Rants and Weekly Raves #154 (RAWR)

SakiVI: Hello, cutie Weasel!
Trotwood: You guys got me watching this, too, even though I said I was too busy with Cubic and the endless daily, but  . . .
meet me at the weasel grave, bitches!


Bride of the Water God (Finale) 

I think you all know I enjoyed this show. It wasn't very taxing mentally, the angst was just angsty enough and did not require me to feel sadness once the episode ended, it was damn pretty, etc etc etc. So, good: I liked the show throughout. BUT. The last two episodes, while containing things I liked and enjoyed, were about as weak as you could get. Soooo many questions left unanswered, mainly, but the big one for me was this: 'I have to go back. He has to go back. You have to go back.' on and on and on until 'Go back, sign some papers or whatever, but then come back and stay for a long while.' 'Okay.'

The King Loves

Oh my goodness gracious mercy me, but if Rin is not the MOST swoon-worthy guy...he's just...ugh. Perfect. Handsome, brave, loyal, smart, kind, thoughtful...and SO in love. Sigh. I really like how they have the Queen working with them now and how they played the Envoy, and while I like when Won is flexing his royal muscles and I know he does it because he wants to protect people who are important to him and he is against government malfeasance in general...there's also some resentment and anger toward his father (naturally) for the treatment he's received...and I wonder if that rage he keeps in check will be less well controlled in the future. That will make me sad.

School 2017 

BROMANCE. And official coupledom too! Now we just need to wipe Hee Chan's smarmy grin off his face permanently and get what's his face back together with Nam Joo. Oh and Sa Rang paired up with that Guitar Boy who adores her. Man, is my Grumpy hot or WHAT? I kinda like that the thug turned cop is mentoring the current thug, but yeah, no, she's not going to hire an assistant to help her kick crook ass. What the hell were they even talking about? That's crazy talk.


I wasn't crazy about that first episode but Namgoong Min is usually so good, I feel like I want to give it another chance...have just been too busy.  Vacation now though!

Reunited Worlds 

Too busy this week, but definitely will finish this.

Criminal Minds 

Not either.
Our discerning friend Alexe says that this has gotten very good, and I didn't mind the first episode at all, so it stays on my list.


Ugh, you guys STILL aren't watching? This is a good show. Episodes 5 and 6 this week are really good - Pil and Soo Jin have gained a solid place in my heart along with their friends (except maybe Seok Tae.) This week Pil ends up in a world where he's been in a coma for 6 years (ever since the fire where he saved Soo Jin in the episodes last week) and it's the day his parents are deciding to pull the plug, literally. He needs to resolve whatever issue there is plus figure out a way to get his body to the manhole in time to move again, but there's lots of really sweet interaction between him and Soo Jin. She can sense him when he's near. This is the episode where Pil finally learns that Soo Jin has always liked him as much as he has liked her - and he loves this girl like crazy, he really does. He has protected her and comforted her over and over through the years, just as much as he has frustrated her. Please watch. Pil deserves us :)

Father is Strange (Finale) 

Sigh. What a happy ending for everyone. I feel good. And now I can miss Joonie for two YEARS, dammit.
I know I ranted about this show a few weeks back, but these last two episodes confirmed how much and why I was so mad. I loved this family with all their imperfections. It's a family I'd want to know and be a member of (and not just because all the men are so good looking--I'd be friends with the women as well). Writers should be forced to watch this finale as a pre-test for how to provide closure and new beginnings for multiple people. There is no excuse for a bad last ep people. Look to FIS!

Bad Thief, Good Thief 

Might as well drop it, Jo.
I really don't want to, it's just that with the limited time I've had lately I seem to only be keeping up with the Monday/Tuesday shows.  It takes me all week to watch them!

Strongest Deliveryman 

Delivering no drama joy? 
I really do like this.  I'm only a week behind.

Save Me 

This show gets creepier by the week, and I still can't tell if Spiritual Father actually buys his own bullshit or not.  Thank God Sang Mi still has her wits because after 3 years of this I don't know many people who would.  I'm rooting for the boys, and happy that Dong Cheol and Sang Hwan have at least allied on the 'Save Sang Mi' front...but why do I still feel like Dong Cheolie is going to die?  It should be Sang Hwan, really, and I wouldn't even MIND although I certainly get where he was coming from and appreciate that he sees things more clearly now.

Age of Youth 2 (New) 

I hear it has good-ish ratings? 
I'll check it out, but I'm sad that Onew had to drop out.

Live Up to Your Name

Here are some Kim Nam Gil pictures, along with a cameo by my favorite kdrama granny.  
Please discuss the loss of hair. In his face.
I am one of the rare few who do not find Kim Nam Gil attractive in any way, whether bearded or not. 
I don't find him attractive either--just acceptable with facial hair, but people keep saying this is the best thing on now--really funny. I want to start it, but I'm working on the gazillion-minute episodes of Cubic, and now some people convinced me to watch a show about weasel tombs. 

Teacher Oh Soo Nam

So. Much. Cute. When Cheekos is on screen, that is. The rest of the time, they're all just nuts. I'm weirdly all sympathetic toward Evil Dad and to Mad, but not any of the other adults, such as they are. Even if they're the good guys, the adults in this show are all awful people. And yet, the story is interesting. One birth secret came out this week, and another is set to appear very soon.
I may have to take a break from this show and pick it up again when we are closer to the end. Every single character is getting on my nerves except for my poor minions--who really should be looking for different jobs--even cute Cheekos. Why did they have to make our heroine go Goth-bad and become unsympathetic? I feel like the story is doing this weird loop and for every narrative step forward we take fifteen back, and we have nearly 40 episodes left! My poor minions.


'X' Mark's Spot

Rush to the Dead Summer 

I wish summer were over, so hot again! 
It's been in the 70s and dry here, so basically - perfect.  But when it's hot, it's STUPID hot with crazy humidity.

The First Half of My Life 

... is probably over and if not, soon.
Oh, right.  And I never watched a minute of it.

The Eternal Love 

I thought this was done.
Oh good, then I'll marathon the rest.

The King's Woman 

I'm not really hearing good things.

The Advisors Alliance 

Should start recapping episode 4.
I'll finish watching 4, then.

Lost Love in Times 

How's sexy William?
I'll let you know...when I watch Episode 2

CIT: Weasel's Grave 

I've been racing through the episodes to the point where I'm a bit tired!
The overacting bothers me
Weasel Fairies.  I can't get past that.
It's episodes are only 30 minutes long, so I'm enjoying them just so I can comment on the recaps. I wouldn't be watching otherwise. It's actually more fun to comment with you guys than watch show.

My Mr. Mermaid 

I didn't finish this drama properly, but I'm finished with it--meaning that I skipped around to ignore the boring and annoying second leads, the long swimming competitions, and the painfully dumb secondary couple just for the OTP cuteness, but this show at 36 episodes was way too long for it's plot. Still, I know that if I need sweetness, I can randomly pick any episode and watch those two be in love and I'll see unicorns running past the graffiti outside my window.
Everyone raved about how cute it was but damn, that doesn't sound like fun at all.

Game of Thrones

I'm back to this. I watched the finale last night, and the Stark Kids ending was so satisfying! Seeing Littlefinger stumped and then dead was the best TV moment I've had all week. I don't know if I've said this, but Sansa is my favorite character and seeing all those horrible men who objectified her finally dead is a "Yaaaassss Kweeeeeen!" moment for me. 
Now, I'm wondering if the Stark Kids will accept Daenerys just because Jon says they should?  If nothing else, I can't see Sansa or Arya happy about dragons pillaging their Northern countryside. Oh well, that's for next year.  
No, 2019.
So. I really didn't like this final episode at all. I had to fight sleep, that's how boring I found it. Like in the episodes before, a lot of boxes were ticked and "secrets" revealed ... I wonder the most about the identity of the Night King though and I remember a theory I once read, but only that I read it but not what it said. Seeing how ALL fan theories are true, I should probably try to find it again.