Rants and Weekly Raves #152 (RAWR)

JoAnne: It's Friday. I've seen both BoWG and School 2017 episodes and that.is.it.
kakashi: That sounds healthy. It's Saturday as I write this and I'm now current with Game of Thrones. 
Some of it's that I'm busy, but most of it is that it's harder to watch shows now because of Kocowa. For some reason their shows won't work on my PC, only my phone, and they don't seem interested in helping.
Trotwood: I'm only watching Teacher Oh Soon Nam, fast forwarding Father is Strange, and rewatching Cubic on seemingly endless loop. I think I might pick up Falsify in time for next week's Rawr.
SakiVI: What's Kocowa? I'm sad because I can't start the Kim Nam Gil drama as yet. I'm waiting for Woman of Dignity - which, by the way, Trot, has a police detective you will love - to finish. So, next week, I'll start with my KNG love. I bet he's funny! I also had to drop a couple of shows because no time to watch them. Luckily, there are recaps on the Interweb!
Kocowa is a new streaming platform put together by the big 3 stations in Korea.
I once painted Kim Nam Gil's portrait.


Bride of the Water God

Sigh. He CAME BACK. I don't care, I love them. Whatever happens, I love them. I really want Bi Ryeom to stop messing with the demi-god, though. More and more he seems like a guy who just wants to live a quiet life and not bother anybody. What the hell happened that made Bi Ryeom hate him so much, apart from just him existing ?

The King Loves

That ending for the week's episodes, oy. Emotional stakes have gotten really high, really fast. I do love our boys, and the ladies San and Dan, also. The reasons why some might hate the very existence of Won are more understandable and add even more weight to the conflict - I think particularly where Rin's future is concerned. I am thoroughly enjoying this.

School 2017

As much as I love my water babies, I love my Grumpy more. Especially a confused and jealous Grumpy. Next week we get to see him shirtless and since he's 27, that's perfectly okay. And shirtless Grumpy is way more than okay. WAY more. Oh, there's a story too. It's moving along. We learn that at first Grumpy did stuff just because it was fun, but at some point he realized he could do stuff to help people. Remember back when it looked like various people were doing parts of each prank, so that no one had any idea who X was but it was more than one person involved? yeah, me too. The show seems to have forgotten that point. Anyway, now that Grumpy has done something to help his estranged buddy. maybe their bromance will resume. He needs it, because he's breaking up with the girlfriend who pretends to be rich, I think. Only...I don't want the bromance to interfere with the romance to come, and I like the other romances developing, too. This week we got the gym teacher in action, and I'm glad - he's a good actor and he wasn't doing much. Overall, still probably the most fun thing I'm watching right now.


I watched the first episode but I was not paying full attention, and thus it seemed very chaotic and confusing. I don't think it IS that way, but I think it's a show which requires more than cursory attention. All I gathered at this point is that Namgoong Min was an athlete unfairly framed, his brother was a reporter who did something he wishes to undo, and I think the brother must be dead now? And NGM is looking to take down the group that is responsible. I need to rewatch.
His brother was run over by a white truck of doom. They claim suicide, but everyone knows that isn't true. And yes it was fairly chaotic but more like they knew they had to establish several storyl ines for why each of the main characters would want and need revenge.

Manhole Feels So Good (new)

I still CAN'T with this title. I am 5 and I giggle every single time somebody mentions it. 
My main thought throughout viewing: Jesus, Jaejoong is handsome. Which is unfortunate because he's also a really decent, committed actor and I should be paying attention to that. Yes, even if it's a weird show his acting is pretty good, if annoying. So far, it seems his Bong Pil is an idiot who's been in love with his neighbor since birth, basically, and in the present, it's the week before her wedding. But we become aware that she's always had a thing for Bong Pil, too, and if he'd ever once confessed, they might have had a chance. I dunno, girl. YOU could have confessed, too. And he's still an idiot, no matter what. I'm guessing the show will be about him changing from a useless do-nothing who drinks too much and races around like an idiot, to a man with purpose and hopefully some calmness. Yes, via manhole that permits him to time travel. I know. PS. Who else was surprised by the meanness hiding behind Baro's mild exterior?

Reunited Worlds

There was no reuniting with Yeo Jin Goo or anyone else in his world this week. 

Criminal Minds

I've seen the first couple episodes and I think that if you aren't a die-hard fan of the American version, this is fine.  As a stand-alone show there is nothing objectionable here; there's decent acting and action, nothing too outrageous for story lines or characterization.  As a copy of a well-established and well-loved show of many years, it's as if you're watching through a gauzy curtain.  You can see the basic shapes, but the details are just not there.  I probably will watch because of the actors, but it won't be a love-match for me, I think.

Father is Strange

Now we start to see the specific impact to the kids begin to play out, but at least Park Cheol Soo figures out why Ra Young broke up with him and puts a stop to THAT bad decision.  Joong Hee sneaks out to see the family and assure them that he is fine, and that his concern is for them.  I'm guessing he's mostly got the forgiveness thing down, which is good, because he does love those people and they do love him.  They all love him. And finally, the blessed moment arrives:  Joong Hee and his Judo have the first kiss that counts.
Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! And can I say that Park Cheol Soo is hot.

Bad Thief, Good Thief

Dol Mok hates me by now.  He's been hunched over frozen with one foot in the air, mid-step, for probably a month.  I bet his back hurts and he needs to pee really bad.  Blame Cubic and its freaking 2-hour episodes, Dol Mok.

Teacher Oh Soon Nam

Hardly any Cheekos this past week. We are in our last 4 weeks, so looking forward to wrapping this up. If it hadn't been for this cutie, I might not have been able to stand all of Mad's craziness.

I feel like we are in this unending loop of Mad's madness and now that she has been so mean to Cheekos to his face, I'm really done with her. But then again, I was sort of relieved at what happened with the grandmother because that seemed to be going no where.

Save Me

This show does not pull punches, damn. Two thoughts keep running through my head. Well, three. One, I hope Hwan Sung figures out right from wrong soon. Two, we all know Sang Min will survive, so no matter what terrible things are in her future (she's already got a dead brother, a crazy mother, and two leacherous evangelists to deal with) she'll end up okay. Three: DONG CHEOL. Who is going to save this poor puppy who is going to break our hearts?

Strongest Delivery Man

Dammit, Oh Jin Gyu. You make us love you and then you fall back on cowardly ways. I know, I know, this is all SO predictable but still, I do like you and I am disappointed by you, even if I know the story was bound to go this way.


All Aboard the ChaoChao Train

Please play no attention to this next passenger, who DOES NOT HAVE A TICKET:

Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave (new)

It's very dark (as in, hard to see) and the subs are not at all timed properly, but this seems interesting. Young Hu Ba Yi is a very good reason to keep trying to watch.
He's an interesting enough character, and the story is good in a young adult fantasy sort of way, but I have to say, 3 episodes in, I'm rooting for the weasel.
Haha, I felt that way in the first episode, which is all I've seen so far.

Rush to the Dead Summer

Maybe I'll make it back here in the dead of winter...

The Mist

Caught up on 3 weeks of people being terrible in a 'The apocolypse made me do it!' kind of way.  I was right, the gay best friend is the one who had sex with the girl while she was unconscious and then accused the (actually kind of sweet) football player. He also killed his father (who kind of deserved it) and then tried to kill her father (who didn't.) The priest and the hippy played chicken with the Mist and the priest lost, big time, because the Four Horsemen came for him and dragged him off screaming.  Now the hippy is completely over the top with her Lady Nature bit.  She and the cop have convinced the others to go to the mall and find the football player because his supposed disturbance of the natural order of things is what caused the mist.  Only we know he didn't do it, and that cop is his FATHER...wow.  Some of the church people were afraid to go, and so the hippy lady was all 'okay, I understand, peace and love, we all do what we have to do', hugged them, and then left out the front door - where they then promptly locked the door and set the church on FIRE, because 'an act of destruction is an act of creation.'  Meanwhile at the mall, it's like Black Friday on steroids.  People are hording food and setting fires and killing each other for Spam sandwiches, basically.  And then over at the hospital, the ER doc is conducting experiments on patients to see what the Mist likes and doesn't like.  So it's pretty busy in Bridgeville.

The Eternal Love

Dropped it. 

Lost Love in Times

William, pick a better drama. This was so boring!
Should I bother at all? We don't always agree on what is boring and what is not.

Game of Thrones

I'm watching! Wow, Jon Snow talks a lot this season. I try hard not to mind that both Kit and Emilia can't act well and get so much attention. Oh well, I'm just waiting for the Night King anyway.
I'm getting irritated with people supporting Jon for the Iron Throne by putting down Dany. If they have him on the throne just to have a man there, I'll be so pissed off. And what's with the show saying she's too violent? She wasn't going to defeat the Lannisters with harsh language.
So cheesy this week....