Rants and Weekly Raves #228 (RAWR)

kakashi: It's an absolute disaster, I don't even have Chen Kun pictures this weekOh wait, found one.
JoAnne: It's a good one. I think it will fill the bill.
Panda: Look at that profile!! Mark also had some pretty pics out today, will post in comments :) Wanted to start Trap, but couldn't because any time not spent watching Nirvana in Fire with the hubby, was spent marathoning The Eternal Love 2. I had no idea how much I had missed the Horny prince and season 2 was even more madness! I forwarded all the boring court stuff and laughed myself silly at all the antics. Recommended for a fun, light watch. 
SakiVI: I watched both Painted Skins.  I like the second one better. In the meantime, what's with steadily rising fevers that won't come down without taking both Advil and that arthritis-strength Tylenol together? It was so uncomfortable, and a bit like watching a shipwreck on my thermometer.  Even with meds, I could feel it trying to break through, like I had a Zhou Xun possession in my body. It's gone now, so I won, yay.
Trotwood: (gasping, running in late) I'm here guys. As you can see below. I'm really here.


My Strange Hero (Finale) 

Best thing about the finale (besides getting some last fond looks at our pretty babies) was when Oh Se Ho went to meet his mother at the prison as she was being released.  He said his piece, she went into her normal bullshit, and he looked at her calmly, wondered if she'd ever change, and then turned around and walked away.  Left that bitch FLAT.

Most puzzling thing about the final school showdown:  why bother frantically stuffing that garbage bag full of paper and then tossing it in the air oh so dramatically?

Overall, a decent show.

The Crowned Clown 

Deys in l-u-v.  Only one episode this week due to the holiday.

Jo, this is going to hurt so bad. I can feel disaster coming like a speeding train.

The Last Empress (Finale) 

I think next week is the finale, yes? I have no access beyond ep 43/44, and this was clearly not the end but right before. The changing of alliances is crazy, but I'm actually liking the idea of Yura and Sunni working together. Yes, Yura is horrible, but I'd like her to get some of her own revenge, too, as bad as she is and frankly Sunni needs some evil people on her side to take down the other evil. There were some revelations at the end of these eps that seem to change the power dynamic, but nothing remains the same for long in this show. Also, I just really want it to end because the constant circling is starting to be more annoying than nerve wracking.

Update: I just heard that the show has been extended from 48 episodes (the half hour ones) to 52 episodes!!! 😫

Only one night's set of episodes this week due to the holiday. I am VERY annoyed at the extension. They better be unveiling some really over-the-top shit in the next couple of weeks to justify that, but honestly, I'm not going to be easy to please. I've enjoyed the show but I'm ready for it to end.  (And yes, I did like the unexpected twist of Oh Sunny enlisting Min Yoo Ra's support.)

What's Wrong, Poong Sang? 

All caught up.  I feel like I need to finish watching because I do want to know how things end up but really?  As much as I dislike Poong Sang's whiny, morally hazy siblings?  I feel like we can give him credit for feeding and clothing them but that's about it.  He DOES play favorites.  He withholds information and he does a lot of passive-aggressive complaining and he treated his wife and daughter terribly when they should have been his priority.  He wasn't abusive but he sure made them feel like shit.  He makes EVERYBODY feel like shit, and it's weird but I find it very hard to like this guy who spends literally every moment of his life taking care of everyone else.

Touch Your Heart (New) 

I'm in.  I'm in I'm in I'm in.  She's adorable and I love how she IMMEDIATELY made corrections to herself and is genuinely interested in learning how to do things correctly.  Him, he's okay so far.  He's reserved and not easy to please but he's not cold or mean.  The rest of that office is filled with people I love to watch, who make me laugh, so I'm really happy at the moment.

Romance is a Bonus Book 

This is a delicious comforting show like warm soup after you've been shoveling snow. It has a really interesting balance of comedy and pathos. Everyone, of course is talking about the romance or rather the potential romance and the 2nd lead that we are all hoping will get more out of this then a lonely ending, Mr. Shoe Puppy.

However, I want to talk here about the other characters in the show. They really make it a pleasure. Kim Tae Woo is a blast as the boss. He's hilarious, but also completely heartfelt. He made me laugh out loud when he thought Eun Ho was reading his mind, but then he made me cry when he talked to his dead wife at the tree (and what a great place to reveal the or part of the secret about the disappeared writer!). I like our other two newbies in the company who might as well date since they are best friends anyway. Her character of the spoiled daughter is one I usually hate, but she doesn't really have a mean bone in her body, and Park Hoon? What a love. He's a really good friend. I like how he wasn't mad at all that Dan-Yi had the marketing idea that trumped his, and even brought her nuts as brain food. I like the female second lead, Ha-Rin as well. I wish she didn't dote on Eun Ho so much and I really want her to keep her friendship with Dan Yi. In fact, right now that firendship to me seems more precious. Neither seems to have any friends besides Eun Ho, so I'd be perfectly happy if this is the friendship that blossoms out of this drama, and if there is romance at the end, they have other partners.

What Trot said. I love Eun Ho and Dan-i, I love their friendship, I get why he's hesitant to push for more. I love Hae Rin and Dan-i together and I hope that doesn't get messed up. I like the folks at Gyeoroo (well, except for that prissy bitch, Seo, but I'm sure we're going to be shown something at some point that changes our minds.)

The thing is, I don't see one teeny tiny iota of romantic interest from Dan-i to Eun Ho, so I'm not sure how that's going to work out. And then there's the PUPPY. Good Lord, the puppy. He's adorable but I'm uncomfortable about the slightly sasaeng-y hints of his admiration of Eun-Ho's father. And there, too, with Dan-i; she seems to be flattered and enjoying his attention, but from a very 'oh, a handsome younger man, how nice that I still have it' kind of way. I don't really see her feeling any sparks for him. But that's okay because guuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl we are all feeling that spark on her behalf.

Legal High (New) 

Hmmm.  Maybe.  I do like the young girl.  I generally love Jin Gu but this particular character and the way he's filmed may take a bit of time.

Trap (New) 

Whew! Those first two episodes were brutal and on edge of seat fascinating.So many layers of evil and crazy. Leo Seo Jin  plays an ex-anchor who goes on an anniversary trip with wife and son and ends up on a horrifying survival mission which I'm pretty sure is going to turn into revenge. So many suspects, and the show isn't afraid to kill off people, so I was anxious the entire time. Song Dong Il plays the detective "this close" to retirement who's got justice on his mind and a lot of guilty baggage about his daughter, his marriage, and his protege. He is excellent as usual. I'm really curious to know what his history is with our ex-anchor. Show is only scheduled for 7 eps, so at least it won't be dragged out.


The Story of Minglan 

Trouble for our OTP as they fight against everyone who hates them for being smarter than them and for being happier than them and for being successful when those haters just wanted them crushed and miserable.  Also, is it weird that I feel bad for Molan?  She got hers when her mother died, I feel.  

Never Let You Go

I am watching still. It is an easy show where I ff through the fight scenes and dance scenes. I do like our main characters but am getting bored with the pining and revenge seeking elders who can't get over their love or hate for our heroine's mom who has died over 20 years ago. I mean really, my lord, you see a dance she used to do and that puts you in a coma?!?! Anyway, I do like how our hero isn't falling for the kinds of machinations that usually trick them and our heroine has spunk. I keep watching though for Xing En's character, and I've been promised by those who have caught up (I'm only on ep 14 and subs are out for eps through 27) that things really pick up at ep 20. 

I am on Episode 13.  It is weirdly relaxing and why I am not really starting any of the new shows in between Minglan subs. 


Caution, Hazardous Wife

This is an old show (out in the fall of 2017) and popular so the subs came out fairly quickly for a Japanese drama. Everyone I know is surprised that I haven't watched it yet, knowing my love for Hidetoshi Nishijima, but as I said, I have to be in a certain frame of mind to be able to watch him in things or I just hate everyone I meet in real life who isn't him! I started it this weekend, and it's a treasure. I'm actually thinking of recapping it first instead of Crisis like I planned; it's that good. It stars Haruka Ayase as a woman who was a secret agent but decides that she really wants a regular life with a family so she fakes her own death, gets a new identity, and becomes a housewife, which becomes boring. However, she takes on some of the troubles and the mysteries in her suburban neighborhood like a secret agent would. It's more a sisterhood story, but the chemistry she has with HN, who plays her husband is a treat. 

*heart eyes*

Oh yes, I watched episode 1 way back two years ago.  Must watch.


Friend Zone

This show did a Korean drama finale and I would be madder if I cared more. Everyone I know seems happy that Earth got back together with his doctor love, and I am super relieved that they didn't put Am and Cable back together just because she is pregnant. But Boom should not have gotten back together with her ex just because he felt bad and did a rap competition for her. She was really the only female character I liked throughout and got the worst deal of them all. I mean even cheater McCheaterpants Stud has that really nice intern with a promising future following him around. I am thankful to the show for introducing me to Nat Sakdatorn though, so I will just post a pic of of him. He's in the Fathers with Utt, which I've been putting off watching because I heard it was really sad. 

Secret Seven: The Series

You know how you start watching a show because you don't have the energy to watch or read anything good but you want to watch something nonetheless? Well that's how I came to watch this show. I had no other reason. This show is about Padlom who was rejected so many times by guys she liked who she thought liked her that she's decided not to fall for anyone ever. She even starts a club just so she can control who joins and not have to talk to anyone outside of her best friend and her longest friend. Of course the club they have to share club space with is full of guys. She gets a secret admirer note from one of them and the whole show is about her trying to figure out which one it is. I haven't talked to one person who is glad about the result. But I should have thought of that. I frequently get 2nd lead syndrome, and I watch a show that gives me six of them?


Russian Doll (New)

Total mind fuck, and after all that it even took me a minute to remember how it ended...but don't take that to mean you shouldn't watch it.  It's a good show.  You have to pay attention, and there's a decent pay off at the end.  If this were remade into a Korean drama it would fail MISERABLY.  

The Walking Dead

These skin-wearing Whisperers are totally creeping me out.

The Magicians

Magic is back, the gang is re-forming...the big question is will they be able to save Elliot from the thing that overtook his body?  That thing is creepy to the max, by the way.  The actor is doing a great job...but then he always does.