Rants and Weekly Raves #242 (RAWR)

SakiVI: Quick hello and goodbye from me so I can say something below.  Otherwise, I am on hiatus until June. Unless I change my mind. Which I might because I am like that.
Trotwood: Slow, surreal week. Couldn't remember the day of the week or the time. Traveling overnight and between time zones will do that. Watched some dramas though. Trying to get to end of month to have a bit of a slow down.
kakashi: Still in that wormhole and suddenly it's Monday, well TUESDAY again! It's scary.


Special Labor Inspector Jo 

Nice that Mal Sook left that awful job.


I honestly...need to pay more attention when I'm watching things.

The Secret Life of My Secretary 

I'm feeling torn about the best friend...he clearly both loves and resents our face-blind lead, and I don't think he exactly wants to go against him, so I'm curious why he's involved in that mess. I have no questions about why the uncle is such a piece of dogshit, though, and my heart continues to fall for our adorable not-yet-a-couple.

My Fellow Citizens 

Screw everyone else, I want Park HooJa to win her company and beat out against that annoying Mi Young's shenanigans and against the unni coming out of jail.  Jung Gook is the one who stole from HooJa's dad in the first place, so she's right, he should shut up and do the work she's asking him to do.  Instead, he messes every single thing up.  And now, those political parties are so going to find out that he was a con artist; he was warned that they would do that sort of deep background check if he didn't toe the line.  Plus, Hooja has stuck to every single agreement on her end, even if she has had to play hardball and a thug (she is a thug, and so what if she is? she never said she wasn't), but Jung Gook is the one who changes his tune like a spoilt brat.  

Urgh!  If they keep ruining things for Hooja, and support those stupid people instead, I might have drop this dumb show.  It's not like it's that funny.  I just liked the Hooja character and her henchman and her sister anyway.  Also, Siwon's latest nose job is annoying me.

Sometimes you amaze me. Hoo Ja and Jung Gook are both criminals, but only one of them wants to be. Only one of them threatens violence and death. Only one of them is forcing someone to do something they don't want to do. Jung Gook hasn't changed his tune. He didn't want to do this. He was forced to do this. So how is that a genuine agreement? He has actually come to want to do good for others.  You're against that? Mi Young is a cop. You really want Hoo Ja to win out over a cop - a good one, at that?

I still think there are some twists to be revealed, and I'm not saying Jung Gook should avoid all punishment for his past behavior - but I do definitely think he is a better person than Hoo Ja, or at least what we've been shown of her thus far. What have we seen her do that showed actual consideration for someone else's benefit? She plays with people like they're chess pieces.

Also, last week and this week too...I have to wonder about Mi Young's oppa. I feel like maybe there's a reason he stayed away for so long, a reason he gave up so easily to protect her...they're not blood relatives and she joined his family late. You think he maybe harbors some distinctly unbrotherly feelings that he's trying to ignore?

Yes, I want Hoo Ja, the awesome Godmother, to win over that stupid Mi Young. Not one thing you have said, including the incredibly patronizing "you amaze me" has made me stop preferring Hoo Ja over everyone else in this show.  No matter what their positions, none of which are ethically that great, because if they have any ethical standing, which most of them do not (and when they do, it's dodgy, because even MiYoung is just out for revenge), they fail as characters by being fundamentally unlikable while Hooja wins by being charismatic, intelligent and interesting.  If the show starts to make her dumb to make the others look good, then I'm dropping it. Because when all is said and done, she wouldn't have beat out all her sisters and the men in the organization without being tougher and smarter than everyone else and I do not like the turn my favorite character is now taking.  

No need to read anything more into what I said than what I said. It does honestly amaze me how differently we see characters when we see exactly the same actions and words. And you're right: Hoo Ja is smart. She is tough. She's even charismatic, but to me it's like a snake hypnotizing a bird, so not exactly something admirable. Be that as it may, I also hope they do not change her. She plays an important part in the story, and the writer should keep her true to herself.

Her Private Life 

Let's face it, this show is ruining us for all future rom-coms.  I almost pray it sucks towards the end, so I have something to live for afterwards.
From your mouth to the DramaGod's ears Jo. I literally have nothing to say other than "squeeeeeeeeeeeee".

Save Me 2 

Last week I mentioned enjoying this but wondering where they were going to take it, especially with the comedic elements.  WELL.  This week lines up Season 2 as a worthy successor to Season 1.  Let's hope it continues!

I was genuinely confused last week - I figured the church would be central to the con, but that young pastor seemed genuinely nice and I couldn't see how he'd play into it.  And Elder Choi, he was just weird; what kind of person  drops everything and spends all his time 100% immersed in the lives of a bunch of strangers?  Why was he even friends with Byung Rul?  That little flashback wasn't enough to convince me.  And Byung Rul's wife, with the cigarette.  She wouldn't say boo to a mouse when we met her, but hiding out back talking on the phone and sneaking a cigarette - it seemed out of character.  And when she went into labor, wow - I know that pain can make you act strangely but that woman seemed like a completely different person.

Now, though...now we start to see what's happening and oh.my.GOD. it's breathtaking.  I cannot wait for next week. And just the thought that Byung Rul (if he gets away) and Min Cheol and the young pastor might eventually team up to fight against the bad guys?  I LOVE IT.

Absolute Boyfriend (New) 

I think I'm going to save up a bunch of episodes to marathon for when I'm feeling down. 

Did y'all notice that it was the Waikiki baby in the street, there?  And Holy SexBots but Jin Gu looks good.

The Nokdu Flower 

Yoon Shi Yoon turning cold and evil is delicious.

Voice 3

I just finished watching this week's episodes, and my eyes are still wide. Wow. Yes, there are some unbelievable things going on. One of the detectives just happens to know about Aspergers. I don't know why or how the lead changes from her street clothes into her uniform in the middle of sn emergency call situation. But really, Iws still on the edge of my seat concerning the specific case of this week of the so-called philanthropist who was a pedophile, but also the place of the villain from last season in the overall mystery.

I was going to check it out, but I really dislike her voice and I'm just not sure I can do it again. I'll pay attention to whether you say the story is worth it or not.

Just One Bite S2

In this week's two episodes, we continue with Tae Song trying to ask out Hee Sook but stopping because her old crush, Do Nam, keeps being around. I like that we get things from each perspective and a major plot twist, too. Ha. Can't wait until that is revealed. More importantly, Soo Ji and Chang Hyuk get back together in a set up that looks like it's going to end in disaster but actually is sweeter and more honest than the set up their friends had planned.


Detective L

"The Serial Arsonist": This mystery throws our Detective and his feisty sidekick into what seems like an arson cover up but turns out to be a key in a ten-year-old mystery. I really wanted to like the psychiatrist character, but he kept making me think of that horrible villain in the first Indiana Jones movie, so I never warmed to him like Xiao Mian did, but I was hoping that he'd turn out to be on our team. I wonder how he's connected to the Captain though?

HIStory 3: Trapped

I think I hurt my toes because they curled so much while watching this week's episodes. I'd go to bed and awake to find 50-70 notifications about comments concerning this show.Major breakthrough for our couple, and a surprise to me that our cop made the first move, but after our favorite gangster sat by his bedside throughout his recovery stage. Hopefully, there will be no noble idiocy later since Shao Fae tells Tang Yi that he will chase him if he even thinks of running away. We all thought that the belly kiss that we've been seeing in the previews forever was some hot namja moment, but we learn here that it was the tenderest kiss of a wound that I've even seen--making it even hotter. This couple will be the death of me. I have to make sure there are days in between watching them and Ryan Gold.


Kinou Nani Tabeti/What Did You Eat Yesterday

The episodes are being subbed at a much faster rate than I can watch, so I'm still only going to be watching one a week. Despite the episode focusing on Shiro going to visit his parents for the New Year, I think episode 5 really belongs to Kenji. He finally gets mad at Shiro (which causes him to go visit his parents) and we get come background about his family. I love how he is still is so happy to be sitting at home on New Year's Eve, watching idols perform on tv.


Lucifer S4

I watched all the episodes Tuesday night. I was only going to watch one but they were like potato chips! Netflix hasn't committed to a Season 5 yet but they BETTER.  Here's what I wanted from Season 4 if it was going to be the final season:  Lucifer and Chloe back together; Amenadiel and Linda back together; Dan and Charlotte back together (yes I know she's dead but maybe something could be DONE); more Mazikeen, and more Trixie.  Here's what I got:  yes but no and my primary reason for needing S5 as soon as possible; sort of, plus something really cool; not even a little bit; yes plus something pretty cool; not really.  Also Ella the examiner girl plays more of a role, and Tom Ellis, who I always thought was only good looking at first glance, but not when you REALLY look at him...he was looking pretty good this time around, and he gets to do a little dancing with his singing.  All in all, a very satisfying effort by Netflix and I'm really happy.