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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #453

Anne: Another week has gone by, and I've learned something new. I finally figured out, or rather my husband has finally figured out, where all those single socks disappeared to. It's not the's the washer.  So...sometime on Saturday, while my husband (in one of the rare moments) when he remembered that he had clothes in the washer, he removed the damp wash into the dryer. All I heard was a bunch of cursing. While he was taking out the clothes from the washer, one of the socks dropped and somehow landed on the edge of the drum. And when he tried to grab it, he somehow pushed it over the edge and it dropped outside the drum, but inside the overall washer. After another minute of cursing, he tried to reach it with his hand, which obviously was not going to work. So I gave the obvious answer and told him to look on Google for the answer. And when he opened up the front panel the next morning, there they were...all the socks that were lost for the last year (since we b

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #452

Anne: Happy Tuesday everyone! So...recently there was a new vegetable that appeared at the China town supermarket. Water Spinach is one of my favorite vegetables. And what do I see but something called "White Water Spinach". This is a picture. It looks like the regular water spinach, but everything is lighter in color and the stem is much "larger". It also doesn't cook like the normal one, it's much easier to over cook it (like I did), but I like slightly over-cooked vegetables. It also releases a lot more water when cooked, so it will be a little watery. It also has a much lighter taste,'s okay. Maybe I'll have to cook it less next time. So...for this first experiment, I still like the normal water spinach better. So...I did spent last week watching a lot short dramas. But I did manage to catch one interesting new drama. The Truth of Scent This one popped up one the Chinese drama website last week, and they dropped all 24 episodes. To this d