Rants and Weekly Raves #229 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  We've had snow, we've had rain, we've had ice, we've had a legal excuse to eat as much chocolate as we want, and we've had 5 MILLION new dramas start.
kakashi: Surpriiiiiiise. Mark is featured this week. It's because he put on glasses
SakiVI: I'm very sad that things I like end.  Everything feels blah as a result.
Trotwood: I'm chairing a search committee, and I can't watch as much as I want because I need to read through application files. I wasn't much before, but you're definitely not going to see much of me down there. 
Panda: Had an amazing extended weekend. Sadly I am feeling most dreadful today


The Crowned Clown 

She knows!  She knows!  She knows *sob* and she's torn with guilt that she loved this guy and that her husband died alone and ugh they're so sad.  Well, we knew it would come.  But what's this on the mountain top?  By the cliff?  He can't die this early in the story right?
He can't die, but wow this doesn't seem to be a secret anymore does it? I am so curious to see how it goes.

Haechi (New) 

Need to check this out.
Me too but I feel no urgency...

Item (New) 

Viewers are divided, it seems.  Those who like it really like it (I'm in that camp) and those who don't really don't.  Well, I like it enough to brave more of the Broom, even.  It does not hurt at all that Ju Ji Hoon looks sooooo freaking good and is destroying ovaries with his relationship with his adorable niece and also fights well and is a principled prosecutor, too.

Radiant (New)

On the list, on the list.

The Last Empress 

You know, I was right in there cursing when they announced the extension, but then this week they introduced new characters and MORE freaking drama and blew our minds with the Halmeoni bit and you know what, if any show can do it, it's this one.  But they ARE testing my patience with knowing that Wang Sik won't be around.  I mean, they made him an Inspector with the Board of Audit!  He's in charge of investigating the freaking EMPEROR, how can he disappear?  They're going to kill him.  (Did you love that without ever making part of the story until now apparently he's been giving away the Dowager Empress's money left and right?  I laughed so hard.)

I knew that he was giving money away and now I'm trying to figure out how I knew that. I also usually hate having a new character introduced so late in the game, but it actually made sense and I'm loving her dynamic with them all like "I'm back, Bitch!" kind of thing. And I gasped out loud at the Halmeoni reveal?!? Right when I was okay whatever show with the extension, too. And that little girl is playing the heck out of this role. It was heartbreaking to see her crying about how and why she didn't want to be princess or emperor. She really is smart and may be exactly who we need to break this horrible cycle. I'm still surprised that they made Wang Sik the inspector, especially knowing that they also gave him a death sentence unless they weren't planning to make him die until the end. Well, they pulled it off in Time, so . . . 

What's Wrong, Poong Sang? 

I really do not like these people; they create all their own grief, they really do.  Wae Sang - demand a DNA test!  Jin Sang - for crying out loud, you've been stuck in the past for what?  Twenty years?  Get over it!  Same thing to you Hwa Sang!  YES, Hwa Sang, you weren't treated fairly.  Well, whining about it isn't going to change the past.  Go DO something.  The right man will not mind your scars and ALSO won't hit you, girlfriend. Jeung Sang, I get why you need to get away but you needed to maintain ties with your brother Poong Sang at least, or else you wouldn't be feeling so terrible right now.  Mrs. Poong Sang, you should have kicked him to the curb a million years ago, but I get why you stayed, and I truly understand why you are so angry and hurt.

POONG SANG.  Your wife sobs to you how hurt she was that you ignored her in favor of your siblings every time, year after year, and confesses that she just wanted to go away with you on a family trip, and you think you can fix it by inviting her on the family trip you're taking with your SIBLINGS?  She should have kicked you in the balls.  I'm actually mad that everyone is going to rally around you in the end when they finally know how sick you are because my GOD did you fuck all these people up with your ignorant ways.  Yeah, you meant well - but you were pretty terrible to everyone while you were devoting your life to them, and you did them NO favors by not letting them face the consequences of their immature behavior, either.

Touch Your Heart 

The cutest show.  The cutest.  I fell asleep watching an episode (not bored, I just fall asleep easily) and I even had cute dreams, that's how cute this show is.

Possessed (New) 

Fates and Furies 

Romance is a Bonus Book 

My poor Eun Ho, LOL.  He's so TORN. He loves Dani, always has, but can't bring himself to tell her, and his sense of pride as well as right vs. wrong won't let him truly sabotage Shoe Puppy because he can see that Dani likes him.


This only airs once a week, doesn't it.  DAMMIT.  Trot, I can't wait for you to watch episode 3.

I'm glad you know now that there is two eps. But I wish I didn't. I will quote myself as I basically hyperventilated at the end of ep 4. Me: Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh my God! 
I've never been so happy that a show is only 7 episodes in my life.

But Trot what the hell is going ON?  I mean, I know he was married to a bitch who was cheating on him with his friend, the closet freak, and he found out, but who's hunting WHO?

The Fiery Priest (New)

Kim Nam Gil is handsome.

I finally see that, now that he has a decent hair cut and isn't wearing a rat's tail under his nose. This show is funny but kind of weird, it's all over the place. I'm happy seeing Honey Lee though. #girlcrush

Need to check out my babe Lee Honey and her killer dimples. The hot priest won't hurt either.


Story of Minglan 

This should have just gone on and on like Days of our lives. I'm so upset it ended. Bereft, even. 

I binged the last 30 episodes over 3 days and I have an ache. I will miss our core two so much. GTY, you are such a great husband, take care of your fox that pretends to be a lamb and care for her always. Will miss Awesome Grandma and Shitou and Xiatou and RuLan and ChangBai and everyine. Random- Daylight really does bromance and battle scenes very well. 

Never Gone 

No time to watch this. I only watch if I have time left over after watching everything else, so . . .

Never Let You Go

Not going to get tot his either this week. And I could really use me some Bin Bin this week. Sigh. I'm just going to post a pic just cause--even though i didn't watch any eps. 


The Walking Dead 

I don't trust Alpha's kid.  Not one bit. 

The Umbrella Academy

Loved it, but have a lot of questions.  Hargreeves adopted 7 of the special babies and raised them to be superheros, and he's apparently not quite human (or at least, not from Earth) himself - but what about the other 42 babies?  Will next season be the kid versions of the team trying to figure out how to keep Vanya from destroying the world?