Rants and Weekly Raves #166 (RAWR)

Trotwood: I'm trying to recover from having way too many desserts between Thanksgiving and my birthday. I'm feeling a bit queasy about that and about several of the dramas I watched this week. How come even the people I love annoy me?
SakiVI: This week, I got banned from a Jaehyo chatroom by the teenagers in it. Also, I've been obsessed with my new Hobonichi planner. I'm now keeping a list of my dramas and the next episode to watch because I now plan my life, yay! 
kakashi: Hahahaaa, tell me more, Saki! Banned? Also: TRIBES AND EMPIRES! I've kinda armtwisted Panda into recapping but of course, I will help her :D
Regarding the chatroom, someone called Tabby blocked me from it.  And one of the comments was, "we can breathe in here again." Pffft. My Jaehyo Love was too much for them all!!! Regarding Tribes and Empires, if I like it, I said I'd also help out with recaps occasionally.
JoAnne: I, of course, will contribute snarky asides and contrary opinions, but me and recapping have little to no chance of happening.  I can't even keep up with watching all the things anymore, let alone writing about them! Plus...I just really do NOT enjoy recapping.
Some people just want to watch the world burn...


Temperature of Love (Finale) 

As I said last week, I did drop the drama, but read recaps just so I would know what happened. That bug-eyed girl got my Wong-Joon, whom she completely doesn't deserve. The show wasn't long enough for her to suffer enough to deserve him. I'm glad I didn't watch that turn. 😠
I forced myself to finish it this weekend.  I was something like 12 episodes behind, too.  For people I really liked, by the end of the drama I felt pretty 'meh' about all of them.  ALL of them.  I think it just went on too long.  I had to finish though, because these are actors I really like and I wanted to see if the show could actually make me hate their characters.  (No...but close at times.) I'm not unhappy about any of the character resolutions, really, but Hong Ah needs her ass kicked, regularly.

20th Century Boy and Girl 

Why am I the only one here watching this adorable show?  Why?  Truthfully, this is another one where it's probably going on too long, but since it's so light on the angst it's not really a problem:  I'm not in danger of getting tired of any of the characters, and the sweet is a welcome bright spot in the week.

Witch's Courtroom 

I cannot make my mind up about this girl.  She has her good points but man, she is a pain in the ass.  She could be a whole lot MORE of a pain in the ass, though, and I'd still be rooting for her and Cutie Soo and the others to take down this particular big bad, that most disgusting pig of a man, Jo Gap Soo.  He and his slimy brother-in-law represent one of my most hated Korean archetypes:  successful people who believe that their wealth entitles them to mistreat other people, even kill them, because they are lesser beings.

This Life is Our First 

Black turtlenecks ruled this episode. I wear all black (with turtleneck) for such occasions. I didn't realize it until I wore it without thinking and staff nervously asked what was going to happen at meeting. I'm not ashamed to say that I watched that punch multiple times. He had it coming. Soo-Ji and Chairman Cha are my favorite couple!  I am glad that Wong-Seok called out Ho-Rang for always playing the victim in their relationship, but I also liked the way the show tricked me into thinking exactly what he thought about her and that new guy and then showed us the real case. I think she really gets that she needs to be doing things for herself now.
I love Soo-Ji and CEO Ma so much.  Can we have a show about them getting married and negotiating newlywed life complete with live-in mother-in-law?  Man, I would love that.  I'm with everyone else who think that a break could be great for Ho Rang and Won Seok, but I would like them to get back together eventually.  (Even though the idea of Won Seok with Bo Mi is intriguing, because they could have their shared passion for programming, and Won Seok could experience life with a woman who is the polar opposite of Ho Rang.) It's funny, but for a show about a completely unrealistic situation (contract marriage) - the two side couples really bring a lot of realism to the show.  Se Hee and Ji Ho might not be entirely realistic for me, but they still pack an emotional punch, and I'm very curious to see where they go with relationship now that Ji Ho wants to move out.
Note: I also want to say that I don't understand the controversy between this show and the Japanese drama We Married as Job. Many are saying that they think this show has plagiarized the Japanese show, but this one is so different in character backgrounds, motivations, and personality and tone. For example, in the Japanese show, the male lead never dated before while here we have Se Hee not only dating but living with and having sex with his girlfriend. The female lead in the Japanese show was much more assertive than the hesitant Ji-Ho. In fact, she is worried because she's been accused of being to assertive. I loved We Married as a Job and enjoyed it far more than I am enjoying this show (which I like a lot), but other than a marriage contract for financial reasons and an awkward male lead, I'm not getting it. 

Mad Dog 

I was slow to board the Min-Joon Ha-Ri train, not because I don't like them or like them together, I just get bothered by romance that develops when so much else is at stake and personal trauma is involved. When do you have time for these other emotions? How do you know they are real and not just part of all the other emotions? Also, I'm that person who gets annoyed when people get distracted from a task of life and death, but my resistance broke this week and partly because Min-Joon's emotional journey doesn't just involve falling for her but falling really for them all. When he reached out to soothe Noo-Ri, I was like okay maybe you deserve a great girl like Ha-Ri.
I love my dog babies so much.  I want them all to live together and be one big happy family forever and I want the Chas and that horrible Joo Hyun Ki to burn in hell for all eternity.  At first, I thought my antipathy to Daddy Cha was related to his role in The King Loves, and perhaps to his smirky face...but no, he's just a horrible human being.  All this is for him is a way to get control of the airline.  People do not matter at all. And his daughter - she went from being an innocent bystander (in my eyes) to someone perhaps even worse than her father.  He's so warped he doesn't think anything is wrong with what he does - but she KNOWS it's wrong, and commits to it anyway.  And Joo Hyun Ki is a psychopath, pure and simple.

Money Flower

Lordy, this show is sharp. So tense and Jang Hyuk continues to be absolutely excellent. I don't think I can watch it anymore while on the treadmill because it literally made my heart rate too high! Had to stop at end of ep 5 and watch something else to get my heart rate back down to where it should have been. I was thinking about dropping it and just marathoning it when it's all done, but the end of episode 6 was so twisty, I will at least need to see the first ten minutes of 7 to feel settled.
It's really twisty and turny and so far, so good.  
So, so, SO good.  We're all in agreement that Pil Joo is sleeping with Executive Jang, right?  How twisted is THAT?  If this were 10 years ago, I'd expect Pil Joo to die juuuuust before exacting his full revenge, and that Na Mo Hyun, his true love, the woman he sacrifices in the most despicable way possible, would be the one in the end to complete his mission.  The series would end with the Cheong A family and businesses in ruins at her feet, with maybe a nostalgic few scenes of her and Pil Joo as the children they once were.  But these days, I have no idea what will happen.  I cannot WAIT to find out, though.  Damn, this is good.  This is revenge drama done right.

Nothing to Lose (New) 

I felt it wasn't that great until this happened:

Seriously, I totally regret not taking the litigation route now.  I want to toss my hair in judge's robes too!

Smart Prison Living (New) 

Isn't that the show everybody is crying about about not being subbed? Wait, is that sentence correct?
I would say 'isn't this' rather than 'isn't that', but otherwise, yes, it's correct.  And also correct, it's not being subbed yet.  We cry and curse the sky and wait impatiently for our Jung Kyung Ho fix.


I didn't watch this week yet, so as far as I know, she's still dead and he's still going to lose his shit over that.

Untouchable (New) 

There's a C-Drama by that name too.
There is?  Well, this is the Korean one, with Jin Goo.  I haven't seen it yet.

Argon (New on Netflix!!!)

And sadly, still unwatched.  I'll get there.

Sweet Enemy

They are dragging this out for another week.  I hate them for going over 120 episodes because it's annoying to have things go over the expected time.  But, on the plus side, the drama is never boring. This week, Se Na, who has the most massive chip on her shoulder about having been born poor, a chip that led her to murder, fraud, blackmail and other assorted crimes, had to eat food from the trash can. Pffft. 
Oh yes, she had to eat food from the trash and her mom reminded her that she had threatened someone else that this might happen to them. Karma is coming back to bite her and yet despite her pushing someone off a roof, leaving them to die, being behind someone's imprisonment for a murder she didn't commit, corporate espionage, and mass public poisoning, she still thinks that she is a victim and that she was forced to become this way because the man she loves dumps her and falls in love with someone else when he realizes that she killed his fiance. Even her mother thinks she is starting to go off the deep end. Still, I won't be happy unless Chef Dimples finally gets to be with his love. Don't torture us show!




The show I watch and immediately forget about. It was about who is a shoe and who is a tophat and Lucifer realizing that being a shoe isn't so bad.
I'm two weeks behind and completely confused by what you just said.

The Walking Dead

Still going on and on with the 'who do we want to be when this is over' debates. That weird junkyard leader made me laugh, though.  Rick gave one of his interminable speeches and she had her guys throw him in a shipping container and lock him away and all she said at the end was 'He talks too much.'

Hunting Ground

It's hard to keep up. Maybe I'll watch 1 out of 4 episodes. 
You mean because there are so many episodes released? I agree, but thankfully, nobody forces me to watch 2 a day. The story is very easy to follow, probably helps that there aren't 1000 characters (*side-eyes Tribes and Empires*)

Yeah .  This could not be any less complicated.  Or interesting, at the moment.