Rants and Weekly Raves #233 (RAWR)

kakashi: Look! It's Baby Turtles. What horrible week this has been for K-Ent and the world. Be kind and love each other.
JoAnne: Baby turtles are precious. I had a baby turtle pet in a bowl on my desk when I was at boarding school, he was very popular. I made him a little leash but he didn't really like it.  As for the horrible week, I find myself retreating from nearly everything these days.  I just want some peace for a change.  Just a little while.
Panda: Thanks for the baby turtles. We do indeed need more love and light in this world. I'm feeling a bit fragile after events in NZ. May the souls of the departed rest in peace. Love all of you. Please keep safe.
Trotwood: The world is such a maddening place. We all needed this picture.
SakiVI: I am barely making it in time.  I had a lot of real-life drama since last Thursday.  I got virtually kidnapped.  I had to change my phone number because when my mother called it, the guy who claimed I was in jail - I was actually sitting in my office eating lunch - would pick up and demand $5000 bail money, so my number was really hacked.  Luckily, mom is cheap, and refused to pay.  But she was in so much shock, she lost her wallet, which meant more drama trying to replace cards yesterday when she realized, the big ones being Social Security and driver's license.  And I am now way behind on The Golden Eyes and don't know if I will every catch up.  Major pain all around. 



I like this but I'm distracted these days.  It doesn't seem like he wants to overthrow his brother, the sweetheart king who gets pushed around unless someone bolsters him.  Please tell me that's correct.


Seriously enjoying this show.  Of course they're all connected to the fire, but it's interesting to see how and I liked learning that the 'items' are all belongs of people who died.  I also really like that nether-ish world people go to.  I'm assuming if the real world doesn't understand that they didn't actually die, their bodies are destroyed and then they have nothing to go back to.  But Gon did figure that out and he's hidden his niece's body, right?

He is Psychometric (New) 

I wasn't really feeling it the first episode but it settled down in the second.  I like the cast and I like the characters.
I wanted to like it, but the first episode really put me off. Good to know it's settling. I'll wait and see what your comment is after this coming week's episodes to decide to start.

Touch Your Heart 

I knew it was going to come--the angst--because we can't have a drama w/o drama, right? Still, I didn't think it would be because of this. I thought we'd get more of the crazy stalker, but that went away in seconds it seems. But can I give a shout out to how much I'm loving the secondary couple? As much as I love Yoon Seo, I think I enjoy watching Lawyer Choi and Lawyer Dan more. I've liked Shim Hyung Tak since the first Let's Eat. He can always do an excellent blend of broad hilarity and pathos to a roll.

Romance is a Bonus Book (Finale) 

Sweetness all the way through.  This is a feel-good drama if there ever was one.  My one frownie face is that the girl who blamed Dan-i for not passing along that contract termination didn't really seem to have to make amends for any of that.  And then of course the plot device daughter, but okay.  Well I guess the mystery about Ji Seo Jun could have been dealt with in a bit less of a rush too but it's not really a problem, and he ends up with Hae Ri like we hoped.
When he said, "I want to be your book," I almost started packing my bags to go in search of him. He's got major puppy game going if he distracted me from the King of Puppies. How can we miss Lee Jong-Suk while he's serving in the military (and was he serious about enlisting quietly or what?) when he basically gifted us with a replacement puppy?  I hope to see Wi Ha Joon in more roles in future.

The Fiery Priest 

When does Lee Honey come over to the good side?
She is still waffling since she was fond of the elderly priest and not happy he was killed.  Yet she's okay with his death being covered up.  I don't really get her.  But she looks awesome, so I am calmly accepting her.  

Love in Sadness 

I'm not watching, but will there be revenge and redemption? Otherwise, I can't figure out why YT keeps sending me recommendation clips. I'm not interested in crazy stalker husbands, especially when the escaped had plastic surgery to hide heroine is so obviously frightened that she's giving herself away. And geeze, how can she think she can remain hidden if she sells her paintings and they are just like they've always been? Someone who's watching, fill me in please.


I'm watching another webdrama by Playlist Global. Bromance is about two young men who hire themselves out as private investigators but it seems that it's mainly to teenagers. The case they are working a murder at a hagwon which involves sketchy teachers, students obsessed about college entrance exam scores, and drugs. Two episodes of 15-minutes each reveal the shortcomings of a webdrama in this drama. I missed more of the groundlaying of clues we'd get in a full-length drama first ep, but that's actually a testimony of how interesting I found the pairing and the mystery. ALso, I'm not going to complain when there was an interesting twist I didn't see coming at the end of this week's episodes. And bravo to Playlist Global for breaking into a different genre.
Ooooh, look at the PUPPIES.


Golden Eyes

I'm in the middle of episode 19 because of real-life drama.  They are in Kiev, Zhang Rui is freezing his cute tushie off in a cellar thanks to ugly idiot causing drama at a poker game in the first place because that's what ugly idiot is for, to create problems for everyone, and everyone else, particularly the women, are getting Zhang Rui out.  I suppose I'll catch up as much as I can until the next Spring Turns to Spring episode.


The Magicians

Eh.  Alliances are forming, things are moving.  They had the dragon, which is always good.  That hormone thing that made everyone want to lick the dragon egg and protect it with their lives was funny.

New Amsterdam 

Big storm, big personal growth for a few folks.  I just enjoy this show week after week.  It's nothing original, really, but it's warm and it's well-paced and the dilemma of the week is interesting and I like the hospital staff so it's an easy watch.