Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 29 Alternative FINAL (Recap)

kakashi: The first ending (episode 28) didn’t appeal to many people (you don’t say!), so they made another ending! Hahahahahaaa, massive fail. I must admit, 28 really was the biggest mess of a final episode I’ve ever seen. I do prefer this one, and it's not because they made it a happy ending. It just makes much more sense.
JoAnne: I guess we'll see how much I remember of this one, huh?

Episode 29 - The Alternative End

The surviving Stars Court Master shouts at Feng Ren in alarm: Sky City will suck up pollen as soon as the God of Shooting Stars Flowers awakens and will crash into South Yudu City! Indeed, the thing launches and assembles itself.
I don't remember why it has to crash. Was it designed to do so? Surely not.
In the forest, no-longer Tingju smiles at no-longer Fuling.
Cut to Huanzheng, who has been told Sister Ling is the God of Shooting Stars Flower and that this is irreversible. Doomed, all is doomed. Huanzheng feels lied to. It means Huanzheng's an idiot. Oh well.
Pretty though.
Tianyi wakes up and is informed that he is on Sky City, which is filled with the blazing flame of an atomic energy weapon system.
Just another day in paradise.
Feng Ren et al. become aware of a “mammoth object” nearing South Yudu City. It’s Sky City! They’re doomed, so doomed. They think they can only save 500 people out of thousands. 500 is better than 0 though.
I suppose that depends on who's in the 500.
Tianyi is informed that the God of Shooting Star Flower Power has awoken (yes, since they’re flying). He is confused - isn’t he Pian Yu? No, he is informed by State Master Creep, his fate and the fate of Tingjun have been switched. And poor Tingjun has no clue that he will be the one to blame for Fuling’s scattering. State Master is proud of his misdeeds - he did it all to prove to his Master that he is worthy by the way! Awwww, daddy issues?
That's probably the least of his issues.
Tianyi knows that State Master’s Master actually knew he was a cool guy and wanted to pass the head position to him! State Master was deceived by celestial beings and went into hiding for over twenty years, being so, so lonely there. Tianyi has the Umbrella to prove State Master's Master always loved him! It’s the Celestial Door’s legendary sacred object, the Billowing Cloud Umbrella! Wooohooo! Tianyi has it because his uncle and the Celestial Door sect have “a few threads of common ancestry”.
Sounds plausible.
Tianyi threatens to break the Umbrella, unless State Master lets him go. The object means so much to the State Master he will definitely let Tianyi go - if our WKE eats the Spirit Destroying Pill. He eats it without hesitation - it makes him spread his wings and lose them forever. After that, the Master Creep lets Tianyi free as promised and grabs the Umbrella. He opens it, it launches into the air … and kills him.
Still laughing about this.
Tianyi runs to the machine room and encounter the circus troupe. His talk with Huanzheng follows and the fight with the freaks - Huanzheng realizes his mistake and joins the fight. They win, there’s a bromance of sorts … but, alas, South Yudu City is doomed, doomed, doomed.
It's okay. I like my bromances with a time limit. It gives them that extra intensity.
In this version, Tianyi arrives JUST IN TIME to stick a knife into Tingjun and prevents the “true lovers’ kiss”. Tingjun dies, knowing he almost killed Fuling. And he gets to dramatically extend a bloody hand in this version. And to hold a dying speech: “In this lifetime, in the end, I still missed it.” And Tianyi says: “In the next lifetime, I’ll return Fuling to you.” Awwwwwwwwwww, Tianyi, you are so noble. And with that, Tingjun dissipates.
Really, Tingjun is the most pitiful creature ever.
Fuling, who is still the Goddess, screams “Noooooooooooo” and turns her godly rage against Tianyi.
Oh right, she wanted to get it on with Tingjun/Pian Yu
At Wingkind, Feng Ren orders the suicide mission - at Sky City, Huanzheng takes out the Sky’s Eye.
Yup, yup, moving along toward doom, all as planned.
Tianyi manages to lure Fuling-Goddess to his starship, where he presents her with the unicorn and several jars of skygrass! Plus, he uses the box her father left her to trigger her memory of who she once was … just as Jishu intended to. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It opens and plays flashbacks from their sweet love when Tianyi, about to be killed by the Goddess, whispers “I love you” .
Tiany’s friends still die in the battle against Sky City and Huanzheng still jumps off the flying monster with the Sky’s Eye to stop it. In this version, too, he falls, screaming and then spreads his wings for the first time. All is saved.
Oh good!  I don't want Huanzheng to die in any version of this abomination.
Feng Ren is the Emperor - Tianyi “left the miserable errands” to him and went off free and unfettered to live a happy life.
That seems...I'm not sure I like this demonstration of selfishness.
He is walking with Fuling, in a field of white flowers. He is wingless and she is no longer a Goddess. But he doesn’t care about having wings. As he told her, they can still travel the great lands of Lan Continent with their feet.
Oh, okay. Clearly they're dead, so it's all good.


It makes sense! Kind of. A bit.

Wow, this drama really is a big, big mess in the second half and there are random sects and random artefacts and random pills and random randoms. I would have been okay with a sad ending, Fuling scattering and Tianyi looking for her forever kinda appealed to me, since I thought they were so stupid about their love, they deserved to suffer.
This is why even in the better version, I insist they're dead.

Thinking back, the only character that remained kind of intriguing to me was Feng Ren, the Regent and uncle. He was conflicted, depressed, but noble and upright. All the others.... nope. Still, this drama introduced me to Zhang Ruo Yun, and I thank it for it.
Yeah, I think we're going to be fans of his for a long time.  The others, maybe not so much.  Regent was intriguing but that's because they told us stuff about him but then never EXPLAINED any of it.  How did his wife die?  did it seem to you that maybe he was a bit conflicted about handing over the throne?  It did to me.  OMG I'M SO HAPPY WE'RE DONE