Rants and Weekly Raves #167 (RAWR)

Trotwood: In which I really rant and rave. 
JoAnne: I guess I'll see what I do when I read what I write...my thoughts often don't gel until I put them on paper.
kakashi: I'm watching so many things! (For me) And it's so cold here.
SakiVI: I'm not sure I have much to say.  
What? Where is your Sweet Enemy rage?!?!?!


20th Century Boy and Girl (Finale) 

I finally got caught up with this show, and I agree with everything people have been saying about it. It was warm and pleasant and I liked the friendship between the four from forever. I liked the lack of second lead problems even though there were second leads. I really liked the presentations of different kinds of love. I never did understand the older sister story and didn't see what it added to the plot at all; however, that wasn't enough to make me understand why this show didn't get more attention.  Too bad because this may mean that we will not get more shows with unnecessary drama.
I'm with you - I don't much see why it was necessary to have the runaway older sister, but maybe, since you mentioned all the different kinds of love, that was another example of family love. They made a point through out of showing how the parents kept reaching out to the daughter, letting her know that if she was ready to come home, they were waiting. And she didn't do anything to keep them from doing that, either - in fact, she made a regular call to the mother, even if all she did was breathe on the line. And if she did run away because of a boy (I think that they mentioned that briefly?) then it serves to show that Dad learned a lesson, because he didn't destroy things for Ji Won and Jin Jin. Although they ARE damn near 40...

Witch's Courtroom (Finale) 

I finished this and I liked the ending because I like people getting what they finally deserve and I love courtroom showdowns that do that in such a satisfying way (I was a long time Perry Mason fan where this happened every week). I thought the time jump and the romance wasn't necessary, but I did like them together, and their relationship and their ending made more sense than the other rash of time jumps going on around here lately.
I liked the ending but I was very confused when they announced Cho Gap Soo's death ending the trial prematurely and then in the very next scene, they're going to trial and he's not dead. What a repulsive, scary, twisted man. He honestly thought he'd done nothing wrong. He was shocked that they would think he deserved death. Scary.

This Life is Our First (Finale) 

I'm going to voice an unpopular opinion, but I thought the show was nearly wrecked by the crazy ending of Se Hee and Ji Ho's story arc, so I'll talk about the other couples first. I admit, I was hoping that Ho Rang and Won Seouk would permanently break up, but I didn't mind them together after being apart for while and recognizing that they really didn't want to be with anyone else. I LOVE Chariman Ma and Soo Ji. I love how they got that motorcycle sequence going on (something in my fantasies, as Shuk knows, is to ride up surprising my enemy and take off my helmet to utter some great comment and ride off). He was there for her in more ways than one and, she makes him so happy and takes him out of his rigid world. Now for how OTP. I was mad at the writers for making Ji Ho in episode 15 come to the conclusion that she needed to leave because . . . she loved him. Really, guys, that's it. She wanted him to do be more up front about his feelings, yet he did so much for her that he would not do for anyone else and she lives with him so should know what an effort he was making for her. But the way they had her return really made me hate her. I couldn't forgive her for the tears she made him shed (and you guys know I relish is good tears of remorse), and the nerve she had for being bothered by the fact that he disappeared without telling her as if showing up with a cake or making spicy crab would just return everything to normal. I wanted to punch her in the face when she laughed when he was upset. He sold the freakin' apartment because he couldn't live there without her and she laughs at his pain because she's finally happy that he let her into his room 19? Pfft. She needed to suffer more than she did.
I agree with you for the most part - I don't think her laughter at the end was cruel at all, but in other respects you and I are in sync. I think there were two points at which the writing/plot of this drama failed, and they failed because they were weak in comparison to the excellent, excellent writing at all other points: the stalker puppy, and Ji Ho leaving. Stalker Puppy was just pointless. Could have shown Se Hee's worry and concern for her in far less time-consuming and jarring ways. Ji Ho leaving was just very badly - shockingly badly - handled. I think she wanted a clean break between their contracted relationship and the love they eventually felt for each other - and I think she was particularly concerned that it be clear for Se Hee, and that he make a conscious commitment to love. Since he'd basically already done that her grand gesture seems foolish, especially because she didn't bother explaining her reasoning to him. A break might have been the right thing for them, but they should both have known it for what it was. Se Hee thought she cut him out of her life like a tumor, basically, and it damn near broke the poor guy. Nobody gets to make Se Hee unhappy ever again, you hear me?

Two Cops (New) 

I checked out the first half of the first ep and so I haven't seen the two guys one body bit, but I did like the set up so far. I mean, come on: it's JJS - what's not to like?

Doubtful Victory (New) 

I did not know where this was taking me and I was worried for the first half of the episode and then suddenly, all became (sort of) clear.  I think I like this.

Mad Dog (Finale) 

They all went to jail. That's all I cared about: all those fuckers went to jail and baby boy got to be part of the Mad Dog family, and both those things happened. I didn't get my Ha Ri-Min Joon kiss that I wanted, but I did get the sweetest 'hyung' ever, so that will have to do me.
I'm going to admit that the "hyung" brought tears to my eyes. And how much did I love this family? Just loved them all. Loved how manager Park got to be back into the fold, too. I wanted a wedding between Nurse Oh and Soo-Young because they are actually my favorite couple as much as I liked Ha Ri and Min Joong together. I wish they got more time in jail for killing all those people. Some people disliked Yoo Ji Tae, but I always love him and watched for him. I know lots came for Woo Do Hwan, and he did not disappoint. his early performances are clearly not a fluke. I think he is as good as if not better than most of the crop of new(er) actors. But I have to give a shout out to Jo Jae Yun as Soo Young; is he not having a banner string of great roles? he's always good. And also Choi WOn-Young, who ate up his role as one of the villains--the most interesting one, in fact. Scary and multi-layered. I loved how he apologized to Hong Joo (who didn't deserve that apology, mind) at the end. Hated him as I was supposed to, but fascinating to watch.The Mad Dog team is still at work, so all is good.

Nothing to Lose 

Unexpectedly funny, at least the first episode. I should have expected it though, looking at the cast list.
I didn't get to it this past week.  I had to socialize with people in real life and stuff.

Smart Prison Living / Prison Playbook

Oh, I like this. I like this a LOT. Our hero is very sympathetic with his quiet, almost dazed adjustment to prison life - and then you see the sparks of intelligence, kindness, determination, and yes, rightiousness in his personality and you just think 'YES' this is a guy I can root for. Add to that his childhood pal prison guard (Jung! Kyung! Ho!) and you've got a fantastic combination on your hands. I can't wait for more episodes.


The knots are finally coming undone and we're starting to see how things connect. 444 has been told (by both the living and the dead) that he is clearly in love with Ha Ram, but he's fighting that. Ha Ram has come to terms with Joonie Oppa's death and has realized that she loves Moo Gang for himself, and Sun Young has given up trying to confuse the issue and actually taken steps to bring the lovers together. Poor Boss has lost his dad, made a useless confession, and almost lost his life. Terrible brother is in jail, the crazy little guy is dead, we're even pretty sure we know who Leo is. What else is left in this enormously tangled story? They've kept it remarkably straight, for all that...good job!


This show grabbed my attention from the start. It looks well done and the early episodes lay out a compelling story line that mixes up your perceptions of good and bad and family dynamics. Plus it's got Jin Goo as a cop, and the Reply guy playing a BAD guy?  I'm in.

Sweet Enemy (the end)

125 episodes. 125. This was an enjoyable twisty show that had the best cliffhanger endings I've seen in a long time, but in my memory, I'm going to try to pretend it ended with the 2nd to last week. The show opened with the idea of one lead but made him sooo boring and the 2nd lead so compelling that even the writers switched ships. I was anxious that that they would break our hearts and switch back, but ultimately they didn't. Still, I don't know if the main lead was under contract for having a certain amount of scenes, but we saw way too much of him, and he and his mother made the heroine feel so guilty for him almost dying to save his life that she decides to postpone the wedding so she can study abroad and everyone can heal. Her fiance who has stood by her for 124 episodes is understandably upset. I'm upset because their reunion gets about 3 minutes in the final episode. How could she go to America and leave this face? Double Pfft.
What Trot said.

Money Flower 

I am already too stressed by work and dramas to even attempt to watch this excellent rising blood pressure inducing drama this week. IJang Hyuk makes me want to grab him and do things . . .  delightful things (help?) I'm really thinking of waiting to marathon it once the students leave. Is it supposed to be over before we are going to meet for lunch, Jo?
This is a long one - 50 episodes or 52, I think?  So that would be a no. I didn't get to see this week's episodes yet - I was making an effort to at least see a little of each of the new shows.
Haven't had time to see it because I had to socialize with real people and stuff.


I hear this is very good. I had really wanted to watch it when it came out. It has subs now, but I don't think I can watch it now with the real life death of Kim Ju-Hyeok.
I don't think that will keep me from watching but I don't know when I will GET to it. Maybe over the break.

The Unit

Didn't see it yet this week but I hear Rain finally loses his cool and yells at the guys.  I like this show.  For the most part, there is not the sort of competitive bitchiness you might see in a show here.  I think about that and then I remember that these kids are experienced professionals, and I like to think they just are beyond the bullshit. Even if they don't win, it's exposure for them, so they should put their best foot forward at all times, personally and professionally.


Night MARKet 



Didn't air this week. 
Oh good, I'm still only 3 weeks behind, then.

The Exorcist 

They are trying to exorcise the demon from John Cho and they are not doing very well.  I'm a couple episodes behind, so I'm at the part where he's decided to stick with 'Nicky' and that means those pesky foster kids will have to die. We'll see about that, won't we.

I See You พยาบาลพิเศษ..เคสพิศวง

I stumbled onto this show because I was looking for something non-stress inducing after so many rage and anxiety causing shows. I needed some fluff and fun, so of course I marathon a show that is labeled a supernatural horror romance. What? It may be because I already had an attitude that I wasn't afraid of any of the ghosts or perhaps the oh so obvious product placement (Nestle ice cream cones, snack chips, and soy milk) that I actually laughed out loud. (But did you guys know there are ice cream cones with kit kats stuck down the middle?!) Anyway, I enjoyed it because it didn't make me think a whole lot. The main couple was an interesting pair. Their meet cute was because she can see ghosts and met him when his heart stopped and he helped her save a patient (he's a doctor) as a ghost before his heart started again. Nope. I didn't make that up. There was just the right amount of angst, involving acceptance of others and of death and forgiveness and memory. Plus episodes are only about a half hour a piece. Watch the official video. I'm not sure they were going for laughs, but I started laughing as soon as it says "The nurses are exceptionally cute":  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbzIujYVdD0