his hand and quite clearly rejects her--HURRAY!). But she lies to herself again and even thinks about calling to congratulate them. In his "reunion" bar, Mars practices calling Momo. But we end up having Jia Sen calling Momo about his upcoming birthday and Ivy calling Mars about whoknowswhat. (because we don't care)
Stupid time filler, blah blah blah.
But they are on the same wavelength. Yay for little things?
Thanks to Momo's help, Jia Sen's condition is much better.
I doubt that. His "condition" hasn't really changed. they have just given him everything he wanted and haven't told him the truth. He will be fine as long as Momo never ever leaves or dies.
And he has been accepted into that special school in England. He: "I don't want to go. I want to be with Momo". No problem, the mother-from-hell says, Momo can go with you. And she has already made arrangements. She will pay for everything, including Chu Chu's debts.
Slick tricky horrid mother. I can barely stomach looking at that happy pic below. All a delusion.
Still a manipulative biatch a year later. And Chu Chu is Momo's own version of a parasite that won't let go until it dies. I mean, a year later, and she hasn't put a dent in the debt she managed to run up in two months???
Do we know that?  It's not addressed, from what I recall.  As for the mother:  she's not being manipulative.  She's been quite upfront with Momo about what she wants and what she's willing to give to get it.  And it's a good deal for Momo, on all fronts except love - but Mom doesn't know that Momo loves Mars, because Momo hasn't said anything to anyone.  Mom's main priority is her son, as it should be, however misguided her actions are.  You can't blame someone for not acting in line with information they don't possess, though.  As much as I dislike how she has handled raising her son, she's not a bad person.
When ChuChu tried to hide the magazine from Momo, she blew a gasket because they are still paying off the debt and complained about shoes and purses. So I'm thinking Sis has had relapses. I really hated the mom here - putting Momo on the spot like that and dangling absolutely everything before her nose. If they really thought of her as family, they could have paid that debt a year ago.
If this is thinking of her as family , then they clearly have a favorite and believe that family have to sacrifice everything for the favorite son. She is a narrow-minded person. No, i don't think she knows that Momo might have feelings for someone else. However, she is only focused on Momo in relationship to her son. She never asks Momo what she wants or if she is interested in anyone else or what she wants for her future (like career plans or relationship goals). I sort of wonder whether she's conveniently forgot that Momo is not a victim of arrested development like Jia Sen.
And then, Mars gets the offer to play Prince Kasaba in an upcoming drama. Mars takes 3 seconds to decide. And he mentions "Ah Zhai" on TV.
It's like both their dreams wrapped into one. He knows that she will have to watch him in this. I'd be surprised if he didn't figure out a way for her to be a consultant. I think this was the first time I smiled in this entire episode.
That's why he kept the hair! Yay! I see a light at the end of the tunnel,
One of you called this way back in the beginning. Kudos to your drama-ninjitsu! 
Mars reads the Kasaba manga for the first time - and loves it! Haha. The funny thing is that I don't think he loves it because of Momo. I think he probably just loves it. He never heard of it before, but when he did he spent most of his time being mad that she kept quoting from it and then being jealous so he wouldn't read it. Mars is also trying to get his mom to come and live with him (as per Momo's suggestion earlier), but she doesn't want to. Is she at the hospital? Oh dear ... more trouble. His nerd look is cute though.
Completely adorable--and he's wearing a crew neck.
Not as nice as the vee shirts, but still, cutecutecute.
Mars!  Bring back the V!  We want the V!
V-neck and glasses combo might make the screen combust. Let's find out, PD-nim! 


He loves her and he has never stopped - all the more brutal is it to force these two apart. I still hate everyone who actively participated in it. Next!
I really liked the back to back scenes between him and Ivy and Yi Zhi in this episode. They really show his steadfastness and how his relationship with Momo is different than his past relationship with Ivy. He is really kind in his rejection, and she (refreshingly) isn't the crazy ex.
He has matured. Sadly, though, he has also learned to hide his emotions and put up a good front. Which is the result of growing older.
A necessary skill.
Everyone's level of hatred for her last episode was surprising for me. But I mainly associate her with ISWAK where she was annoying but not quite hateful. Here she's barely a blip on the drama radar - the best kind of 2nd lead-love.

As for Yi Zhi, initially I was mad that he was sooo supportive of the possibility that Mars and Ivy are back together--even volunteering to cover for them with the agency. I wanted to scream, "Where were you a year ago!!" But to be fair, a year ago Mars was still struggling and even his cray-cray fans would support him going out with Ivy. However, I saw that look of surprise, chagrin, and sadness when he heard how Mars rejected Ivy because of Momo and how he had confessed to Momo and been rejected. Yup, buddy. It's your fault. 
He will never never never ever been on my list of awesome personal assistants. Pfui.
I'm never going to blame someone for acting on the information they have, rather than the information that's been withheld from them.  Yi Zhi knew how much Ivy meant to Mars in the past.  Mars did not exactly tell anyone but Momo that he was in love with Momo.  Ivy wants back with Mars, Yi Zhi knows only what he knows, their circumstances match well, and as we have seen, Ivy isn't a bad person, either.  It's completely understandable.  Where he'd be a problem for me is if he now ignores Mars feelings and continues to push Ivy as an option.
Yi Zhi and Mars' conversation when he accepted the drama was telling - I get the feeling Yi Zhi hadn't realized the depth of Mars' feelings for Momo and is now feeling guilty for what he did. (Did he think it was just a crush? He knew enough to tease him and to know Momo needed his speech to push Mars out the door. Doofus.)