Rants and Weekly Raves #291 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  I feel like I'm watching tv all the time, but I think I'm not really watching, watching - it's running in the background while I do other things.  I'm not really 'watching' many shows but am up to season 5 of Supernatural binge, and liking an Aussie crime solving medical show called Harrow (Ioan Gruffud!)
kakashi: I had such good intentions! I meant to watch more Maggshimush and start on the Marriage disaster but alas! It's Tuesdays already and I haven't watched anything. But you know what! It's raining and I'm so happy about it, we didn't have rain for 6 weeks. I also went on a walk with two of my work colleagues this afternoon, it was lovely to see them (I will have to stay in Home Office until the end of August)
Trotwood: I am in the middle of a huge and morbid project at work while trying to figure out if our institution is going to survive this crisis. I've been watching here and there and then binged over two days all 12 episodes of Girlfriend because of the comments (Thanks, Annh!). This show and 2Gether are exactly what I need to counter the rather somber period that I'm in right now. But it's clear that people don't know how to do these kind of shows well, which is why they are rare.


I'll Find You on a Beautiful Day/I'll Go to You When the Weather is Fine (Finale)

Everyone has been talking about how lovely the whole ending was, and I’m not going to disagree. I did like the couple here and all the hugging and snuggling in their impossibly long list of wonderful cozy sweaters and coats. I’m glad that finally, FINALLY, JangWoo is adored for who he is. Yes, he went to SNU but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be happy just living in his own town with girl of his dreams. The secret of the past—though traumatizing and tragic—is just that and it seems that people will not move on but keep that a part of their baggage without letting it drag them down anymore because their loved ones are going to pull them up. I still don’t get the function of Bo-young’s character. She needs more help than anyone can giver her. But I’m going to end my notes on Hwi. Oh how I loved love love her character. She loves with her whole heart, but she loves herself as well. I feel like if I had known someone like her when I was in high school, I would’ve been a stronger person. Kim Hwan Hee was an absolute delight in this role. I saw her as the best friend in Sweet Revenge and really liked her there. She is a real talent. I see her being the young version of Kim Seul Gi. She is that good.

365: Repeat the Year

You know a show is going to turn your mind around if the person when the gangster, loser, gambling addict, abuser ends up being the person with the biggest heart and the person who you thought had stepped out of a live action Disney movie turns out to be a serial killer, but I don’t want to speak too soon. Last week’s episodes no sooner made you relieved at being trolled from the previous week to only spin everything on its head and make us not only believe that everyone will die, but the reason is so painful to our lead that I wouldn’t blame him if he just gave up. Still, Shin’s roll in this doesn’t make sense. Why is she involved with any of them at all? Why isn’t she just focusing on ways to cure her daughter?

The King: Eternal Monarch

I am quite enjoying this but then, the early episodes tend to be pretty good in these fantasy dramas. All the puppies look good, there's some handsome ahjussis, I don't want to throw rocks at our heroine, and I'm very curious about the time differences between the two worlds, and whether everyone has a double and if they don't, why?  Also, we know when the histories divurged but I don't think they explained why yet, right?  Also:  Lee Min Ho on a horse is very satisfying. 

The World of the Married/ A Couple's World

Not watching anymore, but the ratings are still through the roof. I guess this is another show where viewers are feeling betrayed by the one buoy of goodness. Thoughts?

When My Love Blooms

One of the most beautiful looking shows I’ve seen in a long time and the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. I only watched the first episode, and I wept so much from the nostalgia and the longing and the regret and the lost potential that even though I said in a tweet that if if I were still married and Yoo Ji Tae asked me to leave my husband I would, I don’t know if I have the mental wherewithal to face him and Lee Bo Young suffer before they can get back together. I really just want to watch them snuggling and drinking hot chocolate together in the mountains. I know that is too much to ask.



Even though his mom is presented as this scary tough overbearing woman, I have to agree with her that You Kwan could’ve have asked the other people to the follow up work with Bi Kei Wei, but then of course we wouldn’t have had that bonding scene in the mountains would we? Also, I love finding out why Yao Qing is so stuck on her even though it seems their personalities and values would not have made them this close. She rescued him from doing something nightmarish and brought him back into the warmth of the living. SO they both see her as their source of warmth. But I don’t see why he expects Yo Kwan to swear to keep her safe when no one can do that. I do like their friendship, and hope that they all start working together soon because that evil twin of the CEO is a fright.


So glad that I read through all the comments in RAWR because otherwise I would have missed this show which is just what the doctor ordered. This show has a fairly standard set up. Spunky heroine who is in charge of getting her family out of debt ends up in a contract relationship with mega rich/uber successful ML. She has a beautiful and kind best friend, and he has a best friend who works with him who is also very kind. The FL & ML have some mysterious connection from their past. But we get twists in this story. The ML’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend reminds me of the ML’s relationship with the horrid 2nd FL in My Name is Gangnam Beauty. I relish in how he ignores her. His mother is not a tyrant but really wants to see him happy & hates his ex even more than he does. I love her. Her right hand woman is also a treat.Our heroine is not a doormat and can give as good as she gets. I watched all subbed episodes over a span of three days. 12 half hour episodes subbed so far, and I want more.


Rental nan mo shinai hito

This is a show with a seemingly slow burning premise. A guy really just wants to to spend his life doing nothing, so he rents himself out to people to do random things with them that they don’t want to do alone. It seems like he will get to meet all sorts of people and in his calm quiet way deeply affect their lives just by being present and not demanding anything of them. Like the man who’s wanted to drink ice cream floats without being judged or the woman leaving Tokyo and wants to spend her last day touring but not alone or with friends because either would be too sad. I can think of lots of times, I would have wanted to utilize such a service.


WHYRU (Finale)

Once again. It was pretty. The main obstacle—Fighter’s dad’s disapproval—was inexplicably resolved by his dad just changing his mind, but know some of this must be because of the problems with shooting because we just see him saying he changed his mind over the phone. Nothing much happens the entire episode other than the two couples being together, sleeping together, and hanging out on an extended double date at yet another beach house that no college students I know could ever afford.

2Gether: the Series

I thought we were going to be trolled for a bit there when the confession at the end of last episode was turned into a publicity ploy because Tine’s performance was so bad. However, the emotional confrontation and Tine’s tears at having messed up so badly when all he wanted was to have the opportunity to be the one helping Sarawat this time probably pushed him over the edge into accepting.It was awkward how their relationship gets exposed to his friends, but not as awkward as his own brother showing up to stay at their new apartment. Who carries tape around? He had to have known the real story. This show makes me feel so good that I rewatch each episode at least twice before even writing RAWR posts.

My Engineer

The boxing match is over and everyone is being silly about who is a top and who is a bottom. Sigh. The best part of this episode wasn’t about the main pair but the other couples. We get Frong finally looking like he’s succumbing to his attraction to Thara. And poor Mek gets completely friendzoned immediately after Boss says he loves him in his drunken stupor, but that look that Boss gives him when he wakes up gives me hope.We get progress with Ram actually talking to King after the Venus Flytrap present. And who knew a pencil could be so heart warming and squee worthy?